Update: Jennifer Morbelli was Laid to Rest Yesterday


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Last week, we covered the story of a woman, Jennifer Morbelli who died as a consequence of a late-term abortion carried out by a Dr. LeRoy Carhart.  While I have been pulled in fifteen different directions, as I usually am, I wasn’t able to follow the story.  However, Stacey McCain, Jill Stanek, and Bob Belvedere kept the world posted, as the MSM took a pass on giving this tragic story attention.  Here is a rundown, with links and excerpts, to catch you up on the story.

They Buried Jennifer Morbelli Today

It’s Ash Wednesday, and a 29-year-old kindergarten teacher was laid to rest in Westchester County, N.Y. Her story is now gaining international attention, but the New York Times and the national TV networks can’t be bothered to report the death of a woman who died after a late-term abortion by Dr. LeRoy Carhart. So the story got covered by Viral Read:

A 10 AM service was held this morning at New York’s Holy Name of Jesus Church for 29 year-old Kindergarten teacher Jennifer McKenna Morbelli. ViralRead was on the scene.
Morbelli died Thursday at Shady Grove Hospital in suburban Montgomery County, Md., after undergoing a late-term abortion performed by Dr. LeRoy Carhart at the Germantown Reproductive Health clinic. Pro-life organizations including Operation Rescue have reported that Morbelli arrived at the clinic late Sunday, Feb. 3, and returned to the clinic for the next three days, including a nine-hour visit on Wednesday, Feb. 6. Morbelli was reportedly rushed to the hospital early Thursday morning and died hours later after suffering “massive internal bleeding,”

There is a lot more at Stacey’s place, as well as a link for even more.

Apparently, the coverage raised some lefty “concern.”  So, rather than debating or attempting to debunk the actual facts, a law student named Bridget Dunlap did what liberals do so well-threatened to sue…

Monday night, after praising Jill Stanek’s reporting of this story, I found myself criticized on Twitter by Bridgette Dunlap, a law student who has a fellowship at Fordham University’s Leitner Center for International Law and Justice:

Get of to Stacey’s again, to read the rest.  It’s worth your while.  However, I had to take this one line…

Hey, I got news for you sweetheart: I didn’t start doing this job last week, and you don’t scare me a bit.

Empty liberal threat destroyed with one sentence.

It appears that the “authorities” in Maryland are investigating. 

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Steve Ertelt at Life News reports:

Following a new probe started by local officials, the Maryland Attorney General has opened an investigation into the late-term abortion practitioner who killed a woman last week in a botched abortion.
The Maryland Attorney General’s office is not specifically looking into the death of 29-year-old woman from a botched 33-week abortion last week. The woman has been identified as 29-year-old Jennifer McKenna Morbelli, of New Rochelle, New York.
Instead, the office notified the Maryland Coalition for Life and Operation Rescue that is has late-term abortion practitioner LeRoy Carhart and Germantown Reproductive Health Services under an active criminal investigation for illegal dumping, based on complaints made by both groups last year. This investigation is separate to ongoing investigations into Morbelli’s death, OR informed LifeNews today, that are currently underway by the State Medical Examiner, the Montgomery Police Department, and the state’s Office of Health Care Quality.

So . . . illegally dumping, the Attorney General might prosecute as a crime. Botching an abortion and killing a woman, not so much.

Yes, it appears that this woman’s life isn’t quite worth as much as others, as it threatens a significant part of the regressive agenda.  I guess some women are expendable.

Then, Stacey discovered WHY the abortion was done. 

Jennifer McKenna Morelli with her future husband in 2008

Jennifer Morbelli died last Thursday at Shady Grove Hospital in the Maryland suburbs of D.C. after undergoing a gruesome third-term abortion ordeal at Dr. LeRoy Carhart’s Germantown Reproductive Health clinic. A 29-year-old married kindergarten teacher in the affluent Westchester County suburbs of New York, Morbelli had actually named her unborn daughter Madison Leigh, but reportedly decided to seek an abortion in her 33rd week of pregnancy after prenatal testing diagnosed her baby as suffering from a disorder that causes seizures.

Both Morbelli and her daughter will be recognized at a funeral mass Wednesday — coincidentally, Ash Wednesday, the first day of Lent – at Holy Name of Jesus Catholic Church in New Rochelle.

I usually have something sarcastic or smug to say.  But in all honesty, this is really heartbreaking.  Jennifer Morbelli decided to kill her baby, which she had NAMED, and her life was lost as well.

Stacey has extensive coverage of the story, from when it was first reported.  This is a tragedy that needs to be reported, so spread this around.


  • Jennifer was colllateral damage. After all, the baby had no right to live and if killing the mother was the only way, so be it. How disgusting is that?

  • I can not imagine what led her to make such a terribly foolish decision. 33 weeks? I read somewhere, and haven’t verified it, that there are only 4 countries in the entire world who allow such a late term abortion.

    I sincerely hope she had time to make a confession before she died. There are lots of people saying some really terrible things about Jennifer, but I think we’ve all been guilty of some pretty bad (and faithless) decisions. May she and little Madison rest in peace…