Worst Case Scenario of Sequester is Far Better Than the Porkulus


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Ah the infamous sequester-those automatic spending cuts that kick in if the Republicans don’t compromise give in to every single demand or whim Obama makes.  Estimates from the screaming left claim that 750,000 jobs will be lost due to the sequester (which Obama protected, under threat of veto).  However, those same leftists don’t seem to be all that concerned with all the people that are losing their jobs due to ObamaCare, but I digress.  However, even if the 750,000jobs lost figure is correct, it’s still a drop in the bucket compared to all the job losses after the stimulus Porkulus passed.  That spending débâcle, that cost more than Bush’s entire Iraq war, caused over 5,000,000 jobs to go away.  Gateway Pundit (who has yet to link this site), has more…

Well, it sounds bad until you compare it to the Obama stimulus.
In the three years after the $787 billion dollar Obama stimulus the Labor Force Participation Rate dropped from 65.7% in January 2009 to 63.6% in September 2012.
labor participation rate

Where are the screaming liberals here?  Oh, that’s right, how many of those got “paid off” with Porkulus money?

Linked by Theo Spark.  Thanks!