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Is Support for the Big Lie Decreasing: Global Warming on the Run?


global warming hoax

It’s the classic big lie; global warming.  It fits the classic description-tell a big lie. Keep on telling it.  Get the media and entertainment industries to repeat it.  Attack anyone who tells the truth.  Rinse and repeat as needed.

But, it seems that the truth is poking enough holes in the the global warming lie to slow it’s political progress?  Well, take a look at this, from The Commentator…

Take the myth that global warming (GW) is today a feature of current global climate activity. Whatever the reason for it, GW hasn’t been happening for 16 years – and not a single computer model predicted it. Then there is the breaking news that the global sea ice area is above normal – and that in the midst of the Antarctic summer. Not exactly been mainstream news has it? But then, as both stories run counter to the prevailing consensus and popular myth, that’s not surprising.

There’s the myth peddled by David Attenborough that polar bears are threatened by extinction when it turns out they are actually thriving; along with stories that ‘renewable’ energy is an economically viable energy-generating concept; that windmills can provide reliable, regular and cost-effective power demanded by modern grids and energy users; that electric cars make sense at all, given they can only get you from London to Oxford before their batteries expire requiring 16 hours re-charging, and … well, you get the picture.

Mind you, that the alternative media were instrumental in the propagation of all of those reports.  Without the blogs, talk talk radio, and FOX News, we’d be well on our way to living in thatch huts.

As it turns out, even what we have been sold as a climate science “consensus” per se is a myth. In truth, public-money-grubbing researchers, green social engineers, politicized UN bureaucrats and corrupt data fiddlers apart, it has always been thus. Just as the 28-Gate scandal eventually revealed the 28 ‘experts’ that advised the BBC to pin its AGW colours to the alarmist mast was nothing but a green lobby group, so the alleged climate consensus looks increasingly, er…’fracked’.

Real climate-linked scientists, including numerous meteorologists, actual climate scientists, empiricists and data observers, have always been more circumspect in their public assessments. But they are increasingly becoming downright skeptical.

A new peer-reviewed paper surveying over 1,037 engineers and geoscientists that are actually categorized under the “Comply with Kyoto” banner, confirms that while most believe global climate change is happening, only 36 percent believe the alarmist Grand Narrative that man is the chief cause.

Further, the survey researchers also found that “scepticism regarding anthropogenic climate change remains” among many actual climate scientists. They found that while 75 percent of papers published between 1993 and 2003 explicitly endorsed AGW, between 2004 and 2008 that figure had fallen to 45 percent.

So, finally, facts are beginning to prevail against the narrative.  However, there are still people in positions of influence and power that either believe the lie, or will benefit from it.  So, we should expect that the global warming lie will be in the news for some time to come.

  • And this explains the desperation of the greenies all the more. As their support lessens expect them to be more dangerous. We will all be living in thatch huts if we allow ourselves to get off our guard.