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Bob Woodward Threatened by Obama Administration: Best not Break Narrative


Bob Woodward is learning that in the current age of media/government relation, you best stay on the reservation, and never go against the narrative.  Right Scoop has video…

Ace also has a bit more…

More: Sexton traces this to the dispute over who came up with the sequester — first the White House was intent on claiming Republicans proposed it, but then, when Woodward pointed out it had come straight from the White House, suddenly the media began claiming, in unison, it just didn’t matter who’d come up with it.

Lesson, tow the party line, or we’ll (literally or otherwise) break your kneecaps.  I guess when it comes to threatening reporters, this administration really is transparent!  As for Bob Woodward, I know he isn’t on our side, but I do wonder if he gets the point that he’s experiencing the love and tolerance of the left?


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