Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pics Edition, Volume 58


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Greetings and happy Saturday everyone.  It’s been another eventful week.  We’ve had more Democrats telling women why they should be raped for the greater good, and the Tammies remained under the bus.  Also, Rand Paul gave the movement a major boost by making a stand.  I can’t help but think that if more people simply made a stand, there isn’t anything that we could not accomplish.  But, then again, most GOP lawmakers are cowards and ideological weaklings.  Of course, making a stand for what is right makes him the biggest target in DC, if not the country.  Also, it seems that convicted bomber Brett Kimberlin is up to his usual tricks, attempting to disrupt the Blog Bash event at CPAC.  But, as we all know, going after a pack of bloggers, all of whom have camera, will not likely end well.

And, as there is with any eventful week, there are an abundance of great Conservative links, as well as Facebook pics…


A Conservative Teacher

Former State Department Official: “Obama a ‘dithering, controlling, risk-averse’ US president”

media coverage of benghazi

Ace of Spades HQ

Overnight Open Thread for Friday 3-8-2013


Adrienne’s Corner

More news on gun control…

vlad the impala

All American Blogger

Hugo Chavez Dead


Always on Watch

Recommended Reading (Video Added)

Revelation 21-4

America’s Watchtower

From maverick to rump swap: John McCain calls Rand Paul a “wacko bird”

cnn paul drones

American and Proud

McCain Calls New Blood “Wacko’s”


American Perspective

Slight Misunderstanding (pic)

dhs armored vehicles

An Ol’Broad’s Ramblings

A Comment From Steven

thanks Jesus

Angry Mike’s Hood

Utah House Votes to Nullify All Federal Gun Laws | The Broken Patriot


ARRA News Service


bacon states of america

Ask Marion

Rand Paul: Obama in guns-to-jihadists cover up?


Asylum Watch

The Obama Administration’s Love Affair With Islam


Atlas Shrugs

Flashwaltz on an Open Thread

cat  runs around house

Bacon Time!!!!!

Pizza Night

fisher price parking garage

Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead

The American Idle


Blogs for Borders

“The Tidal Wave Has Begun” — Border Patrol Local 2544

grumpy cat meth


The Violent Men Seize It by Force

hellfire cafe

Bob’s Blog

What will happen if he doesn’t get his way?


Capitol Commentary

Who By Fire: Writing About Politics

hands off our guns


Interview with Sen. Pat Toomey on drones, Rand Paul’s filibuster & Links

grunpy cat no

Chicks on the Right

It’s Time To Ban Cupcakes Altogether.


Closet Conservatives

grumpy cat vs cute

Cmblake6’s Weblog

From Vilmar, this should piss you right off.

stalin banned guns

Cry and Howl

Rep. Harris (R-MD) Exposes Absurd White House Sequester Claims


Da Tech Guy

DaTechGuy on DaRadio Sat Noon EST with Pam Geller Free Speech Edition

ban maps of florida

Daily Pundit

On the Proper Position to Assume While Being Raped

toilet smart phone

Doug Ross

This round is on me


Eye of Polyphemus

The Three Stooges–Slippery Silks

nork hairstyles

Faithful In Prayer for America Blog

Diet for the Soul

conservative liberal women

For God and Liberty

We Have Failed Andrew


Free North Carolina

Montana man kills Sportsman Channel host, then self

bacon states of america

Frugal Cafe Blog Zone

No White House Tour for Iowa Students, but First Dog Bo Gets to Keep His Motorcade & Other Obama Sequester Nonsense (video)

rand paul cspan

Gateway Pundit

Arlington Officials Approved Camera Drones in City


Gulag Bound

Help KeyWiki Expose Communist Infiltration of the Missouri State Legislature

map of gun owners

H & B

A Simple Question

grumpy cat thrown at wall


Team Kimberlin Post of the Day


Hot Air

Quotes of the day

government is the problem

Infidel Bloggers Alliance



RICHARD BRANSON, TAKE NOTE: What a way to treat a heroine: Royal Navy girl who fought in Afghanista…

white house tours



Jill Stanek

Pro-life blog buzz 3-8-13

womb service

Just a Conservative Girl

Hey New Yorkers, Here’s Dunkin Doughnuts New Coffee Rules


King Shamus

Hugo Chavez Is Dead

xanax happy meal

Knuckledraggin my life away



Left Coast Resistance

3 True American Legacies . . . .


Left-Wing Institute for Civil Discourse

killed by fast and furious

Le·gal In·sur·rec·tion

Leftist DC coffee shop attacks pro-Israel customer, Al Jazeera jumps on board

obama pays muslim brotherhood

Libertarian Advocate

The Times they are a-Changin: Rand Paul’s Filibuster Fallout


Liberty At Stake

Demotivational Sequestration

democrats aren't socialists

Lonely Conservative

Obama Could Make The Sequester Cuts Seamless If He Wanted To

statue of unliberty

Maggie’s Notebook

Citgo American Flag Back at Full Staff According to a Reader


Manhattan Infidel

E-Trade Baby Enters Rehab

slavery and abortion

Milchelle Malkin

Juan Williams: I’m not a plagiarist, but the guy who writes my columns might be

minimu wage fix

Motor City Times

Michigan Governor Says State Need More Immigrants


Mulieris Dignitaten

Moving Thanksgiving Video for Life and Ministry of Pope Benedict XVI

anti assault weapon

My Tea Party Chronicle


walk around block

Nebraska Energy Observer

Push Back-Finally


Nice Deb

Saturday Movie Matinee: #StandWithRand

protect government from people


Spam, Spam, Eggs and Ham

pelosi obamacare

Nonsensible Shoes

Dictator Watch – March 2013

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Nuke Gingrich

In case you were wondering

live with parents

Patriot Voices

The North Korea Twits Threaten Us Again

liberal or stupidity

Political Clown Parade

The Buzz Of Propellers


Political Policy


obama warned us about

Political Realities

Senator Rand Paul – Asking Questions No One Wants To Answer

exaggerrating the sequester

Proof Positive

Best of the Web* Linkaround


Proud American Capitalist

Open The White House

obama preparing for war

Radio Patriot

The Benghazi Story – with Links

feinstein dangerous

Randy’s Roundtable

Thursday Nite Tart


Reaganite Republican

McCain Doubles-Down, Calls Rand Paul, Justin Amash, and Ted Cruz ‘Wacko Birds’

smiling at someone you hate

Rebel Pundit

GOP’s McKinley Picking Up Support in Chicago Democrat Strongholds

snow jagoffs


Dianne Feinstein slanders PTSD sufferers.



What Does Liberty Matter?

four years to destroy country

Republican Redefined

Ashley Judd Preparing to Challenge Mitch McConnell for Kentucky Senate Seat


Riehl World View

GWU Prof forces students to lobby government to ban soda


Right Wing News

Gansta’ Government and the GOP

trust government with guns

rjjrdq’s America II

Los Angeles Displays Shameful Voter Apathy

obama shred constitution

Sister Toldjah

Forget cupcakes. Don’t you even *mention* guns in school, young man!


Sitting on the Edge of the Sandbox, Biting my Tongue

War on Women: SF

liberal trolls

Small Dead Animals

rand in the senate


Once More… Salon, Huffpo Misleading Liberals That Juan Williams is a Conservative Fox Host


Soylent Green

Bath Night with Audrey

health care by tsa

Speak Up

3/8 Friday Link Roundup

earth revolves around the sun


Hannity airs Benghazi report for entire hour – don’t waste your time as you won’t learn a thing


Start Thinking Right

White House Email: However You Manage The Sequester, You MUST NOT Do So In A Way That Undermines Your Führer’s Prediction Of Complete National Calamity

treat others how they treat me

Stix Blog


maxwell don't rape

Stranded in Sonoma

Separated at Birth #2


Tea Party America

Conservatives Will Not Vote For Moderates or Liberals … J. D. Longstreet

tear down this obamanation


True Social Justice


Texas Conservative News

Lumberton ISD Students wearing Burkas per CSCOPE?


Texas Fred

Friday Digest — The Truth About Government Ammo Purchases

communism works or not

That Mr G Guy

Calling All Angels…

scare and blame

The Amusing Bunni’s Musings

I Need a Hug




obsessive coffee disorder

The Camp of the Saints

What Is Intel? What Is Military Intel?

beat stupidity

The Classic Liberal

The State is My Shepherd


The Conservative Beacon

News to Know: March 8, 2013

hate mornings

The Conservatory

Grumpy Old Senators

liberals always wrong

The Country Thinker

Time Magazine Goes After Hospitals


The Daley Gator

Crazy kids!

deja moo

The David Madeira Show

Ep 184 Hour 3: Conversation about a Controversial Curriculum

bacon happiness

The Morlock Revolt

The Miserable Adventures of McCain and Graham in History


The Other McCain

The Unstoppable Progressive Juggernaut of Future Kentucky Senator Puffy Face


The Rainey View

Inspiring Video: It’s Possible After All

capitalism was blamed

The republican Mother

McCain Calls Rand, Cruz, Amash, etc. “Wacko Birds”


The Scottcarp Dream

SAF Launches ‘Gun Owners Against Illegal Mayors’ Campaign

firearms reduce rape

The Sentry Journal

Battle Lines Drawn

facebook spam

The TrogloPundit

And just what the hell is that supposed to mean (part xxiv)?


The Twentyish Conservative

Thoughts on Democracy.

gun control judicious

Theo Spark

Bedtime Totty…………..

speaking the truth


If Bush is the Devil, Hugo Chavez is in Trouble! Cartoon


U.S. Common Sense

Instant Outrage!

disarm enslave

USA Partisan 2009

The Politics of Hollywood with Andrew Breitbart


Voting American

America’s Last Rites


Western Front America

Thought Crimes And Pastry Guns

grumpy cat vaccinated

Western Hero


obama first amendment

What Would The Founders Think?

Implausible Deniability



Friday Fun

obama power of makeup


Only children who are useful as props can visit Dear Leader’s White House

people surrender nothing

Zilla of the Resistance

Under the Fedora Chavez, CPAC & Baseball

moses liberals

And there you have it.  I hope everyone has a great weekend.  Myself and the kiddo are sick today, so we’re going to be taking it easy.  Blogging will continue, as always.  Visit the links, and make sure to let them know you found them here at the CH 2.0.

  • Another awesome collection, dear friend! Thank you once again for including me in your conservative links. And… Rand Paul rocks!

  • Thanks for hooking me up, Matt.

    Hope things are going well up your way.

  • Thanks for the link Matt, I always enjoy the facebook pics I missed.

  • Thanks for the link, Matt. I hope you and the kiddos get well soon.

  • Matt,
    Thank you for linking to my site. I appreciate it.

  • Love your pics, Matt. Thanks for the link.