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Irony Alert! Muslim Marathon Bombers Car-jacked Vehicle with “Coexist” Sticker!


You’ve seen that “coexist” logo.  It’s on bumper stickers, and I saw it on a co-worker in t-shirt form today.  Well, in a turn of complete irony, it was on a certain car the other night, the one car-jacked by the Muslim Bombers had a “coexist” sticker.  Just a Conservative Girl has the pic…


I published a somewhat more realistic version of that logo some time ago…


That’s the reality of it, unfortunately.  And, once again, out two bombers proved it.

  • Now that is just to ironic to ignore! I love the explanation of what the sticker really means.

    • Yes, this provided me with an excuse to post that again.

  • Adam Wood

    I hate to rain on everyone’s parade over this, but that is not the car that the bombers jacked. That was a Mercedes SUV. This is a Honda Accord.

    • No problem, in the pic, the glare from the lights obscured the car’s make.