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#FreeKate Update: Picture of Kaitlyn Hunt in a Fight?

Kaitlyn-Hunt-mug shot 2

Mugshot of alleged sex offender, Kaitlyn Hunt

It appears that the #FreeKate team has taken yet another hit with the release of a photo that reportedly shows alleged sexual offender, Kaitlyn Hunt, involved in a fight.  That certainly blows a hole in her mother’s claim that Kaitlyn was a “model citizen.”  The Other McCain has the picture, and the details…


This is reportedly related to the fight caught on video by a person claiming to be a student at the school attended by Kaitlyn Hunt, and her alleged victim.  Here is a bit of R.S. McCain’s commentary.

Someone who was present for this incident captured the image above, which shows Kaitlyn — with the telltale bird tattoo on her right shoulder — turning this fight into a 2-on-1 beatdown of the other girl.

Are we really surprised that some local gay-rights groups aren’t supporting the “Free Kate” campaign on Hunt’s behalf?

Who wants to join the herd of credulous people who were deceived by Kaitlyn’s mother’s May 17 Facebook post, which described her as “wonderful . . . exemplary . . . respected and well liked . . . never been in trouble, ever, she truly is the model student and child”? Who really believes that Kaitlyn Ashley Hunt (Booking #2013-00000708) is, as her lawyer has claimed, a “model citizen“?

Is this how “model citizens” behave? Have law enforcement authorities in Indian River County seen this video?

Shouldn’t they be investigating this incident as an assault?

He has much more, so get over there and check it out.

“Model citizen?” Maybe at the Legion of Doom.

The longer this goes on, the worse it looks for #FreeKate.  They are losing control of the narrative, and their attempts to intimidate the Smith family into dropping charges will likely fail.  Truth has a funny way of asserting itself, providing that there is time.


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