Saturday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 80


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Wow, it’s been a weird, painful, and wonderful week.  I caught some strange bug that had me down for most of the week.  So this blog, and my other project, had to split less time, as I slept a great deal.

I’ve been delving into the racial violence stories, and frankly, I think I can run at least one every day.  I find it rather disturbing that there is that much racial violence, and the national media completely ignores it.  So, I’ve decided to cover it.  I know that ay some point, I’ll be called a racist for it, but that happens to anyone who spreads nasty facts anymore-so be it.

The #FreeKate story took off again when it was discovered that the alleged sex offender, Kaitlyn Hunt was reportedly violating a no contact order, and had in contact with her alleged victim, reportedly exchanged over 20,000 texts with her, with some of those being sexually explicit, and allegedly encouraged her to lie to the court.  It is also stated that the alleged perpetrator’s mother also contacted the alleged victim, and reportedly instructed her to delete all evidence of any contact between herself and Kaitlyn Hunt.  And, to top it off, it was reported that the two were still meeting secretly, and having sexual contact, with claims that the last such meeting occurred approximately two weeks ago.  All of this was quoted from legal documents made public on Thursday.

Some may question the reasoning for giving this story such extensive coverage. It is a valid question, because if this were an adult male, and and underage girl, the story would have been over as quickly as it started.  The adult offender would have been tried, or plead, and would be serving their time, or other penalties as defined by the court.  It would not have been a blip on the radar.  That’s why parents always tell males to stay away from younger girls-hence the term, jailbait.

The Kaitlyn Hunt story would have been much the same, except that the family decided to turn what most observers would call statutory rape into a gay rights issue.  Then, supporters engaged in lies about the ages of the alleged victim and perpetrator, publicly released the name of the victim, engaged in an reported campaign of harassment against the parents of the alleged victim, which was said to include death threats.  Over time, as  more and more information slips out, the worse the Hunt family, and their daughter look.  In fact, most of the mainstream gay rights groups abandoned them some time ago, and even the Daily Kos, which is about as far to the left as Stalin, withdrew support due to the apparent lies told by the family.

Again, this is significant, because using the gay rights banner, the Hunts are essentially trying to get their daughter a pass for what untold numbers of males have been punished. And, in the process, they are opening up the debate to the fact that the gay rights movement has, for decades, openly stated the desire to reduce, if not outright eliminate, age of consent laws.  Given the nature of how this case has unfolded, the Hunts, in my opinion have, in their effort to hijack the gay rights movement, did that movement damage.  Lying, allegedly disregarding court orders, the treatment of the victim’s family, the alleged attempts to get the victim to lie to the court, all make the gay rights movement look sleazy at best, and criminal at worse.  It was wise for many of the mainstream gay organizations to avoid this family.  Many of them apparently sniffed this out.

I will continue to cover this story,  There is a new hearing this coming week to deal with the multitudes of violations allegedly committed by Kaitlyn Hunt.  Also, there is a new lawyer involved, who has a history of representing the very worst sexual offenders, as well as suing people that publicly mention sexual offenders.

At any rate, you’re here for links and pics, right?  Let’s have at it then!

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There you go.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I plan on blogging until they pull my keyboard from my cold, dead, hands, so keep on checking back for more Conservative stuff.

Enjoy your weekends, everyone!

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