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#FreeKate Update: Most Recent Plea Deal Withdrawn by Prosecutors Due to Alleged Bond Violations by Kaitlyn Hunt UPDATED WITH LOCAL MEDIA COVERAGE

Mugshot of alleged sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt.

Mugshot of alleged sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt.

The case of alleged sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt  took another turn today at the state has formally withdrawn it’s most recent plea deal.  Hunt also faces a hearing tomorrow, and the state is looking to revoke her bond. Viral Read has more…

A hearing on the prosecutor’s complaint has been scheduled for Tuesday, but Scott T. Smith of Palm Beach CBS affiliate WPEC-TV reported Monday “Hunt faces being returned to jail as soon as today, and her mom may also face charges.” A plea bargain offered to Hunt last month has now been withdrawn, ABC affiliate WPBF-TV reports:

The state recently offered Hunt a second plea deal that would have kept her out of jail and not required her to register as a sex offender.
But that was before the new information came to light, and prosecutors pulled the offer Monday morning.

Violating the no-contact order could mean that not only will Hunt have to wait in jail until her case goes to trial, but she and her mother could also face charges of contempt of court and obstruction of justice.

As you recall from late last week, the State revealed evidence that Kaitlyn Hunt had continued to have contact with her alleged victim.   Under a strict no contact order, Hunt is alleged to have exchanged over 20,000 text messages with the minor.  Also, some of those messages are alleged to contain nude photos and videos.   Messages quoted in the filing show that not only did Kaitlyn Hunt encourage to the alleged victim to lie to the court, but Hunt’s mother is alleged to have contacted the minor, and instructed her to delete any evidence of contact between Hunt and herself.  And, as if that wasn’t enough, it is claimed that Kaitlyn Hunt and her alleged victim continued a sexual relationship, with their last encounter reportedly being as recent as two weeks from last week’s report.

Many people that favor the alteration or elimination of age of consent laws have rallied behind Kaitlyn Hunt and her family.  These supporters should be of concern to any Social Conservative, or parent, as they literally have the desire to make it legal for adults to have sex with children.  It is disturbing, but this is the day and age in which we live.
Local coverage via the Daily Mail…