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#FreeKate Update: Steven Hunt, Supporters Want The Other McCain “Kicked off the Internet?”


The Hunts must be using St. Joseph’s Chewable Crack.

They crossed a line yesterday, when this exchange was posted on Twitter…

Free_Kate_ThreatSo, they’re going to get R.S. McCain kicked off the internet?  Are they serious?  For one, you simply cannot “remove” someone from the internet. Secondly, R.S McCain, as well as the rest of the Conservative blogosphere, contributed to the downfall of then Congressman Anthony Weiner.  If it were not for the work of the late Andrew Breitbart, as well as R.S. McCain, the media would have lied Weiner out of his scandal.  Also, R.S. McCain, among others, helped lead the charge against Brett Kimberlin.  Did I mention that Brett Kimberlin is a convicted bomber?  McCain himself was forced to relocate his family due to threats made against them.  Needless to say, the blogosphere has faced some rather nasty and credible threats over the last few years, and R.S. McCain has been at the forefront of much of it.  Yes, this man helped “take down” a sitting Congressman, and repeatedly exposed the antics of a convicted bomber.

Which leads me to one question, what in the blue hell do you think you’re going to do that comes anywhere near a credible a threat as anything I just mentioned?  The entire #FreeKate movement has been based on one easily disproven lie after another.   You have been exposed at every turn, and frankly, it’s been easy.  We just look for your foot,because it can be usually found in your mouth.  And you now think that you can control the narrative?  Do you even know what that means?

Look, this is easy for me to say.  I’m a part time blogger.  I have a career that pays my bills.  But R.S. McCain relies on the income from his blog to feed his family.  So, when one of your minions suggests that that be taken out, well, people are going to take issue with you.

I’ve been following R.S. McCain for a several years now.  He’s a real journalist, has done it for a living-made a career out of it.  We he sniffs out a story, he pursues it relentlessly.   Now that you idiots have threatened his livelihood, he’s kicking it up a notch, or twenty.

Honest people hate a liar, and when the liar displays himself as a bully who thinks he can intimidate people into silence . . .

Well, how’s that plan working out for ya so far, Steve?

Your criminal pervert daughter is now in jail, charged with a new felony, the evidence of which the judge called “overwhelming.” Kaitlyn’s lawyer seems to be having a nervous breakdown, and people who have long been silent are now speaking out.

As bad as that was, Booking #2012-00001721 has now been exposed as having sought to deprive me of my professional livelihood, and therefore the dreaded War Oath of Clan Cameron has been sworn.

Some may be surprised (and I’m sure that Steven Hunt will be shocked to learn) that I had hitherto been merciful. But when I learned of Hunt’s purposes to destroy my livelihood and deprive my wife and children of my support, all claim to mercy expired, which is the metaphorical meaning of the Gaelic oath: Steven Hunt, by intending to destroy me, has invited destruction upon himself, and if anyone would claim to be my friend, I implore their assistance in this crisis.

When you try to take the livelihood of a person that has helped many, and respected by many more, you cross a line.  You rumbled-bumbled-stumbled over that line, and now you are faced with a terrible prospect. Unlike your #FreeKate minions, we won’t make threats to harm anyone.  We won’t lie or use harassment, but we will use what you side completely lacks-the truth.  We have megatons of it, and you hit the red button.  Enjoy your mushroom cloud.

We’re the sleeping giant, and there’s no one on your side as smart as Yamamoto.

Rant over.