A Tale of Two Stories: #FreeKate and the Case of Convicted Sex Offender Neal Erickson


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You can really consider this an update on both stories, because I covered the situation with Neal Erickson a few weeks ago.  Here is the what is going on there…

Yes, you read that right.  A teacher has admitted to having repeated sexual contacts with a 14 year-old student, and there are a number of fellow teachers, as well as a school board member that have  come forward to defend him.  The Daily Caller has the disturbing details… 

Residents in a speck of a rural farm town in northern Michigan want to recall a school board member and fire several teachers who showed support for a local middle school teacher convicted of having sexual relations with an eighth-grade student.

The teacher, Neal Erickson, had been a science and computer-education teacher at Rose City Middle School. He was convicted of having sex with an eighth-grade student on multiple occasions, reports The Detroit News.

There were about 10 encounters. They involved oral sex, reports WSMH FOX 66. They occurred at the teacher’s house.

Erickson pleaded guilty to a single count of criminal sexual conduct. He was sentenced in July to 15 to 30 years in prison, reports the Ogemaw County Herald.

Prior to his sentencing, six current teachers and two retired ones penned letters to the presiding judge seeking leniency for their child-molesting colleague. The group — along with board member Michael Eagan — also sat with Erickson’s relatives during his sentencing hearing.

OK, let’s imagine for a moment that someone you know was revealed to be a child molester.  Not just one event, but  ten! Again, take a second to think about it, this guy did something he knew he shouldn’t have done, and then did it again-at least NINE more times!  That isn’t a mistake; it’s a pattern.  Now, given all of that, would you want anything to do with them?  Would you condemn them for their actions uncategorically?  And, what would you reasonably think of the people that are defending him?

So, that was the state of affairs at the time.  It has gotten even more interesting since…

The family of the victim has demanded that the teachers who supported criminal pervert Neal Erickson be fired, and have begun a petition drive to recall school board members who supported the criminal pervert. And guess what happened next?

A garage fire at John and Lori Janczewski’s house on Grandjean Road near Rose City destroyed the couple’s garage and melted the siding on their home early Saturday morning.
Lt. Melvin Matthews, post commander for the Michigan State Police Post in West Branch, said the fire is being ruled as arson. He said evidence gathered at the scene is being analyzed by the MSP crime lab, and new leads gathered since the incident occurred are being investigated.
The Janczewskis believe it was someone responding to their outspokenness against several West Branch-Rose City teachers and a board member, who they said publicly supported Neal Erickson, a former WB-RC teacher who recently pleaded guilty to first-degree criminal sexual conduct against the Janczewski’s son. . . .
John Janczewski said he doesn’t understand why someone would do something like this to his family.
“We don’t deserve this,” he said in tears. “We’re not a bad family. We’ve done nothing but stand up for our son, the victim. They could have killed my whole family. Whoever’s done this has no remorse. They have no soul.”
John Janczewski said he and his wife do not plan to stop. They are currently circulating petitions for the recall of WB-RC board member Mike Eagan.
“Whoever’s done this, we’re not going to quit,” he said. “We’re not giving up. We’re going to continue to fight, until the end.”

School teachers who are insane enough to support a criminal pervert are insane enough to commit any crime themselves.

I guess the translation is something like this…

Don’t speak out about child sex offenders, and those that support them, or bad things will happen to you. 

Now, back to #FreeKate, where we see that the victims parent’s in this situation are under threat as well-by people that want to make it legal for adults to have sex with minors…

Here are some examples…

So, as you can see.  Documented facts are really libelous.  However, let’s see what team #FreeKate thinks is not libelous…

James and Laurie Smith wouldn’t give up. They were out to destroy my daughter, they feel like my daughter “made” their daughter gay. They are bigoted, religious [zealots] that see being gay as a sin and wrong, and they blame my daughter. Of course I see it 100% different. I don’t see or label these girls as gay. They are teenagers in high school experimenting with their sexuality, all teens do it in one form or another. They are teens, its healthy and normal. And even if their daughter is gay, who cares, she is still their daughter.

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Unfortunately by the letter of the law, this girl has NO voice. Her parents can play the “victims” and ruin my daughters life. We have written letters through our attorneys trying to appeal to these people as parents, talk through it and come to some agreement or understanding but James and Laurie Smith refuse. These people’s delusional stand, their hate and bigotry is tearing our daughter apart.

As you can see, there is a lot of “tolerance” out there from the pro-sexual abuse crowd. That’s really just a small sampling. But, there is even some more, from Kaitlyn Hunt’s lawyer!

lt looks as though we have an alleged victim who doesn’t agree with how things are being handled by the State, her parents or their attorney. She has felt compelled to do what she thought was the only thing to save Kaitlyn from the State and her parents and that was to reach out and let Kaitlyn know this was not her idea or what she wants. I am totally cognizant that she is a minor.

Nonetheless it comes down to we still have a situation of two teenagers who were in school together and involved in a consensual relationship. Yes one that under the current law is a crime, but still consensual. It was brought to an abrupt end and the older “adult” teen faces up to thirty years in prison. The younger teen cannot comprehend the seriousness of the matter because it was something she consented to. Her opinion is ignored by the State, interrogated by the Sheriff’s Department, taken to a church that labels being gay a sin, has the Bible thrown at her, all of her things in her room boxed up and taken from her, is apparently hit by her parents, and clearly yelled at for lying by her father in the presence of Detective Shepherd at the school in a subsequent interview. How could she not be confused, scared and feel as though this is all her fault and no one is listening? She already tried to speak to Kaitlyn’s mother, Kelley, who shut her down. So she turns to the only person who could possible understand in her eyes and a person she clearly does not want to see hurt and that is Kaitlyn. She wants to try to save her and in doing so she just causes the walls to continue to tumble down.

All of this is to attack the victim in this case.  She was manipulated terribly by Kaitlyn Hunt.  And this is where there is another parallel between out two stories.  Let’s go back and see how Neal Erickson’s victim, also 14 at the time, reacted…

The parents of the victim in this case were outraged to see Erickson’s fellow teachers supporting this confessed criminal pervert, whose molestation of their son caused horrible problems:

The victim’s mother also spoke prior to sentencing, telling Erickson he violated her son and caused a rift in the family. She said the family appeared happy on the outside, but on the inside, the home was a “battle zone.”
“We couldn’t figure out why (the victim) hated us,” she said. “He went after his father. There were physical fights.” . . .
“You were his teacher,” she said. “You were his mentor. You were his friend. And you violated him.”
She added the victim kept the sexual encounters a secret and suffered because of it.
“He kept all of this a secret, and he went through emotional pains,” she said.

SJ Reidhead, a blogger who is also an abuse survivor, shared her insights in a very powerful post…

This is what Kate Hunt’s victim is looking forward to, for the next 30 or 40 years of her life.  She’s been separated from her parents, now probably doesn’t even trust them.  She won’t trust her old friends.  Friends at church will not be part of her life.

I know someone who dated a guy who was abusive.  His family thought they were above the law, so to speak.  His mother did everything she could to separate this person from her mother.  The damage has taken over thirty years to be repaired.  Their relationship has never been the same.  This is what the victim’s mother has to look forward to, if she is lucky.

Kate Hunt’s victim is at an extremely vulnerable age.  Being 14 and 15 is traumatizing enough, without being a young lesbian, and without being the victim of a psychopathic, narcissistic predator and her extremely vicious parents.  Dealing with life at her age is not easy.  You either hate or love yourself, both at the same time, almost bi-polar as normal.  You are up and you are down, all in the same minute.  When you sit, you hold a pillow in front of your body.  That’s normal.

The victim has been manipulated into thinking that Kate is probably the love of her life.  Her morals have been destroyed.  Her innocence is shattered.  Unless her parents take her far away from Florida, she’s never going to get a break.  The Hunts of this world are far too nasty and far too invasive.  If you  what Steve Hunt is doing to those who are writing about the story is bad, just wait until they continue to harass an innocent life and her family.

This is what the victim and her family are facing, and just like SJ Reidhead described, the Hunts and their supporters are heaping even more damage upon the victim, while calling it “love.”  The Hunts and their supporters claim that indecision or conflicted feelings on the part of the now 15 year-old  victim are a sign that Kaitlyn really shouldn’t be guilty, because they are “in love.”  Instead, these feelings are symptoms of the  very abuse that Kaitlyn Hunt inflicted on her young victim.  Add to that the media campaign to attack the victim and her parents, and you can see why the younger girl might be suffering trauma.  And, in their effort to save their “special snowflake” from the consequences of her actions, the Hunts are dead set on inflicting even more trauma.  It’s scorched Earth, and they could care less about what happens to their victims.