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#FreeKate Update: New Information Proves that Kaitlyn Hunt Knew That Her Relationship was Illegal, and That She Was Warned to End it


The news on the #FreeKate front has been sparse lately.  Other than a handful of #FreeKate supporters openly conspiring to get Jeanette Runyon banned from Twitter via false spam reports, there hasn’t been much about the case itself.  But, while @NicoleBonnett1 was pretending to stalk the Twitter Gulag inhabitant (plus her disabled veteran husband, her community, and her church) in real life, Jeanette was working on the case.  She had the thought to file a Freedom of Information Act Request with the IRC Sheriff’s Office.  That information arrived this past Friday.   Jeanette received over 300 pages of materials on the case.  Much of that information directly contradicts the claims of the Hunt family, and their supporters. Over the next several days, The Other McCain, and the Conservative Hideout, will be pointing out those blatant contradictions.

For today’s contradiction, or correction, that is, we have to revisit the claims that Kaitlyn Hunt did not know that her relationship with her victim was illegal, and they claim that she was never warned to end the relationship.  Here is an interview in which Kaitlyn Hunt denied knowing that she was aware that the relationship was illegal.

The claim that Kaitlyn Hunt was unaware of the illegal nature of the relationship with her victim was repeated in the 20/20 interview in early October as well.

However, information obtained from the IRC Sheriff’s Office via the FOIA Request filed by Jeanette Runyon definitely contradicts the claims of ignorance made by Kaitlyn Hunt.  The following screen-captures are from the police file, and features a Facebook chat between Kaitlyn Hunt, and a cousin of the victim…

Kaitlyn knew was warnedKaitlyn knew was warned 2Kaitlyn knew was warned 3

Note that I made the last capture wide enough to show the date of the conversation, which was January 9th.  I also, overlapped the conversation to make sure that nothing was left out.  And, if you read the first entry by Kaitlyn Hunt, you see that she fully acknowledges that she could get into trouble for her relationship with her victim.  So why then, did Kaitlyn Hunt state, to a national TV audience, that she did not know that the relationship was problematic?

Also, why did the Hunt family state that Kaitlyn was never warned to end the relationship, when this conversation obviously happened?  Also, I have to ask why Julia Graves, Kaitlyn Hunt’s lawyer, allow her client to lie on national TV?  Surely they were aware of this exchange, as it was in the police file?   Or, was it that they thought that this exchange would never see the light of day?  No matter which way you slice it, Kaitlyn Hunt knowingly and intentionally lied on national television.

Over the coming days, more and more information will be coming out about the case.  It is our intention to set the record straight and correct the false narrative set by the Hunts and their supporters.

Oh, and to @NicoleBennett1, @Periabo, Rachael Carson Zerbe, and crew; no amount of fake spam reports, making up crazy claims about people, false police reports, or PRETENDING to stalk people IRL will prevent this information from getting out.  While you were busy lying about Jeanette, she was busy exposing the lies.  This post is only the beginning.

How are all of your bullying tactics working out for you?

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UPDATE:  Also, #FreeKate Supporters are keeping it classy in the comments at The Other McCain…

Documents Prove Kaitlyn Hunt Lied; Knew Sex With 14-Year-Old Was Illegal _ The Other McCain - 2013-11-24_23.16.30

However, the would be stalkers have, as I indicated earlier, have only PRETENDED to stalk Jeanette, and her disabled veteran husband, her community, as well as her church.

Here is some content from The Other McCain…


Florida sex offender Kaitlyn Hunt, whose case became a cause for many gay rights activists this year, was aware that her affair with a 14-year-old was illegal, documents obtained from the Indian River County Sheriff’s Office show.
“Yes, I know I’m 18 and can get in trouble,” Hunt said in an online conversation more than a month before her February arrest, “but I understand the consequences and I know what I got myself into when I entered the relationship with [the underage girl].”
Hunt, who last month pleaded no contest to multiple felony charges in the case, has claimed in media interviews that she did not realize her involvement with the minor was a crime in Florida, where the legal age of consent is 16. “I wouldn’t have continued, if I really knew what the laws were and if I knew what I was getting myself into,” Hunt told ABC’s Matt Gutman in an interview broadcast on the network’s 20/20 program. . .

Blatant lies blatantly exposed.

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  • So Kaitlyn claims she didn’t condone the minor victim running away, but she helped the victim run away by showing up to pick her up and then brought the victim to her house for a night of wanton sex? Riiiiiiight.

    • MattRoss

      Yes, the control and manipulation will be apparent in the third post.

      • Ivory

        The third post? Did I miss the second post? You, Reidhead, McCain, Jeanette are doing important work. Keep it up for the sake of protecting other children and families from what the Hunt’s and the FreeKate freaks would have happen!

        • MattRoss

          Second post runs at 5 today, third runs at 5 tomorrow. Had to take the information, and organize it is a sensible fashion.

          • I’ll be watching for it and will reblog at Dead Citizen’s Rights Society.

  • SJ Reidhead

    Good job. The woman is a psychopath. I think this proves it. Then again, I’m the amateur at this and you are the pro. Kate will do it again. I’m now absolutely certain of it. She has no conscience. What I want to know is if it is a learned behavior from her truly disturbed family, was she born this way, or is this part of the abuse she received as a child. The family dynamics are so very disturbing. Please, keep up the good work.

    • Jeanette Victoria

      SJ you were pretty nail on about Kaitlyn Hunt.

      • MattRoss

        Good job Jeanette!

      • SJ Reidhead

        But – you are like that old Timex ad. You take a lickin’ and keep in tickin’. Just kudos.

        • Jeanette Victoria

          The truth just occurred to me as soon as I committed myself to Christ evil in the guise of “tolerance” began to target me. Funny before I became Christian I was a traditional conservative even then, Now I have the roots that I never did before.

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  • Words cannot express how proud I am of you and Jeanette Runyon, who has been ruthlessly harassed for exposing the libertines who want to loosen age-of-consent laws that are, IMHO, too lenient already.

    I’ve sent a tweet to ABC News’ Matt Gutman, who did the heavily edited and factually flawed 20/20 story on Kaitlyn, her parents, and the parents of the victim.

    • MattRoss

      Wow, thanks!

      And I agree with you on Jeanette. While she was be harassed, and while people were pretending to harass her IRL, she stayed on the case.

      • Jeanette Victoria

        The truth is its own taskmaster

  • Jeanette Victoria

    LOL another “sock” nothing racist about exposing evil for what it s,

    • Jason Allen

      I am also exposing evil, thats why i made that comment.

      • MattRoss

        Preventing adults from having sex with kids is evil?

  • MattRoss

    Kids are allowed to be kids, by being preyed upon by adults?

  • concern00

    What is remarkable about the interview, is the lack of remorse and the ongoing play of the victim card. Clearly it’s all the other girl’s fault. KH has certainly embraced the ideology of the left in all its deviant glory.

    • MattRoss

      Yes, I did quite a few posts making similar comparisons.

    • Mjolnir Hammerschlag


      Sandusky was of the same mindset.

      I’ve done nothing wrong. Really, I did the kid a favor.


      That open window into the mind of a molester….. they are not all there.

      And salute to Jeanette for keeping the heat on.

  • As a black American, I’d rather live in a land that freed slaves than a land that gassed Jews.

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