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New Hampshire Democrats Wage War on a Woman: Create Fake Marilinda Garcia Facebook Page, with Bonus Hitler Quotes


As we all know, democrats, or progressives, or socialists, are so very, very, tolerant. Their tolerance knows no depths, until, that is, someone disagrees with their agenda. Then, for some strange unknown reason, hypocrisy, they become the most intolerant creatures of ever walked the earth. The latest example of this comes from New Hampshire, where Republican Marilinda Garcia is considering a run for Congress.

Ms. Garcia is very attractive and is reportedly equally conservative, and as we covered before, local Democrats had to rush out to attack her. Because, as we all know, is the evil Republicans that are waging a war on women, right? For their latest active tolerance, Democrats decided to help Marilinda Garcia by creating a Facebook page for. They were so incredibly thoughtful, but they decided to attribute quotes from Hitler to her. America’s Watchtower as more…

New Hampshire Democrats are scared to death of Marilinda Garcia; so afraid that they viciously attacked her on Twitter almost immediately after she announced she would seek the Republican nomination to face off against ultra-moonbat Ann Kuster.

But apparently the New Hampshire Democrats did not think that attack went far enough so they created a fake Marilinda Garcia Facebook page complete with Adolf Hitler quotes which they attributed to Marilinda Garcia. This is beyond despicable, they have reached a new low–if that is possible.


Here is what her spokesman had to say:

Brad Stevens, a campaign spokesman for Garcia, called the “crude fake social media account” a disappointment in the candidate’s early campaign.

“Marilinda hasn’t been an announced candidate for Congress a full two weeks and she has already been the subject of multiple personal attacks,” he said in an email. “But Marilinda knows the struggles facing New Hampshire families of losing health insurance due to ObamaCare regulations, sluggish job growth and burdensome debt are the real issues that need to be front-and-center in this campaign and not dirty political attacks.”

in the end, this is yet another example of how the Democrats operate. Their candidate is on record as supporting Obama care, which is cause people to lose hours at their jobs, lose their healthcare plans, forces them to purchase more expensive plans to give them less, it is cost people their jobs. They cannot possibly debate Marilinda Garcia on the facts, so they have to smear her to keep their low information voters on the plantation.

Just remember, it’s the Republicans that hate women, right?

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