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#TrestinsFast: A Fast in Support of Traditional Marriage


I’ve been in contact with Trestin Meacham, at some level or another, since probably 2009.   Trestin was a blogger, and has also run for political office, after his service in the US Military.  He is devout in his faith, and loyal to his country.  He contacted me yesterday to let me know that he was beginning a fast in support of traditional marriage.  Here is his commentary…

After explaining the situation to my family, I have decided to pursue the following course of action. After my dinner tonight, I will begin a fast which will not end until all counties in Utah stop issuing marriage licenses and performing marriages for same sex couples. Due to the rogue judge refusing to issue a stay, this will likely take several days.

I cannot stand by and do nothing while this evil takes root in my home. Some things in life are worth sacrificing one’s heath and even life if necessary. I am but a man, and do not have the money and power to make any noticeable influence in our corrupt system. Never the less, I can do something that people in power cannot ignore.

I do not expect anyone to join me in a fast which has no end in sight, but if you wish to join me in a limited fast it would be a big help.

Trestin has set up a Facebook page for his fast, as well as a Twitter account.

Trestin is making a stand.  At the very least, we can help him by raising awareness into the issue.   He is standing up to the PC lobby, and those that would silence and references to God’s truth about traditional marriage and morality.

Here is some background as to what is happening in Utah, and why Trestin has taken such a step.

Others had a similar reaction after a ruling by U.S. District Judge Robert J. Shelby that declared Utah’s voter-approved ban on gay marriage unconstitutional.

The recent appointee by President Barack Obama said the ban violates the constitutional rights of gay couples and ruled Utah failed to show that allowing same-sex marriages would affect opposite-sex marriages in any way.

The ruling prompted a frenzy of activity by lawyers and gay couples.

The Republican governor blasted the ruling as going against the will of the people.

Gay couples rushed to the Salt Lake County Clerk’s office en masse to secure marriage licenses, waiting in line by the dozens and getting married on the spot by the mayor and ministers.

It was a jubilant affair as cheers broke out after ceremonies were completed.

A gay bar in Salt Lake quickly made plans for a Friday night party to mark the event. Some made plans to march on the capitol Monday.

‘I am very disappointed an activist federal judge is attempting to override the will of the people of Utah. I am working with my legal counsel and the acting attorney general to determine the best course to defend traditional marriage within the borders of Utah,’ Gov. Gary Herbert said.

So, this is another case of judge over-reaching.  Trestin Meacham his making a stand for traditional marriage.   I ask that you support his efforts by linking his Facebook page, as well as following his Twitter account.  And, buy all means, leave a comment, or send a tweet to let him know that he is supported.  Kindly use the hash; #TrestinsFast.

  • Trestin

    A stake here is the very very foundation of representative government. If a solitary rogue judge can overturn the clear will of the people and force an ultra conservative state to something so clearly opposed to the culture of the people; then the people have no voice.

    • MattRoss

      I agree fully Trestin. That’s why I’m getting behind your cause.

  • FuziSlippers

    I love Trestin and absolutely support him. He’s a great patriot, and his stand is one that I admire.

    • MattRoss

      He was always one to take the high road, and make a stand on it.

  • MattRoss

    Of course, you, Trestin, myself, and even our pets will be accused of “hate.” While all the while, the accusers will be the ones engaging in actual hate?

    • ChrisDavis2011

      Oh my goodness, hate speech against Sparky? I can’t stand for that!

  • MattRoss

    Thanks Fuzi. I was actually kinda impressed with that article. Far more balanced than I had originally would have thought for The Atlantic.

  • Wendy3840

    It looks like the facebook page has been removed :(

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