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And Here are Your ObamaCare Death Panels: Medicare Cuts Pay for ObamaCare, Just Like Conservatives Said!


One thing that we always have to keep in mind is that government won’t just come out and tell us what they are doing.  Instead, they will create regulations to accomplish something without telling us.  ObamaCare is great example.  They aren’t going to just come out and say that they’re going to kill granny, they’ll just create a situation in which granny dies, and say nothing.  And, if the outcry becomes loud enough, they’ll blame it on someone else.

For the latest example of this, take a look at this from Doug Ross…

131222-death-panel-comix2And here’s even more from AMAC…

As if ObamaCare’s botched website, coverage cancellations, and higher costs were not bad enough, the Obama Administration has quietly dealt yet another blow – this time striking millions of the nation’s most vulnerable seniors.  Specifically, the Obama Administration has decided to deeply cut funding for the Medicare program’s home health benefit as a way to help pay for ObamaCare.

The Administration made this announcement very quietly, waiting to do so until the very end of the last Friday before Thanksgiving, perhaps thinking that most people would not be looking.

To be sure, the timing of the Administration’s quiet announcement did keep it out of sight – for a while.  That ended on December 12th, however, when the Washington Examiner broke the story in an article headlined “ObamaCare forcing 14 percent cut in Medicare’s home health program.”  FOX News and the Daily Caller have also picked up this story, so full attention is now being paid to this unprecedented cut – and the harm it will do to frail seniors across America.

As the Examiner’s Richard Pollock wrote, “An estimated 3.5 million poor and ill homebound senior citizens will wake up on New Year’s Day to discover ObamaCare has slashed funding for their home health care program.”  He’s right: on January 1st, the Obama Administration will sharply cut Medicare funding for home healthcare services.

Remember the the hundreds of billions of dollars that we said was coming out of Medicare to pay for ObamaCare?  Remember how we were called kooks and liars for pointing that truth out?  Well, now we are going to see the consequences. When granny and grandpa get cut off, Obama voters will have to go back to the standard of blaming someone else for what the democrats did.

And, if you voted for Obama; you voted for this.  You were warned, but you wanted to call names and drink the Kool Aid instead.  Now you know why it is called, “drinking the Kool Aid.”

Elections have consequences, and in this case, fatal ones.

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  • rmnixondeceased

    Yes they do. HHS policy changes resulted in this.

    • MattRoss

      Ouch. I’ll continue praying sir!

      • rmnixondeceased

        Thank you Matt, all prayer is greatly appreciated …

    • Zilla of the Resistance

      This breaks my heart. May God be with you always, Paul.

      • rmnixondeceased

        He is Mare, in many significant ways. Your friendship and love are always appreciated and our prayers for your health are continuous. Merry Christmas Zilla!

  • conservativesonfire

    Let’s hope that the AARP folks figure out that it is the Democrats who want to push them over a cliff not Payl Ryan.

    • MattRoss

      Eh, the AARP is profiting from ObamaCare. Got themselves a sweet deal in exchange for their support. That, and I seem to remember, back in the 90′s, that the AARP was sued for age discrimination.

  • Steve Dennis

    During the 2012 election the Democrats and Barack Obama ran around the country claiming that Republicans wanted to throw granny off the cliff by reforming Medicare. We tried to warn the people that they only party which actually did cut Medicare was the Democrats but the people didn’t listen, the propaganda worked. Sometimes seeing is believing and now people are learning the truth the hard way. This is sad because it didn’t have to happen if people only listened.

    • MattRoss

      Seems more and more that being a low-information voter can become a terminal condition.

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  • LD Jackson

    I’m glad to see you posting about this. The audacity of it all still astounds me. If this doesn’t help wake up the American people in time for the 2014 mid-term elections, nothing will.

    • MattRoss

      I think their electoral successes caused the mask to come off too soon. They are showing far too much of their actual intent here.

  • MattRoss

    It certainly is Angel! Same to you, and thanks for your support!

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  • Zilla of the Resistance

    And it isn’t just old people; Medicare also helps disabled people of all ages, including very sick children. Sweet innocent little kids who fight every day for their lives are going to suffer and die because of this – and that is probably “not a bug but a feature”.