#FreeKate Update: Stalkers Refuse to Stop Stalking


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As I have mentioned more times than I can count, I would really love the #FreeKate story to go away.  It’s become like a mosquito, buzzing in my ear, and I’m apparently all out of Off.   But, the #FreeKate supporters, like Thomas Mix, and @NicoleBonnet1, simply will not stop harassing those that have exposed the truth about the Kaitlyn Hunt.   I’m guessing that part of their effort to legalize sex between adults and minors is to punish and silence anyone who chooses to protect young teens from adults.  And, as we have seen in their persecution of Jeanette Runyon, what they cannot find, they will invent.

It was two days prior to Christmas, or Christmas Eve (at this point, I frankly forget), when Jeanette and I decided to stop making any public posts about Kaitlyn Hunt and the stalking #FreeKate supporters.  We wanted to see their reaction to silence.  The result was an impressive escalation of insults, stalking, and hate.  Just like the school-yard bully, the #FreeKate stalkers, when met with a target that refused to play along, decided to turn up the heat in order to regain their sense of control over the situation.

The Other McCain has screenshots and examples, so head over there to see more.

I have four basic points; the first is that these are typical bully tactics, and since bullies are cowards, they are claiming to be calling the FBI and having Child Protective Services investigate critics of Kaitlyn Hunt.  These are typical bully tactics, and should be noted as such.  Bullies attack and attack, and when exposed, claim to be the victim.  Then, they use their claimed victimhood as a justification to engage in even more attacks. After all, as Robert Stacy McCain has so aptly put;

“How dare you describe our efforts to intimidate you into silence!”

This has been a consistent theme.  Quoting them is hateful stalking worthy of a Nuremberg type trial.  However, doxing people, making false police reports, and generally harassing people is perfectly OK, and long as they are doing it. However, the #FreeKate stalkers should be advised that knowingly making false reports to these agencies, particularly the FBI, is illegal, and very ill advised.

My second point is that we are dealing with evil people, and evil people cheat.  These are people that want to make it legal for adults to have sex with minors (under the euphemism of an “exception”). Given that fact, ethical or moral behavior cannot be expected.  They have openly and willfully lied about Jeanette Runyon’s past.  They have openly plotted to use false reports to get Jeanette banned from Twitter, and have attempted the same on Facebook.  They have pretended to stalk her husband (who is a disabled veteran), her church, and community.  Essentially, they have no depths to which they will not go to smear and punish those that have thwarted their efforts to legalize adult minor sex, and have exposed their lies.

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And for the third point, I’ll quote Robert Stacy McCain…

Evil never sleeps. Evil is active, shameless and persistent. The assault on virtue and truth continues every minute of every day, and anyone who fails to speak out against evil is thereby an accomplice.

Nothing should alarm the decent law-abiding citizen more than when the advocates of deviant criminality endeavor to silence the voices of their critics, as has happened recently in the case of “Free Kate” freaks getting @Jeanette_Runyon’s Twitter account suspended.

Do not be deceived: There is no safety in timid silence, because once these immoral monsters have silenced the strong and the brave, who will have courage to defend the timid and weak?

That is true.  There are no victims here, only combatants.  We are making a stand for the truth, and protecting children from those that molest them, as well as those that would legally facilitate that molestation.  No amount of lies, threats, fake reports, and stalking will prevent the truth from being told.

And for the fourth; the #FreeKate stalkers claim that we are “obsessed.”  Obsessed with the case, obsessed with them.   Because, apparently, we have nothing better to do with our lives.  But, they took the time (at least by their own claims) to track down people’s identities and locations, in order to (pretend or otherwise) file false claims and reports about us?  And, they did that while we were posting about other things, spending time with our families, and volunteering at our churches.  You know, because we are obsessed!

And once again, Kaitlyn Hunt is being discussed.  Sadly, she is only being discussed because her supporters refuse to stop lying and stalking people.  They are keeping the story going, and then complain when they bring more and more attention to themselves.  If only they would stop; they could move on with their lives.

  • coastx

    Two issues here that are converging on the public’s ability to defend against a predator> JUDAS GOAT (children are being led to believe this is correct) and Lie Be Real AKA INVERSE REALITY. These are nation breakers, and people motivated to do harm to others will use these to penetrate domestic infrastructure. Take Pepsi and Oreo, for examples. BOTH products and 100 others like them are flavored with derivative chemistry from human fetus. People eat these having bought in to the marketing schemes (Judas Goat). The LIE is they are good for you when in fact these products have been designed to Satanize the culture without you knowing it. People don’t believe it, because such would be a horrific enterprise, yet they won’t stop to read the literature that confirms this, because they are enjoying it. Pretty sick, eh? Hunt’s no different. Reality is she would probably never have been seduced by this predator had she been aware of the Judas Goat. The LESSON> Teach your children well…

  • SJ Reidhead

    You mentioned something that, aside from a certain group with a truly evil agenda, makes sense. They don’t have a life to get on with. This is exciting for them. It is sad, pathetic, and such a commentary as to how morally bankrupt they truly are. What’s even worse, I’m hearing they are now harassing the victim, again, stalking she and her family. I also hear that KH has violated her parole by using social media. Evidently nothing is going to be done about it. That’s the problem. These people are getting away with what they are getting away with because nothing is being done about it.

    • MattRoss

      Well, I think like most situations where injustices are being perpetuated, it takes people willing to make a stand. Nothing worth while is easy, or instantly obtained. We seek to protect children from those that would molest them, or others that would legalize the molestation.

      There are so many angles to this story that are more “behind the curtain” for now. We know a ton more than we are publishing; partially to protect the victim and her family, as well as others involved in the various investigations. We actually care about the well being of others, and unlike our opposition, look to protect people, rather than victimize them.

      Things are moving, but slowly on some fronts. Some may come to fruition, and others may not. Just remember that there are far more people working on this that most would likely think, and more are going to become involved; when the time is right. Luckily, protecting children from victimization is universal. Gay and straight, right and left, religious and not; we are represented from every angle.

    • Jeanette Victoria

      There doesn’t seem to be any evidence that Mr Mix works

  • he pattern sounds familiar, t

    Went through something like this a few years ago.. I started when I used to post on a Gannet Site, shortly before I became an independent blogger….

    At one point he/it/them were filing over ,10,000 abuse reports a month on about 6 of us, all conservatives, according to sites media editor The guy made threats on the Gannet Site that included hunting down Grumpy Bear Grand Cubs and one about shooting up rich kids playgrounds — that was after threats to start calling child protective service anonymously didn’t get the reaction he wanted,,,

    My first websites were on Blogger, I still have a file with over 800 crude, vulgar and frequently threatening comments the guy left there..

    When I went self hosted, he followed, I used the IP Deny feature on Cpanel, it was using 6 of them, haven’t heard from it in a couple years

    It’s a PIA, but I’d suggest you:

    Keep the comments, I’d suggest using the notification emails.. If you’re like me, normally you just delete them and If you answer the comment you do it on the site..Those emails contain the date, time, comment content, the email and IP address the guy is using ..as well as ISP With enough of them, everything the police need to find him, within minutes if need be..

    The way these jerks work, It won’t take long to have more than enough to prove a pattern, and probably more than enough to indicate to authorities the guy has potential high risk mental issues. When the guy made threats against my grandson, it was before long before Sandy Hook, Aurora, the Navy Yard etc,, The police will look at it differently now

    At some point it becomes a judgement call, you either block the guy, or you continue to collect evidence indefinitely..Might want to talk to the authorities about that..

    If at any time it makes a threat that you consider credible, or reasonably believe it might have the ability to carry out, don’t hesitate, call the cops. Get the guy the help he needs, keeping yourself and others safe in the process..

    I don’t, but I’ve been told some of our more controversial friends have

    • MattRoss

      Yes, I doubt that I’m being targeted in the way that you mention. But if they call child abuse reports in on me, they’ll not anticipate the result. I’ve blocked IP’s, and improved the site’s security to as much as I am able too.

      Much of the attacks are targeting Jeanette Runyon. She had a prior stalker that exaggerated a misdemeanor that she had plead to, and made up a ton of other stuff. even though that stuff was debunked years ago, Mix and RCZ use it, with Mix even stating that he “didn’t care it it is true or not.” They are threatening others on Twitter, but I know little to nothing about them.

      As I covered in the post, The Strange Case of the Pretend #Freekate Stalkers, these would be stalkers are of a stranger type. They claimed they went to Jeanette’s home state, and then spoke to people from her church, diocese, and the like. The only problem is that no one was ever spoken to-they lied about it. I’m thinking that their goal is a mind game, possible to goad people in to an over-response. That is the classic bully game, as I described above.

      And now, they are claiming to be reporting people to the FBI, and CPS. Now, as we all know, filing false reports are all illegal, so I have to ask, are they faking it again, or does Mix think he can pull off a false report? Can’t tell you either way, but the results, or lack thereof, will be newsworthy.

      The real sad thing is that this isn’t about the original crime so much any more. It’s evolved into a story about stalking, and lies upon lies.

      • Jeanette Victoria

        My gut feeling is Mix has fallen for the fake hate crime epidemic . He *will* make a false report all wrapped up with a dangerous package he sent to himself

        • MattRoss

          Time will tell!

  • Jeanette Victoria

    It seems Mr Mix is so out of tough he has no clue that he has broke very law he is posting.

    • MattRoss

      He doesn’t care.

  • Power Planters

    Nothing that Mr. Mix says or does will take away from the permanent cyber record that states that adult Kaitlyn Hunt shoved her fingers inside a 14 year old child, and did so again after being told by the Court to stop. Kaitlyn Hunt will not pass the basic background checks conducted by nearly all employers. Her dream of being a nurse is a waste of emotion, no hospital in the United States would EVER hire a sex offender who had a minor victim. Their insurance companies would drop them. Few parents would feel comfortable knowing that their attractive teen daughter might be receiving in patient care on the night shift by Kaitlyn Hunt. She simply cannot be trusted around teen girls, ever. Not even her own if she ever has them.

    • MattRoss

      That damage was done upon her arrest. The local media reports alone are enough to do that. Then, the additional infractions made it all the worse. Employers do Google-search prospective employees.

  • MattRoss

    I would be honored to be part of that site. I had a aggregator for a while myself. Wouldn’t work when I switched hosts, so I had to give it up. The concept is nice.

    Yeah, I’ve dealt with a lot of strange and sick in my life, so these folks are a drop in the bucket. We know who they are, where their accounts are, and so forth. I have no interest in silencing them (as they would like to do to us) because they are part of the story, and laying out their bully tactics for the world to see would be much harder if they weren’t speaking out publicly.

    There is very little they can do to me, even making false reports against me will do little good, since I have done nothing wrong. And, I’ll write about it, exposing them further. They have yet to figure out the the Streisand Effect has real power.

    I was actually proud that, in the first few months of blogging, I got hit with some trolls. Shows that your getting enough of a message out for them to want and try and get you all bent out of shape.

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