Why Do Teachers’ Unions Favor Pedophiles?


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One would think that protecting children from adult predators would be pretty much a universal.  I was cheered that while myself and others were covering the #FreeKate story, we found that protecting children from predators had supporters that were gay and straight, from right and left, and Christian and not so much.  However, as much as a no-brainer that protecting children from sexual exploitation would seem, there are still a disturbingly large number of people that would allow adults access to children for the worst of purposes.  Even more disturbing is that two groups are apparently supporting pedophiles; The National Education Association,and the American Federation of Teachers, the two largest teachers unions in the US.  TPNN, notes that while the teachers’ unions favor background checks for gun owners, they have a different opinion on background checks for teachers…

But, that is not the case. Two of the most powerful teachers unions in the country, the National Education Agency (NEA) and the American Federations of Teachers (AFT), are against a proposed bill that would require better background checks for teachers. Of course, like clockwork, the excuse made by these unions, namely AFT, is wrapped around race baiting.

In the Wall  Street Journal on Thursday, Campbell Brown addresses their opposition. 

Anyone with violent or sexual convictions against a child—whether a misdemeanor or felony—would be ineligible for school employment. Background checks would be more thorough, using expanded databases including the FBI’s fingerprint database, the national and state sex offender registries. And districts would be prohibited from knowingly unloading sex abusers on other schools—a practice known as “pass the trash.”

These are sensible measures that are overdue. Yet the two most powerful teachers unions in the country have voiced objections to the bill. Both the National Education Association and the American Federation of Teachers complained about the bill before it passed the House. The NEA claimed in a letter to House members that background checks “often have a huge, racially disparate impact.” Randi Weingarten, the AFT chief, warned of inaccuracies in the FBI database and cautioned that teachers would be inconvenienced by potentially long screening delays.

So, keeping pedophiles away from kids is racist?  Are they suggesting that there is a racial component to pedophilia?   Or, are they just willing to protect and employ pedophiles in order to satisfy a political agenda?  Or course, who cares if a bunch of kids get raped in the process?  I would assume that it’s a small price to pay for for collecting more dues!

  • dba_vagabond_trader

    The answer is obvious, those who are so inclined to dine on beef, shop at a meat market.

    • MattRoss

      Yes, but writing it that way makes for a really short post.

      You are, of course, 100% correct!

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  • Zohydro

    I would note that “passing the trash” is a common practice in other related industries—most notably (and tragically) in corrections, law enforcement, and healthcare…

    • MattRoss

      Yes it is. I think you’ve mentioned that before. Sadly, giving someone a bad reference is problematic in and of itself.