My Thoughts on Jesse Myerson; Useful Idiot Extraoridinaire


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Jesse Myerson is a writer for Rolling Stone.  And, in accordance with what seems to be an obscene level of naivete, he took the his keyboard and wrote glowing tribute to Communism.  Included in his love letter to the gulag, was a complete ignorance of the actual history of communism, including the tens of millions of deaths perpetrated by communist regimes.  And, when confronted with his lack of facts, or even a grasp of the obvious, he doubled down on the stupid in a second article, published at Salon.  Robert Stacy McCain took notice, and has completely destroyed Jesse Myerson, dissecting his points at a near molecular level.    Rather than do Stacy an injustice by linking short excerpts, kindly visit these links and see the full devastation for yourself.

The Renegade Jesse Myerson

How @JAMyerson Blamed @SarahPalinUSA for Tucson

Intellectuals and the Total State: @JAMyerson’s Dilettante Marxism

That is some fine work.  I have only one thing to add to it is to go process over Stacy’s content.  It is a role that I have discusses extensively here before.

Jesse Myerson is an useful idiot.

Useful Idiot is a term, coined by the Soviets, for a westerner that was a supporter of Communism.  According to the late KGB defector, Yuri Bezmenov, useful idiots were useful in destabilizing a country.  Here is a video describing this process…

Note that this six minute video describes the development of Jesse Myerson, as well as his fate.

“Exposure to true information does not matter any more.”

And, going right along with that, Jesse Myerson will continue blathering along about the wonders of Communism.  And when confronted with reality, he will double down on the lies-because that is what he is programmed to do.  And, God forbid that there actually is a communist revolution here in the USA.  If there is, Jesse Myerson will not be the first to the wall, but it won’t be long before he is.  Of course, he may not even get a wall, but a quick bullet behind the ear, if they are kind enough to not torture him.  But, he’ll never realize that.

  • conservativesonfire

    Communism is great until its his egg that gets broken to make the omelett. Send him down to visi t your friend, Jim. I’ll show him what a communist regime has accoplished in fifteen years.

    • MattRoss

      Pretty much the same. But, just as the Soviets did, it will always be someone else’s fault.