Some Brief Thoughts on Putin, the Ukraine, and the Weakness of Barak Hussein Obama


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If you recall, in 2009 on the heels of his infamous World Apology Tour, Barak Obama paid a visit to Russia, where he was famously snubbed in a receiving line.  The Nice Deb covered that at the time…

After bowing to foreign kings, and after a career of community organizing, dithering, and overall liberalism, foreign powers came to the same conclusion as informed voters here in the US:

Barak Obama is a weakling who is interested in failed liberal policies, not governing, or even defending the country he swore an oath to protect

Vladimir Putin, on the other hand, is a cold, calculating strongman.  Whether you like him or not, he’s a leader, as evidenced by the fact that he’s held onto power for this long.

Being a former KGB guy, Putin knows a thing or two about judging and manipulating people and situations.  If you’ve read my many posts about Bezmenov, you’ll know that the KGB created our left with some exquisite propaganda and brainwashing techniques.  They knew their targets, and predicted their reactions to their efforts, just like Putin can now.   So, when Putin saw the chance to take the Crimea, he took it.  Want to know why he did it?

He could.

That’s it-that’s all of it.  He could do it because he knows, being a cold, calculating former KGB guy (or perhaps just having a grasp of the obvious) that Obama is a weakling, and mentally crippled by liberalism to do a thing to stop him.  And, even if Obama did try something, it would be a weak, half measure, that would fail or be withdrawn at the moment that meaningful resistance emerged.  They knew it in 2009, when they snubbed him in 2009.  They had no respect for him then, and they have even less now, which is why they are moving.  And, the Chinese are backing them, because they can.  The NORKS are shooting off missiles, because they can.  And the Iranians are sending ships off our shore, or are at least saying it-because they can.  Barak Obama isn’t even a paper tiger.  Instead, he’s a transparent weakling, and everyone in the world can see it, except our low-information voters, and the MSM that misinforms them.