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Tolerant Feminist Physically Attack Pro-Life Teen; Declares Her a Domestic Terrorist



If you recall, we covered the story of Thrin Short, who is a 16 year old pro-life protesters that had the audacity to hold a sign featuring the end result of an abortion at University of California, Santa Barbara.  This gained the attention of  tolerant professor Mireille Miller-Young, who stole Short’s sign, and then assaulted her.  Here is the video…

Now, as a followup, the tolerant  Kool-Aid drinkers on the campus have taken to a petition condemning Short, and referring to her as a “domestic terrorist.”

Students at the University of California at Santa Barbara are circulating the petitions, one in support of feminism Prof. Mireille Miller-Young, and another backing Thrin Short, the 16-year-old pro-lifer whose March 4 demonstration was allegedly broken up by Miller-Young. The one backing the professor, who has been charged with battery and vandalism, has more than 2,000 signatures, while the one in support of Short has 150, according to The College Fix.

“The last thing we need are these people invading our community,” UCSB sophomore Katherine Wehler, a theater and feminist studies major, told the site.

She said pro-lifers with graphic images of aborted fetuses such as Short and her sister carried are like “domestic terrorists.”

OK, let’s take a couple minutes to get this straight, because we have to deal with liberal (il)logic…

Thrin Short is a “domestic terrorist” because she held up a sign describing what liberalism supports in actual practice.  That liberals fully support the murder and dismemberment of babies is freedom.  To actually describe it is “domestic terrorism.”  To drill it down even further; killing babies is great-discussing it is evil.

Think about what we have been covering lately.

A special education student recorded evidence that he was being bullied, and was charged with a crime for it!

Liberal stalkers accuse Conservatives of stalking them because the Conservatives point out that the liberals are stalking them.

Liberal educational policies ensure that too many black children are illiterate, and Conservatives are declared “raaaaacist” for trying to stop it. 

The tolerant gay mafia can threaten people, cause them to lose their jobs, dox them, and advocate for death camps for Christians, yet declare that anyone who agrees with them are “intolerant.”

Because, tolerance!

  • conservativesonfire

    Well, you’d have to agree, Matt, that it must be very terrifying to liberal zombies to have their vision of a perfect world challenged. Call me a domestic terrorist.