All Good Things… Some Major Changes


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For about the last 6-8 months, I’ve been wanting to change some things in my life, and those changes are finally happening.  Now is the time to make another.   Back in the fall, when I met up for lunch with former CH 2.0 contributor John Carey, we discussed my future plans.  Regular political blogging was not part of those long term plans.

Back in February of 2009, I posted Piggly Wiggly and the Porkulus, and since then, the CH 2.0 has been home to over 4600 posts, and over 25,000 comments.  At current, posting has dipped a bit, but the typical full day of posting consists of 5 posts, from myself, and the remaining active contributors.  The question was, in the fall of 2013, as it is now, what do I do with this place?  Do it shut down, like so many others have?  Or, do I just walk away and let it languish until the hosting bill comes due?  It seemed like a waste to allow the thing to go away after five years of effort.  So, I faced the option of keeping the place going until I could arrive at a long term solution, and not allow all that work to go down the tubes.

The reasons for this change are pretty numerous.  At this stage of my life, my career is zooming ahead.  I have a new full time job, plus a business on the side, that I am trying to grow.   My new job is offering many training and educational opportunities that will make me much better at what I do, but these things take time.  I’m also taking much better care of my health, so a few hours a week at the gym have been the order of business for the last year or so.  Also, I have my kiddo, who needs more of my time and guidance.  Then, over the last two years, I’ve been turning more to faith.  I am very active in my church, and I’ve been asked to take on a greater role there, which I have accepted.  Then, I also find myself in the fortunate circumstance of being in a new relationship with a wonderful woman.  Needless to say, my plate is very full to keep on doing something that is more of a burden than a pleasure.

A significant  reason that the blog has become a burden is my perception that it’s no longer the best way for me to impact the world.  As Bezmenov predicted so accurately back in the early 80’s, “access to true information does not matter anymore.”  We can post a thousand pieces of evidence that global warming is a political scheme, or several million examples that ObamaCare is harming people, or truckloads of evidence that liberalism destroys cities, nations, and people; and it will only reach so many people.  People in our nation are increasingly what Bezmenov referred to a “demoralized.”  And he didn’t mean lacking morale, but being deficient in morality.  One can shower such people with facts, figures, pictures, videos-you name it, and they will not be swayed.  It just doesn’t make a difference for them.   They want what they want, and will give power to whoever will provide them with the most.

From my Christian perspective, playing politics is like playing the Devil’s game, on his home field, by his rules, with his equipment, and all the referees are demons.   You can be correct, well researched and referenced, as well as flat out right, and you can still lose.  And, in fact, you probably will lose.  For far too many people, it’s  easier to buy the lies.  The fact the MSNBC even exists is all the proof needed to see this.  The fact that Obama was even in a position to win in 2012 was crushing evidence that reality itself is a casualty of the culture wars.   We are watching the undoing of human freedom.  Our nation has completely lost it’s way, and there is nothing that I am going to say or do to change that.  I think I can do more good, and do more damage to evil, by working in ministry and helping to lead more people to Christ.  Leftist politics might damage a person physically, financially,  or mentally, but it cannot touch a saved soul.   In the end, our “final destination” is all that matters.

Given all of this, in late February, I reached out to our long time contributor, Don King, to take over the day to day operations as “Managing Editor.”  Don accepted, but was in the process of finding a new place, and moving, so it took him a while to get situated.  Don was our first contributor, going back to 2009 and  has a passion for our cause, as well as a vision for the site.  Today marks the first day of Don’s leadership here.   I will remain on as “Publisher,” so to speak, and I will post from time to time.  There are still some stories, like regarding the Culture Wars/Persecution, voter fraud, and ObamaCare,  that I still want to continue covering.  And, when something else catches my attention, I might want to post about it.

Otherwise, I’m going to work for the Lord as much as I can.  He paid the price for me-spreading his word is the very least I can do in return.

As a note to all of you that link here, comment,  and re-Tweet, as well as post to Facebook; keep on doing so, we aren’t closing-we’re just making a slight change in management.  We thank you for your support, both in the past, and in the future.

See ya around the blogosphere, and God Bless,

Matt Ross

  • I’ll say this. You have given me much food for thought. I have long considered slowing down or stopping my blogging efforts. I have came to much the same conclusion as you; no matter if we are right and how much proof we have, I am very doubtful we can win this war. And as my wife tells me often, what good am I doing by getting into long discussions with commenters on my blog who have no intention of changing their minds? I am beginning to wonder if it isn’t a fool’s errand for me to continue.

    And besides, we now have the responsibility of helping our daughter raise her two children, now that she is divorced. In my mind, that is a much higher calling and much more important than anything I can write on a blog.

    God Bless, Matt Ross.

    • MattRoss

      Thanks for the kind words Larry. Over the years, you’ve been one of the chief supporters of this place.

      touched on one of the reasons, besides time, that I quit commenting so
      much. It doesn’t matter. The low information people out there have
      been programmed to reject reality. No amount of facts, video, documents
      or any form of data will be accepted, and they will also attack and
      harass anyone who discusses the actual evidence. Even when they suffer
      the negative consequences of their own policies, they blame others for
      their misfortune.

      I will still occasionally post is something
      really catches my attention, but I feel a great sense of relief for
      letting Don take this over. I’m now free to pursue other efforts, all
      focused on ministry. It was time for a change, and change is good.

  • Infidel de Manahatta

    I understand your decision. I’ve been on my blog for five years and like you wonder if it’s the best way to utilize my time and whether I should shut it down.

    I think of all those who I have met the past five years online who no longer blog and I wonder, “Will I be next?”

    Anyway, it was great to stumble upon your site and I wish you the best of luck in the future.

    • MattRoss

      I know what you mean about people coming and going. We’ve been lurking on each others places for a long time and most of us are out of blogging. I’m considering myself semi-retired. Don will keep the place going. I’ll post from time to time, as I get the itch. Thanks for all of your support!

  • Good luck Matt! While I am saddened by the news you are not going to be posting as much I understand your decision and I wish you well. I will still be visiting here and reading the posts of your fine contributors and I am sure I will still see you on Facebook from time to time. I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide to do. I am very happy that this site will remain active!

    • MattRoss

      Thanks Steve. I appreciate that, and keep up the fight. I have respected your tenacity as a blogger, and how you have kept on stories.

  • conservativesonfire

    Vaya con Dios, amigo. I totally understand your decission. You did a lot of good at CH 2.0 and I have no doubt you will do much good in your new endeavors.


    • MattRoss

      Thanks Jim. I plan on doing good, for good’s sake.