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Earth Day 2014: Useful Idiots Pushing Earth Day, A Conversation with my Daughter and an Angry Mob of Teachers


When I asked my daughter today what she learned in school today she said

Daddy, today we learned about how people are cutting down all the rain forests to make stuff. And that driving our cars is causing the ice caps to melt and all the polar bears to die. And that it is only going to get worse until we start doing things different.

Notice she didn’t talk to me about how she learned math, reading, or history- and she didn’t mention learning a new sports game, learning about values or morals, or learning how to write computer code. In her first grade class she learned as fact a bunch of propaganda pushed on her by her public school system. And when I talked to a couple other parents about this, they told me to just keep my mouth shut and go along to get along and just accept that this is now what they teach in schools. It isn’t- those sorts of political views and opinions are not in the state standards- but this is what is happening to our next generation- they are being taught to be useful idiots and tools of the communists and pagans who would destroy the traditional America culture and traditions.

This effort must be a systematic effort- my 1st grader in one public school talked this way and also this week I got involved in an email exchange with another teacher at my school who was involved in similar effort to push communism and paganism at our public school.

On Monday our entire staff at our public school was sent an email during the workday over the school email system from another teacher- “Hoping you all have a happy Earth Day and hug a tree today!”

Earth Day is morally and intellectually wrong- the worship of some sort of pagan green God and the pushing of government policies which take away our liberty and property both are offensive to me. Earth Day is just a way for the inner circle of pagan and communist manipulators- evil people- to get the useful idiots in the outer circle to support their agenda, and so any effort to encourage people to engage in this worship and celebration should be rejected. And pagan rituals- hugging a tree- are also to be rejected as they run counter to my faith.

While friends and family suggest that I just keep my mouth shut about stuff like this and go along with it by just nodding along and admitting that 2+2=5, I refuse to. So I replied back to the other teacher at my school- “Please do not email me any more emails pushing this pagan and communist ‘holiday’.”

Apparently I made the other teacher cry with this email, and she showed my email around to the building to other teachers. The next day during my prep hour an angry mob of useful idiots cornered me in my classroom and demanded that I apologize to the teacher and email the entire staff wishing them a Happy Earth Day. They believed that they were morally superior to me and that their faith in the green god gave them a higher calling and that I should recant my questioning of their holiday and do some publicly.

These teachers are useful idiots of the outer circle- unwitting tools and promoters of intellectual ideas that they are clueless about. When I began to talk to them about the intellectual and historical background and reasoning behind their ‘holiday’, they told me that I was just taking it too seriously and that I was wrong for doubting and should just recant and chant with them their slogans. And in the past I may have taken this subject less seriously- see my post Earth Day: A Communist Plot? where I treat as more of a joke their efforts. But in the face of this mob of fools I was struck by how unserious this actually was- that there was a larger and darker and much more serious movement here.

In The Man Who Was Thursday: A Nightmare (Penguin Classics), the famous author G.K. Chesterton described anarchists this way-

This is a vast philosophic movement, consisting of an outer and inner ring. The outer ring- the main mass of their supporters- are merely anarchists; that is, men who believe that rules and formulas have destroyed human happiness. They believe that all the evil results of human crime are the results of the system that has called it a punishment. They do not believe that the crime creates the punishment. They believe that the punishment has created the crime. These people talk about ‘a happy time coming,’ ‘the paradise of the future,’ ‘mankind freed from the bondage of vice and the bondage of virtue,’ and so on.

And so also the men of the inner circle speak. But in their mouths these happy phrases have a horrible meaning. They are under no illusions; they are too intellectual to think that man upon this earth can ever be quite free of original sin and the struggle. And they mean death. When they say that mankind shall be free at last, they mean that mankind shall commit suicide. When they talk of a paradise without right or wrong, they mean the grave. They have but two objects, to destroy first humanity and then themselves.

Chesterton may well have been describing these useful idiots of the outer circle in my school and other schools around the nation who push their ‘Earth Day’ movement at young children and staff members, pushing formula’s (‘hug a tree’, say ‘happy earth day,’ recycle, etc) and rules that destroy human freedom and property, believing that if we just change our system and practices and give up our freedom and liberties that sin will be ended and that the green god will be happier, and that we can achieve a brighter future through these actions. These pushers of Earth Day are the outer circle.

But the inner circle is the one to fear, for they are the intellectual and moral center, and they know that the goal is not to erode property rights and human liberty to achieve any sort of higher calling, but rather to erode property rights and human liberty. They desire control over others, property of others, and want to control the lives of their fellow men- and have the ability to kill them if they go against their desires and wishes. The inner circle knows that mankind was born free and able to build buildings and harvest goods and mine for metals and work chemicals and have children and live in liberty- and they hate this and so push the worship of ‘Earth Day’ and other days which have as their goal darkness, control, and less human life. They are the inner circle because they know what they seek and why they seek it- the outer circle are just the large pool of useful idiots who take their message and push it without knowing what they do or why they do it.

In the face of this mob of idiots, outnumbered and threatened, I retreated physically by making up some sort of excuse to leave and promising to address the matter with them further in the future. Another day or two has passed and nothing further has come up and I suppose they hope that now I have dropped it and been cowed by their show of force. And in public schools right now I doubt I have any real ability to fight back- administration, the union, and other teachers likely would side with the inner circle over me- and it is probably safer for me to simply appear to give in. But in my own mind and in my heart they will not force me to ever give in.

Human liberty, property rights, and the love of life all are now too much a part of who I am, and so I reject the worship of Earth Day here and forever, and suggest you do so as well. And so I viewed my daughter’s comments as a good time to begin a real conversation with her about human action, historical variations in temperature, opinions of authority figures, critical thinking, and the wonders of progress. I intend on being my own inner circle of good and raising my children to be the same- and so should we all.