Citizen’s Pull-over of an Illinois State Trooper, Must See Video


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Hat/Tip to The Free Thought Project.

We all know that feeling in the pit of our stomach when we look in the mirror and see the red and blue lights going crazy behind us. We check our speedometer, our seat belt and then wonder if it’s a light out, or what?

Well a truck driver recently turned the tables on a member of law enforcement when he saw an Illinois State Trooper speeding with no emergency lights on, while talking on his cell phone.

Trucker Brian Miner was driving through Illinois this week when he says he saw an officer of the law pass him traveling well over the posted speed limit.

He says that the officer was on his cellphone as well.

Mr. Miner, like most of us does not like the above the law, double-standard of police, so he took action by honking his horn to pull the officer over.

What happens next is an amazing transformation.

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At the beginning of the stop this officer is confrontational, stretches the truth, and talks about citing Miner for excessive use of his horn.

He says police can use electronic devices, but this is only true if they are “performing his or her official duties.”

What happens during that stop is very revealing, for once the truck driver let the officer know he was being recorded, the entire conversation changed.

When the camera comes on this officer goes from tough guy to nice guy, like a switch was flipped.

He was busted! And he knew it!

Below is a terrific example of citizen accountability through filming cops; this is how we incite positive change.


  • Hildebeast

    “Unlawful use of horn”? What a bunch of bullshit.

  • bobbymike34

    That was just embarrassing for the cop. I don’t remember speeding, I don’t remember I had my cell phone…………..yeesh can I use these excuses?

  • Despiser_of_Libs

    Unionized public sector workers are going to bankrupt America financially and tyrannically.

  • Bigfoot Steve

    Cop talked to somebody at headquarters when he went back to his car who told him to stop being an idiot, lol.

  • justsayin222n

    On his way back to his car the trooper was saying to himself “Oh crap, the guy’s got me. What am I gonna do?” Good for the trucker.

  • Charles Hammond Jr

    This is a good example of ‘little brother’ kicking ‘big brother’ in the shins.

    Have a camera. Carry it like you would a gun.

  • Conservative In Libtard Austin

    Illinois union cop. Busted and still an asshole. Listen to his excuses.

  • aquaviva

    The cop was decent enough – a rarity, but the driver was a jerk.

    What cop wouldn’t stop someone that honks their horn at him?

    • justsayin222n

      I’d agree but the cop tried to find something on the trucker and that was unnecessary.

  • Misanthrope

    Get in their faces. Punch back twice as hard. It’s the only way to bring them to heel.

  • Little Brother is watching.

    • ohio granny

      Little brother watching big brother and big brother is not happy about it.

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  • Jeff Webb

    One might suspect that if an ordinary motorist was speeding and chatting on a mobile phone that they would get a ticket. Why then, can’t cops not receive the same punishment for their on duty traffic infractions? Yes, we all realize that many police departments exempt cops from using “technology” when driving, but when it is SO obvious that they are speeding way over the limit without lights or siren it is crazy. Where I live, I have called 311, via hands free, to report cops gone crazy only to be put off to a nonsense complaint line. My attitude forward is not just not bother calling to call the police in 911 situations. Let someone else deal with it.