Trey Gowdy: What if a Judge Says ‘Let’s Go Give This Guilty Bastard a Trial?’ MUST See Video


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Hat/Tip to the Tea Party News Network.

When one sees Trey Gowdy in action, one is immediately reminded of a pit bull – tenacious, dangerous and of a single purpose – the destruction of his opponent.

At Wednesday’s House hearing regarding the Obama IRS targeting scandal, Rep. Trey Gowdy put a Democrat Party-invited University of Baltimore law professor through the wringer in classic Gowdy form.

The South Carolina congressman’s line of questioning was geared toward making the case that the Obama-Holder Department of Justice has been compromised and cannot be trusted to investigate the Obama IRS scandal in which the tyrannical agency targeted Obama’s political opponents, specifically the pro-Constitution, pro-freedom Tea Party movement. 

Referring to Lois Lerner’s latest discovered emails in which she referred to conservative radio programs and their listeners as “terrorists” and “a**holes,” Gowdy asked Professor Charles Tiefer, “Professor Tiefer, would you seat a juror who referred to your client as an obscene body part?”

A shell-shocked and seemingly confused Tiefer waited a few seconds, then unable to properly answer, asked, “I’m sorry?”

“I really have trouble giving you an answer…” he mumbled before Gowdy jumped in to help. 

“Well then, you would starve to death as a lawyer if you can’t answer that question, professor,” Rep. Gowdy interjected. “I’ll give you some free litigation advice. You’ll want to use one of your strikes on that juror,” Gowdy advised.

You almost feel sorry for the professor in Gowdy’s crosshairs.

Almost, then you remember that the folks Gowdy questions are there to provide cover for the lawless Obama regime.

Gowdy continued down this road asking Tiefer if he was a prosecutor in a case where one of the potential jurors had called police “terrorists” who want to bring the country down, as Lois Lerner did against people who believe in the U.S. Constitution, if that juror would make the cut.

“Would you seat that juror in a criminal prosecution if you were the prosecutor?” Rep. Gowdy asked. 

“I wish I saw the connection here, but I, a…” Tiefer muttered in a nasally tone before Gowdy jumped in. 

“I’ll give you the connection!” Gowdy announced. “Lois Lerner just referred to conservatives as an obscene body part and she said we were ‘crazies’ and likened us to terrorists!” Gowdy exclaimed.

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A Democrat on the committee tried to save the professor’s bacon, but to no avail.

As an unnamed Democrat Georgia congressman attempted to bail out the professor, Gowdy shouted, “You are not recognized! The gentleman from Georgia is not recognized.”

“Would the gentleman yield,” the Georgia congressman asked Gowdy.  

“No sir, I will not,” Gowdy replied.

Using Holder’s own public statements, Gowdy took this line of questioning to it’s conclusion.

Gowdy then quoted Eric Holder himself reading a line in which Holder had previously said that he would recuse himself “when there’s a potential appearance of a conflict.” 

As Rep. Gowdy began to refer to Obama saying on “The O’Reilly Factor” on FOX News that there wasn’t a “smidgen” of corruption at the IRS even before the investigation had taken hold, the professor attempted to interrupt Gowdy and was swiftly shut down. 

“When I ask a question it’ll be very clear, professor,” Gowdy declared. 

The professor told Gowdy he didn’t think it mattered what Obama, who ultimately is responsible for the Department of Justice as part of the executive branch of government, said on national TV prior to the investigation

He continued:

“What if a judge says, ‘Let’s go give this guilty bastard a trial?’” Gowdy asked. “Is that irrelevant? Would you want that judge? If he prejudged the outcome of a prosecution and said, ‘Let’s go give this guilty guy a fair trial.’”

“Given the independence of the public integrity section for the last 30 years, I don’t think it matters what the president said,” the University of Baltimore School of Law professor answered. 

“So you don’t think it matters that the chief law enforcement officer of this country, before there is an investigation, while there are emails missing, before he’s analyzed one scintilla of evidence, prejudges and says there’s not a scintilla of corruption. You don’t think that matters,” Gowdy wondered.

Gowdy’s methodical, logical approach has the Democrats baffled. He is an outlier in the Republican Party. A man who doesn’t accept the language of the left, he stands up for what is right, and his dogged determination combined with his strong prosecutorial skills make him a nightmare for the Democrats. I cannot wait to see him put Hillary Clinton on the stand. Of course, she’ll probably pull a Lerner and plead the 5th, but we can dream, can we not?