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Liberals Complain About “Sketchy App,” News Crew Robbed While Reporting on “Sketchy App”


I caught this on IOwnTheWorld last week.  Apparently, some folks wrote a phone app to warn people away from high crime areas.   As we all know, there are certain parts of every city that are “no go zones,” due to the high probability that you will become the victim of a nasty fate.  Of course, liberals wasted no time openly displaying their racist views…

A couple of developers have created an app that directs people away from high crime areas.

Gawker writer, Sam Biddle, shrieks in horror and writes, “white people make app for avoiding black people!!!”

Who mentioned black people? Biddle is the one who read “high crime area” and automatically pictured black people in his head. He bypassed the rich mosaic of criminality and went straight to black. Why’s that? Explain yourself Biddle.

Of course, it was Biddle wearing his figurative hood and robe, because the app doesn’t know or use race.  It only uses crime information.  Biddle is the one suggesting that high crime areas are black areas, not the other way around.

But we’ll just pretend that other people are the racist ones, mmkay?

Then, to make the situation all the more interesting, a news crew went looking for the sketchy neighborhoods, and got robbed in one of them!

Crime, meet journalism and a heavy dose of irony.

A WUSA-TV news van was burglarized in Washington, D.C., Friday while the news crew was interviewing locals nearby, the station reported.

The robbery happened as they were reporting about a “sketchy neighborhood” app.

The crew said they had locked their van in D.C.’s Petworth neighborhood, but someone popped the lock and absconded with “the gear of photojournalist James Hash, the backpack of reporter Mola Lenghi, and the purse of intern Taylor Bisciotti.”

The team said they used the “Find My iPhone” app to track a phone that was among the stolen goods, and eventually found many of the stolen items in a dumpster in another part of D.C.

Here is some video...

Oh the irony!


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