Political Correctness – The Death Of The America We Know And The Rise Of A Strange New World


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This is a post that has been a long time coming. I have pondered some of these things in my mind for several weeks, having arrived at the conclusion that political correctness may very well be the one thing that causes the America so many of us knew and loved to draw her last breath. Political correctness should be the bane of our society. It should be the one thing we draw back from and reject. Instead, it is the issue that so many Americans, who should know better, are embracing. In doing so, they are embracing the death of the country they call home.

Political correctness can be defined in many different ways. One of the best examples I know is how gun owners are treated by those who do not value the 2nd Amendment of the United States Constitution. Because of the hyper-sensitivity on all things related to guns, children have been expelled from school for benignly shaping a pop tart into a crude shape of a gun. Oh, the horror! Guns are bad, guns are bad! Over and over, we are faced with that mantra.

Another example of this is something I experienced personally. I decided to sell the .50 caliber muzzle loader rifle I had purchased last year. Because I had sold items on Craigslist before, I placed an ad on that website. It was promptly flagged and deleted and after reading their terms of use, I discovered that you can not place an ad for even a BB gun, much less a rifle. Such items are banned. You also run the risk of being banned if you place an ad to sell a dog, for fear of taking advantage of the animal to make a profit. You can, however, place an ad for sex, if you so desire. There is an entire section devoted to sexual activity, but no guns or dogs. Oh, the horror! The owners of Craigslist have the right to run their website as they see fit, but that doesn’t make it any less nonsensical.

Political correctness is based on the theory that we should strive to offend no one. That seems to be the basis of why so many Christians are told to sit down and shut up, lest we offend those of other faiths. Or no faith at all. We can not call a spade a spade, without being faced with ridicule. Such is the case of my State Representative John Bennett. He had the audacity to call Islam a cancer that should be cut out of America and is now facing calls for his resignation. I think he will stick to his guns and I hope and pray that he does. It is time someone told the truth about the lie that is called the religion of peace.

It is strikingly odd that we can not speak the truth about Islam. Liberals refuse to cede that ground, saying we have no right to do so, lest we offend. At the same time, they do not want us to speak out against the perverted activities they are protecting. Homosexuality is never to be slandered. After all, they are just as human as the rest of us. It wouldn’t be proper to speak our minds about how perverted their choice of sexual lifestyle is, as that would be offensive. What is so strikingly odd about the protections being afforded by liberals to both Islam and homosexuals? They seem to forget how Muslims treat homosexuals. In Muslim countries that operate under Sharia Law, homosexuals are not tolerated. They are stoned, hung, and otherwise killed dead.

These new ideas of what is right and wrong, of what should or shouldn’t be said in public, of the contrast of how the liberals protect both homosexuality and Islam under the same mantra, can not be described any better than in the picture to the left. Phil Robertson was even banned from his own show, albeit temporarily, while the leader of Iran, who openly states Israel should be destroyed and that the holocaust never happened, was welcomed with open arms. I would say go figure that one out, but it is just standard operating procedure for liberals. The contradictions contained in their philosophy of political correctness abound.

As Americans who love our country, what are we to do about political correctness? We could strive to be like Texas Fred, who refuses to be political correct, no matter the circumstances. Even though it is not the most pleasant thing in the world to always tell the truth about what we see going on in America, is that not what we really need to straighten this mess out? From the politicians, down to the rest of us, we should all stop being political correct. If we do not like something or someone, we should state said dislike, if asked. If we see a problem that is thriving right under our very noses, such as is the case with John Bennett, we should absolutely speak our minds. Not doing so is part of why America is in the shape she is in right now.

Far too many generations have sat silently by and watched America become more and more politically correct. It has not been good for our country. Many of our children no longer have a sense of what is right and what is wrong. We no longer speak out against evil because we are afraid to offend the people who are perpetrating that evil. If we do speak out, many of us are subjected to retaliation by the liberals and their friends in the media. That’s what is happening with the common folk that strive to be all they can be in America. As for the politicians, most of them are too busy making sure they hold onto the amount of power they have by being if office. That’s why so many of them are so politically correct that they are blinded to what is best for the country and the people who elected them to office.

Am I being overly dramatic about political correctness and what it has done, and continues to do, to America? I think not. The America so many of us grew up loving and cherishing is on her death-bed. Her breath is rattling in her throat. And the America I see rising up in her place is not a pretty sight. This strange new world is something I would rather not see.