MSNBC Talking Heads Mystified by Reality: Can’t Understand why 39% Increase in Costs Would “Put a Business Under”


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Popular San Fransisco book store, Borderland Books, is closing it’s doors.  The cause is the fact that that city is increasing the minimum wage to $15 an hour.  MSNBC grilled the owner, and could not seem to understand that increasing a business’s labor’s expenses by 39% will put them out of business.

Here is the video…

In many businesses, they’re lucky to make a 5% profit, and a lot of their expenses are due to employee costs, but these idiots have probably never actually a business. They believe money just appears in an employer’s pocket, and he refuses to share it because he’s evil.

But hey just for kicks, let’s do the math. A jump from $11.05 to $15 per hour is about $4 more every hour. Three employees, eight hours a day, 40 hours a week, you’re talking about $5,120 a month more, about $61,400 per year. How much does a book store make? According to this book-owner, just not enough to keep the business alive.

The Right Scoop link has another, more humorous version of the video…

As usual, reality hits, and regressives don’t get it.
Here’s the real equation
15 times 0 is what?
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  • Stop2think

    Maybe she’ll understand it with Common Core rationale. Let me try: Mika, you have a brain that looks like Swiss cheese. How can we possibly teach you simple math when the dye in your hair color has infiltrated every living neurological synapse in that lovely vacuous brain of yours? Math is not hard, but your skull must have a steel plate in it because nothing can penetrate it. Not even common sense math.

    • MattRoss

      She does not want it to penetrate.

  • cristo52

    Celebrity “journalists” don’t do arithmetic to support their positions. It’s all down to feelings.

    • MattRoss

      Yes, and they feel good when business owners take it on the nose.

  • Thick headed nimrods.

    • MattRoss

      I think you’re being too kind Woody!

  • Azsteve53

    Progressives are nor concerned with reality, only as long as their ideology is satisfied. Progressives don’t care about economics, for them everyone is rich, self loathing and guilty, like themselves

    • MattRoss

      Frankly they tend to be violently opposed to reality, and to anyone who presents it.

  • ???=? Democrats

    Mica is the typical liberal socialist that has NEVER had to make a payrole.

    • MattRoss

      That, and she doesn’t care. She doesn’t WANT to know how it works.

  • MattRoss

    Thanks to everyone for the comments!

  • Tom

    Only 39% increase in labor costs, that should’nt put you under! Another progressive moron.

  • SamIowa

    Mica or Mika, or whatever her name is, is a moron.

  • AmandaTrebiano

    I don’t hire anyone as an employee any more. I do all independent contractors. It saves me a fortune in benefits, taxes and insurance that I don’t have to pay for. It’s the industry norm in the livery and real estate industries and would be a tremendous weapon against government overreach. Imagine how powerless a government that is getting no weekly or quarterly tax payments would be when they have to wait to get “paid” every April 15th. It’s pretty easy to convert employees to ICs and I strongly recommend it–no more social security or payroll taxes to pay, instead of splitting the cost of payroll taxes with the employees, they pay it ALL and no more paid vacations, sick days or health insurance bills to pay for them either.

    • cam_jobs