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President Bush Just Blew His Audience Away With 12 Words Obama Would Never Say


President Bush @ Military Service Initiative 2015


Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune.

This man constantly demonstrates two things: Class and Leadership.

President George W. Bush left the the crowd in awe of his words at the Military Services Initiative Summit on Feb. 18th to support post 9/11 veterans and their families.

Like most former presidents, Bush is always asked about what he misses most about being in the Oval Office.

At first, he joked around saying that he missed the Air Force accommodating him with a shower on the airplane that flew him around. He also joked about the inconvenience of having to stop at stop lights as a civilian.

But then things got very serious, as Bush reflected on the things and people he missed the most.

I miss saluting those who volunteer to put themselves in harm’s way,” the former president said. “And I have vowed that for the remainder of my life that I will do all I can do to help our vets.”

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  • cam_jobs

    you know what’s saddest?

    It’s sad that 0bama will never be as patriotic an American as GWB.

    But it’s sadder that the more Jeb opens his mouth the less hope I have that he has as much potential as GWB.

    I lived in FL for a few years and Jeb was fine as a governor so I’m sure he would be better than 0bama or Hillary but…

    That’s a big BUT…

    • Don King

      The elite in the GOP are banking on the idea that if he gets the nomination, the rest of us will vote for him as a vote against Hillary.

  • ScienceABC123

    An honorable man who remembers those who protect this great country.

    • Don King

      His love for the military is easy to observe.

  • Bucker

    I miss the days that the bushs, clintons, and obama was not in my life

    • Don King

      I’m two thirds with you on that…