Greatest Hits: Tweet Of The Day: Jihad Is Result Of Evil American Colonialism…Oh Wait…A Brief History Of Radical Islamic Jihad


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Tweet Of The Day: Jihad Is Result Of Evil American Colonialism…Oh Wait…A Brief History Of Radical Islamic Jihad:  Don took us on a tour of history, and it wasn’t pretty, or PC. 

 photo SultanOttomanandMuslimMehmedIIdeclaredJihadonConstantinoplein1453_zps8722e634.jpg
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Tweet of the Day!!



Like Ricky said, there’s some ‘splainin’ to do!

Here are the above mentioned battles/wars listed with a brief history of each:

  • Tours 732 a.d.
    • After the Jihad had trampled Spain in 711 C.E., the Muslim chieftain Emir Musa’s dream was to invade further by marching across the Pyrenees ranges into France and meet the Muslims marauding from the east through Byzantium, so that Islam could surround the Mediterranean Sea which would then become a Muslim Lake.
    • But Musa also secretly harbored ambitions to be an Emir of Europe independent of the Caliph for which he embezzled a disproportionate part of the ill gotten wealth from the looting during the Spanish campaign. This raised the Caliph’s suspicions about Musa. So Emir Musa was banished by the Caliph and he could not fulfill his aggressive dream. Consequently, the Muslim aggression against France was taken up by another Jihadi marauder named Abd-ur-Rahman.
    • Today, we might not realize the significance of the victory of the Franks (Ferrenghis – as the Muslims called them) over the Arabs, a few miles south of Paris in 732. Had it not been for this victory, the whole of Europe might have been Muslim today, and the history of Europe and perhaps that of the entire world would have been far more bloodied and darker as is that of the Middle East today.
  • Kosovo 1389 a.d.
    • In their effort to Islamize Europe, the Muslims repeatedly attacked the Byzantine empire, but they had been checkmated at Constantinople by the Byzantines for Eight Hundred years, from their very first siege of the city in 674 and repeated attacks that continued throughout the next eight hundred years. Constantinople stood like a sheet anchor, refusing to succumb to the Jihad, defying the Arabs.After the eleventh century, the Turks emerged as the vanguard of the bloodied march of the Jihad. In their zeal as new converts to the blood-seeking, violent creed of Islam, they attacked the Byzantine empire at Manzikert in Eastern Anatolia in 1071.
    • The defeat suffered by the Slavic (Serbian) army at Kosovo Polje in 1389 smoothened the way for the Ottoman Jihad towards Hungary and Croatia – the targets of their future campaigns and military expeditions. But thanks to personal courage and decisiveness of Ivan Morovic, the Croat Viceroy of Macva, this attack was repulsed; however, the whole region became deserted and the frightened Croat population evacuated from their settlements.
  • Constantinople 1453 a.d.
    • After the Turks had softened the Balkans with these attacks, the Jihadis turned their attention to their main prize quarry, the Byzantine capital city of Constantinople, which they had been unable to take from the Asian side. Now with their foothold in Europe, led by Ottoman chieftain Sultan Mehmed II they attacked the city from the European side and finally after eight hundred years of coveting it, the Jihadis stormed it on an unfortunate Tuesday in the year 1453.
  • Vienna 1527 a.d. (aka The Battle of the Mohacs and lasted from 1527 – 1529)
    • Prior to the battle of Vienna in 1527, Muslims occupied and ruled Sicily. Here are their rules for the Christians they defeated:
      • The inhabitants of the Sicilian cities that had surrendered without fighting could keep on practicing the Christian religion but:
        – they had to bring identification marks on their suits and on their houses;
        – they had to pay more taxes (Jaziya);
        – they could not occupy positions that entailed authority over the Muslims;
        – they could not marry a Muslim (but a Muslim could marry a Christian);
        – they could not build new churches;
        – they could not ring Church bells;
        – they could not organize processions;
        – they could not read the Bible within the earshot of a Muslim;
        – they could not drink wine;
        – they had to get up when a Muslim entered the room;
        – they had to let the Muslims pass first in the public road;
        – they could not bear weapons;
        – they could not ride horses;
        – they could not saddle their mules;
        – they could not build great houses as those of the Muslims.
        The Christian women could not have access to the baths.
    • The Battle of Mohacs opened with the refusal of the Hungarian king to accept Islam and surrender his land and self-respect to the Jihadi wolves. The earlier lessons of the experience which the Bulgars, Romanians, Croats and Serbs had had at the ruthless and cruel hands of the Jihadis was not entirely lost on the Hungarians. But Eastern Europe took a long time to realize the only successful way of defeating the Jihadis forever was to outmatch them in their bestiality, with the determination and ruthlessness of a hunter pitted against a wild beast.
    • In the spring of 1529, Suleiman mustered a great army in Ottoman Bulgaria, with the aim of securing control over all of Hungary and reducing the threat posed at his new borders by Ferdinand I and the Holy Roman Empire. Estimates of Suleiman’s army vary widely from 120,000 to more than 300,000 men mentioned by various chroniclers. There is some tendency by later, 18th-century European historians to exaggerate these figures to overstate the bravery of the outnumbered defenders of Vienna.
    • The Ottoman army which arrived in late September had been somewhat depleted during the long advance into Austrian territory, leaving Suleiman short of camels and heavy artillery. Many of his troops arrived at Vienna in a poor state of health after the tribulations of a long march through the thick of the European wet season and of those fit to fight, a third were light cavalry, or Sipahis, ill-suited for siege warfare. Three richly-dressed Austrian prisoners were dispatched as emissaries by the Sultan to negotiate the city’s surrender; Salm sent three richly-dressed Muslims back without a response.
    • Suleiman was facing critical shortages of supplies such as food and water, while casualties, sickness, and desertions began taking a toll on his army’s ranks. The janissaries began voicing their displeasure at the progression of events, demanding a decision on whether to remain or abandon the siege. The Sultan convened an official council on 12 October to deliberate the matter. It was decided to attempt one final, major assault on Vienna, an “all or nothing” gamble. Extra rewards were offered to the troops. However, this assault was also beaten back as, once again, the arquebuses and long pikes of the defenders prevailed. (Source – Reston, James Jr, Defenders of the Faith: Charles V, Suleyman the Magnificent, and the Battle for Europe, 1520–1536)
  • Vienna 1683 a.d.
    • Three hundred years ago, in the summer of 1683, the main army of the Ottoman Empire, a large and well-equipped force, besieged Vienna. The town was nearing the end of its ability to resist: but just as the capture of Vienna was becoming only a matter of time – not more than a week away, at most – an army came to its rescue. On September 12th, in an open battle before Vienna, the Ottoman army was defeated, and the city escaped pillage and destruction. (Source)

Greatest Hits: David “The Red” Axelrod’s Communist Roots


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David “The Red” Axelrod’s Communist Roots:  Don discovered that David Axelrod probably STILL wears red diapers…

It may be accurate to blame Barack Hussein Obama for the woes that this country is facing, but the man behind the curtain, the leftist version of a Karl Rove is solely more responsible for getting him elected than any person on the planet. Since the “historic” ascendancy and 2008 election of Obama, it has come out that Axelrod is more than just a paid political hack, more than just an “adviser.” As Paul Kengor writes in the American Spectator:

“He is imager of the image and narrator of the narrative. No single person is more responsible for making Barack Obama president. Come November 2008, it was nothing short of a stunning change for America, a genuinely historical feat the man known as Ax hopes to repeat in November 2012.

And it helps that the two—story-maker and story, composer and theme—think alike. “You know, he and I share a basic worldview,” Obama told the New York Times. “I trust his basic take on what the country should be and where we need to move toward—not just on specific policy but how politics should be able to draw on our best and not our worst.”

Born in New York in 1955, Axelrod says of his parents that they were, “your classic New York leftist Democrats.” But that doesn’t really do justice to the activities of his mother, Myril Bennett Axelrod. She worked for an extremely political newspaper, the liberal New York daily, the PM.

Existing only from 1940 to 1948, the problem at the PM was infiltration by communists pushing the “Stalinist line.” One such person was a confirmed soviet spy, I.F. Stone, among many others.

Axelrod followed in his mother’s footsteps and began writing a leftist political column for a local Chicago newspaper, the Hyde Park Herald. Following his father’s suicide, young Axelrod caught the attention of two men who would be instrumental in guiding his political leanings and by extension, Barack Hussein Obama’s as well.

Don Rose and David Canter began to mentor Axelrod and this brought him to the attention of the Chicago Communist Party USA. While Rose’s involvement with CP-USA has not been established, Canter’s communist activities are well documented. His father served time in jail for radical communist activities and eventually became the secretary of the Boston Communist Party. He ran for Governor of Massachusetts on the Communist Party ticket in 1930.

Harry Canter’s devotion to the communist party earned him an audience with Stalin in 1932 – he brought along his entire family, including his son, and future Axelrod mentor, David Canter. They stayed in Moscow until 1937, when they abruptly moved back to America, locating in Chicago and the CP-USA. Here Harry caught the attention of the Democratic controlled Congress in 1944.

Harry’s grandson Evan says, “He was a Communist. He was involved in the Party, as was my father.” Evan’s father is of course the above mentioned Axelrod mentor, David Canter.

David, like his father also caught the attention of Congress. He was called in to testify in 1962 before the Democrat-run House Committee on Un-American Activities, where he refused to answer questions about past or present membership in the Communist Party. Canter pleaded the Fifth Amendment from start to finish. Among the activities he was being investigated for was the riots during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. His publishing house was said by one source to have been a “great help” to one of the communist publications that had agitated and disrupted the convention: “We wouldn’t be anywhere without him,” said the source.

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His partner, Don Rose was knee-deep in subversive activities as well. He was a member of the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in Vietnam. This group, of course, was the ultimate Who’s Who of Sixties radicals, and thoroughly penetrated by communist ringleaders. Rose did press work for the Mobilization Committee and for Students for a Democratic Society (SDS). Yes, the same SDS that gave birth to Bill Ayers’ domestic communistic terrorist group, the Weather Underground.

Sensing a pattern here?

There is much more to the Axelrod/Obama story than what I have related here, but in the spirit of brevity, I shall summarize. You can always follow the links at the end of my article to read the details for yourself. One small tidbit is the fact that Axelrod got his job at the Chicago Tribune via a glowing letter of recommendation by Don Rose. This led to Axelrod’s work in political campaigns such as Chicago Mayor, Harold Washington and the bow tie wearing Paul Simon.

Now does all this history mean that David Axelrod is a Communist?


But what it shows, which is a very important point to remember is that he, like Barack Hussein Obama gravitated towards the extreme left, whether it was the Progressive Left, the Socialist Left or even the Communist Left. These statist ideological memes helped to form their opinion of America, and let us not forget that President Obama himself said of David Axelrod,  “You know, he and I share a basic worldview. I trust his basic take on what the country should be and where we need to move toward—not just on specific policy but how politics should be able to draw on our best and not our worst.”

Please read the two articles I drew this information from, for the more informed we make ourselves about the backgrounds of our elected leaders and their advisers, the better off America will be.


David Axelrod, Lefty Lumberjack by Paul Kangor in the American Spectator

~ and ~

David Axelrod’s Red Roots: Obama Adviser’s Communist Ties Exposed by The Other McCain


The REAL War On Women: 92% Of Females Forced To Undergo Genital Mutilation In Egypt

Islamic art depicting the stoning of a woman

Hat/Tip to Warner Todd Huston at Publius’ Forum.

But no, Mitt Romney is the REAL bad guy ‘coz he said he had binders full of women applicants…

Modern Liberalism is a mental disorder.


Islam Is The REAL War on Women: 92% of Women in Egypt Forced to Undergo Genital Mutilation

As putrid Democrats continue to promulgate their lie-filled “Republican war on women” campaign theme, they sit by ignoring that the real war on women is perpetrated by Islam. Another reminder of where the real hate for women emanates is in a survey showing that fully 92 percent of married women in Egypt are forced to undergo genital mutilation.

If you are unaware of what Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) is, be prepared to be horrified. Euphemistically called “female circumcision” by liberals who want to obviate what it really is, it is in fact the utter destruction of the female pleasure centers in the vagina so that a woman can never gain pleasure or have an orgasm from sexual intercourse.

Many Muslims from Africa to the Middle East think that women are disgusting beasts who should not be allowed to enjoy sex. So, to keep girls pure in the eyes of The “Prophet” Muhammad, in their pre-teen stage, these inhuman Muslims rip out a girls’ clitoris and sew her vagina shut leaving but a small hole for urination.

Then, when the girl is married off, often times at the age of nine or ten, their “husband” gets the joy of jamming a knife into her vagina and slicing open the sewn shut vagina so that he can consummate the “marriage” with sex.

These scumbag Muslims excuse all this as a “cultural” necessity and a paean to Islam.

This is what the Muslim ISIS terror forces in Iraq have ruled must be done to all women last year.

Now we find that the backwards, savage country of Egypt forces most of its women to undergo this barbaric attack on their most private parts.

A new survey finds that a shocking 92 percent of married womenin Egypt has been forced to withstand this horrible, anti-woman procedure.

Where is Hillary Clinton to decry this true war on women? Where is Sandra Fluke to raise the alarm? Where is MSNBC’s manly Rachel Maddow to scream about this outrage?

Well, they are all worried about “Hobby Lobby” and telling their fans lies abut how company owners who don’t want to pay for abortion-inducing drugs are being “just like” Islamic terrorists.

The fact that so-called “feminists” are utterly silent on this issue is proof that they don’t care about “women,” they care only abut liberal politics.

If you are a liberal and prattle on about the “Republican war on women,” you are promulgating a lie. You can be excused for this if yo were misled, but only if you learn the truth and accept it. Otherwise, like every other extreme leftist, you are a dangerous, anti-American liar. There really is just no other way to say it.

Regardless, FGM is how Islam views women. They are dirty, disgusting, unclean, cattle that have no humanity and don’t even deserve to enjoy sexual intercourse. If this isn’t a real war on woman, what is?





Democrats Get A Taste Of Obama’s Arrogance


arrogant obama 003


Hat/Tip to Jonah Goldberg at Right Wing News.

Even the slow to realize Liberals are finally beginning to get the idea that our President is a monumental asshole…to everyone.


These are not good times for the Republic (and if you laughed or scratched your head at me calling America a republic, I rest my case). – Jonah Goldberg

But they are amusing times, at least for those of us capable of extracting some measure of mirth and schadenfreude from the president’s predicament.

With the sand running out on the Obama presidency, it’s finally dawning on the president’s friends and fans that he can be a real jerk.

Consider the Washington Post’s Dana Milbank. For the last six years, he’s spent much of his time rolling his eyes and sneering at Republicans. His subspecialty is heaping ridicule on conservative complaints about, well, everything and anything. If it bothers conservatives, it must be irrational, partisan, churchy, fake, hypocritical — or all of the above. Meanwhile, poor Barack Obama, while not always without fault in Milbank’s eyes, is the grown-up, the good guy trying to do good things amidst a mob of malcontents and ideologues.

That is, until this month. President Obama wants to get a trade deal passed. He needs Democrats to do it. But, Milbank laments, Obama’s blowing it.

“Let’s suppose you are trying to bring a friend around to your point of view,” Milbank writes. “Would you tell her she’s emotional, illogical, outdated and not very smart? Would you complain that he’s being dishonest, fabricating falsehoods and denying reality with his knee-jerk response?”

“Such a method of a persuasion is likelier to get you a black eye than a convert,” Milbank notes. “Yet this is how President Obama treats his fellow Democrats on trade…”

Yes, well, true enough. But lost on Milbank is the fact that this is precisely how Obama treats everyone who disagrees with him. When Obama — who ran for office touting his ability to work with Republicans and vowing to cure the partisan dysfunction in Washington — treated Republicans in a far ruder and shabbier way, Milbank celebrated.

Of course, he was hardly alone. The president has spent his entire presidency insisting that his political opponents are, to borrow a phrase from Milbank, “emotional, illogical, outdated and not very smart.” Republicans, in Obama’s view, are always dishonest, fabricating falsehoods and denying reality with their knee-jerk responses.

To pick just one of countless examples, there was a White House summit on health care in 2010. The president invited members of Congress to discuss the issue in good faith. He then proceeded to treat every concern, objection and argument from Republicans as dumb, dishonest or emotional. They were, according to a column by Milbank, “stepping into Prof. Obama’s classroom.” Milbank marveled at how the “teacher” treated them all “like his undisciplined pupils.” Whenever someone said anything politically inconvenient, the president replied that those were just partisan “talking points.”

When Sen. John McCain, his opponent in the previous election, noted that Obama had broken numerous promises and that the 2,400-page bill was a feeding trough for special interests, Obama eye-rolled. “Let me just make this point, John,” Obama said. “We’re not campaigning anymore. The election’s over.”

He responded to Sen. Lamar Alexander — he called him “Lamar” — “this is an example of where we’ve got to get our facts straight.” When it was Rep. John Boehner’s turn to speak, Obama reprimanded “John” for trotting out “the standard talking points” and, in the words of a palpably impressed Milbank, forced Boehner to “wear the dunce cap.”

Again, this was all quintessential Obama then, and it’s quintessential Obama now. All that has changed is that he’s doing the exact same thing to Democrats, and it’s making them sad. Specifically, he’s accused Sen. Elizabeth Warren of not having her facts straight. He says she’s just a politician following her partisan self-interest.

But here’s the hilarious part: Liberals can’t take it. The president of NOW, Terry O’Neill, accused Obama of being sexist. O’Neill sniped that Obama’s “clear subtext is that the little lady just doesn’t know what she’s talking about.” She added, “I think it was disrespectful.” Both O’Neill and Sen. Sherrod Brown also sniff sexism in the fact that Obama referred to Warren as “Elizabeth.”

“I think referring to her as first name, when he might not have done that for a male senator, perhaps?” Brown mused with his typical syntactical ineptness.

Of course, in that White House health care summit and in nearly every other public meeting with Republican senators and congressmen, he referred to them all by their first names.

The great irony is that when Republicans complain about Obama’s haughtiness and arrogance, liberals accuse them of being racist. I hope I don’t miss that phase of this spat while I’m off making the popcorn.





14 Reasons Donald Trump Is Really Running — And Doing Well

NEW YORK, NY - AUGUST 29:  American business magnate and TV personality Donald Trump visits "FOX and Friends" at FOX Studios on August 29, 2011 in New York City.  (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)
NEW YORK, NY – AUGUST 29: American business magnate and TV personality Donald Trump visits “FOX and Friends” at FOX Studios on August 29, 2011 in New York City. (Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images)

Hat/Tip to Jim Meyers at Newsmax.

Love him or hate him, there’s no denying that he is the quintessential deal maker. That quality would serve a POTUS well in relations with other countries and in getting legislation through Congress.

Real estate tycoon and reality TV star Donald Trump says he will announce once and for all in June if he will seek the 2016 Republican presidential nomination.

There are a number of signs that Trump will in fact run for president this time — and indications are that he is doing well in the run-up to the announcement. Here are 14 reasons why:

1. Trump is polling extremely well. In the recent Bloomberg Politics/Saint Anselm poll in New Hampshire, the first primary state, Trump was the first choice of 8 percent of voters, finishing fifth in a field of 15 potential GOP candidates — ahead of Ted Cruz, Mike Huckabee, Chris Christie, and Ben Carson, among others. It is important to note that no candidate got more than 12 percent of the vote, and since the margin of error was +/- 4.9, Trump was statistically virtually tied with the top candidates, Rand Paul and Scott Walker.

2. An official announcement could boost him even more. Trump pointed out himself that his numbers would improve if he was officially in the race:

“If they thought I was running, [the numbers] would have been even better.”

3. He consistently beats top-tier candidate in nationwide polls. He outpolled Marco Rubio and Rand Paul in another poll of Republican voters conducted by Monmouth University — 7 percent of respondents nationwide said they would support Trump for the nomination.

4. Trump is leaving “The Apprentice” for its next TV run. According to news reports, he has announced that he is walking away from the hit reality TV show, another strong indication that he plans to focus on a presidential bid.

5. Trump is preparing a national organization. According to The Washington Post, Trump is “gearing up” to launch a presidential exploratory committee. And the Washington Examiner reported that Trump has hired several political staffers to map out a potential campaign in early voting states including New Hampshire and South Carolina.

6. Trump has already begun actively campaigning. He visited key state South Carolina, attending a weekend summit earlier in May and distancing himself from lobbyists by declaring that he “doesn’t give a [bleep] about lobbyists.”

7. Trump is an outsider. He is distancing himself from Washington insiders.

“Washington is totally broken and it’s not going to get fixed unless we put the right person in that top position,” he said in February in an address to activists at the Conservative Political Action Committee.

8. He has drawn an enormous response from the grassroots. Reactions to his speeches show his tremendous popularity. He got a standing ovation when he told the crowd in South Carolina that plans for a nuclear deal with Iran are “a disaster.” He said: “I got by far the biggest standing ovations.” He also got a standing ovation from the crowd at the Iowa Freedom Summit in January when he blasted rank-and-file Republican politicians and “was easily the most brazen speaker to take the stage,” the Des Moines Register observed.

9. Trump is clearly differentiating himself from other candidates.

He said Carly Fiorina “was dismissed, fired, really in a tough manner from Hewlett-Packard. Then she ran for the Senate from California, lost in a landslide. I wish her luck.” He also said Mike Huckabee and Ben Carson “don’t have a great chance” of winning, adding that “I could do a better job than anybody else.”

10. Trump has the experience to rebuild America. After the tragic train derailment in Philadelphia, he got ink for tweeting:

“The only one to fix the infrastructure of our country is me — roads, airports, bridges. I know how to build, pols only know how to talk!”

11. He plans to be part of the debate. He said in a recent interview: “I get ratings.”

12. He has tremendous name recognition, which is almost beyond comprehension. A two-time Emmy Award nominee, Trump has hosted the popular show “The Apprentice” on NBC since 2004. And in business, attaching the Trump name to an enterprise immediately marks it as a premium venture.

13. Trump is a true American success story. He is the only Republican candidate who can claim the “Triple Crown” in American life, having become one of the foremost leaders in business, politics, and entertainment.

14. Trump carries clout with voters. His endorsement of GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney and his robo-calls to voters in Ohio, Michigan, and other states made a big difference in the 2012 GOP primaries and demonstrated his political clout as Romney won in each state where Trump ventured.





Chairman Of The Board, B.B. King, Dead At 89

SAN RAFAEL, CA - FEBRUARY 26: B.B. King performs at Marin Center on February 26, 2014 in San Rafael, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/WireImage)
SAN RAFAEL, CA – FEBRUARY 26: B.B. King performs at Marin Center on February 26, 2014 in San Rafael, California. (Photo by Steve Jennings/WireImage)

B. B. King, whose world-weary voice and wailing guitar lifted him from the cotton fields of Mississippi to a global stage and the apex of American blues, died on Thursday at his home in Las Vegas. He was 89.

His death was reported on his website, which said he died in his sleep. Mr. King, who was in hospice care, had been performing until October 2014, when he canceled a tour, citing dehydration and exhaustion stemming from diabetes.

BB King 005Mr. King married country blues to big-city rhythms and created a sound instantly recognizable to millions: a stinging guitar with a shimmering vibrato, notes that coiled and leapt like an animal, and a voice that groaned and bent with the weight of lust, longing and lost love.

“I wanted to connect my guitar to human emotions,” Mr. King said in his autobiography, “Blues All Around Me” (1996), written with David Ritz.

In performances, his singing and his solos flowed into each other as he wrung notes from the neck of his guitar, vibrating his hand as if it were wounded, his face a mask of suffering. Many of the songs he sang — like his biggest hit, “The Thrill Is Gone” (“I’ll still live on/But so lonely I’ll be”) — were poems of pain and perseverance.

The music historian Peter Guralnick once noted that Mr. King helped expand the audience for the blues through “the urbanity of his playing, the absorption of a multiplicity of influences, not simply from the blues, along with a graciousness of manner and willingness to adapt to new audiences and give them something they were able to respond to.”

B. B. stood for Blues Boy, a name he took with his first taste of fame in the 1940s. His peers were bluesmen like Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, whose nicknames fit their hard-bitten lives. But he was born a King, albeit in a sharecropper’s shack surrounded by dirt-poor laborers and wealthy landowners.

Mr. King went out on the road and never came back after one of his first recordings reached the top of the rhythm-and-blues charts

BB King poses for a studio portrait in 1955 in the United States. He holds a Fender Esquire guitar. (Photo by Gilles Petard/Redferns)
BB King poses for a studio portrait in 1955 in the United States. He holds a Fender Esquire guitar. (Photo by Gilles Petard/Redferns)

in 1951. He began in juke joints, country dance halls and ghetto nightclubs, playing 342 one-night stands in 1956 and 200 to 300 shows a year for a half-century thereafter, rising to concert halls, casino main stages and international acclaim.

He was embraced by rock ’n’ roll fans of the 1960s and ’70s, who remained loyal as they grew older together. His playing influenced many of the most successful rock guitarists of the era, including Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix.

BB King 004Mr. King considered a 1968 performance at the Fillmore West, the San Francisco rock palace, to have been the moment of his commercial breakthrough, he told a public-television interviewer in 2003. A few years earlier, he recalled, an M.C. in an elegant Chicago club had introduced him thus: “O.K., folks, time to pull out your chitlins and your collard greens, your pigs’ feet and your watermelons, because here is B. B. King.” It had infuriated him.

When he saw “long-haired white people” lining up outside the Fillmore, he said, he told his road manager:

“I think they booked us in the wrong place.” Then the promoter Bill Graham introduced him to the sold-out crowd: “Ladies and gentlemen, I bring you the chairman of the board, B. B. King.”

“Everybody stood up, and I cried,” Mr. King said. “That was the beginning of it.”

By his 80th birthday he was a millionaire many times over. He owned a mansion in Las Vegas, a closet full of embroidered tuxedos and smoking jackets, a chain of nightclubs bearing his name (including a popular room on West 42nd Street in Manhattan) and the personal and professional satisfaction of having endured.

BB King 003
BB and the love of his life, Lucille

Through it all he remained with the great love of his life, his guitar. He told the tale a thousand times: He was playing a dance hall in Twist, Ark., in the early 1950s when two men got into a fight and knocked over a kerosene stove. Mr. King fled the blaze — and then remembered his $30 guitar. He ran into the burning building to rescue it.

He learned thereafter that the fight had been about a woman named Lucille. For the rest of his life, Mr. King addressed his guitars — big Gibsons, curved like a woman’s hips — as Lucille.

He married twice, unsuccessfully, and was legally single from 1966 onward; by his own account he fathered 15 children with 15 women. But a Lucille was always at his side.

In 1980 the Gibson guitar company released The Lucille in honor of B.B. King
In 1980 the Gibson guitar company released The Lucille in honor of B.B. King

Riley B. King (the middle initial apparently did not stand for anything) was born on Sept. 16, 1925, to Albert and Nora Ella King, both sharecroppers, in Berclair, a Mississippi hamlet outside the small town of Itta Bena. His memories of the Depression included the sound of sanctified gospel music, the scratch of 78-r.p.m. blues records, the sweat of dawn-to-dusk work and the sight of a black man lynched by a white mob.

BB King 007By early 1940 Mr. King’s mother was dead and his father was gone. He was 14 and on his own, “sharecropping an acre of cotton, living on a borrowed allowance of $2.50 a month,” wrote Dick Waterman, a blues scholar. “When the crop was harvested, Riley ended his first year of independence owing his landlord $7.54.”

In November 1941 came a revelation: “King Biscuit Time” went on the air, broadcasting on KFFA, a radio station in Helena, Ark. It was the first radio show to feature the Mississippi Delta blues, and young Riley King heard it on his lunch break at the plantation. A largely self-taught guitarist, he now knew what he wanted to be when he grew up: a musician on the air.

The King Biscuit show featured Rice Miller, a primeval bluesman and one of two performers who worked under the name Sonny Boy Williamson. After serving in the Army and marrying his first wife, Martha Denton, Mr. King, then 22, went to seek him out in Memphis, looking for work. Memphis and its musical hub, Beale Street, lay 130 miles north of his birthplace, and it looked like a world capital to him.

Mr. Miller had two performances booked that night, one in Memphis and one in Mississippi. He handed the lower-paying nightclub job to Mr. King. It paid $12.50.

Mr. King was making about $5 a day on the plantation. He never returned to his tractor.

He was a hit, and quickly became a popular disc jockey playing the blues on a Memphis radio station, WDIA.BB King 008

“Before Memphis,” he wrote in his autobiography, “I never even owned a record player. Now I was sitting in a room with a thousand records and the ability to play them whenever I wanted. I was the kid in the candy store, able to eat it all. I gorged myself.”

Memphis had heard five decades of the blues: country sounds from the Delta, barrelhouse boogie-woogie, jumps and shuffles and gospel shouts. He made it all his own. From records he absorbed the big-band sounds of Count Basie, the rollicking jump blues of Louis Jordan, the electric-guitar styles of the jazzman Charlie Christian and the bluesman T-Bone Walker.

On the air in Memphis, Mr. King was nicknamed the Beale Street Blues Boy. That became Blues Boy, which became B. B. In December 1951, two years after arriving in Memphis, Mr. King released a single, “Three O’Clock Blues,” which reached No. 1 on the rhythm-and-blues charts and stayed there for 15 weeks.

He began a tour of the biggest stages a bluesman could play: the Apollo Theater in Harlem, the Howard Theater in Washington, the Royal Theater in Baltimore. By the time his wife divorced him after eight years, he was playing 275 one-night stands a year on the so-called chitlin’ circuit.

BB King 009
B.B. King during one of his many appearances at the Apollo

There were hard times when the blues fell out of fashion with young black audiences in the early 1960s. Mr. King never forgot being booed at the Royal by teenagers who cheered the sweeter sounds of Sam Cooke.

“They didn’t know about the blues,” he said 40 years after the fact. “They had been taught that the blues was the bottom of the totem pole, done by slaves, and they didn’t want to think along those lines.”

Mr. King’s second marriage, to Sue Hall, also lasted eight years, ending in divorce in 1966. He responded in 1969 with his best-known recording, “The Thrill Is Gone,” a minor-key blues about having loved and lost. It was co-written and originally recorded in 1951 by another blues singer, Roy Hawkins, but Mr. King made it his own.

Mr. King is survived by 11 children. Three of them had recently petitioned to take over his affairs, claiming that Mr. King’s manager, Laverne Toney, was taking advantage of him. A Las Vegas judge rejected their petition this month.

The success of “The Thrill Is Gone” coincided with a surge in the popularity of the blues with a young white audience. Mr. King began playing folk festivals and college auditoriums, rock shows and resort clubs, and appearing on “The Tonight Show.”

Though he never had another hit that big, he had more than four decades of the road before him. He eventually played the world — BB King 010Russia and China as well as Europe and Japan. His schedule around his 81st birthday, in September 2006, included nine cities over two weeks in Denmark, Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany, France and Luxembourg. Despite health problems, he maintained a busy touring schedule until 2014.

In addition to winning 15 Grammy Awards (including a lifetime achievement award), having a star on Hollywood Boulevard and being inducted in both the Rock and Roll and Blues Halls of Fame, Mr. King was among the recipients of the Kennedy Center Honors in 1995 and was given the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2006, awards rarely associated with the blues. In 1999, in a public conversation with William Ferris, chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities, Mr. King recounted how he came to sing the blues.

“Growing up on the plantation there in Mississippi, I would work Monday through Saturday noon,” he said. “I’d go to town on Saturday afternoons, sit on the street corner, and I’d sing and play.

“I’d have me a hat or box or something in front of me. People that would request a gospel song would always be very polite to me, and they’d say: ‘Son, you’re mighty good. Keep it up. You’re going to be great one day.’ But they never put anything in the hat.

“But people that would ask me to sing a blues song would always tip me and maybe give me a beer. They always would do something of that kind. Sometimes I’d make 50 or 60 dollars one Saturday afternoon. Now you know why I’m a blues singer.”

BB King 011

BB King 002

Source – NY Times


States’ Rights: Nullification Spreading As Minnesota Invalidates FDA Restrictions




Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and Bob Adelmann at The New American.

It’s about damned time, too! Remember, if you don’t exercise your rights, then you are destined to lose them.


When Minnesota State Representative Nick Zerwas was 15 years old, he was told he had only months to live. Informed that he wouldn’t be able to get a heart transplant, Zerwas was told by his doctor that he might be saved by a surgical procedure that was still experimental. Said Zerwas: “That was my right to try. I fully believe life is worth fighting for, and government has no role in getting in the way.”

On May 1 Zerwas’ bill, the Minnesota Right to Try Act, passed the state house unanimously, 123-0. It had previously passed the state senate, 60-4, on April 21, and on May 5, Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton signed it into law.

In general the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) prohibits access by patients to experimental drugs, but under its “expanded access” provision, the FDA allows patients with serious or life-threatening diseases access to them, but only with its express prior approval. Minnesota effectively nullified the FDA’s rule and allows Minnesotans direct access to manufacturers with such drugs.

Minnesota is the 16th state to nullify this FDA rule, while more than 20 other states are considering similar measures. In announcing the modest victory of state’s rights over federal overreach, the Tenth Amendment Center said:

Although these laws only address one small aspect of FDA regulation, they provide us with a clear model demonstrating how to nullify federal statutes that violate the Constitution.

Nullification is based on the view that states are the final authority in determining the limits of federal power. It embodies the concept expressed by Thomas Jefferson: “Whensoever the General Government assumes undelegated powers, its acts are unauthoritative, void, and of no force.”

This view is backed up by the Tenth Amendment: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

It should be remembered that ratification of the Constitution by the states was dependent upon adoption of the Bill of Rights, so the Founders knew exactly what they were doing: limiting the general or national government to specific, enumerated powers. If it stepped outside of those bounds, then its rules, laws, regulations and other mandates and restrictions were automatically and immediately “void and of no force.”

It wasn’t until Professor Thomas Woods put flesh on those bones back in 2010 with the publication of his book Nullification: How to Resist Federal Tyranny in the 21st Century that nullification began to gain traction. The inside flap of his book reads, “Nullification … could become a movement to restore the proper constitutional limits of the federal government.” But that would happen only if enough people — especially lawmakers concerned about federal overreach — read it.

It’s apparent that they have. According to the Tenth Amendment Center, more than 200 separate bills are pending in the various states to nullify or otherwise work around unconstitutional federal mandates. Twelve states are challenging federal surveillance authority illegally granted to the National Security Agency (NSA), while another 12 states are considering bills to legalize marijuana, be it medical or recreational, or both. 

Three states — California, Michigan, and Virginia — have already passed some form of anti-indefinite detention laws to nullify the powers granted by the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), while seven more states are considering such nullification of that federal act.

ObamaCare has drawn especially critical fire. Twenty-one states have passed laws that challenge or opt out of the federal healthcare law, while 47 of the 50 states have considered bills to “limit, alter or oppose selected state or federal actions” related to ObamaCare, according to the National Conference of State Legislatures.

Two states have blocked federal militarization of police: New Jersey, with a law requiring local approval; and Montana, with an outright ban on any law-enforcement agency receiving military equipment from the federal government. Two more states, Massachusetts and Minnesota, are close to passing similar measures.

As more and more state legislators are feeling the heat from their unhappy constituents over the federalization of everything, they are learning the power of nullification. Once the genie is out of the bottle, it will be impossible for the federal government and its agencies to stuff it back in. Those legislators are learning that the federal government is the Wizard of Oz, and are increasingly taking advantage of the opportunity to rein in his overreach. 





Amtrak Derailment: As Many As 200 Go To Hospitals, 6 Dead

Men walk towards the site of a derailed Amtrak train in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 13, 2015. An Amtrak passenger train with more than 200 passengers on board derailed in north Philadelphia on Tuesday night, killing at least five people and injuring scores of others, several of them critically, authorities said. Authorities said they had no idea what caused the train wreck at about 9:30 p.m. local time that left some rail cars mangled, ripped open and strewn upside down and on their sides in the city's Port Richmond neighborhood along the Delaware River.   REUTERS/Mike Segar      TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY
Men walk towards the site of a derailed Amtrak train in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania May 13, 2015. An Amtrak passenger train with more than 200 passengers on board derailed in north Philadelphia on Tuesday night, killing at least five people and injuring scores of others, several of them critically, authorities said. Authorities said they had no idea what caused the train wreck at about 9:30 p.m. local time that left some rail cars mangled, ripped open and strewn upside down and on their sides in the city’s Port Richmond neighborhood along the Delaware River. REUTERS/Mike Segar TPX IMAGES OF THE DAY

Hat/Tip to Rob Crilly at the Telegraph and Geoff Mulvihill at Yahoo News.

An Amtrak passenger train bound for New York derailed last night in Philadelphia.

Six people died and 50 people were injured on Tuesday evening when a train derailed near Philadelphia, with seven cars and the engine leaving the tracks and rolling on to their sides.

Mayor Michael Nutter said the death toll could rise from the derailment on the busy northeast US rail corridor as some of the 243 people on the train had not been accounted for.







wreck map





Bloomberg’s Halperin Reveals He’s A Racist And Ted Cruz Is The Real Deal

Mark Halperin of Bloomberg showed his true colors in his over the top, racist interview of Ted Cruz

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and David Limbaugh at Right Wing News.


Cruz has that Reagan-esque quality to be unflappable when the Lefties in the MSM try to tear him down.


If you like arrogant, condescending, rude, insolent and patronizing Beltway journalism, you may appreciate Halperin’s performance. If you are a person of ordinary sensibilities, however, and not so intoxicated with the leftist worldview that you are incapable of dispassionately assessing the segment, you will have a different reaction.

What first struck me about the interview was not so much the objectively asinine questions Halperin asked but his obvious motive and attitude in asking them. Aside from a few throwaways, all of his questions were aimed at exposing Cruz as an inauthentic Hispanic. And as insulting as that is, there is something more noteworthy about it that some are missing in all the hubbub about the interview.

Halperin’s unstated premise underlying his questions is that one cannot have a bona fide Hispanic heritage if he doesn’t continue to bathe himself in the Hispanic culture and view American politics from a Hispanic prism. If you are ethnically Hispanic but have assimilated into American culture and embrace the American idea of government, you ought not be entitled to lay claim to your ethnicity or to receive support from the Hispanic community. Halperin and his liberal friends apply the same standards to assess African-American candidacies.

Cruz showed extraordinary class and restraint in fielding these boorish questions, but what was even more gratifying to me was that in his answers, he implicitly, though emphatically, rejected Halperin’s assumptions, making clear that though he is proud of his ethnicity and considers his Cuban-American father his hero, he is a full-blooded American, proud of the Constitution and the liberties it protects.

At every turn, Halperin was trying to discredit Cruz as a Hispanic by trying to trap him into revealing that he doesn’t qualify as a person who could attract Hispanic votes through identity politics, and at every turn, Cruz showed that he could do so indeed if he chose to; he chooses not to because he is about economic growth and opportunity for all Americans. He simply refuses to look at his candidacy as an opportunity to help any targeted groups, including Hispanics. This, my friends, was the takeaway from the interview, because in the end, it was about Cruz, not Halperin, who only confirmed that he’s a mini-flyweight charlatan of a reporter.

To experience the full effect of this embarrassing charade, you need to watch the video, but here are some excerpts of the questions and my summary of Cruz’s responses.

“What’s your appraisal of (Bernie Sanders’) candidacy, and can we hear your very good and very respectful imitation of Sen. Sanders?”

Cruz didn’t take the bait but did use the opportunity to make a trenchant point: Sanders gets props for his candor in admitting he’s a socialist. Hillary Clinton’s economic policies are very close to Sanders’, and it will be interesting to have her explain whether she agrees with policies he’ll describe as socialist and whether they would be good for this country. Bingo.

“Your last name is Cruz, and you’re from Texas. Just based on that, should you have appeal to Hispanic voters?”

Again, Cruz refused to fall into Halperin’s trap. He didn’t say, “Hey, I am really Hispanic.” He said he is proud he received 40 percent of the Hispanic vote in his U.S. Senate race in Texas because his personal story resonates with the Hispanic community. And it does so not because he speaks Spanish but because it is an inspiring story of a father who relied on his own personal fortitude to achieve the American dream in a land of opportunity. Cruz’s message to Hispanic voters is not “Vote for me because I’m one of you” but “Vote for me because I intend to restore the American dream and expand opportunities for all Americans, regardless of color — with policies that will allow you to unshackle yourselves from the burdensome and destructive policies of the Obama administration and will lead to your liberty and prosperity.”

After a few more questions shamelessly trying to flesh out Cruz as a fraud and a faux Hispanic (asking him to identify his favorite Cuban food, Cuban dish and Cuban singer), Halperin asked Cruz whether the Republicans could win a majority of the Hispanic vote — as if that were all that matters in a Cruz candidacy.

Cruz graciously ignored the utter offensiveness and shallowness of the question and asserted that President Obama’s policies have “hammered” the Hispanic community and other minorities. Cruz stressed that he is all about expanding growth, opportunity and jobs for everyone and promoting school choice as the civil rights issue of the 21st century because every child, regardless of race, deserves an opportunity for excellence in education. Just outstanding.

What Republicans should learn from this interview — and others — is that despite what they’re telling you, Democrats and liberals are genuinely afraid of Ted Cruz because he is a class act, poised and unflappably enthusiastic about the American dream and will pursue an agenda to reverse Obama’s “transformational changes” and restore opportunity for all Americans, irrespective of race, creed, color, ethnicity, gender or religion.

How splendidly refreshing — and exciting!

UPDATE: Halperin apologizes.





Hawaii’s ObamaCare Insurance Exchange Closing Down: Will Still Cost Taxpayers Nearly A Quarter Of A Billion Dollars


ObamaCare down the drain


Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and Twitchy.

So ObamaCare is driving costs up, huh?

What was it President Obama said about how ObamaCare would affect healthcare costs?

Oh yeah, now I remember!

“I will sign a universal health care bill into law by the end of my first term as president that will cover every American and cut the cost of a typical family’s premium by up to $2,500 a year.” June, 2007

Yeaaahhh, riiggghhhtttt…

“This legislation will also lower costs for families and for businesses and for the federal government, reducing our deficit by over $1 trillion in the next two decades. It is paid for. It is fiscally responsible. And it will help lift a decades-long drag on our economy.” March, 2010

Oh, it’s paid for all right. It’s paid for on the backs of the hard working taxpayers of America, you know – those bitter clinger types.

“This law will cut costs and make coverage more affordable for families and small businesses…” June, 2010

“And one question people ask:  How is it possible to do all this and keep costs down?  Well, part of what we did was build into the law all sorts of measures to assure that the growth of health care costs would start slowing down.  And it has….All told, since I signed the Affordable Care Act into law, we have seen the slowest growth in health care costs on record…And it turns out, lo and behold, actually, the prices came in lower than we expected — lower than I predicted.” September, 2013

Hold on!

Before we even get to the article, look what happened with his lies and rhetoric.

Before the Affordable Care Act became law, he went from saying ObamaCare would LOWER costs to saying that costs were still rising, just slower than he expected…

“Shake My Head”

The statist NEVER participates in introspection to see if he might have done something wrong, or to see if there was something he neglected to do. And in Obama’s case, it’s just easier and more fun to blame the GOP.

But enough of that, on to the story!


The Hawaiin health exchange is an abysmal failure, costing the taxpayers 205 million dollars in the process. Now it’ll cost the taxpayers an additional $30 million to make the change from a state exchange to the federal exchange, for a total cost to taxpayers of $235 million dollars, or nearly a quarter of a billion bucks!


  The Honolulu Star-Advertiser reports that the Hawaii Health Connector will immediately set in motion a contingency plan to shut down operations. The Health Connector will cease new enrollments this Friday, discontinue outreach services May 31, transfer its technology to the state by Sept. 30 and completely eliminate its workforce by Feb. 28. Residents of Hawaii will have to re-enroll in the federal exchange to ensure coverage next year. Migrating to is estimated to cost $30 million. Nearly $205 million in federal grants were awarded to build and operate the Hawaii Health Connector online marketplace.







This Boy Wonder Is Building The Conservative Answer To In An Illinois Garage

Charlie Kirk
Charlie Kirk, a new breed of GOP?

Hat/Tip to and Julie Bykowicz at Bloomberg Politics.

Maybe there is hope for the GOP after all.


Charlie Kirk was just about to leave the 2012 Republican National Convention in Tampa when he spotted the multimillionaire investor Foster Friess in a stairwell. Kirk, who was 18 and fresh out of high school, had spent weeks memorizing the names and faces of the top 25 Republican political donors in case he found himself in just such a situation. He grabbed Friess into a handshake, took a nervous breath, and began his elevator pitch. Instead of going to college, he wanted to start a grass-roots organization to rival liberal groups such as, which offer Democratic candidates a standing army of volunteer activists. All he needed, Kirk told Friess, was cash. Friess, who’d just blown $2.1 million on a failed quest to help Rick Santorum win the GOP presidential nomination, handed over his business card. Three weeks later, Kirk had a five-figure check. “He impressed me with his capacity to lead, intelligence, and love for America,” Friess says. “I instantly knew I wanted to support him.”

In the three years since, Kirk—who still sleeps in his childhood bedroom in Wheeling, Ill.—has built his organization, Turning Point USA, into the go-to group for reaching young conservatives. It has a presence on 800 college campuses, where fieldworkers hand out posters and collect e-mail addresses. At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in February, the group hosted an event featuring Senators Ted Cruz and Rand Paul, who have each since announced they’re running for president. On May 8, Paul was scheduled to speak at a Turning Point rally at Arizona State University, and Carly Fiorina is on deck to speak in June at a Turning Point conference for women in Chicago. Kirk says he’s met candidate Marco Rubio and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, who is considering a presidential run.

Kirk’s circle of financial backers has expanded to include Illinois Republican Governor Bruce Rauner; Montana-based technology entrepreneur Greg Gianforte, a donor to Christian causes; and Mike Miller, a suburban Chicago jeweler who’s given Turning Point $50,000. Kirk says he’s raised $1 million since January. (Because Turning Point is organized as a nonprofit advocacy group, it doesn’t have to disclose its full donor list or budget.) During the CPAC convention, Friess and Miller entertained 100 Turning Point activists over dinner at Washington’s Metropolitan Club. Kirk, Friess says, “is the ultimate role model for us all.”

Turning Point LogoTurning Point displays at campus fairs are filled with colorful posters that cheer capitalism and boo big government. The most popular one right now spells out LOL, with the “O” styled after President Obama’s iconic campaign logo. The group’s field activists approach their duties with evangelical passion. When they reel in a curious student, out comes an electronic tablet with a questionnaire. “Where do you think the most cuts should be made in the budget?” asks one multiple-choice question. The options include defense, social programs, health care, environment, or “government itself.” The survey concludes with a place for respondents to list their name, graduation year, and e-mail address.

Attracting interest is easy on campuses such as Texas Christian University. In April, Turning Point’s Texas field coordinator Stephanie Conway, who moved to Dallas after graduating from Eastern Connecticut State University in 2014, set up a display in the student union. Dressed in a Turning Point T-shirt that read “Big Government Sucks,” she asked passersby, “Hey, who wants to talk about the debt?” A surprising number of people bit, popping out their earbuds long enough to listen. “People love our message,” she says. “We’re giving them something to think about—like, hey, maybe government is too big, maybe we shouldn’t have this huge federal debt—that they probably haven’t ever heard before in a college setting.”

Conway’s team deployed heavier-duty tactics at the University of Texas at Arlington, a larger campus that’s less right-leaning than Texas Christian.

A staffer offered cupcakes: “These represent the federal debt. Take your share.” Others manning a dunk tank shouted carnival barker lines. “You can just go right up to the tank and push the lever,” said one, Tyler Bowyer. “There are no rules! Just like the federal government!”

The group’s paid workers are each supposed to make at least 1,500 student contacts per semester. About 20,000 people have attended a Turning Point event, posted on social media, or volunteered for the group’s events, Kirk says. Turning Point also registers voters in states that will be critical in 2016, including Florida, North Carolina, and Ohio. In April the group registered 1,030 voters in Florida—30 more than the goal, says national field director Crystal Clanton.

Turning Point’s headquarters have moved out of Kirk’s parents’ house in Wheeling and into a garage in Lemont, southwest of Chicago. (“Apple and Amway also started in garages, so we’re in really good company,” Kirk says.) Behind the scenes, Bill Montgomery, a 74-year-old former restaurateur, handles paperwork—“the old guy who keeps it all legal,” says Montgomery, who met Kirk in 2012 at a panel discussion on politics at Benedictine College. The young man gave a speech that was “practically Reaganesque,” Montgomery says. An Eagle Scout who played saxophone and baseball, Kirk gained national attention for an essay he wrote for the conservative Breitbart website about liberal bias in high school textbooks, which led to an appearance on Fox Business. With Montgomery urging him to dive into full-time political activism, Kirk traveled to Tampa, leading to his fateful chat with Friess.

Turning Point remains tiny compared with MoveOn, which has about 8 million members. MoveOn started in 1998 with an e-mail campaign asking people to sign a petition demanding that Congress censure President Bill Clinton and “move on” after the Monica Lewinsky scandal. MoveOn’s success using the Internet to organize Democratic voters paved the way for Obama’s 2008 campaign, a model Hillary Clinton is trying to replicate in her 2016 bid.

Republicans haven’t come close to matching that organizational muscle, Kirk says.

When he pitches donors on Turning Point, he cheerfully describes it as “the MoveOn of the Right.” Now 21, he says it’s helpful to have an example to follow. “I don’t think I agree with them on a single issue,” he says. “But I have nothing but respect for how successful they’ve been.”





Bombshell Interview: Obama’s Brother Says Barack Is ‘Cold And Ruthless…Dishonest And A Schemer’




Hat/Tip to Joel Gilbert and to Lt. Colonel Allen West.

You might remember Joel Gilbert from another story we did on him here at CH2.0.

Starstruck Obama Voter has Fundamental Transformation: Must See Video

Well now Joel has a new film out and it is pretty damning towards Barack Obama and the shabby way he’s treated his family since he became President and accumulated his wealth, becoming a multi-millionaire.


In an interview conducted earlier this month, film maker Joel Gilbert, who produced the film “Dreams from My Real Father,” (which suggested that Obama’s Communist mentor, Frank Marshall Davis, may be his real father) talks to President Obama’s brother Malik, who has some very strong views about his half-brother – including his own doubts as to Obama’s parentage.

Malik says, he feels “Disappointed, disappointed, used, used and also betrayed. In the beginning, I didn’t think that he was a schemer. His real character, his real personality, the real him, is coming out now.”

Trust me Malik, you are not alone.

‘…the way that he’s turned and become a different person with the family is the same way that I see him behaving politically. He says one thing and then he does another. He’s not been an honest man, as far as I’m concerned, in who he is and what he says and how he treats people.”

While Malik and Barack are not particularly close now, Malik was close enough to have been the best man at Barack and Michelle’s wedding, has visited the White House, and is president of the Barack H. Obama Foundation.

Gilbert asks Malik if he really thinks he and Obama share the same father. Granted, Gilbert has a vested interest in the answer, considering he’s hawking a book about the subject, but Malik’s response is still troubling. He has his doubts.

However, most troubling is how Americans were duped into electing this dishonest “schemer” as president – twice.





Jade Helm: You’re Not Paranoid If They’re Really After You

Jade Helm map 002
Jade Helm map, notice it lists Texas and Utah as “Hostile” states

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and Karl Denninger at

jade helm exercises 001Wal Mart closures, expanded and highly visible military presence in cities all across the country, train after train full of military equipment, all manner of military choppers and planes seen conducting simulations over our cities; what does all this add up to?

Some say nothing more than ordinary military preparedness.

Some say it is our government preparing for total martial law.

Who knows? But this excellent article sheds some light and asks some very basic, logical questions that, so far, the military or our government is not answering.


From the NY Times:

DALLAS — The questions being raised by right-wing bloggers and conservative commentators about a Pentagon training exercise called Jade Helm 15 traverse the outer edges of political paranoia.

It does?

The eight-week exercise starting in July and planned for locations in Texas, New Mexico, California and other Southwestern states, they say, is part of a secret plan to impose martial law, take away people’s guns, arrest political undesirables, launch an Obama-led hostile takeover of red-state Texas, or do some combination thereof.

Is it?  Or is it training for that highly unlikely but possible scenario?

Nobody doubts that the military needs to train in the sort of environment they may need to operate and for any reasonably-foreseeablejade helm exercises 002 eventuality.  That’s expected and the usual practice, and there is a growing use of our military in urban, suburban and rural areas of the world (not in the United States) that would benefit from such an exercise.

So it seems that this is a rather ordinary thing, and thus the Texas (and some other people’s) reaction is one of conspiracy nuts.


Let’s say I take that at purely face value, which I am inclined to, particularly reading the NY Times article given the slant they put on it and the accusations made about Texans.

Now please explain, if this is a training exercise for overseas readiness, as the NY Times has claimed, why is it that the DEA and FBI are involved in any way with this exercise, including in providing interrogation services —because they allegedly are.

Jade Helm is a challenging eight week exercise. Truly, in the Martin and Howard County area we’re only going to be here for about five-to-five and half weeks. The eight weeks comes in where there is the preparation and planning that happens back in Florida and in the Mississippi area. The exercise is a joint military and inter-agency activity. What this means is that we have units from every military service participating in the exercise with us. And we also have some of our inter-agency partners, such as the FBI and the DEA, and some of the other agencies assisting us and working with us in the exercise.

jade helm exercises 003Neither of those agencies have an overseas operational role and in fact they’re both prohibited by law from operating outside the borders of the United States.  Therefore I would like the NY Times to explain to this ordinary guy why the DEA and FBI would be involved in any fashion with such an exercise if the intended operational use of such training is overseas and why the overseas-operable agencies such as the CIA or our FBI and DEA counterparts in other nations where such actions might take place are not invited to participate instead in place of our national LEOs, since integration with them in any such actual deployment would be of value both to our military and those foreign counterparts.

So, what can one take from all this?  Well, the obvious: The military probably is war-gaming the possibility of civil insurrection, and if that was to occur Posse Comitatus (which is current law and prevents the Military from being used for such a purpose inside the US) would likely be repealed by Congress and The President in about 15 minutes.

In other words you’re not a “conspiracy nut” if what you believe someone is doing is in fact what they’re doing!

So over to you, NY Times, for slandering people that drew a completely-reasonable conclusion from available public information, never mind their perfectly-rational decision that they’re going to use the opportunity to gather information through observation as well.  After all that’s what an exercise is for, right?  It’s all about running through scenarios that are unlikely, but possible, something the military does all the time and is a perfectly-valid part of their remit.

The same holds true for ordinary citizens and State governments.






Obama Administration Admits To Lawlessness


illegal women with DACA and DAPA signs


Hat/Tip to Caroline May at Breitbart.

Old and busted: If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it….

New and wow: If a government lawyer admits the President broke the law and no MSM is around to hear it…


The Obama administration violated U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen’s injunction halting President Obama’s executive amnesty programs, Justice Department lawyers have admitted to the court, according to the Washington Times.

The Times reports that in a late night filing Thursday, Justice Department lawyers revealed that the Department of Homeland Security had issued some 2,000 three-year work permits (as opposed to the currently permissible two-year permits) to illegal immigrants granted Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA).

The issuance of the three-year work permits — an aspect of Obama’s November 20 executive actions which expanded DACA — was violation of Hanen’s February 16 injunction preventing the executive amnesty programs from going forward.

This occurred despite repeated statements from administration officials that they were abiding by the injunction.

“The government sincerely regrets these circumstances and is taking immediate steps to remedy these erroneous three-year terms,” the Times quoted the lawyers, who added they would get more information to Hanen about what went awry by May 15.

According to the Times, DHS Sec. Jeh Johnson has requested the DHS inspector general look into the snafu and officials are looking into replacing the three-year permits DHS improperly issued with the proper two-year ones.

Read the full story here.





Arab World: Rich In Oil, Poor In Water

Lake Urmia
Lake Urmia in Iran has lost 95 percent of its water in recent decades



Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal.

So the Middle East is running out of water? Hmmm, um.


Oh, that was just me, trying to feel bad.


Daniel Pipes casts a fascinating spotlight on an ongoing — and little heralded — water crisis in the Middle East.

A ranking Iranian political figure, Issa Kalantari, recently warned that past mistakes leave Iran with water supplies so insufficient that up to 70 percent, or 55 million out of 78 million Iranians, would be forced to abandon their native country for parts unknown.

Many facts buttress Kalantari’s apocalyptic prediction: Once lauded in poetry, Lake Urmia, the Middle East’s largest lake, has lost 95 percent of its water since 1996, going from 31 billion cubic meters to 1.5 billion. What the Seine is to Paris, the Zayanderud was to Isfahan – except the latter went bone-dry in 2010. Over two-thirds of Iran’s cities and towns are “on the verge of a water crisis” that could result in drinking water shortages; already, thousands of villages depend on water tankers. Unprecedented dust storms disrupt economic activity and damage health.

Nor are Iranians alone in peril; many others in the arid Middle East may also be forced into unwanted, penurious, desperate exile. With a unique, magnificent exception, much of the Middle East is running out of water due to such maladies as population growth, short-sighted dictators, distorted economic incentives, and infrastructure-destroying warfare…

Pipes goes on to describe the challenges of supplying clean water to many Arab countries including Egypt, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Pakistan, etc.

Oh. And what of Israel?

Israel provides the sole exception to this regional tale of woe. It too, as recently as the 1990s, suffered water shortages; but now, thanks to a combination of conservation, recycling, innovative agricultural techniques, and high-tech desalination, the country is awash in H2O (Israel’s Water Authority: “We have all the water we need”). I find particularly striking that Israel can desalinate about 17 liters of water for one U.S. penny; and that it recycles about five times more water than does second-ranked Spain.

Talk amongst yourselves. Topic: barbarism versus civilization.





Unbelievable: Feds Complicit In Illegal Border Smuggling Tunnel


View of a trans-border tunnel and wagons


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Gee, I wonder if Obama’s DHS is turning a blind eye to the drug smugglers so that they can earn a spot on the “Shroom Gang”?


tunnel_230769kLast week, Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) joined Sean to inform him of a sophisticated illegal smuggling tunnel built at the Arizona-Mexico border. According to Border Patrol agent, Chris Cabrera, the agency was aware of the tunnel (and wanted to patrol it), but were told not to by their superiors.

Below is Rep. Salmon’s letter to DHS secretary Jeh Johnson which details his concerns about the tunnel:

Secretary Johnson,

Recently, Arizona’s largest cross-border smuggling tunnel was discovered in Naco, AZ. According to news reports, this tunnel is one of the more highly sophisticated smuggling tunnels, replete with hydraulics, ventilation, and lighting systems.

Unfortunately, the existence of this tunnel does not seem to have been brought to light by federal law enforcement agencies. Rather, it appears that the discovery of this sophisticated tunnel was merely a byproduct of a traffic-stop-turned-drug-bust by a local law enforcement officer.

With this in mind, I was quite alarmed to hear the testimony given by Border Patrol Agent, Chris Cabrera, on March 17, 2015 in a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing. In this testimony, he said: “our intel knew for some time that that tunnel was being used and that we should patrol that area more aggressively.” To my amazement, he went on to say that Border Patrol agents were not allowed by management to work in or patrol that area.

I am very concerned that such extensive and sophisticated infrastructure was—and presumably continues to be—built and operated right beneath our feet without action being taken by federal law enforcement. Furthermore, I am deeply concerned by the allegations that management within Customs and Border Patrol had intelligence indicating the existence of this tunnel and did not allow our agents to work or patrol the area.

With these concerns, it is imperative that we learn more about the investigation that ostensibly would have taken place on such an expansive and sophisticated tunnel. Unfortunately, my office has yet to receive a satisfactory answer as to what kind of investigations have been done to determine to the extent possible what dangerous items, materials and/or individuals were transported through that tunnel and into our communities.

During the course of my own investigation, I learned that at least one local landowner is being pressured to sign forms that would allow access to a portion of his/her land that the tunnel runs under in order to fill it with concrete. Without information as to the extent of your agency’s investigation, this is very alarming as destroying the tunnel would make it seemingly impossible to conduct additional tests and complete a thorough investigation.  With this in mind, I ask:

Has this tunnel been thoroughly tested for evidence of the transport of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons?

Has DHS conducted a forensic study to learn where the materials for the tunnel were procured and, if possible, by whom?

Have investigations been conducted to determine whether or not foreign agents of terrorism have used the tunnel to enter the United States of America?

Have investigations been conducted to determine what intelligence federal law enforcement had and when they had it?

Have investigations been conducted to determine whether Border Patrol management did in fact restrict the access of Border Patrol agents around the area of this tunnel?

Will you act immediately to ensure that this tunnel is not destroyed or otherwise altered until we can ensure that proper investigations of this tunnel have been completed?

I firmly believe that the American people deserve answers, especially those families and communities whose safety is directly impacted.  I sincerely hope that you will join me in calling for the delay of any measure that would destroy the tunnel or cause evidence to be altered until the Department of Homeland Security and the American people receive answers. I thank you for your assistance in this matter and look forward to your timely response.


Matt Salmon

Member of Congress





Mark Levin: GITMO Terrorists Have More Due Process Rights Than U.S. Police…


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Maybe she’s trying to land a job at Eric Holder’s law firm…


Nationally syndicated radio talk show host Mark Levin took Baltimore City State’s Attorney Marilyn Mosby to task yesterday on Hannity questioning her decision-making and saying, “How can it be that terrorists in Guantanamo Bay apparently have more due process rights, apparently are released even though they go back to the battlefield and they kill Americans and others, how can it be that they are treated one way and police officers another?”

“Joining us now, nationally syndicated radio talk show host, I call him the great one, Mark Levin,” said Sean Hannity, introducing Levin to his show. “We have 50 plus years, Mark, of Democratic rule in the city of Baltimore, dominating politics in that city, $40 trillion spent on poverty programs since the great society, $1.8 billion in stimulus money to Baltimore alone, $1.2 billion a year in education. The president, Elijah Cummings, everybody else lecturing America, well, we’re not doing enough for Baltimore. Is that the real cause?”

“Well, liberalism doesn’t work,” said Levin. “I guess we need to spend another $20 trillion and maybe that will have some effect.

Then Mark lets fly with both barrels:

“First of all I want to say this. Where are the civil libertarians? Where’s the ACLU? Where are the real lawyers in America, every single one who should be speaking out about what is already a travesty of justice. The mob in the street is in that state attorney’s office. The charge of second-degree murder, false imprisonment, she didn’t use a grand jury, she didn’t take time to read the medical examiner’s report. This is a disgrace. And the entire legal community should be rising up over this. Whatever happens in the courtroom, whatever happens with the judge and the jury, so be it. But the way this prosecutor has conducted herself is outrageous.”

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