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Former Porn Star Makes $5 Mil A Year On Youtube: You’ll Never Guess How In A Million Years

 Each one of her videos gets upwards of 25 million views. She has clocked in over 1 billion views total. Diane DeJesus in her porn star days (left) and at her local gas station in Orlando recently (right). The Brazilian has been named by neighbours as the woman behind the massively popular DC Toys Collector YouTube account Hat/Tip to BFH at Mystery woman behind the ‘richest hands on the internet’ revealed: Former pornstar ‘makes $5m a year unwrapping Disney toys on YouTube’ Secretive couple behind ‘richest hands on the internet’ made $5m last year Mysterious DC Toys Collector was […]

Radio Shack Files for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Long struggling electronics retailer, Radio Shack, has finally succumbed, filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy.  Here is more from the Dallas-Fort Worth NBC Affiliate… Struggling electronics retailer RadioShack has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection and says it will sell up to 2,400 stores. General Wireless, a subsidiary of Standard General, RadioShack’s largest shareholder, has agreed to buy 1,500 to 2,400 of the company’s U.S. stores. As part of the bankruptcy plan, Sprint may open mini-shops in as many as 1,760 of the acquired RadioShack stores. … The company, which has not turned a profit since 2011, still operates nearly 5,500 […]

Eric Cantor Lands $1.2M Job on Wall Street

.Hat/Tip to Newsmax. Well, he’s certainly cashing in… Former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor landed a $1.2 million job at the investment bank Moelis & Co., pulling down more money than his Tea Party-backed opponent spent defeating him in a Republican primary. The base salary for “providing strategic counsel” to the firm: $400,000. He’s set to receive an “initial cash payment” of $400,000 and $1 million in stock, according to the company’s filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Next year Cantor’s “minimum incentive compensation” will be $1.2 million, plus $400,000 in stock. The company also will pay for Cantor […]

France’s Economy Falters, so it adopts Reaganomics – Again!

France’s President began his term saying, “We have chased away the clouds, the sky is all ‘rose,’ referring to that favorite color of Communists, red. At an April 2012 campaign rally after a torrential rainstorm, Francois Hollande, on the eve of being the first Socialist Party member elected President of France in 24 years, boldly proclaimed: “We have chased away the clouds, the sky is all ‘rose.” The crowd roared their approval of Hollande’s imagery communism red triumphing in France. But as with all socialist policies, when they are tried in the real world, instead of just on paper, the […]

Rich Fleeing High Tax New Jersey

That those with money leave places that take said money from them should be obvious, and need no explanation, but there are democrats in the world.  So, in my own sarcastic and demeaning way, I seek to educate the willfully ignorant.  Wyblog helps considerably… Chris Christie’s patented “Jersey Comeback” may need to be rebranded as a plea — “Come Back, please, and bring your money with you.” Because despite his attempts to reduce our state’s tax burden, the exodus of our wealthy residents continues to escalate. New Jersey’s high taxes may be costing the state billions of dollars a year […]

My Money vs. Other People’s Money: Consumers Say’No’ to Raises for Wal Mart Staff, Once They Find Out They Have to Pay for it!

Other people’s money is very powerful thing; it can be stolen by government, wasted, and a small fraction spent on making a problem worse.  Unions can extort if from companies until there are layoffs, or entire industries are relocated or regions suffer (rust belt, anyone?).  Most Americans have no problem spending other people’s money.  But, there is a strange phenomena to report.  When other people’s money turns into MY money, the tune changes, and fast! Peter Schiff, a big time investor, staged a mock protest; asking people if they are willing to have their money become other people’s money, and […]

It’s Cyber Monday at the Conservative Hideout!

Hey all, why would you want to go out and be accosted by union goons, occupods, or even other shoppers?  You’ve heard the stories of people being robbed, tazed, or pepper-sprayed.  Holiday shopping is now a hazardous affair.  So, to keep my readers, and their loved ones safe, here are some great deals from Amazon, that you can access right here! Shop Amazon – Cyber Monday Deals Week in Laptops You also need to take care because there is pestilence out there. Shop Amazon – Cyber Monday Deals Week in Laptops There are viruses that will eat the flesh right […]

Black Friday Sales Are Now Being Posted

As one of my Facebook friends put it… For all you weirdos that leave the house early on Black Friday to go shopping… The Black Friday sales flyers are being made public.  If you can get there in time, it’s open season on deals! On the other hand, many don’t go out.  Many don’t want to be crushed in a wave of smelly, low information voters, or don’t want to catch a disease from an occupod.  Some don’t agree with making retail workers sweat on a family oriented holiday.  I get that.  So, you could, mind you, come this this […]

Regulatory Overload = Cost Overload = Tyranny By Design

A big Hat Tip to Doug Ross@Journal for leading me to this article by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The article,  titled Ten Thousand Commandments 2013, is their annual review of the Federal Regulatory State. Because of its brevity, I’m going reproduce it here with emphasis added by me: Full Document Available in PDF The scope of federal government spending and deficits is sobering. Yet the government’s reach extends well beyond the taxes Washington collects and its deficit spending and borrowing. Federal environmental, safety and health, and economic regulations cost hundreds of billions—perhaps trillions—of dollars every year over and above the costs of […]

The Left and the Right Have A common Enemy and Don’t know It: Crony Capitalists

There is a thought-provoking article in Forbes titled We Can’t Save Capitalism Unless We  Denounce Its False Prophets. The author, Bill Frezza, makes the point that when it comes to trying to save the “economic soul” of America, and by that he means the free market capitalist system, the Right vs Left dichotomy is not working and is counter productive. He rightly states that there are not two sides to this important issue; but three: In one corner we have the traditional market capitalists, the bedrock of American exceptionalism and the source of our prosperity. These businesses, both large and small, pursue profits […]

Jezebel Writer Provides List of Conservative Companies That are Resisting ObamaCare Birth Control Mandates

You have to love it when the liberals do the leg work for us.  As Mockerena, from Chicks on the Right points out, JM Baker or Jezebel did a lot of research, and created a list of (gasp) “Conservative companies” that are  fighting the ObamaCare mandate to provide birth control.  Mockerena has more… Katie JM Baker writes for and I want to offer her my most HEARTFELT THANKS for doing a bunch of work for me that I no longer have to do.  You see, she wrote a blistering column against the “bigoted” companies who are daring to fight […]

Is It Time For Conservatives To Start Thinking Long Term?

In the world of business, especially in the corporate world, they make use of short-term, mid-term, and long-term planning. Typically this begins at the department head level. Someone(s) further up the chain then consolidates these plans into plans for the division and those plans will be consolidated to produce short, mid, and long.term plans for the corporation. Short-term might mean one year, mid-term might mean three years, and long-term might mean ten.years, just as an example. The short-term plans are typically the basis for annual budgets. Mid-term plans alert management to many things they need to be doing in the […]

Sweating Your Fair Share

The guilt-tripping airheads who write for the New York Times ask: Is it a good goal for everyone in the world to have access to air-conditioning — like clean water or the Internet? Or is it an unsustainable luxury, which air-conditioned societies should be giving up or rationing?  The only thing unsustainable in modern times is the insufferable arrogance of the Left, whose card-carrying members actually believe they should set ‘goals’ for everyone on the planet.  Internet access for humankind?  Universal air-conditioning?  This is the kind of ‘chicken-in-every-pot’ blather which bombastic stump speakers employed to try and bamboozle back-country rubes […]

Top 400 Wage Earners Paid More in Taxes Than the Bottom Half! Leftist Meme Shattered

If you listen to the occupods, the mythical 99% are being completely fleeced by the equally mythical 1%.  Class warfare is a stubborn thing, but reality always wins in the end.  Bunkerville has the meme bustage… Just thought this would be a factoid worthy to report. Reality can be difficult to deal with. Not mentioned is not only do the non-payers not pay, but get money back from the 400. I don’t think 400 come to  “The one percent” do you? Bottom Line: A small group of 400 of America’s most successful earners in 2009, about the number of residents living […]

Viral Video – Reagan Takes Obama to School

Viral video

Let’s help this video make the rounds and go viral.

Video: The Burden Big Government Puts on a Small Businessman


Via Small Dead Animals I found this 2 minute video from Senator Jim DeMint(Republican, South Carolina) which explains how big government is making it harder for Americans to find jobs and more difficult for small businesses to succeed. As the video shows in an amusing way, when big government puts too many burdens on America’s economy, it forces jobs and investment overseas instead of here at home. It also makes it harder for middle class small business owners to compete against large corporations (who receive exemptions and build loopholes into legislation through their lobbying), discouraging real competition and job growth. Original Post:  A Conservative […]

Solyndra down the tubes?


While Barack Obama hones his class warfare rhetoric in anticipation of a presidential election against that evil rich guy, Romney, Solyndra, the company who scammed American taxpayers for a half billion dollars is taking hypocrisy to another level. Even though they are in bankruptcy proceedings and attempting to sell lock, stock and barrel to try and meet creditors’ demands, Solyndra is literally shattering millions and millions of glass tubes, rather than try to find a buyer.   So it would seem that the old axiom about profit being a driver of inspiration is true. Were it private money that Solyndra […]

Decoding the Leftist Narrative: We’re not Successful Just by Ourselves

As we go into the election year, we’re going to see some familiar themes.   As usual, the statists will couch their ideas in kind sounding terms in an attempt to sugar coat their desire for power and control.  Since these little platitudes are going to be coming in torrents over the next few months, I thought it might be a good idea to parse them.  First up, the latest meme from the Democrats… We’re not successful just by ourselves. This one is designed to appeal to our more egalitarian nature.  After all, how do products get made without workers?  How do […]