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Must See Video: Mustang Speed Dating Prank

Hat/Tip to BFH of One Date’s Famous Last Words: “Let Me Drive It, I’ll Show You What This Thing Can Do.” . . .

You’re Never Going to Believe Who Built This

Many of you my age or older will remember AMC, or American Motors.   Formed out a merger between independent car makers Nash and Hudson in 1954, AMC first became know for manufacturing the Rambler make in the 50’s and 60’s.  By the early 70’s however, AMC was having increasing difficulty competing with the Big Three (GM, Ford, and Chrysler).  They tried some innovative things that worked, like the Javelin, Hornet, Concord, Spirit, Eagle and Gremlin (yes, they sold hundreds of thousands of them during the entire production run;1970-1978!), and some things that did not work at all, like the Pacer […]

Ford offers a Jeep Killer? Yes, but sadly, not in the States

American loves big cars. The bigger, and it would often seem the more pointless, the better. Enter Ford’s latest entry into the lucrative SUV market, the Troller T4. It’s the creation of Troller Motor Company, a firm founded in Brazil in 1995, by Rogério Farias. In 1999 the first Trollers were produced. The T4s were introduced in 2004 and three years later, Ford do Brazil purchased Troller and since then, the T4s have been made under the umbrella of the Blue Oval guys.This latest model T4 has this author salivating at the idea of an American competitor to the Jeep […]

The auto plant Ford wants to put in Detroit, but the UAW won’t let them.

  Ford has a plant in Brazil that ought to be the model for a resurgence in Detroit. Too bad the UAW and Democrat politicians refuse to let this happen. At Ford Motor Co.’s factory here, a group of Visteon Corp. workers connect the wiring in a dashboard module for a Ford EcoSport. Next to them, Lear Corp. employees are building seats for the same vehicle. A few feet away, Ford’s Diede Silva dos Santos applies trim to a Fiesta subcompact. She’s mastered seven jobs at the plant and is working on an eighth. “If you do different jobs, it’s […]

A Tease of the New Bat Mobile for the Upcoming Batman V. Superman Movie

Very high tech looking.

The American Dream, Automotive Style

I never thought I’d be saying this, but I have to agree with the New York Times on this issue –   FRED KANTER deserves a lifetime pass to the New York auto show. And it’s not just for creating this awesome automobile, but that’s a huge part of the reason.   The Chevrolet 789   From the NYT: It seems Mr. Kanter was “car-struck” at an early age. His first trip to the show, in 1958, was the pilgrimage of “a car-struck 13-year-old” from New Jersey, Mr. Kanter recalled in a recent interview. “Shortly after a friend and I […]

Take a ride on a real life Tron Bike

Yep, we all remember Disney’s Tron which debuted in 1982. My neighbor’s brother worked at a TV repair shop (yes, people used to actually repair their televisions back then when they quit working…) and he got his hands on bootleg copy of it. I was enthralled. So in 2010 when Tron Legacy came out, I was more than happy. But now, well now I just look at this latest development in the Tron universe and drool.  

Newest Automotive Painting System

I saw this on my Facebook page and thought it would be nice to post this for all the car guys out there in CH2.0 land. Hope you like it, and make sure to watch the end, beginning at the 10:57 mark. This is a new method of painting automobile rims, car parts, bike parts, etc… Pretty revolutionary and pretty cool, to boot. Hydrographics or HydroGraphics, also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, or cubic printing, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces. The hydrographic process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, […]

Obama Sold Americans Lemons. Thirteen Americans Died In Those Lemons

After finally solving problems with computer viruses this past weekend, there was an e-mail waiting from a good friend. He was wondering about General Motors’ recall of 2.6 million cars for faulty ignition switches, which have caused at least thirteen deaths, and what the Obama administration knew at the time it was illegally bailing out GM  with $49 billion of your money. Well, one thing we can say with  certainty is that President Obama was totally unaware of this problem at that time, because he never knows anything until or unless he hears it on MSNBC. The truth is that […]

1978 Subaru Brat

I’ve taken to doing non-political posts with the 12:00 AM Slot, so tonight, or this morning, as the case may be, I thought a look at the 1978 Subaru Brat would be in order.  They were strange, even by 1970’s standards, and still have aficionados.  So, he is a video discussing the Subaru with the weird seats in  the back. At least the guys doing the video had some fun.

You Want a Deuce Coupe? You Can Buy it!

For you car nuts out there, and more specifically, the rat rod type, few bodies are as sought after as the “Deuce Coupe.”  That is the five window, 1932 Ford two door Model B.  They were the most preferred body style for rat rod conversion.    With originals dwindling fast, and the market making them ever more costly, Ford is stepping in with a solution.  FOX has more… According to Ford, these ’32 Coupe reproductions are exclusively licensed to United Pacific Industries, which rolled out a flawless 5-Window replica at SEMA 2013. Each shell is stamped from virgin metal, then […]

Is This the Next Toyota Supra? The FT1 Concept

The rumbling is that this is the next Toyota Supra.  It is the Toyota FT1 concept.  Motor Trend’s YouTube Channel has the video… The Toyota styling, particularly in the front, seems over-wrought to me.  Too busy for my tastes.  I’d like a much cleaner design.  But, I’m sure that there are more than a few car nuts out there that have their checkbooks on standby.  No matter what, this is a bold announcement that Toyota wants back in the sports segment.

Meet the 2015 Corvette Z06

What’s yellow and really cool looking?  Why. it’s the 2015 Corvette Z06!  Motor Trend has more… “It’s a Stingray on steroids,” Juechter says matter-of-factly, trying to sum up the C7 Z06 in a nifty sentence. “We tried to bring a ZR1 level of performance down to the Z06, but this car is also a lot more balanced than ZR1.” Indeed, Juechter hints that in early testing at GM’s proving grounds, the Z06 turned in figures roughly on par with the Blue Devil. That’s significant, but how is it done? “The new 6.2-liter LT4 engine is based on the Stingray’s LT1 […]

Some Classic Cadillacs!

When I do the Sunday Links, I often end up taking a look at many of the posts.  Last Sunday, I had Frugal Cafe Blogger’s Vintage Cadillac Lovers, This One’s for You (video), I featured two videos of classic Cadillacs of the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s.  Here are the videos… There is more great content over at Frugal Cafe.  Get over there and see the rest of the Cadillacs!!

Saturday Conservative Links: Matt’s Self Indulgent Music SelectionEdition

Sorry for the limited posting as of late.  I have been busy with #FreeKate and #KatesFight story.  Things will be made clear in hopefully a few days, but that, and another project, are keeping me overly busy.  But, we have to have a weekly link post.  So, here are the weekly links, as well as a selection of songs I personally like.  Hey, it’s my blog! Enjoy! 90 Miles for Tyranny A Moment Of Serenity…   Adrienne’s Corner John Kerry to Jeff Duncan (R-SC) “I don’t want to talk about Benghazi and Fast and Furious”…   All American Blogger Never […]

2015 Ford Mustang with a 300 HP Four-Banger?

It seems that Ford has found a balance between power and economy, but it will only be available in the European market.  The 2015 Ford Mustang will feature a 300 HP four-cylinder engine.  Edmunds has more… The four-cylinder engine is not expected to be offered to Mustang buyers in the U.S. The small four-cylinder engine will be offered to European buyers as a more economical, low-emissions alternative to the V8 engine in the Mustang, which is likely to be highly taxed in Europe. European buyers who feel that a Mustang should only have a V8 engine will be offered that […]

Cash for Clunkers Revisited: More Damage Done

For those of you that have been here since almost the beginning, you know that we pegged “Cash for Clunkers” as the huge failure that it was.  Here is what we wrote while the program was ongoing… The cars traded in on the program are to be destroyed.  Now, in normal situations, a trade in will either go on the dealer lot, go to auction, or go to the junkyard.  In any of those situations, others will have the opportunity to benefit from this car, either by driving it, or by purchasing the usable parts from it.  When the car […]

2014 C7 Corvette: See it Here

Just when you thought that the C6 was the pinnacle of Corvette awesomeness, they went and created the 2014 C7 Corvette.  Steve, at Motor City Times, has the pics… Then, the Dallas News has more details…   Wave bye-bye to the old plastic-fantastic Corvette, America’s original sports car. In a nod to the past and a major reach for the future, Chevrolet unveiled the all-new 2014 Corvette tonight in Detroit, renaming it the Chevrolet Stingray. The much anticipated ‘Vette was introduced on the eve of the opening of the North American International Auto Show in Detroit. And you can forget […]