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Chairman Of The Board, B.B. King, Dead At 89

B. B. King, whose world-weary voice and wailing guitar lifted him from the cotton fields of Mississippi to a global stage and the apex of American blues, died on Thursday at his home in Las Vegas. He was 89. His death was reported on his website, which said he died in his sleep. Mr. King, who was in hospice care, had been performing until October 2014, when he canceled a tour, citing dehydration and exhaustion stemming from diabetes. Mr. King married country blues to big-city rhythms and created a sound instantly recognizable to millions: a stinging guitar with a shimmering vibrato, […]

‘Stand By Me’ Singer, Ben E. King Dead At 76 Years Old

Hat/Tip to and the NYPost. One of the most cherished voices in music died on April 30, 2015. Ben E. King wrote and sang some of the greatest songs in the American lexicon. Of course, everyone associates him with his signature hit, “Stand By Me,” but he also had a hand in “There Goes My Baby,” “Spanish Harlem” and “This Magic Moment” among others. Ben E. King, singer of such classics as “Stand By Me,” ”There Goes My Baby” and “Spanish Harlem,” has died. King died Thursday at age 76, publicist Phil Brown told The Associated Press. Brown did not […]

“Lone Survivor” Makes Once In A Lifetime Offer To Mom Who Smacked Down Race Rioting Son

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. If more parents were like this Mom, then the Baltimore riots would have been a peaceful protest. Toya Graham has become an almost unanimous pick for “mom of the year” after she delivered a harsh smacking to her son for being involved in the rioting in Baltimore. Marcus Luttrell, former Navy SEAL and subject of the book and film “Lone Survivor,” apparently saw a bit of his own mother in Graham, as well. The veteran and American hero made an offer to Graham over Facebook, saying that he wanted to meet her and her family […]

Football Legend Publicly Rejects His Alma Mater Because They Canceled ‘American Sniper’ Movie

  Hat/Tip to Joel Himelfarb at Newsmax. Former Quarterback and now talk show host, Boomer Esiason is “deeply saddened and insulted” by his Alma Mater, the University of Maryland for bowing to pressure by some Muslim students and canceling an airing of the movie, American Sniper. Current talk-show host and former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason says he is cutting off the University of Maryland, his alma mater, after it decided to cancel a screening of the movie “American Sniper.” Esiason tweeted that he is “never donating another dime to the U of MD” after learning about the cancellation of the […]

Cops Make Routine Traffic Stop, Find Drugs, Illegal Weapons On This Entertainer’s Bus

    Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. Cornell Haynes Nelly got busted when his tour bus failed to display the proper DOT stickers. Now normally, this story would have stopped at a mere DOT violation, but the State Troopers caught a whiff of a certain fragrance, which in turn led them to search the entire bus. Who’d A Thunk It?? A multi-platinum rapper actually living the thug life? During the routine stop of a large tour bus by Tennessee State Police, troopers made a shocking discovery inside, especially given the fact that the bus belonged to the famous St. Louis […]

We Lost Two Good Ones This Week…

Hat/Tip to and Fox News. Although he appeared in over 80 movies and, get this – 600 television shows – , James Best was probably most well known for his portrayal of the bumbling sheriff on the hit TV show, ‘The Dukes of Hazzard‘. James Best, an actor best known for his role as Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on the original Dukes of Hazzard, has passed away.  He was 88. Best died in hospice after a brief illness of complications from pneumonia, his longtime friend and Hollywood colleague Steve Latshaw told the Charlotte Observer. The Kentucky-born star most memorably portrayed […]

Founding Member Of Lynyrd Skynyrd Dies In Car Crash

Hat/Tip to Fox News. Robert “Bobby” Burns Jr had left the group known as Lynyrd Skynyrd by the early ’70s because he grew “overwhelmed” by life on the road. None-the-less, he helped to make a phenomenal impact on Rock Music for generations to come. The former drummer and a founding member of the Southern hard rock band Lynyrd Skynyrd, Robert Burns Jr., died late Friday in a single-vehicle crash in Georgia, police and his father said. Burns’ vehicle went off a road just before midnight as it approached a curve near Cartersville, striking a mailbox and a tree, Georgia State Patrol […]

At Comicpalooza, Patrick Stewart Stuns Crowd With His Answer To A Fan’s Question

Hat/Tip to Adam Mordecai at Upworthy. The crowd, typical of attendees to a Sci-Fi fan convention, were blown away at Comicpalooza when during a routine Q & A with Star Trek icon Patrick Stewart, he stunned everyone with his heartfelt answer and outpouring of pure, raw emotion. A Brave Fan Asks Patrick Stewart A Question He Doesn’t Usually Get And Is Given A Beautiful Answer Patrick Stewart often talks about his childhood and the torment his father put him and his mother through. However, how he answered this vulnerable and brave fan’s question is one of the most eloquent, passionate […]

Seth Rogen Compares Movie “American Sniper” To Nazi Propaganda…

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. The same Seth Rogen piece of garbage conservatives rallied around when his movie lampooning North Korea was yanked from theaters. Via Project Casting: Seth Rogen is the latest among a series of actors and critics calling the latest box office hit American Sniper, which opened to $105 million dollars over the weekend. Seth Rogen tweeted “American Sniper kind of reminds me of the movie that’s showing in the third act of Inglorious Basterds.” The movie Seth Rogen is referring to is the Nazi propaganda film called Stolz der Nation (Nation’s Pride) which showed a German sniper killing […]

Liam Neeson Hates Guns, Except When He Uses Them In Movies

Hat/Tip to  Just another brain-dead Hollywood liberal that thinks since he’s made a few million by playing make-believe in front of the cameras, he can tell us we shouldn’t enjoy our 2nd Amendment rights. Recently in Dubai, he gave an interview and the subject of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks came up. After paying the usual lip service to those that were killed, he then went on a short blame-America-first rant. “First off, my thoughts and prayers and my heart are with the deceased, and certainly with all of France, yesterday. I’ve got a lot of dear friends in […]

Those We Lost In 2014…A Look Back

As we draw another year to a close, let us take a few minutes to remember some of those celebrities and notable public figures that took their leave of this world in the year 2014. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   The United States Military Personnel, are a brave lot. They don their country’s uniform, and go out to all corners of the world to provide humanitarian relief, conduct rescue operations and, when the need arises, they fight our enemies and keep the rest of us safe, here at home. They do so at great sacrifice, sometimes it is, unfortunately, the ultimate sacrifice. But remember what […]

You Could Learn Something From Him, Mr. President

Hat/Tip to Dean James at We came to know him 20 years ago as the irascible Lt. Dan and since we’ve come to admire, respect and love the man, Gary Sinise. His never ending devotion to the military has earned him a special place among our country’s war veterans. Twenty years ago, the hit movie “Forrest Gump” shifted the career of actor Gary Sinise into high gear. The Illinois native played the character Lt. Dan Taylor, the badly wounded Vietnam War Vet who later becomes Forrest Gump’s shrimp boat partner and best friend. Long involved in efforts to support […]

NFL Player On Ferguson: “The Problem Is Not A Skin Problem, It Is A Sin Problem”…

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. This shows that there is hope for our country, and besides, this young man makes a lot of sense. “I’M ENCOURAGED, because ultimately the problem is not a SKIN problem, it is a SIN problem. SIN is the reason we rebel against authority. SIN is the reason we abuse our authority. SIN is the reason we are racist, prejudiced and lie to cover for our own. SIN is the reason we riot, loot and burn.” Via Right Scoop: New Orleans Saints tight end Benjamin Watson wrote a very honest assessment of how he feels about what happened […]

Dana Carvey: Liberals ‘Brutalize’ Conservative Comics

Actor and Comedian Dana Carvey. (Bryan Bedder/Getty Images) Hat/Tip to John Blosser at Newsmax. Many of us remember him from his impersonations of Dan Quayle, H. Ross Perot, Jimmy Stewart, Johnny Carson or even Keith Richards. Or as The Church Lady, Hans (from Hans and Franz), or the ever popular Garth from Wayne’s World. So to say that Dana Carvey is mulit-talented comedian would be understating it. His career post Saturday Night Live seemed to be taking off. Then in the late ’90s he underwent a simple heart-bypass operation. However, the surgeon worked on the wrong artery, and Dana’s health worsened. […]

Long Time Television Producer, Glen A. Larson, Dead at age 77

  H/T: The Blogmocracy If you grew up in the 80’s, you knew Glen A. Larson’s work, if not his name.  He was responsible for many of the TV shows you loved… The Six Million Dollar Man Battlestar Galactica Magnum PI Knight Rider Quincy, ME The Fall Guy He also created so lesser know shows, like B.J. and The Bear, and The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo. Sadly, he has passed away at age 77. Glen A. Larson, the wildly successful television writer-producer whose enviable track record includes Quincy M.E., Magnum, P.I., Battlestar Galactica, Knight Rider and The Fall Guy, has […]

Hey ISIS, I’m an American with a Remington

Hat/Tip to Larry Gatlin and Fox News. Conservative Hideout 2.0 brought you the YouTube video of Billy Dean and Larry Gatlin’s response to ISIS, entitled “An American With A Remington.” That video went viral, garnering over 15 million hits in only a handful of days. Yesterday they were on Fox and Friends to sing their song. Here is Larry Gatlin’s open letter to the fans, along with their performance at the bottom of the article: Dear Fox Fans and world at large, When I do master classes in songwriting, I open the class by saying, “It was either Plato, or […]

Film Director Oliver Stone Says He ‘Admires’ Vladimr Putin Who ‘Saved Russia’

Hat/Tip to Newsmax. Conspiracy nut and far left film maker, Oliver Stone is at it again. It isn’t enough that he called Reagan “one dumb son of a bitch,” or drew a line (what line, we don’t know, only that in his twisted mind there is a line) from Nixon to Reagan to Bush the younger. Once again, it is a celebrity who has no clue of politics pretending that he is an authority on the subject. Any high school student who studies Barry Goldwater knows that if anyone “gave” us Ronald Reagan, it was Goldwater. Nixon was a big […]

Garth Brooks on Obama: “I love him to death and I fully support him…”

Hat/Tip to CNSNews. Okay, this is proof positive that you can publish 12 studio albums, with 6 of them achieving Diamond Status (sales of 10 million +), giving you total record sales of 123 million, win two Grammy Awards, 15 American Music Awards, 11 CMA Awards, have a net worth somewhere north of $350 million and STILL be utterly clueless when it comes to politics. As an entertainer, he is brilliant. His over-the-top concerts with a ‘rock concert’ feel to them laid the foundation for today’s hot country acts like Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Lady Antebellum, etc… Brooks has […]