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BREAKING: NRA Just Gave Barack Obama Some Bad News About His Ammo Ban

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune.   Oops, looks like your alligator mouth just overloaded your hummingbird ass, Barack. In other words, maybe you ought to stick to the facts when trying to “fundamentally transform” our country. Remember that ammo ban Obama is going to do through Executive Order? Well it seems that the reasons he gave to justify trying to take away our 2nd Amendment rights via back door actions, were nothing more than lies. But that’s just par for the course for this President (pardon the pun). President Barack Obama’s lies and exaggerations on the issue of gun […]

Must See Video: Raw Footage Of West Virginia Pharmacist With Concealed Carry That Stepped Up And Saved Lives

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. This video and the actions taken by this brave man speak for themselves. . . .

One Man Ignored Sonic’s Request To Leave His Handgun At Home: Lives Were Saved

  Hat/Tip to AWR Hawkins at Doug Ross @ Journal. Sonic evidently wants the criminal element to know that they and their customers are easy pickings… One customer would have no part of that! On February 8 2015, a customer who ignored Sonic’s request that “customers refrain from bringing guns to the restaurant” was able to pull his gun and shoot one of three alleged armed robbers, killing him and stopping the would-be robbery. I previously reported that on May 30, 2014, Sonic asked law-abiding citizens to come to the restaurant unarmed. We also reported that a Sonic in Topeka, […]

Net “Neutrality”: Turning The Internet Into MSNBC

    “Obama gave his direction to the FCC in back in early November and lo and behold, the FCC majority has put together President Obama’s plan for Internet regulation …Obama’s plan marks a monumental shift toward government control of the Internet. It gives the FCC the power to micromanage virtually every aspect of how the Internet works … Obama’s plan to regulate the Internet is an unlawful power grab.” – FCC commissioner Ajit Pai “The Fairness Doctrine was a policy of the United States Federal Communications Commission (FCC), introduced in 1949, that required the holders of broadcast licenses to […]

Obama to Outlaw .223 Ammunition Through Executive Action

  Hat/Tip to Brandon Gatton and Dave Dolbee at The Shooter’s Log at I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, probably a million more times – 2017 CANNOT GET HERE FAST ENOUGH!! Editor’s Note: The following article is posted in its entirety: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ It is doubtful that anyone reading this article will truly be surprised that Obama and his cronies in key government posts are trying to once again de facto suppress our Second Amendment rights. They were not able to make it happen through the legislature, but Obama has his phone and his pen. Currently, it […]

CNN Seeks To Join NBC In The Gutter: “Our Rights Do Not Come From God!”

Hat/Tip to Curtis Kalin at In light of NBC’s recent troubles, you’d think that a rival news network might seek to distance itself from the type of far left rhetoric that is basically behind a lot of NBC/MSNBC’s woes. But not CNN, the network that likes to double down on stupid. Any grade school civics student can tell you where we get our rights. It’s in the Declaration of Independence and it’s pretty clear – our Creator. Evidently that’s not quite good enough for CNN anchor Chris Cuomo.   During a heated discussion over gay marriage, CNN morning Anchor […]

Obama’s FEC Plans To Regulate Blogs, And Dictate What We Can, And Cannot, Say Online

  Censorship is coming to the WyBlog. Obama’s FEC commissars are going to regulate political blogs and websites, subjecting us to their byzantine campaign finance regulations. Liberals on the Federal Election Commission are discussing new rules to regulate websites and blogs. The new regulations would require websites to disclose their political donors. The better for Lois Lerner to harass those donors, of course. So, nonwithstanding the First Amendment, I can have opinions, just so long as they’re the approvedopinions. I’m pretty sure the Founding Fathers wouldn’t approve. Can you imagine the absurdity of Thomas Paine reporting to King George on […]

Holder: “My Single Failure” Is Not Enacting Enough Gun Control Laws…

  Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. So not only are we a nation of cowards when it comes to talking about race issues, but now Congress needs to have a little more backbone… Wow. Just wow. Via MRCTV: “The gun lobby simply won, you know?” That’s how outgoing Attorney General Eric Holder described what he views as his “single failure” during his tenure heading up the Department of Justice, in a recent interview with MSNBC’s Melissa Harris Perry.     Clearly, Holder does not view his false testimony in the ‘Fast & Furious’ gun running scandal a failure. Nor does he see his […]

Dove’s Super Bowl Ad About Dads Will Have You Fighting The Tears, And It’s Already Gone Viral

Hat/Tip to Dove soap has a new line of commercials set to be released. This one, which will be aired during the Super Bowl, is a great tribute to Dads. TV ads have become almost as big of an attraction during the Super Bowl as the football game itself.  This year, Dove has already released their Super Bowl ad, and boy is it a tear-jerker…  According to Dove, a TODAY sponsor, has joined the pre-Super Bowl ad rush with its new campaign centered around how men showing that they care for their children makes them stronger. The ad has […]

Updated: Ferguson’s “Gentle Giant” Exposed

Editor’s Note: Although we vet every story that crosses our desk, once in a while one sneaks past us. This is one of those that did. Evidently this is not the same person as the young man who was shot in Ferguson, Missouri. A big Hat Tip to my friend, 5e, at Spellchek for finding this video of the now infamous “Gentle Giant”, Michael Brown. .   . . .

5-Year-Old With A Fatal Form Of Muscular Dystrophy Gets Wish, “Hired” By Indianapolis Fire Department

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. They just made this little boy’s day. Too bad stories like this one won’t be covered by the MSM. Click photo for video. Warning: Have a tissue handy. Via RTV 6 A 5-year-old Indianapolis boy with a fatal form of muscular dystrophy learned Thursday that he would get his Christmas wish. Jordan McLinn spent Wednesday “interviewing” at Indianapolis Fire Department Station 13 for a position as a firefighter – his dream job. Jordan submitted a resume stating that he was an ideal candidate because, “I am strong. I love God. I love helping people. I am super smart.” […]

Conservatism: What It Is And Why Is It Needed So Badly In 2016?

Obama is the most pure statist in American history to ever occupy the Oval Office. If you look at the unprecedented spending undertaken by this administration, then you see that we are on a course of financial ruin.

MUST See Video: Arkansas Badonkadonk! Hillary’s Latest Campaign Video

Hat/Tip to Remy Munasifi at ReasonTV. Another great video from Remy, who many know by his YouTube handle, GoRemy. In his latest effort, he pokes fun at that horribly bad country song singing Hillary’s praises. ‘Nuff said.   . . . . .

MUST See Video: “You Don’t Have To Be A Comedian To Deliver A Punchline” #BeThePunchline

Hat/Tip to I Like Giving. This guy gets it. “You don’t have to be a comedian to deliver a punchline.” All-star comedian Michael Jr. stars in this I LIKE GIVING video about using laughter as a way to connect with other people. Watch and discover how you can #BeThePunchline. . . . . .

12-Year-Old Girl Shoots And Kills Mountain Lion That Was About To Attack Her

  Hat/Tip to Conor Harrison of Lone Star Outdoor News.   Twelve year old Alyssa Caldwell and her Dad, Joshua were on a hunting trip when fate intervened and what might have been a tragedy turned out to be a memorable experience for the young hunter. Alyssa Caldwell and her father, Joshua, were heading to what they hoped would be a great spot for Alyssa to take a nice bull elk on the edge of a meadow in New Mexico’s unit 52 just south of the Colorado border. After hunting a makeshift aspen blind over a waterhole, dad and daughter […]

Must See Video: The Reason “Coexist” Can Never Work

Hat/Tip to Lev Haolam’s Facebook page. This video gives a rare view inside the ideology that is Islam. It shows the shocking disregard for life, the mind-numbing apathy towards killing innocents and the steadfast refusal to meet anywhere in the “middle.” . Post by Lev Haolam.   . . . .

Fishing W/O A License In NJ? The Game Warden Has A Machine Gun Aimed At You

Rifle pictured is not an M-14  Why does a New Jersey game warden need an M-14? The M-14 is an assault rifle capable of firing hundreds of rounds per minute. New Jersey’s Division of Fish and Wildlife, whose conservation officers enforce the state’s wildlife laws and regulations, now has 16 of the military rifles — all acquired from the Department of Defense. Because, shut up. “This is a fully engaged police agency that patrols more than 800,000 acres in all 21 counties, plus our waterways, and faces a wide-ranging variety of policing issues,” said DEP spokesman Larry Ragonese. “There are […]

Must See Video: My Granny Can Lift More Weights Than Your Granny!

Hat/Tip to USAToday. Better look out at that next Senior Center Moonlight Dance. You cut in on the wrong person and you might find yourself having to deal with a powerlifter… Most grandmothers, especially those reaching 80 years of age, can be counted on for cozy hugs, surprise gifts, and gray hair. So you may be surprised when you meet Willie Murphy, a 77-year-old grandmother who can do one-handed push-ups and deadlift 215 pounds. The 105-pound senior started with 5-pound weights a few years ago, after seeing a sign about a weight-lifting competition at her local YMCA. She asked a […]