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The Sounds of Silence – or – This is Obama Restoring America’s Standing in the World

In 2008 then candidate Barack Obama promised many things, among them was his commitment to “restore America’s standing in the world.” Then in 2009 in an interview with the Fox News Channel’s Ed Henry, he was asked about his global travels: Ed Henry: “Well, since the last time we interviewed you, you’ve won the Nobel Peace Prize and by the end of this week, you will have visited 20 countries as President – the most of any US president in his first year. What have you accomplished?” President Obama: “Well, a couple of key things. Uh, number one, I think […]

Kevin Bacon Explains the 80′s to Millennials

Why does Kevin Bacon have to explain the 80′s to millennials?  Well, someone has to! Those who live through it will remember it well; nuked all the time.

Nuns leading the fight against human trafficking

Nun are taking the lead in the fight against human trafficking. Original Post:  TeresAmerica

Obama’s Facebook ‘Look Back’ Video Revealed by SooperMexican!

Leave it to SooperMexican, with a notable assist from the Morlock Revolt, to find President Obama’s Facebook “Look Back Video.”  Here it is, in all it’s glory… Thanks again to SooperMexican, and the Morlock Revolt, for bringing this important “Look Back Video” to the world.

ObamaCare PSA: This is Quite Possibly The Most Asinine Thing That You Will See All Day

I love words, but the following ObamaCare PSA sucked all rational thought out of my head. Take a look, and be stupified yourselves! Since the video has drained my brain (it comes back, I hope), here is my response. H/T: Adrienne Now, I think I’m going to go and hit my head off 0f something until my eyes bleed. You know, when I came up with the “ObamaCare Damage” category, I never thought that my brain would be a casualty.

1981 News Report Predicts We’ll get Our News Via Computer? Unthinkable!

Wow, man, news via computer?  What were they smoking?  Take a look for yourself… And ever since, the government has been trying to control it, if not ban it outright.  The proliferation of news sources since the onset of the internet has been a thorn in the side of our statists since day one, and they aren’t going to stop.   Just think about it; the internet did for news what the printing press did for knowledge itself.  It increased accessibility to a world of news and information that was previously inaccessible.  Governments don’t like that-it pokes holes in narratives.

Unaired Gun Commercial Sure to Upset Liberals

As we all know, regressives hate gun rights.   It interferes with their ability to dominate the public. So, anything that glorifies, or even affirms gun ownership is evil.  So, fully knowing that the following video will terribly offend gun grabbing regressives, I proudly present the following…  

Greetings From Chuck Norris

In what appears to be a response from Chuck Norris to the Jean Claude Van Damme Volvo commercial, the following has been submitted for your approval… For those of you that aren’t getting the reference, here is the Volvo commercial. And the winner (as if I need to state the obvious) is Chuck Norris! H/T: Chicks on the Right

Want to Upset a Liberal? Show Them This Glock Commercial!

Glock made a commercial, and it is sure to upset liberals!  Take a look for yourself… They’ll likely begin to stammer, and spout of liberal talking points.  Gently ask them to stop lying, and ask them why they want women to be raped and robbed?  Ask them why they oppose women defending themselves with fine firearms, like those crafted by Glock? That’ll really make them mad! H/T: Cain TV

Family Mocks Relative Proposing they Sign up for ObamaCare

I would think that this was staged, but it’s still hilarious.  I get regular emails from OFA (Organizing for America), Barak Obama’s network of minions and liars.  Their latest mission could be best translate as follows… How to lie to your family members about ObamaCare. Yeah, it was talking points about how great and wonderful about how ObamaCare is.  The target was Thanksgiving, when families gather.  However, the following video seems to show the reaction of a family that has a grasp of the obvious… H/T: The Daly Gator  

“I’m ObamaCare” Ads From The RNC Mock Obama’s Crowning Achievement

ObamaCare is supposedly Obama’s crowning achievement.  If by crowning, you mean epic faceplant.  The RNC is actually doing something less than their regular level of stupid.  They made some videos mocking ObamaCare. H/T: Right Scoop

ObamaCare Parody Video

Here is another ObamaCare parody video, for your viewing enjoyment.  It was released by the Heritage Foundation. Hey don’t blame me for all of the screw ups, I saw it coming, and voted for the other guy.

11 Year Old Plays Rush’s YYZ on Electric Organ

Lee Stanahan posted this on Facebook last night, and it can be categorized under “AWESOME!”  Take a look as an 11 year old takes on Rush’s YYZ on an electric organ! The kid does Rush proud, don’t ya think?

Million Vet March Live Stream: Stormed War Memorials! Palin Set to Participate

Here is the live stream for the Million Vet March… Live streaming video by Ustream Enjoy, and pray that they are safe from government goons!

Cool Prank Video to Promote New Carrie Movie

I saw this over at Ace’s place (who still has yet to link me), but I couldn’t resist sharing it here.  It is obviously a promotion for the new Carrie movie, but it’s still good! Awesomeness!

Sunday Night Insomniac Therater: Ayn Rand’s The Foutainhead

I saw this over at Atlas Shrugs last night, and thought I’d post it over here.  I know a lot of my Facebook Friends are up late complaining that they can’t sleep.  So, this is something that can educate them while they are up and alert. Enjoy!

Bill Whittle at the Western Conservative Summit

I caught this at Right Scoop.  Bill Whittle knocked it out of the park at the Western Conservative Summit. That’s just good stuff.

You Seriously Have to Watch This Video

I caught this video over at Chicks on the Right.  They were loving this video, and I can see why.  Give it a look see.  You won’t be disappointed.

Choose Your Mate Well: Wife Throws a Temper Tantrum

Not political, really, but kinda amusing, and sad.   This many clearly did not choose well. Hey. maybe I’m not the best man to be making this call, but even I would have passed on that one after the first temper tantrum. Because, this could not have been the first, and it won’t be the last. And, just to make it a tad bit political-with that level of entitlement, is she a liberal, or at least a low information voter?

Reality Imitates Parody: MSM Doesn’t Get That Islamic Terror is Motivated by Islam

Of course, in reality, they really do get it, and refuse to report it, but the video is still funny.  Chicks on the Right have the video that shows the MSM’s reaction to the Islamic Terror… You can support the CH 2.0 with your Amazon purchases!

When Moonbats Attack: Cultural Marxists Argue to Assert Who is the Greatest Victim

Take a look at the following video, as the moonbats argue to vie over the greater slice of the victim pie.  Apparently, their victim-hood is just like their economic model, and it’s a zero sum game.  There is only so much victimization to go around, so they have to fight and struggle their greater slice of the victim-hood pie.  Think uber victim.  Try to watch a few minutes… Ok, there is a lot of screaming and talking in circles, but you get the gist of it.  There was much offense taken, butthurt inflicted, and drama generated.  I particularly enjoyed the […]

Gray State Trailer

I recently saw the following Trailer via Facebook.  It is for a movie project named Gray State.  I believe that   it was on Steve Piotrowski’s Facebook page. I found it to be terribly chilling. Here is the summary with the video… GRAY STATE SYNOPSIS The world reels with the turmoil of war, geological disaster, and economic collapse, while Americans continue to submerge themselves in illusions of safety and immunity. While rights are sold for security, the federal government, swollen with power, begins a systematic takeover of liberty in order to bring about a New World Order. Americans, quarantined to […]

Robert Welch Predicted Every Liberal Move

Robert Welch was the co-founder of the John Birch Society.  Of course, the John Birch Society was almost universally ridiculed.  But, I think the “Birchers” need a credibility rebuild.  Take a look at the following Speech from Robert Welch. Um, for those of you that have gotten nasty about the John Birch Society and Robert Welch, what are you thinking now?  

Ronald Reagan: A Time for Choosing

Every now and again, we need to sort out our ideas.  We need to see how liberalism has done and said the same things, over and over again.  We need to repeat the fact that the main product of that liberalism is failure, and calls for even more liberalism. It’s a time for choosing, and who better to help us than Ronald Reagan? Consider the ideas sorted.

State of the Union 2013

It’s time for the 2013 State of the Union.  What kind of lies will be told tonight.  How many empty promises will be made?  Probably, there will be both in great quantities.  Here is the live feed for the debacle… Live broadcast by Ustream I have to be honest. I’m very tempted to watch the Walking Dead instead. By my estimation, it’ll be more realistic.  At any rate, if you choose to partake, enjoy the State of the Union.