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DC Police: “The Second Amendment Was Written For When The British Were Coming”

Hat/Tip to Katie Pavlich at The Liberal Gun Control Lobby reminds me of that inflatable clown that lets kids knock it down forever, while it just keeps comin’ back up again. I mean they get a gun ban passed in DC in the late ’70s, and then later Chicago follows suit in the early ’80s. Finally, the Supreme Court steps in and puts an end to all that nonsense, so it’s over. Right? Wrong. In very typical Lib/Progressive fashion, they have found a way, although I don’t see a long future for their “solution” around the law and still […]

FBI Report: Over 5x As Many People Killed By Knives As Killed By Rifles

VS Hat/Tip to Truth Revolt. The FBI released a report on homicide statistics and it was covered by NBC. No wait, it was ABC. Um, nope. It wasn’t them, either. Oh yeah! CBS? The New York Times? And you won’t see this report covered by any of the MSM, either. It just doesn’t fit their narrative. According to the FBI statistics on murder victims for 2013, the number of gun-related homicides reached a five-year low, dropping eight percent since 2009. The FBI reports that roughly two-thirds of the 12,253 people murdered in America in 2013 died by firearms. The total, […]

9 Examples In Which The 2nd Amendment Saved Lives

Hat/Tip to Christian Datoc at The Daily Caller. We’ve all seen the signs in some windows of short-sighted businesses. The words “Gun Free Zone” proclaimed in big, bold letters like that’s a good thing. Well here are nine great examples of exactly why “Gun Free Zones” suck, muchly. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Locked And Loaded: Thank God These ‘Good Guys’ Packed Heat [VIDEO] By Christian Datoc On Oct. 28, 71-year-old Ronnie Lummus was walking back to his car after buying groceries with his wife, when they were confronted by an armed masked man, WFAA 8 Dallas reports. The would-be robber shoved Lummus’ wife […]

How The GOP Can Get To The Magic 60 Votes And Send Bills To Obama

  Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers and William Douglas and David Lightman at The State. So the historic 2014 Midterms have given the GOP once in nearly a century numbers in both Houses and Governorships, but with Obama in the White House for his last two, lame duck years, how do they get bills past the Dems in the Senate? Sixty. It’s the magic number for getting most things done in the U.S. Senate – and it will be the target for Republicans to get legislation through the House of Representatives, past Democratic objections in the Senate and to the desk of […]

Defiant in Defeat – Obama Grows Angry With GOP When Camaeras Are Off

Hat/Tip to Jim Hoft at Megyn In 1994, Bill Clinton drifted towards the center and embraced large aspects of the GOP agenda after they won in a landslide. He even went so far as to utter that now-famous phrase, “The era of big government is over.” In 2006, after the midterms when the GOP lost both the House and the Senate, George W. Bush fired several key people and acknowledged that a change was needed. In 2014 after the Democrats suffer a landslide bigger than the ‘Contract for America’ in 1994 and what does the sitting president do? Does […]

Chinese State Media Demands US Citizens Be Disarmed

Hat/Tip to Brandon Darby at Breitbart. So the murderous regime that is the Chinese government is now seeing fit to lecture us on the 2nd Amendment. The Chinese state-controlled media’s statement, titled “Innocent Blood Demands No Delay for US Gun Control,” is primarily focused on the Newtown tragedy in which 26 Americans were killed by a mad gunman. Twenty of the victims were young children. The Chinese government stated, “Their blood and tears demand no delay for the U.S. gun control.” It would seem that the Chinese powers that be feel that they need to engage in propaganda to subvert freedom. […]

MUST SEE VIDEO: Watch The Video That Causes Liberals to Froth at The Mouth – 11 yr old Girl Field Strips AR-15

Hat/Tip to Alicia Luke at Barracuda Brigade. With almost a million hits on her Youtube video, 11 year old McKenzie completely field strips her AR-1 – AND – reassembles it in 53 seconds! You go, McKenzie! In a short video that’s gone viral, this young girl tears down and reassembles an AR rifle in less than a minute. By teaching his daughter gun safety as well as sharing knowledge on how guns actually work this dad is demonstrating good parenting!   . . . .

Religious Liberty Dies in California, Churches are Forced to Pay for Elective Abortions

  Feminism’s holy sacrament of abortion will not be denied. The California Department of Managed Health Care hath decreed that all employers, including churches, must pay for elective abortions in their health insurance plans. A coalition of pro-life groups is challenging the mandate. A campaign against the state of California mandating abortion coverage in insurance plans is intensifying. Several complaints have been filed with the federal government to keep it from violating what Christian legal groups consider American’s fundamental rights and go against their religiously held beliefs and conscience. The Department of Managed Health Care has ordered all employers, including […]

City of Houston Orders Pastors to Submit Sermons

Hat/Tip to Melanie Batley at Newsmax. The First Amendment to the Constitution reads: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances. The Supremacy Clause in Article VI, Paragraph 2 reads: This Constitution, and the laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall […]

Illinois Man Just Humiliated Gov. Quinn in Less than 5 Minutes

Hat/Tip to Eric Reed at BuzzPo. Brandon Gatton, the Illinois State Director for Gun Rights Across America, and close friend to CH2.0, got tired of all the distortions and outright lies in political ads put out by incumbent Illinois Governor, Pat-Quinn-D. And the latest Quinn ad which is very anti-2nd Amendment really got under Mr. Gatton’s skin. So he took some time to sit down and deconstruct that video. Kudos to Brandon Gatton and Kudos to Gun Rights Across America! In case you haven’t seen it yet, Illinois Governor Pat Quinn’s re-election staff released a television ad targeted at eliminating […]

92% Of Mass Shootings Since January 2009 Occurred In Gun-Free Zones

  Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. You’d think that by now, even the most brain-dead Libs would get this basic fact. When you don’t let law abiding citizens carry guns, then the criminals have free reign to terrorize the populace. Or, as WeaselZippers succinctly put it: It’s like waving the dinner bell for sharks… Via Breitbart: On October 9, the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) released a revised report showing that 92% of mass public shootings between January 2009 and July 2014 took place in gun-free zones. The CPRC report was released in response to an Everytown for Gun Safety study claiming […]

Journalism in the Age of Obama: All the News The White House Lets Them Print

To be fair, the First Amendment enjoins Congress from restricting freedom of the press. I just never expected to see our legions of wannabe Woodwards and Bernsteins acquiesce so easily to White House censorship. White House press-pool reports are supposed to be the news media’s eyes and ears on the president, an independent chronicle of his public activities. They are written by reporters for other reporters, who incorporate them into news articles about President Obama almost every day. Sometimes, however, the White House plays an unseen role in shaping the story. Journalists who cover the White House say Obama’s press […]

Illinois State Trooper Blows His Top at ‘Safety’ Checkpoint: Must See Video

Ryan S. Taylor – Recorded His Run-in With Furious State Trooper Ryan Taylor was driving in Illinois recently and recorded his interaction with some State Troopers at a Safety Check. Now some are accusing Mr. Taylor of ‘watching too many YouTube videos’ or ‘being rude to the police.’ We at Conservative Hideout 2.0 don’t pretend to make that judgement. We simply highlight the news of the day that we think our readership will find interesting. Editor’s Note: We do not condone police violence or the overstepping of authority by the police. Nor do we condemn all police officers with the […]

89 Year Old Vet Fights Off And Shoots Robber

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Never mess with a Veteran! Even though he is 89 years old, Arthur Lewis knows how to take care of himself. Arthur Lewis is a serious bad ass. A decorated World War II vet, not only did he manage to fight off a much younger man, but he plugged him multiple times. His girlfriend, Vivien Bresnahan, 54, says she doesn’t understand why anyone would think Arthur was frail, noting that he was the farthest thing from frail. No kidding, as the 54 year old girlfriend might indicate…   Here’s a picture of the perpetrator, Lennard Patrick Jervis, […]

Gun Totin’ Granny to Would Be Home Invader: “Get Out While You’re Still Alive!”

“And take this lead with ya!!!” Hat Tip to WeaselZippers & MyFoxAtlanta. This is why we need the 2nd Amendment! An armed 73-year-old woman stood her ground when a man broke into her Lilburn, Georgia, home earlier this month, sending the suspect to a nearby hospital with a gunshot wound. The audio from the 911 call, released by police recently, captured the entire incident and proves she is one tough woman. The woman, who hasn’t been identified, says she heard someone knocking at her door at around 9:45 p.m. on August 3. She didn’t answer and a few moments later, […]

White House Fears Impeachment If Obama Unilaterally Grants Amnesty

    Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers & Breitbart. It has to be a violation of his constitutional responsibility, which amnesty and effectively opening the borders most certainly is. As is always the case with anything involving former-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, our unbiased, objective, not-at-all-liberal media couldn’t wait to mock her impeachment case against President Obama — but not everyone is laughing. According to reporting from The Hill, The White House fears exactly that should the president take executive action to grant amnesty to thousands of illegals. As is always the case with anything involving former-Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, our unbiased, objective, […]

Liberal Professor and Constitutional Attorney Warns Against Obama’s “Re-shaping” of our Government

Arguably, since Lincoln took exceptional steps to keep the Union together and thereby expanded the powers of the office of the President, every man in the Oval Office since then has taken liberties with the Constitution. Some more than others, but it has been a case of ‘mission creep,’ to use military parlance. With all that being said, I’d wager to say that no President before Obama has done more to reshape the Presidency into near tyranny to the degree he has. Barack Obama has brought the idea of an Imperial Presidency to new levels. From legislating via Executive Order […]

Single Mom of 2, Working Two Jobs Faces Prison for being Honest

Meet the honest 27 year old single mom from PA who faces 3 years in a New Jersey prison Shaneen Allen is no dangerous criminal. She’s a single mom working 2 jobs who’s already been robbed twice while traveling alone at night in Philadelphia. Her family suggested that she carry a gun for protection. She took a gun safety course, applied for and was granted a concealed carry permit, and bought a gun. Then she made the mistake of driving into New Jersey. Now she’s going to prison. Allen said that she didn’t know her permit didn’t apply to New […]