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Video Shows Endgame of the Bundy Stand-Off

It seems that a show of force by citizens influenced the BLM to retreat during the Bundy stand-off.  Government goons that were stealing a man’s property were confronted by hundreds of citizens, many of them armed.  Here is the video… I know, the source of the video is rather, shall we say, sketchy.  However, this could not have been faked to any degree, so I chose to use it.  Of course, the fact that Harry Reid has been exposed as having some influence in this case may have something to do with the rapid retreat as well. Oh, and this […]

Huge Win for the 2nd Amendment Foundation

John W. Jackson is an Australian citizen, who legally resides in America, specifically in New Mexico. He applied for a concealed carry permit and was denied on the fact that he was not a citizen of the United States, even though he was a legal resident. He sued the state of New Mexico, along with the Second Amendment Foundation for his right to obtain a concealed carry weapon permit. The crux of the state’s defense was that it is impossible to do a full background check on citizens of other countries, even though they reside legally here in the US. […]

Has Our Constitution Failed Us?

First, an update on the situation here on the shores of the “Sea of happiness”. This blogger’s first paragraph sums it up quite well: (certain words are edited out for security reasons) After three weeks of repression, fifteen dead, at least 60 reported tortured tortured and more than eight hundred detained, including opposition leaders and reporters, the XXXXXXXXX students have at least shown the world what little respect the XXXXXX  administration has for the human and civil rights of the people. XXXXXXXX has seen similar repression before during XXXXXXXXX rule, but never has it been compressed in such a short period of time. Or […]

Cop to Student: ‘You just lost your free speech rights!’

A troubling part of our current age is the fact that too many law enforcement officials have absolutely no regard for the United States Constitution. Here is another example of that disregard, when an officer told a student that he no longer had “free speech rights.” The arrests were made at night on the streets of Towson, Maryland. A University of Maryland-Baltimore County student who witnessed the arrests decided to record them using his cell phone. The student, 21-year-old Sergio Gutierrez, was soon approached by officers who objected — wrongly — to his actions. Gutierrez repeatedly told the officers that […]

Stand Your Ground: Advise on Handling a Home Shooting

God forbid that you are ever involved in a home shooting.  The use of firearms means that someone is going to be severely injured, and likely killed, so it is something that must be handled with the utmost seriousness.   And, in fact, it is a good idea for you to know what to do if you ever find yourself needing to defend yourself and family.  The Daily Caller recently posted a long article on the topic, so here is an excerpt… By Dan Meadows, The Shooting Channel ———————— 911 Operator – “911… What’s your emergency?” Unknown caller – (Pause) – […]

Once Upon A Time, Americans Had A Reasonable Expectation Of Privacy

The right to privacy is not addressed directly by the Constitution or the Bill of Rights. However. … The U. S. Constitution contains no express right to privacy.  The Bill of Rights, however, reflects the concern of James Madison and other framers for protecting specific aspects of privacy, such as the privacy of beliefs (1st Amendment), privacy of the home against demands that it be used to house soldiers (3rd Amendment), privacy of the person and possessions as against unreasonable searches (4th Amendment), and the 5th Amendment’s privilege against self-incrimination, which provides protection for the privacy of personal information.  In […]

Obama/Holder’s War on Small Business and Their Gestapo Like Tactics

Last year on the campaign trail, Obama let his slip show when he said that if you owned a small business, you didn’t build that. With absolutely zero experience in the private sector, our president has no idea what it means to risk your own, hard earned money, time and good name to start a business. Being steeped in the politics of Marx, Obama actually loathes folks that have made it on their own, with no help or thanks from the federal government. His education in Alinsky’s tactics, the MSM’s blind devotion and a dumbed-down electorate have all come together […]

CBS Condones Doing Away With the US Constitution

CBS asks, “Is the US Constitution truly worthy of the reverence in which most Americans hold it?” Why does it not surprise me that CBS would take this view of the foundation of our nation? This document is the bedrock upon which everything American was built. We are blessed to belong to the greatest country on the planet where individual liberties and freedoms were put ahead of any thoughts of autocratic rule after we won our battle for independence. It would have been ridiculously easy for some or any one of our founders to have decided that they could rule […]

Founding Fathers’ Quotes on the People’s Right to Bear Arms

Just three days after the horrible shooting in Newtown Connecticut, progressive forces are in full “never let a crisis go to waste” mode to advance their anti-gun agenda.  They have allowed no time for mourning and are striking while the iron is hot.  It’s a selfish and shameful act that is driving the national debate towards gun control and the away from the root cause of our problem; the devaluing of human life.  I decided that the best people to help make the case for those of us who cherish America and our second amendment rights are our founding fathers.  […]

The Reason for the Second Amendment

What is the reason for the Second Amendment?  Why did the founders place in in the Bill of Rights, and why so high up on the list?  This video explains it. H/T to commenter Steve, of Cry and Howl for reminding me of this video.  We had run it here before, but given present circumstances, it’s a good idea to run it again.

The Constitution: It’s Around Here Somewhere

“Barack Obama, a man long intent on breaking free from the Constitution’s essential constraints, has succeeded in doing so.” — Phil Kerpen Despite the best efforts of Barack Obama and the Federal Government, our Constitution is not dead yet, but it soon will be unless we can force the bushwhackers in the Executive, Legislative, and Judicial branches to cease using it for target practice. Our friend Curtice Mang, a contributor at What Would The Founders Think, has ruminated upon the assault on our founding document by the socialistic control freaks presenting themselves as ‘progressives’ and ‘Democrats’, and he offers his conclusions in a tome titled The […]

Why the hurry?? We The People have a Primary to participate in.


This is going to be a short post, not rife with sources or videos; just my opinion. I am detecting a pattern with certain pundits on some supposedly Conservative talk radio shows and on network and cable TV outlets. This pattern was something that I became aware of recently and after listening to Mark Levin’s radio show from last Wednesday, the 14th I was gratified to hear that I wasn’t the only one who saw this – and that I wasn’t alone in my disdain for it. What I am referring to is this notion that certain talk show hosts […]

Articles of Impeachment for Libya 2.0, the Syria Chapter

US Constitution

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta made some pretty unconstitutional statements during a session of the Senate Armed Services Committee. The committee was discussing options to address the genocide occurring in Syria, and Panetta said that if the Obama administration decides to attack Syria, it would inform Congress after any decision has been made. Here are his remarks, emphasis mine: “Our goal would be to seek international permission and we would come to the congress and inform you and determine how best to approach this,” Panetta said. “Whether or not we would want to get permission from the congress, I think those […]

Isn’t The Tea Party Standing Up for the Constitution?


One of the best bloggers for individual liberties and the Conservative cause is just a conservative girl, and she has a new post up at her blog. She posted this very interesting comment on Facebook: I was told today that first amendment issues of forcing the church to pay for birth control isn’t something that The Tea Party should be involved with. Your thoughts? Yes, you read that correctly; a member of the Tea Party refused to let her post anything related to birth control, or more specifically, abortion. From her excellent post: …I was very surprised today when I […]

Does the Constitution Still Apply?

I caught this over at the Classic Liberal, and I thought it would be good to share it here.  Kindly give this video a view… I think that this was a very appropriate analysis.  But for more discussion, get over to the Classic Liberal.

America, The Land of the Free? What Constitution?

Apart from some of us in the blogosphere, Americans go about their daily live with no cognition that their freedoms are being eroded away. There is no perception that they are any less free today than they ever were. And that, I believe, is by design. Our constitution exist to protect us from our government, to protect our unalienable rights and, to limit the power of our government in Washington. Yet today our government pays little heed to this sacred document. While I was recovering from retina surgery to my only, I managed to read my favorite blogs every day. […]

Freedom From Coercion Amendment

I know, you haven’t heard of the Freedom From Coercion Amendment.  It’s my take on how to deal with an important issue, that people are forced to join labor unions as a condition of employment.  It reads as follows… No person shall be subjected to coercion or force to join an external organization in order to obtain and maintain employment, nor will they be subjected to coercion or force in order to make payments to any external organization as a condition to gain and maintain employment.   No person shall be subjected to retribution or punishment for their decision to join, or not join, […]

Why We Fight: Unalienable Rights; Does Government Exist to Protect Rights, or to Grant Them?

Note from Matt:  Given the current political climate, I thought it might be a good idea to review some differences between the right and the left.  So, here is an article from November 2009.  Since we are about ideas, I think this is similar to the “Why we Fight” films from WW II. “A free people claims their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as a gift from their chief magistrate.” Thomas Jefferson We are engaged in an ideological struggle.  The lines are drawn cleanly between the opponents.  One is the side of individual freedom and liberty, […]

Judge Napolitano: Do we have a constitution?


Do we have a constitution anymore? Can the republic be restored? Judge Andrew Napolitano and Utah Senator Mike Lee examine this topic in the below video. Please take a few minutes and watch it. Mark Levin says we are living in a “post constitution” period in America. Conservative talk show host Mike Church believes our constitution is dead and that we need to get over it.  The other day I was listening toAndrew Wilkow and he made the case that DUI checkpoints which is now commonplace in America are 100 percent unconstitutional.  Think about it, every time law enforcement set these checkpoints up to randomly pull over cars and subject […]

Do we even deserve our constitution?


The one thing I have learned in the last few years is if you want to effect change you must stay engaged in the process and address the tough issues we face today.  Now many of you might be thinking there are so many problems that need addressing where to start?  I believe the single biggest problem we face as a nation is our elected officials’ complete disregard for our constitution.  The second biggest problem is the total lack of understanding by the citizenry of the document that protects their rights.  I told someone earlier in the week that if […]

We Have a Moral Obligation to Enforce our Constitution

Lately I’ve been hearing the words moral obligation or moral duty being thrown around like a baseball on the first day of spring training.  Pundits and politicians declare we have a moral duty to protect the civilians in Libya.  Democrats cried we had a moral obligation to pass ObamaCare to ensure all Americans had access to affordable health care even though it may very well lead to a single payer system and bankrupt our nation.  With all this talk of moral obligations and duty I feel it’s only fair to add one more to this list.  We have a moral […]

Why We Fight: Unalienable Rights; Does Government Exist to Protect Rights, or to Grant Them?

Note from Matt: Considering how close we are to the election, I thought it might be a good idea to review some differences between the right and the left.  So, here is an article from last November.  Since we are about ideas, I think this is similar to the “Why we Fight” films from WW II. “A free people claims their rights as derived from the laws of nature, and not as a gift from their chief magistrate.” Thomas Jefferson We are engaged in an ideological struggle.  The lines are drawn cleanly between the opponents.  One is the side of […]

Major Win for the Second Amendment: A Lesson From History

First off, I’m pleased…damn pleased, to be honest, that the SCOTUS ruled in favor of the Second Amendment.  This reaffirms that the Second is an individual right, spoiling the chief attack against it, and us.  Many blogs have covered this, and  what I gather is that most everyone on our side is happy with the win, but worried about the margin.  The thought that four members of the SCOTUS apparently goes against history, as well as the founders, is very alarming.  This is a reminder of how very important SCOTUS nominations are. Beyond that, I got curious, and decided to […]

A Spoonful of Federalism

Sometimes we get caught up in the events of the day and lose our way.  It’s easy to do in this current political climate when one issue after another is falling on us like an avalanche.  It seems that each day we are faced with some sort of encroachment on our liberties by a federal government that will not take no for an answer.  When the people said we don’t want Obamacare, they ignored the will of the people and rammed it through.  When the people demanded that we need our boarders protected, they ignored the will of the people and […]

Conservatism as the New Idealism

For too long, it has been common knowledge in our society that leftist political philosophies contain within them the ingredients for an ideal state of affairs in the world. The perceived “humanism” and liberalism (in the classic sense) of the leftists emerged from the stark contrast between their ideas and that of the “establishment.” History is riddled with examples of how the “establishment” has wronged mankind, held back the spirit of progress, and led to countless atrocities. From religious wars to despotic rule to exploitative capitalism during the Industrial Revolution, the Old Order seemed to keep us all in a […]