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Watcher’s Council Nominations – April Fool’s Edition

So many Liberal “fools” out there to write about. My mother has been in the hospital with recurrent pneumonia, so I’ve missed much of the fun (and amazement) — especially Senator Harry Reid acknowledging that his lie about Mitt Romney, (from the Senate floor) not paying taxes for ten years, resulted in Romney losing the last presidential election. Fox News reporter, James Rosen asked White House Press Secretary, Josh Earnest, about Reid’s “unbecoming” behavior for “our highest elected officials,” and was told “that’s three years old.” Doesn’t that remind you of the Benghazi incident, when former National Security Council spokesman, […]

12-Year-Old Girl Shoots And Kills Mountain Lion That Was About To Attack Her

  Hat/Tip to Conor Harrison of Lone Star Outdoor News.   Twelve year old Alyssa Caldwell and her Dad, Joshua were on a hunting trip when fate intervened and what might have been a tragedy turned out to be a memorable experience for the young hunter. Alyssa Caldwell and her father, Joshua, were heading to what they hoped would be a great spot for Alyssa to take a nice bull elk on the edge of a meadow in New Mexico’s unit 52 just south of the Colorado border. After hunting a makeshift aspen blind over a waterhole, dad and daughter […]

Thanks to Gateway Pundit!

I was away from computers for much of the day.  I was at my church helping hand out bags of toys via Toys for Tots.  When there was a lull in the activity, I checked my typical sites; gmail, Twitter, Facebook, and Statcounter.  I was pleasantly surprised to see that by 11:00 AM, I had the twice the traffic that I usually get in an entire day. Upon further investigation, it seems that Jim Hoft, over at Gateway Pundit, linked a post from late October… 13 Democrats, Who Knew You Would Lose Your Plan, But Lied, Are up for Re-election […]

Sunday Links: Christmas Commercial Edition Revisited

Happy Sunday everyone! We’re going to continue our Christmas theme for the link post. Last week, we had a collection of Christmas songs, in the week prior to that, we had some vintage Christmas commercials. I’m going to go back to the Christmas commercials and give you an entirely different set. This time, were to go farther back in time, as well as into the 90s into the 21st century. This is my favorite time of year, and I can literally not get enough of this stuff. I hope you feel the same way.   It is also perfect opportunity […]

Sunday Links: Christmas Music Edition

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope that everyone has had a great week, and is not going crazy with the holiday season. Rather than give a brief review of the week, which would likely be discouraging, I thought I would dive right into the links, and for this week, some Christmas music. I hope you enjoy. 90 Miles for Tyranny Hitler Vs. Obama   Adrienne’s Corner The Paleo Rodeo is up…   Always on Watch Nincompoopery — And Worse   America Victorious Why?   America’s Watchtower Paul Ryan “mislead” House Republicans in order to pass his budget compromise   American and […]

Sunday LInks: Vintage Christmas Commercial Edition

Well, we are in the Christmas season, aren’t we? Of course, as we’ve covered this week, there are a lot of liberals that don’t want that Jesus guy mentioned at all.  But, we won’t have that problem here. Its time for the vintage Christmas commercial edition.  I do this every year, because, like so many other people, Christmas brings out so many warm memories of my childhood.  I was blessed with good parents that protected me and saw that holidays were happy times.  So, let’s go back to a simpler time, and enjoy some vintage Christmas and toy commercials! That […]

Sunday Links, Facebook Friends Picture Edition, Volume 90

Hey all, I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving,  I visited with family for a few days.  So, I’m rejuvenated.  Well, I’m back, and it’s time for the links and pics. 90 Miles for Tyranny Why It’s Going To Be A Whole Lot Worse Than In The 1930s   Adrienne’s Corner Keith Ellison (D/Muslim MN) does his best shuck and jive routine to cover this administrations talking points on why we were too stupid to understand what Obama was saying about Obamacare… All American Blogger Happy Thanksgiving from All American Blogger   Always on Watch Musical Interlude America Victorious “Welcome […]

Sunday Links, Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 89

Another week has gone by?  Yes, yes it has.  This week was still filled to the gills with ObamaCare damage posts, and it’s the curse that keeps on cursing.  We also saw that Obama was willing to be conned by the Iranians, but at least he got to throw the Israelis under the bus.  We saw more examples of the normalization of pedophilia, and we got a treasure trove of information regarding the #FreeKate movement.  However, that will be coming out over the next few days. As for the week’s links, the collection is extensive.  The Facebook friends pics are […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friend Pic Edition, Volume 88

Sorry for the late start on this week’s post, but it’s been a busy time here at the bunker.  Lots of church related things going on, which is always good, plus the holidays are coming. ObamaCare continues to train-wreck in slow motion.  I find it ironic that many democrats are now advocating for the exact course of action that they vilified Ted Cruz and Mike Lee for just a month ago.  Remember that government shu8t down the democrats planned…over ObamaCare?  Yeah, just about that. We’ve seen an escalation of stalking behavior from a handful of  #FreeKate supporters.  Apparently, when they […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 86

Hello all, it’s Sunday again, and we need to say thanks to all who link the CH 2.0 by giving them some links, and throwing in some pics posted by my Facebook friends. But before we get started, let’s go over some recent changes here at the CH 2.0. 1.  The Disqus Commenting system seems to have been well received, and the page is loading far more quickly. 2.  I haven’t received any feedback as of yet, but I have added some plugins to correct the pinging and trackback problems.  Please let me know in the comments if  you got […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition Volume 85

Once again, it’s been a banner week.  The ObamaCare roll-out continues to be an abject failure, and even the MSM can’t ignore that millions of Americans are losing their coverage and that the ObamaCare approved alternatives often cost much more.  As usual, the Democrats are desperately trying to blame someone or something else, but it’s slow going. At any rate, here are your links, as well as some pics from my Facebook friends… 90 Miles for Tyranny Obama: Deceasing Our Work Week Hours…   Adrienne’s Corner Why is Obama the only one smiling… All American Blogger Hope N Change   […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 84

Good Morning!  I hope everyone is having a good weekend.  Things at the CH 2.0 bunker have been busy and productive.  I wish I could say the same about Congress, who capitulated to President Brat at the Spite House.  And, of course, I had to watch the RINO’s, once again, act like “Democrats Lite.”  Alsop, the MSM lied about the shutdown, and ignored material evidence that the Democrats had planned it months ago. Then, the complete failure of ObamaCare continued as well.  And, of course, the MSM largely ignored it.  But, as always we did not. So, here are your […]

October 16, 2013 Wrap-up: Shut Down is Shut Down, Convicted Bomber Sues ‘Everyone’

Good evening all.  Sadly, I’m not feeling all that well, and I’m going to bed.  However, I wanted to cover a few things, or at least point you all in the right direction to go for links. So, here we go. A deal has been reached to end the government shutdown-America’s Watchtower An act of capitulation, no doubt. On the legal front… Deranged Cyberstalker Bill Schmalfeldt Humiliates Himself in Maryland Court What can you expect from a demented weirdo with no neck? Yes, the World’s Worst Pro Se Litigant™ Brett Kimberlin Now Suing EVERYBODY And without a leg on which to […]

Sunday Links: Facebook Friends Pic Edition, Volume 83

Well, it’s been a pretty interesting couple weeks.  For the first time in a very long time, there was no link post this week.  I was busy with other things, including the #FreeKate investigation, so I wasn’t available to get the post up and out.  Also, the democrat shutdown and the related drama, including the many epic failures of ObamaCare kept me from the racial violence posts.  So, I will be trying to  get back on track this week, provided that the Hunt family and their supporters stop threatening people. So, getting back to the traditional format, here are your […]

Saturday Links: Another Rush Edition

Simply because, one cannot have too many Rush editions.  Frankly this will be the third in four and a half years, so it’s not like I’m beating it to death.  So, without further ado, here are your weekly links, with a healthy dose of RUSH! 90 Miles for Tyranny Understanding Gun Control….   A PATRIOTIC ROTTWEILER EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT COMMON CORE STANDARDS   Adrienne’s Corner War and Obamacare and a message from Bill Whittle…(video)…   All American Blogger Sen. Ted Cruz Voted for Cloture, But Not “That” Cloture   Always on Watch Inside The Mall Massacre In […]

Saturday Links: Classic Rock Edition

I have to be honest, I’ve been too busy to get on Facebook long enough to get pics to do a Facebook Friends Pic edition.  But, that was getting a little old anyway.  . It’s been an interesting week.  There were two mass shootings, and neither were committed by white, tea party types, so the MSM was sad.  That did not, however, prevent our domestic propagandists from lying a good bit about the guns involved.  They also neglected to mention that both shooting occurred in areas where gun are restricted.  Which, of course, is what allowed so many to be […]

Saturday Conservative Links: Matt’s Self Indulgent Music SelectionEdition

Sorry for the limited posting as of late.  I have been busy with #FreeKate and #KatesFight story.  Things will be made clear in hopefully a few days, but that, and another project, are keeping me overly busy.  But, we have to have a weekly link post.  So, here are the weekly links, as well as a selection of songs I personally like.  Hey, it’s my blog! Enjoy! 90 Miles for Tyranny A Moment Of Serenity…   Adrienne’s Corner John Kerry to Jeff Duncan (R-SC) “I don’t want to talk about Benghazi and Fast and Furious”…   All American Blogger Never […]

Sunday Links: Scorpions Edition

Hey all, Happy Sunday!  I was delayed in doing the weekly link post, so I thought I’d go back to an earlier format, and get away from the Facebook Friends format that I’ve been doing for over a year and a half.  Long time readers will remember that I used to use a variety of themes for the Link posts, so let’s go back in time, and do a Scorpions Link Post! Enjoy! 90 Miles for Tyranny Girls With Guns   Ace of Spades HQ Overnight Open Thread (7 Sep 2013)   Adrienne’s Corner John Kerry to Jeff Duncan (R-SC) […]