Tim McGraw Poised To “Dixie Chick” Himself With Gun Control Benefit Concert


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tim mcgraw to do benefit for gun control goup
TIm McGraw does benefit concert to raise money for gun control group.

Hat/Tip to Bob Owens at BearingArms.com and AWR Hawkins at Breitbart.com.

Those of us old enough to remember can recall the way the Dixie Chicks went from headlining stadiums to having Country Music Fans burning their CD’s in bonfires and radio stations across the country dropping them from playlists after they stood on foreign soil and publicly ridiculed our President in the lead up to the war in Iraq.

Now it’s the “Who Chicks?”

Well looks like Country Super Star Tim McGraw is flirting with the same type of poison by his actions lately.

First of all, he had this to say about Obama…

A few years ago, McGraw admitted that he is not only an Obama-supporter, but also a hardcore Democrat.

“It’s innate in me to be a blue-dog Democrat. I’m not saying I’m right or wrong, but that’s what I am,” he told People. “My wife and I and our family will do everything we can to support Obama. I like his ideas, I like his energy, and I like the statement he would make for our country to the world.”

And now he’s going to headline a benefit concert with 100% of the proceeds going to a gun control group.

Tim McGraw has announced that on Friday, July 17, at XFINITY Theatre in Hartford, he will hold a concert to benefit Sandy Hook Promise. One-hundred percent of the net proceeds of this event will support Sandy Hook Promise, founded in the wake of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School, with a mission of protecting children from gun violence.

Tickets for “Tim McGraw: A Concert for Sandy Hook Promise” go on public sale Friday, April 17, at 10 am, through www.LiveNation.com andwww.ticketmaster.com.

Featured performers will include current tourmates Billy Currington and Chase Bryant, along with special guests to be announced later.

Tickets, according to the Live Nation site, range from $31.35 to $71.25 ($43-$88.20 with fees).

“Out of this tragedy a group was formed that made a promise to honor the lives lost and turn it into a moment of transformation,” said Mr McGraw. “Sandy Hook Promise teaches that we can do something to protect our children from gun violence. I want to be a part of that promise — as a father and as a friend.”

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This decision is not going to be received well by McGraw’s country music fan base, which overwhelmingly supports gun rights, and views a concert benefiting Sandy Hook Promise as being a betrayal.

Sandy Hook Promise claims to “promote mental wellness, combat social isolation, and prevent gun violence,” but by far their strongest emphasis is on turning the public against the Second Amendment rights of Americans by subtly equating the support of gun rights with the murder of children, as their social media accounts clearly show.

A major push right now for the group is forcing the adoption of so-called “universal background checks,” which would prevent the private transfer or sale of firearms between friends and family members without a federal background check. The goal of such a system is to serve as de facto gun registry, and which serves no legitimate crime prevention purpose.

Billy Currington and Chase Bryant, opening acts for McGraw on his current tour, are also scheduled to play the show funding the gun control group.

Breitbart.com had this take on the Sandy Hook Promise group:

On December 15, Breitbart News reported that Sandy Hook Promise is a vehicle through which various relatives of Sandy Hook victims have joined to push gun control until it passes. Newtown father Mark Bearden joined the group pledging to “dedicate the rest of his life” to pursuing gun control.

It should be noted that there was 100 percent gun control at Sandy Hook Elementary on December 14, 2012. No guns were allowed, period. You can’t have more gun than that. Moreover, there were laws against stealing guns and possessing stolen guns as well. But none of these laws stopped or even dissuaded Adam Lanza.

Gun control renders law-abiding citizens defenseless, but it does nothing to stop criminals from carrying out their treachery. Because of this, the money McGraw and Currington raise will ultimately succeed in making it harder for law-abiding citizens to acquire and carry the guns they need for self-defense.

To make matters even worse, McGraw fancies himself ready to be a governor…

PLEASE, Mr. McGraw, if the level of political ignorance you’ve displayed thus far in your music career is an indicator, PLEASE stay out of politics…we have enough Libtards who think they know everything in office, already.





Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: May 2013


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The people have spoken, and we now have the nominees for the Useful Idiot of the Month Poll.  Unforeseen events prevented me from posting the poll until today, so we will leave it up until Midnight Sunday PST.  Here are your nominees…

Adam Levine:  Nominated by our own contributor Don.

I nominate Adam Levine for saying he hates his country:


He did issue an apology, but only after getting all pissy on twitter, instead of offering an apology or even an explanation, he posted definitions of: “joke,” “misunderstanding,” and “humor less.”

Chris (soon to announce that he’s really a Democrat) Christie:  Made by our VRWC mate, Chris Wysocki of Wyblog fame.

Chris Christie, for his encore Brokeback Boardwalk performance with Dear Leader.

Eric Holder: Nominated by our contributor and all aroumd good guy, of Asylum Watch.

I’m going with Eric Holder for attacking Obama’s water carriers.

John McCain:  Tagged by both Bunkerville, and our very own Manahattan Infidel.

I will go with McCain. The fool is doing his best to be just that. And the fool just might get some Americans killed.

McCain, a founding RINO, all the way.

Then, your humble editor feels compelled to add  one more:  the #FreeKate supporters, because nothing says cultural Marxism like legalizing pedophilia!

So then, here is your poll!

[poll id=”11″]

The poll is set for “one man, one vote.”  After all, we are not Democrats!


Useful Idiot of the Month Nomination Thread: May 2013


useful idiots 3

Well folks, it’s that time  again -when we put on our thinking caps and determine who the most useful Useful Idiot of the Month was.

If you are unfamiliar, the Soviets coined the phrase “Useful Idiot” for people in Western Countries that advocated for Marxism.  Of course, they were either idealistic rubes or ambitious fools that would more than likely be the first to the wall AFTER the revolution came.  They were only useful in destabilizing the free country of their birth.  Once the real Marxists took over, they poor useful idiots would no longer be useful.  So, many suffered what I would like to call:

Sudden Onset Inter-cranial Lead Poisoning

For our purposes, we nominate people that spent the month promoting Marxism, Communism, Socialism, or any other destructive or deadly “ism.”   The readers give us the nominees in the comment section, and I put them in a poll on the last day of the month.  Then, we have some democracy and see who wins.

So, get to it, and drop your nominees in the comment section.

This month’s Useful Idiot of the Month Nomination Thread is brought to you in part by Amazon. You can support the CH 2.0 with your Amazon purchases!


We Have a Winner: The Useful Idiot of the Month for Aril 2013…



Gun victims that destroy their own freedom and security by call for gun control-and that’s what earned them the title of Useful Idiot of the Month.

Gun control that makes them less safe, and would not have stopped them, or their family members from being victims in the first place.

It’s unfortunate that they (or their loved ones) were the victims of a crime, but disarming the rest of us only makes the rest of us less safe.  Since criminals don’t follow laws anyway, they will still have guns.  Just look at Chicago, which has the most restrictive gun laws in the US, and you’ll see how well disarming the populace works.

Thanks to all that voted, and stay tuned for the next Useful Idiot of the Month Poll!

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Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: April 2013



The Useful Idiot of the Month Poll is here, albeit a couple days late.  On Sunday, I asked for nominees, and the good readers answered the call.  For those of you that are new to this, a useful idiot is a supporter or Marxism in a Western country.  Useful idiots are used to disrupt and destabilize the economy, political system, and even the culture of a target country.  The anticipated outcome is for the target country to collapse, and for Marxists to take over.  Then, most ironically, the useful idiots are usually killed, having exhausted their usefulness.

So, here is your poll.  Remember, we are not Democrats, so it’s set up so you can only vote once.

[poll id=”10″]

Since I got the poll up a bit late, it will run until May 3rd, and 3 AM EST.  That will allow folks on the left coast to vote until the last moment.

Kindly enjoy this experiment in Democracy.  Tell your friends, family, and casual acquaintances!

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Useful Idiot of the Month Nomination Thread: April 2013


useful idiots 3

Wow, where did April go?  Seems just yesterday that we were nominating useful idiots for March.  Well, time warp or not, it’s time to nominate the useful idiots that will appear on this month’s poll.  What’s a useful idiot, you ask? Welll, a useful idiot is person that assists on promoting Marxism in a target country,  They are used to wreck the target country to the point the Communists can take over.  Then, ironically, the Marxists that come to power then usual eliminate the useful idiots.  In other words, your standard leftist, who is usually a misguided Occupod, will help destabilize the US.  Then, when the Communists come to power, they will kill the useful idiots.  Why?  They know too much.  And, when the get to see what social justice looks like in actual practice, they will revolt again their new masters.

Anyway, this is what we do.  The last two days  of the month, we have a poll to see who contributed the most to the Marxist cause.  However, we need nominees to populate the poll. That is where you come in.  It is up to you to select the useful idiots!  So, if you have a fitting nominee, drop it in the comment section.

Ready, set, go!


We Have a Winner! Nanny Mayor Bloomberg Win Useful Idiot of the Month!



I guess when it comes to being a nanny, or an useful idiot, Mayor Bloomberg of NYC takes the cake.  After all, the cake is sugary, and might make you fat! You guessed it right, Michael Bloomberg, the man who thinks he should micromanage your life, has won Useful Idiot of the Month!  So, we at the CH 2.0 send our congratulations to Mayor Bloomberg for an well deserved dishoner.  Then again, he wouldn’t think it is dishonor, would he?  Stay tuned for the next nomination thread, coming at the end of April!


Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: March 2013



After a long absence, here are your nominees for Useful Idiot of the Month!

1.  Mayor Michael Bloomberg:  Nominated by your humble administrator, Manhattan Infidel, King Shamus, and Always on Watch.

2.  Jim Carrey, by Libertarian Advocate:  Nominated for his tired and ridiculous tirade against gun owners.

3.  Gordon Wozniac, Nominated by our contributor Jim.  Mr. Wozniac wants to tax the internet to save the snail mail.

Since we had a limited amount of nominees, I have a couple more…

4.  Harry Reid, for suggesting that a Marine training accident was caused by the sequester.

5.  Ashley Judd, for teaching us that virtually everything is rape.

6.  The National Organization of Women, who ignore the real violence against women in order to blast people that don’t harm women.

So, without further ado, here is your poll…

[poll id=”9″]

The poll will remain open until April 1 2013, at 3:00AM EST.  The poll is set up to allow only one voter per person.  After all, we are not Democrats!



It’s Baaaaack! Useful Idiot of the Month Nomination Thread March 2013



It’s been a while, but I thought that bringing back the CH 2.0’s one claim to fame (or infamy) might be in order.  So, the Useful Idiot of the Month Poll has returned.  First off, we need to define the term, useful idiot.  It was a term, coined by the former Soviet Union (either Lenin or Stalin), to describe leftists in Western countries that supported, knowingly or not, communism.  Then, if the communists really did come to power, most of the useful idiots would be imprisoned, killed, exiled, and the like.

So, this is the nomination thread for the Useful Idiot of the Month.  We nominate people that will appear in the poll, then, maybe on Friday, I’ll take the candidates, and put them in a poll.  Readers vote, and we have a winner.  I do set up the poll for one person, one vote.  After all, we’re not the organizations formerly known as ACORN!

I’ll begin by nominating Mayor Bloomberg of NYC, for not only pretending to be a RINO (believe it or not he’s somehow WORSE than a RINO), but being worse than many democrats.  His nanny state abuses, and anti-gun nonsense takes him to the top, in my humble opinion.

You guys do the rest, get the comment section, enter your nomination and why they are deserving, do some math, and hit the enter button.  Enjoy!

STICKIED to the top of the page. 


We Have a Winner! The Useful Idiot of the Month for May 2012 is…


The Union bosses!  It seems that spending money like water for well over a year, sending in goons to intimidate businesses, beat up Tea Party members, getting fake doctor notes, indoctrinating children, and generally making a giant mess of the Wisconsin State capitol, definitely qualifies them for useful idiocy.  But, there is the icing on the cake…after all of that, the millions, the goons, the damage to the state capitol, they are still behind the polls mere days before their showdown with Governor Walker!

Then, there is the additional irony that the DNC seemed rather hesitant to go all-in with their effort, so, not only did the union bosses spend upwards of $60,000,000 that they confiscated from their captives, they were thrown under the bus by the Dems!

My friends, that is useful idiocy.  They did all the “left” things.  They prevented democracy to declare “this is what democracy looks like.”  They vandalized, trashed, intimidated, indoctrinated, lied, cheated, and fled.  Then, when the DNC saw the writing on the wall, and needed to spend all their money on Obama, the poor union bosses didn’t seem quite as useful.  And now, it seems, they are familiarizing themselves with the underside of the bus.

But don’t worry, they have the Tammies to keep them company under there.


Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: May 2012


Well folks, it’s time to vote for the Useful Idiot of the Month for May 2012.  It started with May Day, and the promise of mayhem from OWS.  It ended with the Brett Kimberlin story,  In between were nuggets if pure useful idiocy.  Here are the nominations, as chosen by the CH 2.0 readership…

1.  Brett Kimberlin, by Harrison at Capitol Commentary

2.  Joe Biden, by The Conservative Lady

3.  Chris Hayes, by the noble and mighty King Shamus

4.  Elizabeth Warren, by Bunkerville

5.  Meghan McCain, by our own CH 2.0 Contributor John Carey of the Sentry Journal

And here are some more from yours truly…

6.  Barak Hussein Obama for being for gay marriage, before he was against it, and before he was for it…or something like that.

7.  OWS, for promising mayhem, and delivering failure, and all the while, blaming someone else.

8.  Union Bosses, for spewing $60,000,000 of their captives money into Wisconsin, beating people up, funding fleebaggers, and STILL being behind in the polls.  Well, it isn’t for a lack of trying.

And here is your poll.

[poll id=”8″]



Useful Idiot of the Month Nomination Thread: May 2012


Once again, it is time to nominate a field of worthy nominees for the Useful Idiot of the Month.  I’m sure that the readers will have no problems finding a set of nominees for the cause.

For those of you who may no be familiar with the concept, a useful idiot is a person or group who, knowingly or not, helps advanced the cause of Marxism/Socialism is a Western country.  The Soviets called them that, and unfortunately for the useful idiots, when they got the Communism they so desired, they were most often killed, imprisoned, or just “disappeared.”  You see, when Marxists come to power, the useful idiots aren’t needed any longer, so they are no longer useful.  That, and their idealism has no place in a Socialist state, where government power, and the maintenance of that power, are the sole goal of the ruling elites.  After all, you can’t have idealism clashing with your totalitarianism, can you?

At any rate, have at it.  Drop your nominees in the comment section, and the poll will go up on Tuesday.



Hilary Rosen and Occupods Tie for April Useful Idiot of the Month!


Well, when it comes to useful idiocy, there was an abundance in April of 2012.  Hilary Rosen, who protested the “Republican war on women” by attacking the wife of Mitt Romney, was apparently high on the list for the readers.  The occupods, and their rapes, vandalism, communism, and bomb making failures, also gained the disdain of the readers.  So, there was a tie.  Both are most deserving, and if they are successful in their efforts, will be thrown under the bus for their trouble.

Congratulations to both for the well deserved recognition!


Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: April 2012


Sorry for the delay folks, but life has been very interesting.  But, for once, it’s the really cool and pleasant kind of interesting.  But, as the line goes, the show must go on.  So, without further ado, here is your Useful Idiot of the Month Poll…

[poll id=”7″]

In case you noticed, I did something that I almost never do-I did not add a nomination to the poll.  To those that nominated either Trayvon Martin or his parents, I must respectfully disagree, and decline.  Since the case has not been decided, and that all the evidence is not public, I cannot in good conscience put Trayvon on the list.  It would be no better than all of the people that are convicting Zimmerman of the crime without a trial.  As for his parents, they have consistently called for peace and justice.  If they are being exploited by race baiters, like Sharpton (who is on the list), I would not classify them as useful idiots.

As always, thanks for the nominees, and I hope everyone enjoys the poll.


Useful Idiot of the Month April 2012: Nomination Thread


There have been some other situations that prevented the Useful Idiot Nomination thread from being posted until now.  However, as the saying goes, the show must go on.  So, the format will be a tad bit delayed, but we’ll still get nominees, and a poll.  We’ll do nominations on the 30th, and do the poll on the first of May.

For those of you new to the process, here’s how it works…

A useful idiot is someone that promotes, or otherwise helps the cause of Marxism.  The term was coined by the Soviets not long after they took over the USSR.  They would use useful idiots to destabilize other nations.  Then, when Marxists took over, most of the useful idiots were killed or jailed.  After all, you can’t have idealism interfering with you totalitarianism, can you?

So, post your nominees in the comment section, and I’ll put them in a post for tomorrow.



We Have a Winner: Sandra Fluke Wins Useful Idiot of the Month!


And  it couldn’t have happened to a nicer feminazi!    The votes have been counted, and we have our monthly Useful Idiot.  After having some truth issues (her age),  some accuracy issues ($9 a month birth control at the local Target), and apparently cannot afford birth control (but could afford a European vacation the previous year),  she gained fame because Rush Limbaugh referred to her as a person that demanded that someone else pay for her sex life.  And, of course, that caused even more of a distraction, because as we all know, making the Catholic Church pay for birth control is a far more important topic than the economy, right?

Congratulations Ms. Fluke, you deserve it!

Linked at Theo Spark.  Thanks!


Useful Idiot of the Month Poll: March 2012


Ladies and gentlemen, it is now time to vote for Useful Idiot of the Month for March 2012.  Here are your candidates, as nominated by the readers…

1.  Obama’s “hot mike”  nominated by Harrison

2.  The MSM: Nominated by LD Jackson, and LibertyAtStake

3.  Spike Lee: Nominated by Infidel de Manahatta, and KingShamus

4.  The GOP, AKA, the Stupid Party: Nominated by Jim at Conservatives on Fire

5.  Justice Kennedy: Nominated by Harry

6.  Solicitor General Donald Verrilli: Nominated byBunkerviille

7.  Soledad O’Brien:  Nominated by Doug Hagin

Your humble host has some more…

8.  Sandra Fluke, for obvious reasons.

9.  Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner, for not having a plan.

10.  Ed Schultz, for being on the union payroll.

11.  National Organization for Women President Terry O’Neill, for complaining about Fluke’s treatment, yet ignoring the rape machine that is OWS.

And, here is your poll!

[poll id=”6″]



Useful Idiot of the Month: March 2012 Nomination Thread


It’s that time folks!  We have a mission here at the CH2.0.  We have to nominate useful idiots for this month’s poll.  For those new to this, useful idiots are people that, unwittingly or not, support socialism/Marxism.  Then, when Marxists actually come to power, and install a totalitarian state, the useful idiots are usually eliminated.  After all, you can’t have idealism interfering with the totalitarianism, can you?   It’s happened everywhere a Marxist state has been installed, but, according to the useful idiots, the survivors and witnesses are lying, so it’ll come a big surprise if it happens to them.

The process is simple, drop you candidates in the comment section.  In two days, I’ll post the poll, and the world can vote for their favorite useful idiot.

Ready, set, GO!