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Greatest Hits: Education: Our Greatest Battle?

Education: Our Greatest Battle?  And I fear we have already lost.  This is an article that I had commented on for another site some time ago. I thought that given the current climate of “change,” it might be a good idea to re-visit it. The article is eight years old, however, it seems to echo what is going on today. From the August 2001 Idaho Observer: Why Our Schools Teach Socialism By Joe Larson Congratulations America: Today there are over 10,000 openly marxist professors and thousands of humanist professors controlling the universities and colleges that produce America’s teachers and other […]

Greatest Hits: Intrusive Common Core Questionnaire

Intrusive Common Core Questionnaire:  And the government will never misuse personal information, would they? Here is a pic of a questionnaire sent home with a first grader.  The parent’s response indicates their opinion that it is part of common core. Sorry, but under common core, there is no privacy-only predetermined outcomes and attitudes, and millions of low information too dumb to realize that MSNBC is a propaganda outlet.

Greatest Hits: Common Core Math Assignments; Meant to Make People Stupid?

Common Core Math Assignments; Meant to Make People Stupid?:  Public schools dumbing people down?  It’s more likely than you think… Take a look at this common core math assignment and ask yourself if it is intentionally meant to make children stupid… Mina Boyd, whose kindergartener came home with a Common Core math workbook this week, noticed her daughter’s unusual frustration regarding one lesson entitled “Count and Write 20.” “Count and tell how many pieces of fruit. Write the number,” the assignment asks. To Boyd’s surprise, the math problem only included 19 countable apples despite several surrounding problems correctly showing 20. […]

One Dad’s Awesome Response To School Principal Who Tried To Lecture Him

Hat/Tip to Oliver Darcy at The Blaze. The idea behind this letter might have been, at one time, penned in the best interests of the child. However, as government gets bigger and bigger, then you can begin to see the underlying condescension that this letter is virtually dripping with. Where the schools letter says, “The school district is not in the position of overseeing family vacations, or evaluating the educational nature of a family trip”, you can imagine the principal writing, “The school district is not in the position of overseeing family vacations YET, or APPROVING the educational nature of a […]

Grade School Student Is Asked What Our President Does, His Answer Is Epic

Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. Out of the mouths of babes… Who said that our kids are getting dumber? Sure, Common Core may have made a simple long division problem more complex than flying a Cessna, but this young student seems to have a bright career ahead of him in political science. Jaden R. was asked a few questions about the president on this simple test. He answered the first two perfectly, and the third one epically. “What is a president?” read the first question. “A president is a leader.” (Well, not so much these days, but we’ll give him […]

Are You Smarter Than A Common Core Fourth Grader?

  Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. “Are you smarter than a Common Core fourth grader?” That was a question posed by an Arkansas Mom after her son showed her that if he answered a math question with the simple, logical, two step answer and gave the correct number, he would still get it wrong, because he didn’t do the Common Core 108 step version of the problem. Yes. Really. Common Core is falling apart — and the people leading the charge to end the controversial education standard are often the parents of frustrated children. Karen Lamoreaux is one of those parents. […]

Jeb Bush: Common Core Transcript – CPAC 2015

  Jeb Bush provided talking points on Common Core today at CPAC 2015, and only talking points. His point? Common Core is not a “federal take-over, and it should not be a federal take-over.” Easy to say. Impossible to demonstrate. The federal government has no role in the creation of curriculum and content. The federal government should have no access to student I.D. or student information. ~ Jeb Bush Partial CPAC 2015 transcript follows some commentary directly below. The question for Jeb is, who is behind writing the standards? He wasn’t asked, but here is an answer: 2007, David Coleman and Jason Zimba found Student […]

LA Public School Teaching Kids “Allah Is The One True God”

Hat/Tip to The Israel Video Network and Breitbart. This is from a story in California, that happened late last year and the entire premise of this is unimaginable. Parents of a boy enrolled in Manhattan Beach Middle School are pulling their son out of class because the school is teaching children the tents of Islam, Los Angeles news station KTLA reports.  The father said, “The audacity of this school, to think that they can sit these children down and teach ‘em whatever religion they please; it’s preposterous. This is illegal, basically. You can’t teach religion in schools any more, but apparently, […]

It’s Good To Be The King: Obama Exempts Himself From “Free College” Tax…

It figures. Barack Obama’s communist proposal to tax your kid’s college savings account has an exemption — for Malia and Sasha Obama. One of the less talked-about proposals President Obama offered this week was to take away the tax-exempt status of 529 college savings plans. These very popular plans allow parents to defer income – before it’s taxed – into savings accounts to then be withdrawn, also tax-free, to use for qualified college expenses. I’ll dispense for the moment with the larger question of whether stuff like this represents a wise overall approach to the tax code (it doesn’t) and […]

How Obama Will Pay For His Plan For Free Community College

Well, this didn’t take long and certainly comes as no surprise. That is especially true if you have paid attention to how President Obama has conducted business during the first six years of his administration. He has acted like a typical liberal. When it doubt, always raise taxes. Never cut spending, never cut waste, always, always raise taxes. And that is exactly what he is planning to attempt in the last two years of his presidency. Do you remember his proposal for free community college for anyone who is willing to work for it? He actually described it as a […]

GOP CAVE: Cromnibus Will Not Include Relief From Michelle Obama’s School Lunch Program

Hat/Tip to Dr. Susan Berry at Breitbart. Even though millions of kids and parents across America have rejected it, and countless nutritionists, health care workers and school officials hate it as well, guess what? Good ‘Ole Johnny Boehner has given President Obama everything he wanted, even this crap. Though school officials, nutritionists, parents, and students have decried First Lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch program, the $1 trillion CRomnibus (part “continuing resolution” and part “omnibus”) does not include relief from the unpopular meals standards after all. Waiver? They don’t need no steenking waivers!! Daren Bakst at The Daily Signal notes that the spending […]

Colorado High School: Students Recite Pledge of Allegiance In Arabic – ‘One Nation Under Allah’

Hat/Tip to Rick Wells at GOPTheDailyDose. When will the moon-battery ever end?? The principal at Rocky Mountain High School in Fort Collins, Colorado, is facing a hailstorm of criticism from some very angry parents and residents. The school recites the Pledge of Allegiance weekly, on Mondays. Last Monday, a member of their “Cultural Arms Club” led the student body in an Arabic version of the pledge, replacing the words “under God” with “under Allah.” But the principal says his school isn’t pushing any agenda, Arabic or otherwise. Principal Tom Lopez denies any attempt to push an Islamic agenda, saying, “These […]

Second School In As Many Weeks In Wisconsin Boycotts First Lady’s School Lunch Mandate

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers and WSAW. Looks like our elitist, mastermind First Lady just can’t quite get all of America’s kids that, darn it, she knows best! (WSAW) –  Many Marathon middle school students are fed up with their school lunch program and Thursday organized a boycott of the school lunch program to show their disapproval of federal lunch guidelines. In lieu of heading through the lunch line Thursday, students brought packed lunches. Students at Venture Academy said they’re simply not getting enough to eat during school lunch. “Lately what I have noticed with our school lunches is probably the portions. […]

Obama Releases First Gitmo Detainee Since Bergdahl Trade, Had Been Classified As “Too Dangerous To Release”

First Terrorist Released From GITMO: Fawzi al-Odah Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.  So, even though Twitter tells of this terrorist’s release before it’s even ANNOUNCED – that doesn’t mean he still has ties to an active terror network. Wait…, WHAT? Now that this will be stopped come January(one hopes), expect a flood of Gitmo releases. Fox has also reported that somehow, a spokesman of Al Qaeda’s Khorasan group(that group the Obama regime is saying is ‘so dangerous’) became aware of this release before it happened, since the spokesman tweeted out a congratulations to the family of al-Odah before the release was even […]

Richard Stockton State College Wants to Add an Atlantic City Casino to Their Campus

Their students already enjoy the five-star amenities of Galloway Township’s Seaview Resort. Now the ivory tower geniuses at Richard Stockton State College believe a shuttered Atlantic City casino is just the thing to round out their Leisure Studies department. Richard Stockton College may buy one of the now shuttered Atlantic City casinos, according to a published report. The Press of Atlantic City reports that Mayor Don Guardian said Wednesday at an economic forum that Stockton is interested in purchasing the former Atlantic Club or the Showboat. A Stockton representative confirmed to the Press of Atlantic City that the college is […]

MUST SEE VIDEO: Tennessee High School Senior Student Decimates Common Core

Hat/Tip to Mr. Viral News. Such wisdom at so young an age. He has a bright future ahead of him, and this young man, and many more like him will be the turning point that helps us to get rid of Common Core. Tennessee high school senior student decimates Common Core. His name is Ethan Young and he is a senior. He presented his case at the Knox County School Board regular meeting on November 6, 2013.   . . . .

Ol’Remus On Funding Schools With Property Taxes

  Ol’Remus of the Woodpile Report has some interesting thoughts on who should have the right to vote on school taxes; i.e.; property taxes. In my opinion, the tax on inheritance and the tax on property are the two most draconian taxes we are obligated to pay. I’ll be interested in your views on the opinions of Ol’Remus. ********** The entire staff of the Woodpile Report, and his cat, held a closed door meeting—on account the bugs were flying—at the Woodpile Report Global Headquarters and Jiffy Screen Door Repair, … um,Compound. The proposal was adopted unanimously, surprising none of the […]

Common Core Idiocy: 3rd Grade Math is Purposely and Overly Complex

Common Core, when it is not indoctrinating children with Marxist ideology, makes math problems complex to the point of being incomprehensible.  Here is an example I found on Facebook… Why take a simple math problem, and make it more complicated that need be?