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40,000 Voters Registered in both Virginia and Maryland, but there’s no voter fraud!

“What voter fraud?” That’s the question every liberal throws at anyone who even hints at wanting voter ID laws. “It’s crazy,” they say “voter fraud is so rare, why do we need voter ID laws? That only keeps minorities away from the polls.” Um, wrong and wrong. There is voter fraud and voter ID laws do NOT keep people away from the polls. A crosscheck of voter rolls in Virginia and Maryland turned up 44,000 people registered in both states, a vote-integrity group reported Wednesday. And that’s just the beginning. “The Virginia Voters Alliance is investigating how to identify voters […]

Election 2012: Communist Party Thrilled That Obama Won

But at least he’s not a Communist, right?  Apparently, the CPUSA (Communist Party USA) thinks rather highly of the POTUS.  Not only did they endorse Obama, they are quite happy that he won.  Here is more, from The People’s World, one of the sites of the CPUSA… Though many of the state margins were narrow President Obama ran the table winning every swing or battleground state with the possible exception of Florida where votes are still being counted as of 5:30 this morning. President Obama also won the popular vote by 2 million votes.  The President won 303 electoral votes […]

Election 2012: America Votes for Free Stuff

President Obama has been reelected. Yes.  You heard correctly.  President Obama has been reelected. Four years of recession. Four years of scandal. Allies insulted. Enemies bowed to. Ambassadors killed and dragged through the streets. Debt increased by five billion. Obamacare set to take effect. All this. And America still reelected a small, petty, vicious man who makes Jimmy Carter look like George Washington. I for one welcome my new overlords in the mainstream media. I for one welcome my new overlords in the Death Panels. I for one welcome my new overlords in the Muslim world.  First amendment?  It insults Allah! […]

Election 2012: What Went Wrong?

So President Barack Obama won Election 2012. What went wrong? Some people will go small and point towards factors such as the Chris Christie and Colin Powell’s backstabbing, a chance hurricane, a weak third debate from Romney, Romney’s unforced Jeep mistake, or the power of the ground game. But I think the what went wrong is something much bigger than this. In my post Has America Passed the Point of No Return (ie, 50.1%+ Dependency on Government)? I quotes an article by John Hinderaker over at Powerline blog calledWhy Is This Election Close?: …On paper, given Obama’s record, this election should be a […]

Obama Wins Second Term: Some Quick Reactions

Well, I was terribly wrong. Barak Obama has won a second term as POTUS. While I think myself, and many of my fellow bloggers were correct about polls and enthusiasm, the Obama Campaign apparently were able to reach voters that were “under the radar,” and get them to the polls. While fraud was also likely a factor, solid evidence won’t likely come until well after the matter was decided. Also, the MSM had a role, as it had the entire first term. Especially when it came to the cover-up of the Benghazi massacre and FEMA’s failure in the aftermath of […]

Election Night Live Feeds Here! ABC, CBS, FOX: See Them all Here!

We’ve all been looking forward to this moment…the opportunity to see Barak Hussein Obama reduced to “Citizen Obama.”  For your viewing enjoyment, here are several live feeds for tonight’s election coverage… Youtube is handling the ABC/Yahoo News Feed… FOX News (via Hulu)… CBS (Via Ustream) Live stream videos at UstreamSadly, NBC appears to not have enabled something that could be embedded. Thanks for stopping here for your election night live feed!

Make the Right Choice This Tuesday: My Closing Arguments

In this election you have a choice- to vote to loot your fellow man in the hopes that some of that wealth may find its way to you, or to vote to elect moderate and responsible individuals who will limit the power of government so that you may live your life as the free and prosperous individual that God intended you to be. You see, God created you all free and equal, and then we all agreed to create a government that would protect our basic rights to life and liberty and  protect our property rights. Moderate and responsible men […]

Enthusiasm Gap? Obama Campaign Ends How it Started, In a Half-Empty Ohio Arena

When we say that Obama has an enthusiasm problem, we mean it.  In May, President Obama kicked off his campaign in a half-empty arena.  Breitbart has the pic… Barack Obama launched his campaign in unspectacular fashion today at Ohio State University, the largest college in the crucial swing state.  A photoposted to twitter by Mitt Romney’s campaign spokesman Ryan Williams reveals sparse attendance.  The above image, according to Williams, was taken during the President’s first official campaign speech.   According to the Toledo Blade, the venue for Obama’s rally seats 20,000 but “there were a lot of empty seats.” Comparatively, Obama drew a crowd of 35,000 at Ohio […]

Catholics for Obama Hold Rally: 45 Show up

Once again, going with the Democrat’s dearth of enthusiasm, Catholics for Obama held a rally, and only 45 showed up.  It seems that the Obama camp can’t even attract apostates!   The Gateway Pundit has the details… Catholic News Agency reported, via FOX Nation: “Their original intent was to have more of a rally element to it,” said Paul Alexander, director of Regis University’s Institute for the Common Good, which hosted the event. “We just felt we couldn’t do a rally, but we felt a healthy dialogue among Catholics was important.” About 45 people attended the Oct. 25 dialogue and small group discussion with Catholics for […]

Elizabeth Warren Rally, No One Shows Up

We’ve been talking about the enthusiasm problem that the Democrats are facing.  While Romney/Ryan events turn away thousands, Democratic events are smaller, and shrinking by the day.  The latest example comes from the People’s Republic of Massachusetts, where Elizabeth Warren held a rally, and no one seemed to show up. But, this isn’t simply a story about the growing enthusiasm.  No, it’s also about the media bias that hides the enthusiasm gap.  Legal Insurrection has the  pic and video.  First up, the media coverage of the event… Worcester Mayor Joseph Petty and five former mayors of the city gathered in front […]

Voting Machines in Kansas and Ohio Change Romney Votes to Obama Votes

Early voting seems to have a purpose after all-to discover that voting machines are changing Romney votes into Obama votes.  As if by magic, of course.  the Lonely Conservative has more… Has anyone heard of any instances of voting machines erring on the side of Mitt Romney? I haven’t. Everything I’ve heard is about voting machines changing votes for Romney into votes for Obama. It’s still going on. According to the Marion Star, early voter Joan Stevens tried to cast her ballot for Mitt Romney, but the machine kept defaulting to Barack Obama. “Upon selecting ‘Mitt Romney’ on the electronic touch screen, […]

More Reasons for the Obama Campaign to Panic? Collapse and Impending Doom on Election Day?

Yesterday, we discussed that the Obama Campaign’s allocation of funds and resources indicated that they are panicking, using scarce resources in places that a democrat incumbent should never have to defend this late in the game.  Today, however, even more indications of collapse and impending doom came to light. Reason for Panic 1:  Dwindling Crowds at Obama Events… In a related presidential campaign rally in Commerce City, Colorado, former President Bill Clinton was the designated cheerleader to speak to the gathered faithful. However, the rally, held at a Commerce City High School, wasn’t “optimal,” to use a phrase from President Obama. The school extended the […]

How can we Tell That the Obama Campaign is in Panic Mode?

There are some subtle, or not so subtle, signs that the Obama campaign is in panic mode.  Two stories covered that today.  The first is from Da Tech Guy… I have been telling you for a while that the best way to determine what is happening is what people are saying, vs what people are doing. Yesterday I was listening to Rush on a Minnesota radio station because all the local stations were all Sandy all the time and what did to my wondering eyes did appear but news of Bill Clinton going right there. Now let’s be clear, There is […]

Passive Romney Misses Chance to Seize Victory in Third Debate? My Notes and Observations

Approaching this third and final Presidential Debate in 2012, I am led to believe that the challenger Mitt Romney needs to score a victory in this debate and appear to voters as more competent and Presidential and a better Commander-in-Chief than President Obama. The media is in the bag on this one and will score a tie or even an Obama loss as an ‘Obama win’, and President Obama has the advantage of being able to tout over and over that ‘he killed bin Laden’, so Romney faces some formidable challenges. The President has access to information and can use […]

Third Presidential Debate Live Feed: October 22, 2012

Here is the live feedfor the third, and final debate between President Barak Obama, and his challenger, Governor Mitt Romney. Feel free to comment on the results, and we’ll have ongoing coverage.

Apparently, the Obama Campaign is Accepting Foreign Donations

In a story that DIDN’T break, the Obama Campaign was caught accepting foreign donations.  The NY Post has more… The Obama re-election campaign has accepted at least one foreign donation in violation of the law — and does nothing to check on the provenance of millions of dollars in other contributions, a watchdog group alleges. Chris Walker, a British citizen who lives outside London, told The Post he was able to make two $5 donations to President Obama’s campaign this month through its Web site while a similar attempt to give Mitt Romney cash was rejected. It is illegal to […]

Lee Iacocca Endorses Romney

Lee Iacocca, champion of the Ford Mustang and the Chrysler minivan, and long-time Democratic supporter, has endorsed Mitt Romney.  Human Events has more… After a lifetime of voting for and supporting Democrats — and even declining appointment to the U.S. Senate from a Democratic governor — Lee Iacocca Thursday endorsed Republican Mitt Romney for president. The blessings of the onetime Chrysler chairman are expected to help Romney in two highly competitive states: Pennsylvania, where the 88-year-old Iacocca was born and raised and is still widely respected, and in Michigan, where Iacocca rose to become a major figure in the auto […]

And Then There Was One …Debate That Is. What Will Obama’s Strategy Be?

The Romney campaign team are rightfully feeling good about their chances of winning now that the first two presidential debate and the VP debate are behind them.  The polls are very favorable. So, going into next Monday’s debate on foreign affairs, Romney would appear to be in the driver’s seat. All indications are that only a very serious misstep could stop Romney from a  victory on November 6, only three weeks away. Being a foreign affairs debate, and considering the fiasco of the events leading up to the terrorist attack on our consulate in Benghazi, Libya (inadequate security) and the […]

Presidential Debate Live Feed: October 16, 2012

Here is the Presidential Debate Live Feed: This one ought to be interesting in terms of how Obama adjusts to his failure in the first debate.  Then, we also have to see if CNN uses plants to ask questions, or will they simply structure the debate to favor Obama? There’s only one way to tell, which is to watch the debate!

The Farce of the Vice Presidential Debate: My Notes

Okay, I turned in to the Vice Presidential Debate late (9:06) because I was watching a stupid movie (Easy A), but here are some of my thoughts and notes, as I wrote them while I watched the debate… The first question that I heard was the moderator passing judgement on Paul Ryan and Mitt Romney as to their timing of their response to the murder of our Ambassador. Then she allowed Uncle Joe to cut off Representative Ryan, and asked him to elaborate further and in detail about all the reasons why Paul Ryan was a liar. Why do Republicans […]

Post Vice Presidential Debate Wrap-up: Biden’s Grins, Ryan’s Math

I have to admit that writing about the debates is sometime’s difficult.  For one, I already know the facts, so I don’t need convincing of anything.  Secondly, the debates are not meant to convert Obama voters to Romney voters or vice-versa.  The base of each party already know what they are doing on election day.  So then, the debate needs to be framed from the perspective that independents or undecided voters need to be swayed.  There are still a lot of people that rely on the MSM for news, so this might be the first time that people have heard of Ryan, other than […]

Romney Demolishes Obama in Debate 1: Reality Wins over Myth

This debate has the potential to be the game-changer that Romney needs. Trailing by over 3% in the polls based on the RealClearPolitics average and needing something more than a tie or marginal win that would likely only narrow the polls, Romney delivered a game-changing performance and changed the narrative of this election in the first debate. President Obama has attempted to make this election into some sort of class warfare or blame Bush election- but Governor Romney was successful in this debate into making this election into a decision on whether or not to continue Obama’s policies or change […]

Presidential Debate: Live Feed

Here is the live feed link for the Presidential Debate this evening.  It’s Mitt Romney, the Republican challenger, vs. Barak Obama, sitting President of the United States. Note:  The Conservative Hideout is not responsible for fits of anger, rage, vomiting, or general nausea generated from watching the embedded feed. Here is the live feed link for the Presidential Debate this evening.

November 7, 2012 _ Romney Wins By A Landslide!

In the interest of sanity, I felt compelled to find something up-lifting to write about today. In spite of the left stream Media’s consistent predictions of an Obama win in November, the reports of Romney’s political death are premature. I think it is not out of the realm of possibilities  that Mitt Romney will win by a landslide. A landslide to me would have Romney at 55%, Obama at 41%, and Gary Johnson at 4%. believe it or not, I have some support for being so optimistic. A dear commenter here at CoF left a link to this Business Insider article that […]

Obama: 90 Days And A Wake-Up

Clint Eastwood Makes Romney’s Day With Endorsement “I think the country needs a boost,” Eastwood told The Associated Press … Face-to-face Report On Young Obama’s Faith In A Coming Communist Revolution The biggest threat to American national security since 1941? The President of the United States.  And so …  Tyranny Watch: House Passes Bill Eliminating Senate Approval of Presidential Appointments By a vote of 261-116, the House of Representatives passed a bill rewriting Article II of the Constitution and divesting the Senate of the power to accept or reject the appointment of many presidential nominees. Protesters Chicken Out: Chick-Fil-A ‘Kiss in’ […]

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