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Amazing Feats of Dexterity: MSNBC Host Chris Hayes Conducts Interview with his foot in his mouth.

Nevada Assembly Woman Michelle Fiore was at the Bundy ranch in Nevada and happened to be interviewed by MSNBC host Chris Hayes. Folks, let me tell you – this was better than any episode of Celebrity Death Match. Fiore was fierce, remained composed and never once took the bait of the left’s talking points. Despite Hayes’ repeated attempts to steer the conversation towards painting rancher Cliven Bundy as a criminal, Fiore stood her ground and gave better than she got. She stuck to her original premise that not only is the amount allegedly owed in question, and additionally where does […]

Crises Response by Two Presidents: A Look Back

As we head into the new year, with an eye on the upcoming, all-important mid-term elections, let’s take a look back at how two different presidents handled a crisis, shall we? These events are separate; each having their own hurdles and problems, but both tied to the same geographic area. On one hand, we have President George W. Bush and one of the major crises of his administration – that would be Hurricane Katrina. And on the other, we have President Barack H. Obama and his response to the Gulf Oil Spill. On April 20, 2010 the deep water oil […]

Truckers to ‘Shut Down America?’

I caught this over at The Freedom Outpost.  I thought I’d share it here… According to There is a Facebook page called “Truckers to Shutdown America.” This is one of the messages they posted: My fellow patriot this effort is to support the truckers in a major shut down of America ion [sic] a 3 day strike October 11th thru 13th. Obamacare will be in effect and most people will be ready to take action. No commerce on those days stock up on items that you will need. No banking no shopping no money transactions. It does not matter […]

Obama/Holder’s War on Small Business and Their Gestapo Like Tactics

Last year on the campaign trail, Obama let his slip show when he said that if you owned a small business, you didn’t build that. With absolutely zero experience in the private sector, our president has no idea what it means to risk your own, hard earned money, time and good name to start a business. Being steeped in the politics of Marx, Obama actually loathes folks that have made it on their own, with no help or thanks from the federal government. His education in Alinsky’s tactics, the MSM’s blind devotion and a dumbed-down electorate have all come together […]

Is the Obama Administration Selecting Generals Based on Whether or not They Would Order Soldiers to Fire on US Civilians

You might want to sit down for about 20 minutes and watch this video. This strikes me as being part of a larger play. We’ve been informed that we are potential terrorists.  And, if you want the military to fire on US civilians civilians, it’s a lot easier to shoot at terrorists.  It’s easy to vilify and dehumanize potential terrorists.  Of course, the MSM has helped tremendously, as it’s easy to kill KKK, racists, Nazis, and teabaggers. I hope this is wrong, but based on what we know of Obama, it is completely plausible. H/T: Moonbattery

Is it Time to go Galt? Some Simple Ways to Avoid Feeding the Beast

Since our Republic is essentially on it’s deathbed, and Obama’s hand is poised on the plug for the final pull, many are contemplating their role in the new order.  Do we quietly acquiesce, and accept our enslavement, or do we try to sabotage the nanny state by refusing be be sucked dry?  Well, there is a way to legally and ethically resist the beast-it’s called “going Galt.”   If you are unaware  “going Galt” is a reference to Ayn Rand’s prophetic novel, Atlas Shrugged, in which the producers in a future America tire of being vilified and robbed by a nanny state.  Their response […]

This Regulation Nation Will Explode Under An Obama Second Term

Americans are learning more about the “fiscal cliff” approaching at the beginning of next year, when tax rates for families and small businesses are set to spike and new taxes in President Obama’s health-care spending law take effect. But unless there’s real change in Washington, we’re also headed for a steep “regulatory cliff” that could compound the damage. The above quote is a warning from Ron Portman in an opinion piece he wrote for the Wall Street Journal this past Thursday. This article is worth a read because he talks about a number of stifiling regulations that the Obama administration has put […]

FDA Spying on it’s own Employees? It’s what Big Government Does

Perhaps the most useful tidbit of information I picked up in my entire fours years of undergrad was the following… The first function of any bureaucracy it self-perpetuation.  In other words, forget if anything actually get’s done, or if millions, if not billions of dollars go “poof,” the first thing that any bureaucracy does is to keep itself going.  And when power, and therefore the “system” is threatened, there is a reaction.  And, that reaction rarely results in making things better, rather, it is intended to cover up something that makes the “system” look bad and/or incompetent. For the latest […]

The power still resides in the people…see the Founding Fathers

Last week the constitution and our individual liberties took a beating.  Rumors that Justice Roberts switched his position because of pressure from outside forces are beginning to surface.  If this is the case, and John Roberts caved because he feared how he and the court would be perceived by the left, then we are in deep trouble as a nation.  Supreme Court Justices must remain above opinions of both the left and right and examine the law strictly based on its constitutional merit.  They must do this without fear of reprisal.  This is why the founders established life time appointments […]

Bubble, Bubble, Toil and Trouble

My apologies to William Shakespeare whose famous line from Macbeth was: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. The intent of both lines is to create a sense of doom. There was a time, it doesn’t seem so long ago, when the word “bubble” brought to mind visions of our childhoods when we would see who could blow the biggest bubble or just make bubbles and try to catch them. Today, the word “bubble” first brings to mind the housing bubble bursting in 2008, from which our people and our nation still suffer. We have seen many economic bubbles in the past […]

Washington County (PA) Children and Youth Services Accused of Abetting Child Abuse and Neglect

What happens when children are abused, neglected, and sexually exploited?   If the allegations are true, not much, if Washington County Children and Youth Services are involved.  WTAE in Pittsburgh has more… Channel 4 Action News’ Paul Van Osdol obtained court documents detailing cases of kids living in filth and a teenage girl moving in with a Megan’s Law offender. A 6-year-old boy was found on a cold February morning in the middle of the road outside his parents’ house in New Eagle, Washington County. “He had on a T-shirt, a diaper. He was covered in feces. His hands and […]

I’m Talking To You – Treasury Secretary Geithner admits he doesn’t have a plan…

choice of two futures

Paul Ryan’s budget was passed in the House, but Majority Leader, Harry Reid made damned sure that it didn’t pass his Senate because HE has a budget of his own that he wants..huh? He doesn’t have a budget to submit, but President Obama’s budget got shot down 97-0??! Wow, what a uniter in chief we have; but has anyone pulled him aside and explained that bipartisan efforts work best when it gets your legislation passed, not when it gets your legislation thrown on the floor and walked all over. Oh. Well then he obviously is just going to use continuing […]

Blog Focus: How Feminism Works

The Other McCain has an incredible post, dissecting feminism, and exposing how the left that uses it for their own rather nasty purposes. “The quintessential example of this is of course Ted Kennedy, whose career stands for the proposition that you can allegedly assault women and even leave a woman to die and be reelected for eternity so long as you vote the right way. “That is to say, for all of the left’s bleeding-heart smugness about ‘good intentions,’ they’re remarkably bottom-line on this: So long as you support abortion and the rest of their packet on social issues, your actual intent when calling […]

Bill Whittle Explains Obama’s Re-Election Fund…


Bill Whittle does it again. I really like the no-nonsense way he explains things and this newest video of his is no exception. Take the 6 minutes to watch it, it is well worth it, my friends and if you ask me, it ought to be played for every new Senator and Representative before they are even allowed to vote on one single thing.  

Some thoughts from the cheap seats on congressional insider trading


The one thing that has always rubbed me the wrong way is when a group of people are exempt from the same rules that apply to the rest of society. You see this time and again when members of congress exempt themselves from the laws they craft for the general public.  I’m sure I’m not the only person who feels this way.  At one time in America success or failure was based on our abilities and effort as long as there was equal opportunity and the rules applied to all.  If you had an idea, a marketable skill, or a […]