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Supposedly Pro-Life Senator Votes to overtun Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby Ruling

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. “Pro-life” Senator Votes To Overturn Hobby Lobby Ruling In 2010, Joe Manchin (D-WV) was elected to the United States Senate. Like all politicians, he promised a lot. Here is an ad he ran for that election cycle. “I’ll take on Washington, and this administration to get the federal government off of our backs and out of our pockets. I’ll cut federal spending and I’ll repeal the bad parts of ObamaCare.” – Joe Manchin, 2010. Well evidently not the part where Hobby Lobby is concerned because he voted to overturn the recent Supreme Court ruling that allowed businesses […]

Planned Parenthood caught giving award for most abortions

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers. Planned Parenthood Gives Worker Award For “Exceeding Abortion Visits”…   Former Planned Parenthood director, Abby Johnson was shocked to see that her employer would have quotas on the number of abortions performed. Yes, the same Planned Parenthood which in the past said it wants abortions to be safe, rare and legal. Riiigghhht. Via former Planned Parenthood director Abby Johnson: Ever since I left Planned Parenthood, I have been talking about the abortion quotas that are established inside abortion facilities.  Many abortion supporters refused to believe it, citing that surely Planned Parenthood wants abortion to be safe, legal […]

Kermit Gosnell … One Year Later

It’s been a year since the conviction of Kermit Gosnell. He is the late term abortionist who made millions of dollars murdering new born babies, “providing a service needed by women” as one liberal contended in the comments section of one of my posts last year. I think that Karnamaya Mongar would disagree with that lunacy, but she isn’t available for comment. Anyway, before I get off into a rant about how the liberal argument and those who put them forth are ignorant beyond belief I’m just going to highlight some of the “services” Mr. Gosnell was providing … Via: 1) A young woman […]

12 Year old Child Destroys Abortion Arguments

Here is the video of a 12 year old child destroying most every abortion argument. Waiting for her to receive death threats in 5, 4, 3 , 2, 1…

Displaying Liberal Hypocrisy: Abortion or Aspirin?

Sometimes, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Take this one, that I have titled, Abortion or aspirin? So, in the liberal zone, you can kill a baby, and tell no one.  To take an aspirin?  That requires a mile of red tape!

Insane Feminist Amanda Marcotte: Compares Babies to Cavities, States They Are ‘Time-Sucking Monsters’

If there is anything positive about the slide of our society into complete degeneracy, it is that the leftists are less inclined to hide their agenda, or the thinking behind it.  Here is what deranged feminist, Amanda Marcotte, has to say about it.  Lest there be any doubt, Amanda Marcotte really hates pro-lifers. In a two-part rant posted March 14 and 17 on Raw Story, the morally challenged feminist writer attacked pro-lifers as “consummate liars,” “anti-choice kooks” with “boring,” “half-baked nonsense” and “shit arguments.” But Marcotte’s hate doesn’t stop at pro-lifers. It extends to the babies they want to protect. […]

Parents Arrested for Forced Abortion to Cover up Incest With 11 Year Old Daughter

This is a story of incest and abortion, and how abortion providers are the child-rapist’s best friend.  First off, a couple were engaging in incest that resulted in the impregnation of their 11 year old daughter.  Life News has more… A grand jury has indicted parents of an 11-year-old girl in West Virginia who were arrested after arranging for an abortion following a case of pregnancy after incest. West Virginia State Police say they consented to the abortion and the abortion clinic in question didn’t report the abortion to authorities. Michael and Amanda Adkins were arrested on charges of child […]

Abortion Barbie, Wendy Davis, Wins Primary, But Fails to Win a Single Vote in 22 Texas Counties

Wendy Davis, often referred to as “abortion Barbie,” due to her great love of killing babies, won the democratic primary in Texas.  However, there are some ominous undercurrents… LAREDO, TEXAS–Texas Democratic gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis woke to some unsettling numbers along the Texas/Mexico border today. Of the 14 counties along the Rio Grande, Davis lost seven—including heavily Hispanic Webb and Hidalgo Counties. Davis Challenger Reynaldo “Ray” Madrigal’s prediction may have come true to an extent—Wendy has a pro-life Catholic problem and may not hold the support of motivated Latino voters by default.    Based on unofficial vote tallies by county, […]

Margaret Sanger and the Negro Project Update: 72% of All Abortions in Mississippi Performed on African Americans

As we covered the other day, the laughter you hear from the cheap seats in Hell is Margaret Sanger.  And she’s laughing today because her project to exterminate the black race, continues to make progress, as evidenced by the fact that 72% of all abortions in Mississippi are performed on blacks.  CNS News has more… ( – Although whites outnumber blacks in Mississippi by nearly 2-to-1, 71.67% of the babies aborted in Mississippi are black, while 26.6% are white.Based on data published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), 39,052 black babies were killed by abortions in Mississippi […]

‘After Birth Abortions’ Proposed in Ethics Journal

This isn’t the first time that “after birth abortions” have been proposed, just another in a line.  Take a look at this, from Chicks on the Right. According to this, two philosophers named Alberto Giubilini and Francesca Minerva (henceforth to be referred to as G&M) have written a piece published in the Journal of Medical Ethics, which is entitled, “After-birth abortion:  why should the baby live?”  After-birth abortion is, of course, the killing of a baby AFTER IT IS BORN.  This is what these philosophers are justifying.  And here are a few of the arguments they use: 1.  Both fetuses […]

Margaret Sanger’s ‘Negro Project’ Has Turned the Corner, More Black Babies Aborted Than Born in NYC

As is well documented, Margaret Sanger, the founder of the organization now known as Planned Parenthood, was a strong believer in eugenics; the idea that humanity could be perfected by selective breeding.  Part of the eugenic process was to “weed out” what the eugenicists saw as “inferior races.”  To this end, Margaret Sanger proposed the “Negro Project,” through which the “black race” would be “eradicated,” or “eliminated.”  And, true to the stated intent of Margaret Sanger, most Planned Parenthood facilities are located in minority neighborhood, and black babies are aborted at a higher percentage than that of the African American […]

‘It was a money-grubbing, evil, very sad, sad place to work,’ States Former Planned Parenthood Worker

We know quite a few things about Planned Parenthood: 1.  Planned Parenthood kills babies…lots of them. 2.  Planned Parenthood was founded by Margaret Sanger. 3.  Margaret Sanger proposed the “Negro Project, with the stated intent of “exterminating” the “black race.” 4.  Consequently, the majority of Planned Parenthood “facilities” are located in minority neighborhoods, and black babies are aborted at a rate higher than their percentage of the overall population. 5.  We are supposed to believe that this is a complete coincidence. Thanks to a former employee of Planned Parenthood, we know quite a bit more about them.  Marianne Anderson was […]

Pro-Life Groups Now Boycotting the Girl Scouts

As has been reported over the last few years, the Girl Scouts have become increasingly influenced by both feminist ideology, as well as having a partner in the baby killing empire known as Planned Parenthood.  Here are some related posts… Just in Case There Were Not Enough Reasons to Pull Your Daughter From the Girl Scouts Girl Scouts Supporting Abortion? Story Update: A Catholic Church Bans Girl Scouts for Association With Planned Parenthood Are the Girl Scouts Still the Girl Scouts? Or are They the Newest Indoctrination Machine? Girls Scouts March in SF Gay Pride Parade As you can see, […]

March for Life Ignored by Media

As usual, a story that does not fit the narrative did not get covered by the MSM.   Thousands of people attended the March for Life last week, and the coverage was non-existent.   Adrienne has video… I guess saving babies from death is not relevant.   The March for Life will continue, no matter how hard it’s ignored.  

The left’s war on women

We’ve heard for years the asinine claim that Republicans and conservatives have been leading a “war on women” … or a “war on women’s rights”.  Pro-abortion folks as well as liberals have the propensity to deflect or misdirect attention from abortion, always referring to “women’s health” or “women’s reproductive rights” or “women’s right to choose”.  None of those terms apply to abortion. In truth the pro-abortion crowd and liberals have been waging a genuine war on women and a war on children. With each abortion a death takes place. The pro-abortion crowd vehemently resist educating women so they can make […]

Celebrate Life

Barack Obama celebrates the deaths of about 57 million babies today.  He makes one of the most hypocritical statements I’ve ever read …  “Because this is a country where everyone deserves the same freedom and opportunities to fulfill their dreams.”  thousands of people from across America are gathering in Washington D.C. in the bitter cold to participate in the March for Life. I got the idea to post these pictures from The Foundry. I asked permission to repost their article but sometimes with the “important sites”,  a humble blogger like myself can’t even get a response, you know, they’re way too busy doing important stuff to answer a […]

41 Years of Abortion

Abortion is not a cheerful topic, to be sure, but we are just about to pass the 41st anniversary of Roe v. Wade, the court case that legalized abortion. H/T: Chicks on the Right

Simple Questions About Obamacare

To the American Left, please answer a few questions about Obamacare. How can the ACA be so good when it is going to drive tens of millions of Americans out of their existing coverage when the employer mandate kicks in?   What about the mandate forcing folks to act against their faith? Their 1st Amendment rights are violated under the ACA by making contraceptives, sterilization and aborto-facient drugs are mandatory for employers to provide.   What about the over 20 new taxes that are hitting the American people for a half a trillion dollars? These are levied against medical innovators, […]

Baby Reaches Out From Womb Holds Doctor’s Finger

I find myself forced to apologize to liberals as I know they will find the following offensive. Via: Photo of Baby Reaching Out From Womb During C-Section Goes Viral A new photo of a baby reaching out of the womb and holding a doctor’s finger during a Caesarian section delivery has gone viral and is being passed around Facebook by tens of thousands of people. A Phoenix-area couple took the picture during the delivery of Nevaeh — Heaven spelled backward — and a local news report says even the physician and hospital nursing staff were surprised by what unfolded. […]

Just in Case There Were Not Enough Reasons to Pull Your Daughter From the Girl Scouts

We’ve covered before that the Girl Scouts are not the family oriented organization that it once was.  Considering that they are promoting Wendy Davis, the Texas state legislature member who did a filibuster to keep babies dying, I see no reason to change my assessment.   Life News had more… Who should young girls grow up to be like? If you listen to the Girl Scouts, the answer is apparently they should aspire to become Wendy Davis, the state legislator whose sole claim to fame is standing up against a bill to stop abortions all the way to birth in […]

Someone Understands why Margaret Sanger Started Planned Parenthood!

This person knows why Margaret Sanger started Planned Parenthood, and why most abortion clinics are in minority neighborhoods. I believe the liberals call the extermination of blacks “progress.” H/T:  Liberal Logic 101

This is Liberalism: Pro Abortion Crowd Attacks Praying Men Protecting a Church

OK, consider the following… 1.  A large group of men stand vigil outside a church to guard it from vandalism. 2.  They men do nothing more than pray, and block access to a cathedral from topless feminists that want to kill babies, and vandalize the church. 3.  The feminists attack the men. 4.  The men continue to pray, and do not retaliate. That did happen in Argentina.  Here is the video, from Life News… Now, considering all of this, any liberal will tell you that the Christians are the hateful ones. Remember that we are now in an age where […]

Meet Melissa Ohden, Abortion Survivor, Liberals Wish She Were Dead

Melissa Ohden survived her mother’s attempt to kill her.  This is her story… We know that leftists have made death threats against other abortion survivors, so I would imagine that it won’t be long until she receives them, if she hasn’t already . Let’s take a moment and review some basic facts… 1.  Democrats resist efforts to give basic human rights to babies that survive abortions. 2. The Democrats took a snooze when the “chamber of horrors” that was Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic was exposed. 3.  Democrats resist efforts to protect the rights of workers that REFUSE to kill babies, […]

Abortion Workers on Video Discussing Stabbing Babies Skulls

This is chilling.  Take a look at the video, ans how they discuss the abortion procedure. ALBUQUERQUE, NM, November 14, 2013 ( – A worker at an Albuquerque late-term abortion facility told an undercover reporter that stabbing an unborn child’s skull with a needle is “the most humane” way to assure the baby’s demise. The unnamed counselor works at Albuquerque’s Southwestern Women’s Options, one of the few facilities in the nation to perform abortions in the third trimester. The process lasts one week and costs $8,000. “Every week that goes by, the fee goes up by another $1,000,” a worker […]

Woman Gives Birth in Club, Stuffs Baby in Toilet Tank and Returns to Party: ‘Pro-Choice Poster Child!’

You can’t make this stuff up, sadly.  A very pro-choice woman may face the death penalty for refusing allow giving birth to interfere with her busy party schedule. On Monday, Northampton County Magisterial Judge David Tidd ruled that Amanda Catherine Hein should go on trial for criminal homicide. Hein was charged in August after a baby’s body was found in a restaurant toilet. Police say that the 26-year-old Allentown, Pa. resident suffocated her baby with a plastic bag and then put the baby in the tank of a toilet in the woman’s restroom inside Starters Pub in Lower Saucon Township. […]