Greatest Hits: Common Core Math Problem Blasted by Parent


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Common Core Math Problem Blasted by ParentTypical regressive action: overly complex and leading to a false conclusion. 

Common Core seems to be uncommonly stupid.  As social media allows the distribution of the nonsense, more and more Americans are finding out that the only thing common about the core is that it’s intrusive, nonsensical, and full of propaganda.  For the latest, here is a parent’s response to an overly complicated math problem…

Of course, practical reality has nothing to do with education.  In fact, I believe that is intentional.  Reality doesn’t cooperate with the regressive agenda.  Common Core should be called Common Corpse-at least Obama would get it.


Greatest Hits: Obama Arbitrarily Bans Veterans From Owning Guns


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Obama Arbitrarily Bans Veterans From Owning Guns: Constitution, we don’t need no stinking Constitution” – Barak Obama’s magic pen.

gun control camp

Apparently, “due process” in the US has been replaced by the pen of Barak Hussein Obama.  Ordinarily “due process” is required to deprive someone of their rights.  The idea is that government is not the granter of human rights, but the protector of rights endowed by our creator.  So, there has to be a legal process and a sound rationale for restricting the rights of an American citizen.  Unless, that is, you are a veteran in Barak Hussein Obama’s  Amerika, and you own guns. Fire Andrea Mitchell has more…

Constitutional Attorney Michael Connelly writes for Red Flag News:

How would you feel if you received a letter from the U.S. Government informing you that because of a physical or mental condition that the government says you have it is proposing to rule that you are incompetent to handle your own financial affairs? Suppose that letter also stated that the government is going to appoint a stranger to handle your affairs for you at your expense? That would certainly be scary enough but it gets worse.

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What if that letter also stated: “A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition. If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L.No. 103-159, as implemented at 18, United States Code 924(a)(2).”?

That makes is sound like something right from a documentary on a tyrannical dictatorship somewhere in the world. Yet, as I write this I have a copy of such a letter right in front of me. It is being sent by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs to hundreds, perhaps thousands, of America’s heroes. In my capacity as Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation (USJF) I have been contacted by some of these veterans and the stories I am getting are appalling.

The letter provides no specifics on the reasons for the proposed finding of incompetency; just that is based on a determination by someone in the VA. In every state in the United States no one can be declared incompetent to administer their own affairs without due process of law and that usually requires a judicial hearing with evidence being offered to prove to a judge that the person is indeed incompetent. This is a requirement of the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution that states that no person shall “… be deprived of life, liberty, or property without due process of law…”.

Once again, it is apparent that due process of law now resides in the pen of Barak Hussein Obama.  In the most basic sense, this administration is saying to our returning service people…

Thanks for your service, and F**K YOU!

Linked by IOwnTheWorld, thanks!


Greatest Hits: How to Disarm an Armed Attacker


How to Disarm an Armed Attacker:  I know there are fellow Conservatives that will ask, Why are you ever unarmed,” but let’s face it, you can’t carry everywhere…

I saw this video recently via a friend on Facebook, and thought I might share it here.  It is always possible that you might be attacked by an armed criminal, especially in a democratically controlled anti-gun area.  So, here is the video.

Of course, there are no guarantees, but this is better than having sudden onset inter-cranial lead poisoning.


Unbelievable: Feds Complicit In Illegal Border Smuggling Tunnel


View of a trans-border tunnel and wagons


Hat/Tip to

Gee, I wonder if Obama’s DHS is turning a blind eye to the drug smugglers so that they can earn a spot on the “Shroom Gang”?


tunnel_230769kLast week, Rep. Matt Salmon (R-AZ) joined Sean to inform him of a sophisticated illegal smuggling tunnel built at the Arizona-Mexico border. According to Border Patrol agent, Chris Cabrera, the agency was aware of the tunnel (and wanted to patrol it), but were told not to by their superiors.

Below is Rep. Salmon’s letter to DHS secretary Jeh Johnson which details his concerns about the tunnel:

Secretary Johnson,

Recently, Arizona’s largest cross-border smuggling tunnel was discovered in Naco, AZ. According to news reports, this tunnel is one of the more highly sophisticated smuggling tunnels, replete with hydraulics, ventilation, and lighting systems.

Unfortunately, the existence of this tunnel does not seem to have been brought to light by federal law enforcement agencies. Rather, it appears that the discovery of this sophisticated tunnel was merely a byproduct of a traffic-stop-turned-drug-bust by a local law enforcement officer.

With this in mind, I was quite alarmed to hear the testimony given by Border Patrol Agent, Chris Cabrera, on March 17, 2015 in a Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs hearing. In this testimony, he said: “our intel knew for some time that that tunnel was being used and that we should patrol that area more aggressively.” To my amazement, he went on to say that Border Patrol agents were not allowed by management to work in or patrol that area.

I am very concerned that such extensive and sophisticated infrastructure was—and presumably continues to be—built and operated right beneath our feet without action being taken by federal law enforcement. Furthermore, I am deeply concerned by the allegations that management within Customs and Border Patrol had intelligence indicating the existence of this tunnel and did not allow our agents to work or patrol the area.

With these concerns, it is imperative that we learn more about the investigation that ostensibly would have taken place on such an expansive and sophisticated tunnel. Unfortunately, my office has yet to receive a satisfactory answer as to what kind of investigations have been done to determine to the extent possible what dangerous items, materials and/or individuals were transported through that tunnel and into our communities.

During the course of my own investigation, I learned that at least one local landowner is being pressured to sign forms that would allow access to a portion of his/her land that the tunnel runs under in order to fill it with concrete. Without information as to the extent of your agency’s investigation, this is very alarming as destroying the tunnel would make it seemingly impossible to conduct additional tests and complete a thorough investigation.  With this in mind, I ask:

Has this tunnel been thoroughly tested for evidence of the transport of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons?

Has DHS conducted a forensic study to learn where the materials for the tunnel were procured and, if possible, by whom?

Have investigations been conducted to determine whether or not foreign agents of terrorism have used the tunnel to enter the United States of America?

Have investigations been conducted to determine what intelligence federal law enforcement had and when they had it?

Have investigations been conducted to determine whether Border Patrol management did in fact restrict the access of Border Patrol agents around the area of this tunnel?

Will you act immediately to ensure that this tunnel is not destroyed or otherwise altered until we can ensure that proper investigations of this tunnel have been completed?

I firmly believe that the American people deserve answers, especially those families and communities whose safety is directly impacted.  I sincerely hope that you will join me in calling for the delay of any measure that would destroy the tunnel or cause evidence to be altered until the Department of Homeland Security and the American people receive answers. I thank you for your assistance in this matter and look forward to your timely response.


Matt Salmon

Member of Congress





SMOKING GUN: New Documents Tie Obama And Senate Democrats Directly To The IRS Scandal


judicial watch papers


Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal.

Why can’t the leadership in the GOP be more like Judicial Watch/

Thanks once again to Judicial Watch (and no thanks once again to the feckless boobs in the Republican leadership), conservative pundit Wayne Root just connected the dots that link Senate Democrats and the White House directly to the IRS scandal.

The entire article is worth reading, but the short version is as follows: Root was targeted for audit in 2011, disputed the findings in Tax Court, and won in 2012. Only five days later, Root was again targeted for a separate audit, an unprecedented step.

Judicial Watch took Root’s case and after the traditional, illegal withholding of evidence for over a year, finally secured documentation of the audit. Stunningly, a “random audit of small businessman” was marked “SENSITIVE CASE” with no other explanation.

Written in the margin of Root’s case files were IRS documentation of the taxpayer’s political views; the agent “wrote on my file that he spent many hours on the Internet researching the political views of Wayne Root.”

In a free and fair society IRS agents don’t spend hours researching a taxpayer’s political views. Not unless they are looking to destroy the taxpayer based on orders from above.

…Wait. It gets better.

My IRS files state that a United States senator from Oregon was involved in my tax audit. At the time both senators from Oregon were Democrats. So now we can prove it was a political witch-hunt directed or coordinated by high-level Democrat politicians.

Why would any U.S. senator be involved in a random taxpayer’s IRS audit? Why would an Oregon U.S. senator be involved in the audit of a Nevada small businessman? Could it have been Oregon Sen. Ron Wyden? After all he was at the time Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee with oversight over…the IRS…



This email indicates that a senator from Oregon was somehow connected to Wayne Root’s audit. Screenshot courtesy of Judicial Watch



…This email indicates that a congressional office was requesting information about Wayne Root’s tax audit. Screenshot courtesy of Judicial Watch…

…Why would any senator from either party be involved in a “random IRS audit” of an individual taxpayer? Isn’t that illegal? Doesn’t it violate my civil rights? It’s certainly beyond the scope of the duties of a U.S. senator.

Unless the Obama White House asked him to get involved.

But wait. We’re not done yet.

The date my case was closed is perhaps the most damning piece of evidence. The IRS auditor told my attorney that a top IRS official called to demand my tax audit be closed immediately. That was May 2013. Does that date sound familiar?

My case was closed – on short notice – the very week that IRS official Lois Lerner testified about the IRS scandal in front of Congress (and plead the fifth so as to not incriminate herself).

…Who asked the IRS to target Wayne Root? Who gave the IRS agent permission to call Wayne Root when the top IRS investigator claims that never happens? Who asked the Oregon senator to get involved in my audit? Why was a top IRS official interceding in my case? Why was it marked “SENSITIVE”?

This conspiracy goes directly to the Obama White House. I’m not just any conservative media personality. I’m President Obama’s Columbia College classmate (Class of ’83) [and] one of Obama’s loudest critics. It appears my criticisms hit close to home. I got under Obama’s skin. And someone in Obama’s White House either called that U.S. senator to try to destroy me; or perhaps directly ordered my attacks at the hands of the IRS and then called the Oregon senator to coordinate and oversee the attack.

One thing is now clear: I was the victim of a widespread politically-motivated criminal attack by the IRS.

My files have been turned over to U.S. Senate investigators. I stand ready to testify in front of the US Senate.

On a scale of one to 10, mathematicians have yet to define a number high enough to represent the criminality of the Democrat Party.





GOP Rep Introduces Bill To Gut EPA

Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas) introduced the Wasteful EPA Programs Elimination Act, which he said is a money-saving measure, citing a Heritage Foundation forecast that it would save $7.5 billion over 10 years

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and Timothy Cama at The Hill.

It may pass, but it’ll never get signed by Obama.

A House Republican wants to cut 13 programs at the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), including all of its grants and its ability to regulate ground-level ozone and carbon dioxide.

Rep. Sam Johnson (R-Texas) introduced a bill, the Wasteful EPA Programs Elimination Act, which he said is a money-saving measure, citing a Heritage Foundation forecast that it would save $7.5 billion over 10 years.

“As a fiscal conservative, I believe Washington should be respectful of taxpayers’ dollars and live within its means,” Johnson said in a Thursday statement.

“American taxpayers certainly don’t need to be paying for the EPA’s empty and unused buildings and its wasteful programs,” he said. “This bill does right by the hardworking folks in my district and across the country and is part of my ongoing effort to get our fiscal house in order.” 

The measure would force the EPA to close all of its field offices, sell or lease certain properties, cut various climate change programs and stop its environmental justice activities.

It would also stop the EPA from regulating ground-level ozone and from limiting the greenhouse gas emissions from vehicles and power plants, the subject of the most controversial EPA programs recently.






100 Years Of The Income Tax At A Glance


Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal.

Courtesy of Americans for Tax Reform comes this visceral evidence of government’s endless growth; in good times and bad it grows. It never shrinks. Like a bad rash. Or a tumor.



Which reminds me of the question that Democrats have refused to answer for well over 100 years: how do we know when the government has done growing?

What is their endgame? When will we know their massive government has reached its Utopian completion?

Cue the crickets.





Shaneen Denise Allen Granted Pardon by Governor Chris Christie


Last summer, the CH 2.0 covered the story of Shaneen Denise Allen, who committed the unpardonable sin of being honest and hardworking, which caused her to run afoul of the New Jersey authorities.  Here is some coverage at that time from out contributor, Chris Wysocki.

Shaneen Allen is no dangerous criminal. She’s a single mom working 2 jobs who’s already been robbed twice while traveling alone at night in Philadelphia. Her family suggested that she carry a gun for protection. She took a gun safety course, applied for and was granted a concealed carry permit, and bought a gun.

Then she made the mistake of driving into New Jersey.

Now she’s going to prison.

Allen said that she didn’t know her permit didn’t apply to New Jersey so when she was stopped for a minor traffic offense she told the police about her gun and her permit to carry. In this case, being honest may have cost her.

“The judge tried to tell me that telling the truth messed me up, my life up and the cop said the same thing. Me opening my mouth and speaking out he said I’m one out of ten people that spoke up and was honest and that got me in trouble,” she said.

Allen was charged with unlawful possession of a weapon and possession of hallow-point bullets which were in the gun. Under New Jersey gun laws, the illegal possession of a gun is a second-degree felony which holds a minimum sentence of three-years in prison.

I hope all you moms demanding “gun sense” are happy. Because your draconian gun laws are working. They’re taking dangerous criminals like Shaneen Allen off the streets, and leaving her kids to fend for themselves.

Now, Ms. Allen has some justice, for after nearly a year of legal wrangling, and quite a bit of time in jail,  governor Chris Christie gave her a full pardon.  The Daily Caller has more…

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Thursday pardoned Shaneen Allen, an African-American single mother from Philadelphia who was arrested last year in New Jersey for bringing a handgun into the state even though she was permitted to carry it in Pennsylvania.

Christie signed the pardon at noon Thursday: “I, Chris Christie, governor of the State of New Jersey, by virtue of the authority conferred upon me by the Constitution of the State of New Jersey and the statutes of the state, do hereby grant Shaneen Denise Allen, a full a free pardon for all criminal charges and indictments arising from the arrest occurring October 1, 2013 to include the aforesaid crimes, and this order is applicable solely to said criminal charges and indictments, and to no other.”

Luckily for Ms. Allen, justice did work for her.  Sadly, it took all of this time to rectify it.  For once, I applaud Governor Christie, who I usually have little use for.  This time, however, he was on the right side of the issue.


Organized Cheating Revealed: 11 Atlanta Area Teachers Found Guilty of Racketeering


In the public schools, it seems that that when the going gets tough, the tough cheat!

ATLANTA — Eleven former Atlanta public school educators were convicted Wednesday of racketeering for their role in a wide-ranging conspiracy to inflate scores on students’ standardized tests.

Only one teacher was acquitted of all charges. The 11 convicted represented teachers, testing coordinators and other administrators who were accused of participating in the conspiracy dating to 2005, motivated by pressure to meet federal and local standards to receive bonuses or keep their jobs in the Atlanta Public Schools district of about 50,000 students.

Only one teacher was acquitted of all charges. The 11 convicted represented teachers, testing coordinators and other administrators who were accused of participating in the conspiracy dating to 2005, motivated by pressure to meet federal and local standards to receive bonuses or keep their jobs in the Atlanta Public Schools district of about 50,000 students.

A state investigation in 2011 found that educators gave answers to students or changed answers on tests after they were turned in. Evidence of cheating was found in 44 schools with nearly 180 educators involved, and investigators found teachers who tried to report it faced retaliation.

There’s your regressive-run public education system for you!  Is it just me, or is this training for regressive election tactics?  I mean, if you can win the vote legally, why not vote multiple times, or have a bunch of dead folks vote?

NOTE:  Don is having some technical problems, so I’ll be at the helm for a little while.  I really don’t have a lot of time, but I’ll do my best to get content up on a regular basis.

H/T: Wounded American Warrior


You Might Be A Terrorist If…

TSA agent thwarting yet another terror attack…

Hat/Tip to

Yawning, whistling, or clearing your throat… who knew?

A confidential Transportation Security Administration (TSA) document gives officers suspicious things to look out for in travelers, according to a new report.

The document lists “signs you might be a terrorist,” which include exaggerated yawning, excessive complaints about the screening process, excessive throat clearing, widely open staring eyes, wearing improper attire for location, whistling as the individual approaches the screening process, gazing down, exaggerated or repetitive grooming gestures, face pale from recent shaving of beard and rubbing or wringing of hands.

“So, if it’s a 6 a.m. flight and you’re excessively yawning, the TSA may look at you unfavorably and consider you a terrorist,” Clayton Morris said on “Fox and Friends Weekend.”

Read the full story here.





School Tells Second Grader: Shave Your Head Or Get Suspended

7 year old forced to shave head
Second Grader Adam Stinnet was told by his school to shave his head or be suspended

Hat/Tip to WeaselZippers.

This is one of those cases of PC gone mad. I believe this school district and, in particular this principal will live to regret their actions.

A second grader in McMinneville, Tennessee has been forced to shave his head after his principal said his “military” haircut wouldn’t be allowed in class.

According to Adam Stinnet’s parents, the seven-year-old boy got a “high and tight” haircut to imitate his brother, a soldier in the Army who has served in Afghanistan. Just one day later, on March 9, the family received a letter from the principal saying the boy’s new look violated a school rule against “mohawk haircuts and other extreme cuts.”

His parents disagreed and sent Adam to school again without cutting his hair. This time, his mother, Amy, was summoned to meet the principal in person, and was told that until Adam’s hairdo changed, he would not be allowed back in class.

Deciding that the hair wasn’t worth having Adam suspended, Amy decided to give in.

“I did shave his head,” Stinnett said Thursday, according to the Army Times. “With no hair, he looks sick all the time.”

But Adam’s mom didn’t let it end there.

Amy took the story to the local press, and it has since snowballed to receive national attention.

The local school district has since been in damage control. A Wednesday press release denied that either the district or Bobby Ray have a policy banning military haircuts. However, the district has refused to comment on the specifics of Adam’s case.

Here is the school’s contact info:

John R. (Bobby) Cox, Ed. S.

Director of Schools

(931) 668-4022

Warren County Board of Education

2548 Morrison Street

McMinnville, TN 37110

Read the full story here.






The Grinch Who Stole Taxmas: Obama Axes Free Tax Prep Help For The Poor


obama grinch


Hat/Tip to Cardigan at

But the Dems are for the poor, the little guy!!! That’s what the libs ALWAYS tell us….

Obama Kills Program That Helped Poor File Taxes, Sends $$ To Liberal Groups

The Obama administration has quietly killed an IRS tax preparation program designed to help low-income and disadvantaged citizens, choosing instead to give millions of dollars to liberal groups for the same purpose.

Without fanfare, the administration has closed down the free walk-in services at hundreds of taxpayer assistance centers around the country.

Administration officials are now trying to steer the “face-to-face” help to volunteer community groups, some with political ties. But one undercover inspection of those groups in 2013 revealed a 49 percent error rate.

Enjoying bipartisan support, the tax centers had provided service to low-income and disabled citizens, rural dwellers and citizens not proficient in English. Workers earning $49,000 or less got free face-to-face help from IRS employees.

Read the full story here.





Netflix: Hey, We Didn’t Want Net Neutrality To Apply To Us, Just All Those Other Guys




Sorry Net Neutrality knuckleheads, don’t say we didn’t warn you. But now it’s too late to be complaining about how when the jackbooted thugs of the FCC take aim at the internet they’re gonna squash your hopes and dreams too.

Exhibit A: Netflix! They got what they wanted, except they’ve decided they didn’t really want what they got.

Netflix CFO David Wells, in comments at an industry conference, said the company’s preference was that broadband Internet service should not be regulated by the U.S. government as a telecommunications utility — appearing to backtrack on Netflix’s previous stance on the issue, although the company later said that its position remained unchanged.

Last year, Netflix urged the FCC to reclassify broadband as a telecom service, under Title II of the Communications Act. In a July 2014 filing, Netflix said that “Title II provides [the FCC with] a solid basis to adopt prohibitions on blocking and unreasonable discrimination by ISPs. Opposition to Title II is largely political, not legal.”

But Wells said that the FCC’s adoption of Title II regulations covering broadband was not, in fact, Netflix’s preferred outcome. On Wednesday, Wells — speaking at the 2015 Morgan Stanley Technology, Media & Telecom Conference in San Francisco — said that, while the streaming-video company wanted to see “strong” net neutrality measures to ensure content providers would be protected against ISPs charging arbitrary interconnection fees, Netflix ultimately wanted the situation resolved without government intervention.

“Were we pleased it pushed to Title II? Probably not,” Wells said at the conference. “We were hoping there might be a non-regulated solution.”

Translation? We didn’t expect the FCC to regulate us, just all those other guys.

Yeah, tough noogies numbnuts. The Title II ship has sailed, thanks in no small part to you and your company’s mendacity. You asked for it, you got it. Now live with the consequences.

Speaking of “consequences,” here’s Exhibit B: 5G wireless services were specifically designed to prioritize different classes of data. Now, of course, such a rollout runs smack-dab into the Net Neutrality mavens’ silly “no fast lanes” mantra.

Net neutrality and 5G may be on a collision course as the mobile industry tries to prepare for a wide range of mobile applications with differing needs.

The net neutrality rules passed by the U.S. Federal Communications Commission last week have raised some eyebrows at Mobile World Congress this week. The full text of the rules isn’t public yet, but mobile movers and shakers are having their say. The latest questions involve 5G, the next-generation standard that everyone here is trying to plan for.

The most common thing they think 5G will have to do is to serve a lot of different purposes. Regulators’ attempts to ban “fast lanes” and other special treatment might make that impossible, people who’ve been thinking about 5G said Wednesday.

Industrial sensors, self-driving cars and other emerging uses of the Internet have needs that can’t be met by a general-purpose network, Ericsson Group CTO Ulf Ewaldsson said during a panel discussion. That’s driving a global discussion on a so-called “industrial Internet” alongside the regular Internet that’s grown up around the Web and other consumer activities, he said.

Regulatory efforts like the FCC’s rules don’t see a distinction, Ewaldsson said. He didn’t slam the agency for this but said the mobile industry needs to do a better job of explaining what it’s trying to do. Most importantly, it’s not trying to block or throttle people’s access to the Internet, he said.

Gee, a law written in 1934 isn’t compatible with the technology of 2015. Who’da thunk it! And when it turns out that government is incapable of accommodating nuance, yeah that’s not exactly a News Flash either. Except, maybe, to the starry-eyed utopians who put their faith in bureaucracy instead of the free market.

Now there is a federal agency involved, and it has a bunch of power that it didn’t before. Good luck to Mr. Ewaldsson. Good luck to Netflix. Good luck to Google. Good luck to the Electronic Frontier Foundation. Good luck to the Progressive Policy Institute. Good luck to the Internet Society. You made your bed. Now lie in it.

Smiling-Reagan-Cowboy-HatHere’s where I remind you turkeys of Ronald Reagan’s wisdom:

“The nine most terrifying words in the English language are ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help.'”

Welcome to the party boys.




If You’ve Ever Wondered What The Internet Looked Like In 1934, You’ll Love ObamaNet

ObamaNet 1934
ObamaNet circa 1934

Obama’s FCC really did it. They really voted to regulate the internet. They dusted off a 1934 law used to rein in Ma Bell and said those rules need to apply to your home broadband connection in 2015.

Forward, into the past!

Forget visions of “half fast” internet. Those days are gone now.

Henceforth the internet will run at the speed of government.

And the government will decide who can connect.

The government will decide how you’ll connect.

A bureaucrat will determine if your internet usage is in “the public interest.” And fine you if it isn’t.

How many of you are old enough to remember when the FCC regulated telephone service? I am.

We could have any kind of telephone we wanted, so long as we wanted a black rotary dial desk phone.

We could call anywhere in the world we wanted, so long as we scheduled all “long distance” calls in advance and paid upwards of $20 per minute.

And we could connect anything we wanted to our telephone line, so long as we submitted it to the FCC first so they could “certify” it, a process that typically took dozens of years.

In 1982 Judge Harold Greene nuked the FCC’s control over the telephone system. He ordered the breakup of AT&T, and he initiated a technological open season which in a few short years brought us the iPhone, FiOS, Wi-Fi, Google, Amazon, and yes, the internet as we knew it.

Yes, knew, past tense.

Because today Barack Obama’s lackeys on the FCC turned back the clock. The internet will henceforth be classified as a “telecommunications service” as defined in Title II of the Communications Act of 1934.

Back in 1934 telegrams were what passed for email. Back in 1934 the computer hadn’t been invented yet. Back in 1934 a Sears Catalog was as close as anyone got to online shopping.

By invoking that archaic law, the FCC gave itself broad power to control every aspect of your internet experience. To pick the websites you’re allowed to visit. To restrict which devices can be attached to your home network. To block “harmful” protocols like bittorrent. And of course to restrict anonymity via internet drivers licenses.

My friends, this is tyranny, pure and simple. And it came at the direct orders of Barack Hussein Obama.

Oh, and one more thing today’s action gives the FCC — the power to tax the internet. Ever notice the lines on your landline phone bill for “Universal Service Fund” and “FCC Subscriber Line Charge”? Go look for them. Look at how much of your bill they represent. Then get ready to see the same charges on your internet bill, because the main thrust of Title II isn’t regulation. Oh sure, Title II gives the FCC the authority to regulate. But it also gives the FCC the ability to impose fees on regulated “telecommunications services.”

Fees, just another name for “taxes.”

Barack Obama loves taxes.

Once the government imposes a fee it takes an Act Of God to rescind it. Did you know that until 2006 you were paying a 3% surcharge on your phone bill? And you’d been paying that 3% surcharge since 1898 when it was imposed “temporarily” to help pay for the Spanish-American War? That was one of those “tax the rich” chimeras by the way. Back in 1898 only “rich people” had telephones.

It took 108 years to get rid of that “temporary” tax.

Wanna bet FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has a similar plan to tax your broadband service so he can give internet access to everybody who signed up for an Obama phone?

Welcome to ObamaNet. Where your home page defaults to MSNBC, and no, you can’t change it.





7 Reasons Net Neutrality Is a Threat to Your Freedom

Photo courtesy of Bob Mack via Be Sure You’re RIGHT, Then Go Ahead



Hat/Tip to Nick Sanchez at Newsmax.

Obama is bound and determined to heap the damage onto America as fast as he can before he is forced out of office on Jan 20, 2017. This time, he’s using the Democrat-controlled FCC to do his bidding.

The FCC’s Democrat majority voted on Thursday to fix something that ain’t broken by approving new regulations for the Internet. Republicans are dissenting, darkly suggesting that the new rules in government hands are a threat.

The commission’s chairman, Tom Wheeler, said the new rules will ensure net neutrality by barring Internet service providers like Comcast from charging companies like Netflix for priority data transmission. Considering that ISPs don’t do this, and currently treat all data transmission equally, Rep. Darrell Issa, R-California, accused the FCC of trying to “fix something that is far from broken.” 

Here are seven reasons why Net Neutrality is bad for America and bad for you and are a direct threat to your freedom.

1. The FCC’s new rules are a heavy-handed government takeover of the Internet.

Under the new rules, broadband Internet is classified as a public utility for the first time ever. This gives the government wide control of private companies like Comcast, Verizon, and Time Warner Cable, reducing their incentives to invest in their respective networks. Without this investment, broadband technology will develop more slowly, and prices will be higher for consumers.

2. Net neutrality subsidizes large companies like Netflix and Facebook who don’t need it.

In November, it was widely reported that Netflix alone accounts for over 35 percent of all Internet traffic in the US. If broadband providers were able to charge Netflix a small fee for the high volume of data they send, they could pass that money onto consumers in the form of lower monthly bills.

3. The new rules subvert democracy and the will of the people.

CBS News reported that two in three Americans are opposed to the idea of government regulating the Internet. Other polls show that opposition to net neutrality is even higher.

4. The new regulations will stifle free speech.

obama turns interenet off

Lee E. Goodman, former chairman and a current commissioner of the Federal Election Commission, told Newsmax TV that a government takeover of the Internet will chill political speech.


“The government will regulate the content — and specifically the political content — that the American people can both post online to express their own political opinions, and the political content and information that people can access from the Internet,” said Goodman, who was appointed to the FEC in 2013 by President Obama.

5. The rule-making process was corrupted by the White House.

President Obama and White House staffers used backchannel meetings to pressure chairman Wheeler into creating the strongest possible net neutrality rules over the more moderate approach he originally intended. In this way, the White House operated “like a parallel version of the FCC itself,” The Wall Street Journal reported.

6. The commission’s vote wasn’t transparent.

The new set of rules ushered in by Thursday’s 3-2 vote were not provided to the public for comment. Ahead of the vote, one of the agency’s five commissioners, Ajit Pai, tweeted a picture of the 317-page plan that he was barred from showing the public. Even after the vote, the rules will not be published publicly for many days.


7. The new rules will hurt the right to privacy, and further empower the federal government to spy on its citizens.

After Edward Snowden leaked the NSA’s secret PRISM surveillance program in 2013, it became clear that the federal government is interested in snooping around in the private affairs of its citizens. Now that the federal government controls the web, its ability to spy will only increase.





How to Disarm an Armed Attacker


I saw this video recently via a friend on Facebook, and thought I might share it here.  It is always possible that you might be attacked by an armed criminal, especially in a democratically controlled anti-gun area.  So, here is the video.

Of course, there are no guarantees, but this is better than having sudden onset inter-cranial lead poisoning.


Because Tom Wheeler Wasn’t Smarter Than Steve Case, Obama Will Tax And Destroy The Internet


obama turns interenet off



Today Barack Obama’s hand-picked FCC chairman laid out his rational for taxing and regulating the internet. It’s because AOL’s Steve Case ate his lunch back in the 80’s.

I personally learned the importance of open networks the hard way. In the mid-1980s I was president of a startup, NABU: The Home Computer Network. My company was using new technology to deliver high-speed data to home computers over cable television lines. Across town Steve Case was starting what became AOL. NABU was delivering service at the then-blazing speed of 1.5 megabits per second—hundreds of times faster than Case’s company. “We used to worry about you a lot,” Case told me years later.

But NABU went broke while AOL became very successful.

Steve Case built a better mousetrap. Tom Wheeler went into government.

Vengence is mine, sayeth the Obamabots.

Tom Wheeler failed at business. So he’s going to punish everyone who has managed to succeed.

That’s the whole story. Sour grapes. Because the thing is, the problem Tom Wheeler’s 1980s company encountered won’t be alleviated by his definition of Net Neutrality.

My proposal will modernize Title II, tailoring it for the 21st century, in order to provide returns necessary to construct competitive networks. For example, there will be no rate regulation, no tariffs, no last-mile unbundling.

Can you guess what NABU needed to make its cable internet venture successful?

Last mile unbundling.

Tom Wheeler needed the government to seize the private property of cable operators to make his dreams a reality. He needed free access to the wires coming into your house so he could put his magic gizmos on them. The very thing he’s saying he won’t demand.

But the fact remains, he didn’t want to pay for those wires. He didn’t want to rent those wires. He wanted them to be handed to him, on a silver platter, for free.

So why isn’t he now requiring last mile unblundling as part of his Net Neutrality initiative?

Because regulating the internet is only the first step. Nationalizing the internet is his, and his president’s goal. Total government control of what you download, what you see, and where your surf. For your own good, of course.

We used to call that censorship. Now it’s called Obamunism.

Imagine if the internet was an actual highway. (Remember Al Gore and his “information superhighway?”) Along the highway are billboards. Some of those billboards are bigger than others. Some are brighter. Some are closer to the road. Tom Wheeler’s billboard is in the next county. Nobody sees it. So his “solution?” Force you to drive on a 2 lane dirt road just so you do see it.

That’s Net Neutrality. Every billboard is equal.

Except, that’s not how America works.

Net Neutrality means everybody’s internet is equally slow.

You want to pay for faster internet? Sorry, you can’t. Because some schlub in Cleveland might be sad if he finds out his internet is slower than yours.

Adding insult to injury — the 16.1% tax Tom Wheeler is going to impose on your monthly internet bill.

Think of of it as Obamacare for the internet. He’ll tax you to subsidize broadband for “the underserved.” I’ll leave you to imagine how the population of the underserved intersects with the population of slacker Obama voters.

They want free internet. And Tom Wheeler and Barack Obama want you to pay for it.

There’s the dirty secret behind Net Neutrality. You pay. Obamabots get free downloads.

And Tom Wheeler gets to use his government position to stick it to Steve Case’s progenitors, so he can exact his pound of flesh and pretend he “won.”

The thing is, Steve Case did more to build and perfect the internet than Tom Wheeler ever could. And in 1,000 years, when history looks back at this era, Steve Case will be lauded as a visionary, while Tom Wheeler and Barack Obama will be forgotten, if not vilified and ridiculed for their pettiness.

Small comfort, for sure, when you and I are writing the checks.




DHS to Police Departments: Support Amnesty, or Else!


It seems that DHS is telling local PD’s…

That’s a nice police department you have there, be a shame is something were to happen about it.

Gateway Pundit has the details…

Sheriff Justin Smith from Larimer County Colorado posted this tonight on his Facebook page:

I received a very interesting veiled threat letter from Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of Homeland Security addressed to all police chiefs and sheriffs around the country.

His letter made it clear that if Congress didn’t send President Obama the DHS funding bill that he wanted (rubberstamping the president’s executive amnesty), local and state public safety agencies would not receive federal grants they were counting on because the president would veto the DHS funding bill.

Let me get this straight – the president believes he has the authority to nullify federal laws that don’t serve his personal agenda, but if Congress dares to exercise it’s responsibility of controlling the purse strings, he will willingly hold public safety grants hostage just to get his way?

We know that Obama is a rather feckless and vindictive President.  If this report is true, it can be stacked on the stack of evidence that proves that very point.