Common Core Math Assignments; Meant to Make People Stupid?


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Take a look at this common core math assignment and ask yourself if it is intentionally meant to make children stupid…

stupid common core

Mina Boyd, whose kindergartener came home with a Common Core math workbook this week, noticed her daughter’s unusual frustration regarding one lesson entitled “Count and Write 20.”

“Count and tell how many pieces of fruit. Write the number,” the assignment asks.

To Boyd’s surprise, the math problem only included 19 countable apples despite several surrounding problems correctly showing 20.

“They ask her to count and write 20. So she counts, counts again, and again, and says ‘mom, there’s only 19,’” Boyd explained on a Facebook post.

According to Kyle Olson, founder of the Common Core watchdog site Education Action Group, the workbook is produced by a well known publisher with deep Common Core ties.

“The lesson is part of a “Go Math” Common Core-aligned curriculum published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,” Olson noted.

And there you have it.  Government organized  stupidity inflicted on your children, at your expense.


Fourth Grade Common Core Assignment Uses Adultery as Topic


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As time wears on, we see more and more examples of exceptionally inappropriate Common Core assignments.  Here is the latest, because all fourth graders need to know about how daddy got busted in adultery. 

“Making inferences is a skill with which students often need much practice.” So begins the syntactically challenged introduction to a series of Common Core-related educational materials at a site called

The worksheets and the site were created by Donald Morton, who — judging from the photograph accompanying the bio under “About” — is a cat. He is also, he informs the visitor, “a prolific online reading, language arts, and teaching enthusiast. Holding a B.A. in English from Northern Illinois University, and as a masters of arts candidate at Northeastern Illinois University, Mr. Morton has been immersed in the higher study of the reading and language arts for the last decade.”

Common Core seems commonly horrific.  Then again, it is a government program.  And, not only is it ia government program, it is run by democrats.  Consider that an amplifier of the failure.


Common Core Math Problem Blasted by Parent


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Common Core seems to be uncommonly stupid.  As social media allows the distribution of the nonsense, more and more Americans are finding out that the only thing common about the core is that it’s intrusive, nonsensical, and full of propaganda.  For the latest, here is a parent’s response to an overly complicated math problem…

Of course, practical reality has nothing to do with education.  In fact, I believe that is intentional.  Reality doesn’t cooperate with the regressive agenda.  Common Core should be called Common Corpse-at least Obama would get it.


Intrusive Common Core Questionnaire


Here is a pic of a questionnaire sent home with a first grader.  The parent’s response indicates their opinion that it is part of common core.

Sorry, but under common core, there is no privacy-only predetermined outcomes and attitudes, and millions of low information too dumb to realize that MSNBC is a propaganda outlet.


Here is ‘Public Enemy Number One’ for Bill de Blasio


This is who Bill de Blasio hates…



Dark skinned children that can read…
Bill de Balsio hates it when they can read, write, and escape the regressive plantation, so he’ll close down their school.
You know, equality! Equally illiterate, equally unemployable, equally poor, and utterly dependent on democrat policies and programs! 
Don’t worry democrats, Bill de Blasio will make sure they stay right where you want them!  Those that don’t get aborted will never pose a threat!

H/T:  Moe Lane


Communist Mayor, Bill de Blasio, Targets Harlem Charter School


Like all good, white,  progressives, NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio heard that charter schools were successfully teaching dark skinned children how to read, so he’s trying to shut them down…

So, it comes as no surprise that another progressive socialist is attacking another school choice program, charter schools.

As John Fund reported in the National Review, “Last week, New York’s ACORN mayor Bill De Blasio announced he is evicting Success Academy, a widely praised charter school from the Harlem public school building it occupies. Two other charter schools will be blocked from opening. He claims elementary-school kids wouldn’t be safe in a building with high-school students. His excuse is as absurd as the propaganda Vladimir Putin is using to justify the occupation of Crimea.”

If I may put this into the vernacular, De Blasio is a liberal socialist racist jackass who is more concerned with supporting the corrupt teachers’ unions than ensuring deserving minority children can get a better educational opportunity. And don’t give me the blather about him being married to a black woman, obviously she is a progressive elitist who cares not for young black mothers who want something better for their children.

According to Fund, Danique Loving, the principal of Success Academy, notes that “one out of every four African-American boys who drops out of school ends up in jail. That’s what Mayor de Blasio would be focusing on if he were really worried about the safety of our students.” Eva Moskowitz, the CEO of Success Academy, showed up last night at the New York Meeting, a group of political activists and donors, to blast the de Blasio decision and announce she would lead a rally today in Albany, the state capitol, to protest it.

See, charter schools do what the public schools cannot and will not:  teach black children how to read and write. So, when progressives find schools that do that, they always seek to limit them, and then shut them down.  After all, they can’t have black folks getting off the plantation, can they?  As Frederick Douglass wrote in the 19th century, and I covered two years ago…

If you needed more proof, kindly considers what happens when a young black student “wakes up” to history, and has the temerity to quote Frederick Douglass, in the proper context…

Mr. Vargas is fortunate enough to have in his charge one Jada Williams, a 13-year-old eighth grader who voluntarily took on some difficult extra work: reading Frederick Douglass’s Narrative of the Life and writing an essay on the subject. Frederick Douglass is dangerous reading, truly radical stuff. Miss Williams, like most of the students in her dysfunctional school, is black. Most of the people being paid to go through the motions of teaching them are white. Coming across the famous passage in which Douglass quotes the slavemaster Auld, Miss Williams was startled by the words: “If you teach that nigger (speaking of myself) how to read, there will be no keeping him. It will forever unfit him to be a slave. He would at once become unmanageable, and of no value to his master.” The situation seemed to her familiar, and her essay was a blistering indictment of the failures of the largely white faculty of her school: “When I find myself sitting in a crowded classroom where no real instruction is taking place I can say history does repeat itself.”

Her teacher was so offended by the essay that she circulated copies of it to the rest of the faculty and to the principal. Miss Williams, an A student, suddenly began to receive Ds. According to accounts, her mother received harassing telephone calls from teachers who suggested that she was in some way disturbed rather than merely observant. She was forced eventually to withdraw from the school and enroll in an even worse one. (The Blaze has more.) (Emphasis added)

So, as you can see, the thought of black reading, using their talents, and taking their rightful place as citizens in a free society is terrifying to regressives.  So, we see this all over the US; progressives shutting down schools that make their slaves useless.  Bill de Blasio is just the latest example.

Middle School Girls in NY Forced to Ask for Lesbian Kisses as Part of ‘Anti-Bullying’ Lesson


school_crossing_signOf course, for the left, “anti-bullying” lessons would involve bullying children-it’s too predictable.  In a NY Middle School, 13-14 year-olds were forced to ask one another for a lesbian kiss, because that somehow prevents bullying.  Christian News, via Gateway Pundit has more…

A recent anti-bullying presentation at a middle school in New York that focused on homosexuality and gender identity has angered parents after their daughters have come home to tell them they were forced to ask another girl for a kiss.

According to reports, the session occurred last week at Linden Avenue Middle School in Red Hook, New York, near Poughkeepsie. A group of students from Bard College led two workshops for the youth, separated by gender.

During the workshop for girls, the 13 and 14-year-olds were told to ask one another for a lesbian kiss. They were also taught words such as “pansexual” and “genderqueer.”

Parent Mandy Coon told reporters that her daughter was very uncomfortable with the exercise.

“She told me, Mom, we all get teased and picked on enough; now I’m going to be called a lesbian because I had to ask another girl if I could kiss her,’” she lamented.

Coon stated that she was especially irate over the matter because parents were given no warning about the presentations, nor an opportunity to opt out.

Now, if Christians students were talking about Jesus, even if it wasn’t part of a curriculum, and a lesbian student felt “very uncomfortable,” it would be bullying, and the students involved would be censored, if not punished.  However, because the school district decided the indoctrinate children and desensitize them to homosexuality, it’s “education.”  And if they feel bullied by it, then they are bullies.

Oh, and you parents, you have no right to argue, complain, or open your mouths.  According to the leftists…

All your children are belong to us. 

Because the liberals say so!


Common Core Recommended Materials Contain Child Porn



Because, desensitizing everyone to adult-child sex makes it easier to accomplish, easier to evade capture for it, and easier to legalize it.  We have, ever since #FreeKate supporters promoted it, then denied promoting it, been covering the effort to legalize sex between adults and children.  In fact, Robert Stacy McCain has quite a few more posts on that topic that I.  Here are some recent efforts on his end…

She Craved the Taste of Boy Flesh

The UK Left’s Pro-Pedophile Past

Stacy has been covering teachers that have sex with students.   And, what if the curriculum pushed at the Obama administration, Common Core, had content that would desensitize children to pedophilia?  Well, that would make life for child molesting teachers (and other adults) all the easier.  Grumpy Elder has more…

Under Common Core this is the stuff we’re sending our lids to school to learn..  We could save a ton of money by firing   a bunch of teachers and driving the kids to an adult book store..

Following are graphic and explicit excerpts from The Bluest Eye, which is on the Common Core’s list of exemplar texts for 11th graders. If you are easily offended you may want to skip them and go straight to the story.  (Note from editor:  Even heavily edited, this is still very graphic.)

Pages 162-163:  “A bolt of desire ran down his genitals…and softening the lips of his anus. . . . He wanted to f*** her—tenderly. But the tenderness would not hold. The tightness of her vagina was more than he could bear. His soul seemed to slip down his guts and fly out into her, and the gigantic thrust he made into her then provoked the only sound she made. Removing himself from her was so painful to him he cut it short and snatched his genitals out of the dry harbor of her vagina. She appeared to have fainted.”


Page 174:  “He further limited his interests to little girls. They were usually manageable . . . His sexuality was anything but lewd; his patronage of little girls smacked of innocence and was associated in his mind with cleanliness.” And later, this same pedophile notes, “I work only through the Lord. He sometimes uses me to help people.”


So, would not the effect be two make it much easier for that teacher to target some student?  After all, the federal government approves it, right?

Oh, and in case you had forgotten, the former “safe schools czar,” Kevin Jennings, via GLSEN, had a rather banner list of books for kids to read as well. 

But don’t worry, any liberal out there will tell you that there is no effort to normalize pedophilia, and when even more evidence emerges, they’ll turn up the insults.


Wilson High School School Bans Pro-life Posters, Allows Pro-Gay Posters, Claims Thomas More Society



You might have guessed it, a public school banned students from putting up Pro-Life posters.  But, pro-gay groups were allowed.  The Thomas More Center states that this seems to reflect a pattern of discrimination. Here is more from them…

Wilson High School Discriminates Against Pro-Life Student Group February 19th, 2014 by

Thomas More Society and Students for Life of America call on school administration to respect students’ constitutional rights


(February 19, 2014 – Tacoma, Washington) Wilson High School of Tacoma, WA, has received a letter from the Thomas More Society, a Chicago-based public interest law firm, demanding that the school end its discriminatory treatment of a pro-life student group. Wilson Students for Life (“WSFL”), an affiliate of Students for Life of America, was established in the Fall of 2013 by freshman Bryce Asberg to “loudly proclaim the pro-life message.”  Since its founding, the group has faced constant hostility from the school’s administration, such as forbidding the group to hang its posters or host certain events, while other student groups have faced no similar restrictions. The school has until February 25th to respond to Thomas More Society’s demand to end its hostility towards Wilson Students for Life, which discrimination violates the federal Equal Access Act.

“Public schools have a duty to treat all student groups equally,” said Peter Breen, Vice President and Senior Counsel of the Thomas More Society.  “Wilson High School’s current policy allows administrators to censor any messages they deem ‘offensive’—in this case, any pro-life message—while allowing other groups broad freedom of speech.  The administration is violating the rights of the students involved in Wilson Students for Life, who do not lose their constitutionally protected freedom of speech when they enter the schoolhouse door.”

Asberg’s group selected two posters from the Students for Life of America website to promote its club.  In compliance with school procedures, they asked the administration’s permission to hang these posters.  The first read “Since Roe v. Wade 1/3 of our generation has been aborted” with a picture of a milk carton and the word “missing” above the photo of a baby. The second poster quotes President Ronald Reagan: “I’ve noticed that everyone who is for abortion is already born.”

The administration refused to give WSFL permission to hang the posters.  The administration stated that the school policy only allows posters that “do not offend staff or students, put others down if they have a different belief/opinion, or otherwise cause disruption.”  WSFL’s posters, the administration maintained, would violate this policy because they promote a message rather than solely promoting the group’s meetings.

Despite this policy, however, the administration has permitted the Wilson Gay Straight Alliance (“GSA”) to hang flyers, for example, promoting homosexual relationships by showing conjoined male symbols and conjoined female symbols and stating “Love knows no limits.”

After the administration’s denial of WSFL’s posters, school administrators met with Asberg and the other WSFL leaders to “give them advice” on how to best run their club.  Asberg said he left the meeting feeling like his group was encouraged to only host events after school, while other groups were allowed to do what they wanted during the school day.  For example, while GSA is permitted to hold a Day of Silence during the school day, the pro-life club was discouraged from doing so as their identical event would be “too controversial.”

“The Wilson High School administration cannot be allowed to trample on the constitutional rights of Wilson Students for Life,” said Kristan Hawkins, President of Students for Life of America. “Our pro-life students will not accept their right to free speech being taken away. Sadly, this case shows that viewpoint discrimination is alive and well in today’s schools and that administrators think they can still get away with it.  Students for Life of America is proud to stand with Wilson Students for Life to demand that the Wilson High School administration reverse their unjust decision and give equal treatment to all students and student groups, regardless of their views on abortion.”

The federal Equal Access Act requires that schools give each student group the same opportunities, without discriminating against any group.  In 2002, the United States Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit held that a Washington school which gave one group access to its bulletin boards must give that access to all student groups.  Moreover, a number of Supreme Court decisions, such as Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Sch. Dist., have held that students’ speech cannot be silenced simply because the administration has vague fears of disruption.

“Wilson Students for Life is passionate about the pro-life movement,” stated Bryce Asberg, Founder of Wilson Students for Life, “and we will continue to stand for life in our community. We simply desire to be allowed to express our views.”

The letter from Thomas More Society to Wilson High School is available here.

Images of Students for Life of America pro-life posters, which Wilson Students for Life requested to hang at their school:

Are we really surprised?  This reminds of of the concept “Repressive Tolerance,” in which reality is essentially evil, and must be repressed, which evil is to be not only tolerated, but celebrated.

Here are the posters in question…

H/T: Christian News Wire, via Truth Revolt


All Your Children Are Belong to us: The Sequel



Last April, I covered Melissa Harris-Perry’s comment that “All your children are belong to us,” and by “us,” I meant the state.  That stupidity, like all liberal stupidity, was repeated recently.  The Trifecta gang covered the state’s claim on our children…

Here is the reaction, and quotes I used in the post on Harris-Perry’s claim on children.

Now, this whole concept of children belonging to the “community,” read, the state, is not new at all. Here are some historical references…

When an opponent declares, “I will not come over to your side,” I calmly say, “Your child belongs to us already… What are you? You will pass on. Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp. In a short time they will know nothing else but this new community.”
Adolf Hitler
Speech November 1933, quoted in The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich by William Shirer

Kinda reminds you of public education, doesn’t it?

“The state must declare the child to be the most precious treasure of the people. As long as the government is perceived as working for the benefit of the children, the people will happily endure almost any curtailment of liberty and almost any deprivation.”

— Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

Harris-Perry must have been doing her homework!

Give us the child for 8 years and it will be a Bolshevik forever.
Vladimir Lenin

That would be the goal, wouldn’t it?

Give me four years to teach the children and the seed I have sown will never be uprooted.Vladimir Lenin

Just to make sure that no one missed it.

Education is a weapon whose effects depend on who holds it in his hands and at whom it is aimed.
Joseph Stalin

Hey, why depend on dead dictators to show the origins of Harris Perry’s thinking?

Remember how the Clinton administration viewed children and “human capital.”  These principals are at work in our country as we speak! -Editor 

Shortt also cites Robert Owen, one of the Anglo-American world’s first influential socialists, who developed a similar philosophy of education. Owen believed that children should be separated from their parents as early as possible and raised by the state. He believed people were exclusively the products of their social environments, and that if nurtured properly by the state, could be molded into whatever was desired. A key to the thinking that went into forming the official ideology of state-sponsored education was that human beings are innately good, not sinful, and that human nature could be perfected by the right kind of educational system. The ideology that eventually developed would hold that children could be molded into willing consumers of the products of big business and obedient servants of government. In short, the aims of state-sponsored schools were to transform thinking, highly individualistic and very literate citizens into an unthinking, collectivized mass. The slow but steady decline in literacy of all kinds was a by-product.

Yes, the children belong to the community!

“Every child in America entering school at the age of five is mentally ill because he comes to school with certain allegiances to our Founding Fathers, toward our elected officials, toward his parents, toward a belief in a supernatural being, and toward the sovereignty of this nation as a separate entity. It’s up to you as teachers to make all these sick children well – by creating the international child of the future.”

–Professor Chester M. Pierce, M.D., Professor of Education and Psychiatry at Harvard

Getting a better idea now?

“Among the elementary measures the American Soviet government will adopt to further the cultural revolution are…[a] National Department of Education…the studies will be revolutionized, being cleansed of religious, patriotic, and other features of the bourgeois ideology. The students will be taught the basis of Marxian dialectical materialism, internationalism and the general ethics of the new Socialist society.”

     –William Z. Foster, Toward Soviet America, 1932 National Chairman of the American Communist Party (1933-44, 1945-57)

OK, I know, that’s overkill.  But what Harris-Perry is talking about.  Totalitarian systems always take children, claiming that they are belong to the state.  They take them in the name of nurturing and protecting them, but in the end, what they are doing is enslaving them to a failed ideology.  And, they also get the added benefits of the students coming out uneducated, unthinking, unquestioning, and following the regressive ideology to the nth degree.  After all, there is free stuff to be had.

My assessment today is the same as last April-education is an indoctrination machine, and parents have no right to interfere with the creation of more low information voters.


Why Did Teachers Not Cooperate in Police Investigation of Pedophile Peer?


You would think that protecting children from sexual victimization would be that “no-brainer” kind of situation that would unite everyone.  And, for the most part, that remains true.  But we are seeing more and more disturbing reports indicating that many teachers are all too willing to side with pedophiles rather than the victimized children.  The Other McCain has more on the story of Matthew LoMaglio, a former Gym teacher teacher, who was recently sentenced to four years in prison for victimizing an eight year old.

…but the prosecutor said many of the criminal’s colleagues did not cooperate with the investigation:

Many in the community were also surprised and disappointed that more than 20 educators wrote to the court in the pre-sentencing phase, expressing support for LoMagio but little or no sympathy for the young victim.
“Some of the people (on the school staff) who were cooperative told us there was talk at school, sort of like ‘Are you for the teacher or for the student,’” Kyle Rossi, the assistant district attorney who tried the case against LoMaglio, told EAGnews. “It was very disappointing to make contact with teachers who wouldn’t give us the time of day until they were instructed to.” . . .
But building a case against LoMaglio was not easy, because a significant number of teachers and other school employees who had worked with the gym teacher over the years refused to cooperate with police and prosecutors during the investigation, Rossi said.
“I would say that many teachers and administrators at several schools where this guy had taught wouldn’t talk to us at all,” Rossi said. “We ran into cold shoulders all the way around. They would say things like ‘nothing happened here’ and ‘I don’t know anything, I don’t want to talk about anything.
“One person even told a police investigator ‘don’t call me again.’ Some were even rude.” . . .
“It was problematic for us. No one was volunteering to help. There were people who complied – they were cooperative because it was a police investigation – but nobody was excited to participate. There were teachers who simply refused to speak to us.”
Rossi said he was also troubled by the 22 letters the court received from various teachers, expressing support for LoMaglio. He said he is not authorized to turn over the letters to the public or divulge the names of the teachers who wrote them.
Some of the letters were written on school district letterhead. . . .
“These are people entrusted to work with children and they show no compassion for this kid.”

As Stacy points out, this is reminiscent of the case of another former teacher, Neal Erickson, who was found guilty of molesting a student, and teachers supported him, and even made pleas for leniency.

As this blog, and even more so, The Other McCain has been covering, there are an ever growing number of cases in which a teacher has been caught in a sexual relationships with students.  What makes me shudder though, are two things; the first is how many other teachers are doing this, and are not being caught, and how many other teachers know that children are being violated, yet remain silent.

And, if you have kids in public schools, you should shudder too.


Students Sue California for Public School Failures; Teacher’s Unions in Opposition


I’m frankly surprised that this hasn’t happened sooner, but students are suing California for (allow me to paraphrase) having a crappy educational system.  FOX has more…

Amidst ongoing national debate, nine public school students in California are suing the state over its laws governing teacher tenure, seniority and other protections they say keep bad educators in the classroom.

The Los Angeles Times reports the lawsuit – filed on behalf of the students and their families by a group called Students Matter – argues such laws violate the U.S. Constitution’s guarantee of equal protection because they lead to a “gross disparity,” in the quality of education received by all students.

“It is virtually impossible to get (bad teachers) out of the system,” said Theodore J. Boutrous, who is joined on the plaintiffs’ legal team by Theodore B. Olson, a former U.S. solicitor general who argued Bush v. Gore before the U.S. Supreme Court during the 2000 presidential election.

“It is virtually impossible to get (bad teachers) out of the system.”

– Attorney Theodore J. Boutrous

Meanwhile, both teachers unions and the state are gearing up to meet the legal challenge, head-on.

You can go over to FOX for the rest.

I love the last line of my excerpt.   The unions, of course, couldn’t care less about the kids.  In fact, like in this case, the teachers unions, by protecting bad teachers, and even child molesting teachers, they have proven themselves to be perhaps the greatest enemy of children in the public schools.  I mean, so what if they can’t read?  At least they have learned that God isn’t real, and how to call planned parenthood to get an abortion!


Common Core: Right Wing Groups to be Described as ‘Fascist’



I haven’t covered it as much as I should, but Common Core is the latest indoctrination program for use in the public schools.  And, since it’s a leftist creation, it’s full of lies, indoctrination, and blind obedience.  And, since the socialist state can tolerate no dissent, all opposition has to be smeared and discredited.   In that vein, it appears that Common Core dictates that all “right wing group” be portrayed as fascists, even though fascism and Conservatism are at opposite ends of the political spectrum.  The Federalist Papers has more…

Via The Daily Caller:

Hillsdale professor Terrence Moore, author of  “Story Killers: A Common Sense Case Against Common Core,”  exposed some of the more distressing aspects of the controversial Common Core education standards program, saying that all teachers must tell young students that all right-wing groups are fascist.

Moore highlights how it is not just the reading lists and course materials — which have already attracted a large amount of criticism — that need to be examined by parents. It’s also the teaching notes and standard curriculum; the notes and standards come as part of a comprehensive package. Moore noted through his research that a distinctly political slant is introduced, one which dictates not only what children are taught, but also how they should be taught.

Next thing you know, they’ll be encouraging kids to turn their parents in for being “fascists.”    In the end, it is clear that Common Core is far more like fascism than any freedom loving American.


Child Sexual Abuse Victim Calls and Confronts the Teacher That Abused Her


A woman who suffered child sexual abuse by a teacher when she was 12 called her abuser and confronted her.  Here is the video…

There is so much to say here…

1.  This woman walks free due to the fact that the statute of limitations expired.

2.  Note how the victim states how the teacher manipulated and controlled her?

3.  Note that Neal Erickson’s victim said much the same?

4.  Remember how #FreeKate supporters said the 12, or even nine year-olds are able to have sexual relationships with adults?

5.  Remember how the victim of Kaitlyn Hunt stated that she was threatened with the disclosure that she was in a lesbian relationship if she broke up with her perpetrator?

This is how the sexual exploitation of children happens; with manipulation, brainwashing, and threats.  It ends with a child sexual abuse victim having scars that take years to heal, and perpetrators that think they did nothing wrong.

And, as I have indicated, there are people out there that think this should be legal.

In the end, I applaud the bravery of this woman in confronting her abuser.


Public, Private, and Home-Schools


I saw where some liberals took issue with my article yesterday about a sex poster on display in a Kansas middle school. I scratch my head at statements such as,  … children ought to be raised with the necessary background to fit into a diverse society if they plan on remaining in the greater American Community. 

I’m not the sharpest knife in the drawer so … what the hell does that mean?


…Right Wingers appear to tend toward a little “Separatist Elitism” when they blow off about the advantages of private schooling and home schooling …

Now folks I’ve said it  before and I’ll say it again …  It is better to keep your mouth shut and let people think you’re a fool  than open it and remove all doubts.

About 40% of representatives in the House and over 40% of U.S. Senators send their kids to private schools, compared to about 11% of regular Americans.  Not to mention Mr. Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Education Secretary Arne Duncan, Bill and Hillary Clinton sent Chelsea to private school. So, I’m not convinced that “Right Wingers” are the only ones feeling a little “separatist elitism”.

Oh, just a side note here for liberals who spout off the nonsense of  …  “Right-Wingers” are those who prefer to have their children educated in an isolated bubble much the same as the one they themselves choose to live in … (the “isolated bubbles” of home and/or private schooling) …


  … public school teachers are about twice as likely as non-teachers to send their  own children to private schools.
About 11% of all parents — nationwide, rural and urban — send their children  to private schools. The numbers are much higher in urban areas. One study found  that in Philadelphia a staggering 44% of public school teachers send their own  kids to private schools.

In Cincinnati and Chicago, 41% and 39% of public school teachers pay for a  private school education for their children. In Rochester, N.Y., it’s 38%, in  Baltimore 35%, in San Francisco 34% and in New York-northeastern New Jersey  33%.

In Los Angeles nearly 25% of public school teachers send their kids to  private school versus 16% of Angelenos who do so.



Okay, instead of presenting just “one side” of the story like my accusers tend to claim,  the following is the argument for public school education being superior to home-schooling …

Advantages of Public Schools Compared to Homeschools

  • Public schools generally have a range of children from the whole gamut of socioeconomic classes and a wide variety of backgrounds. This is the type of community that most people occupy as adults, and public school is an opportunity to meet it and learn to negotiate with other points of view an understand people with diverse backgrounds and values.
  • Public schools generally have students with a range of abilities and disabilities. As with ethnic, cultural, and socioeconomic backgrounds, the diversity introduces students to the communication issues and interpersonal issues that rubbing elbows with people who are different from oneself provides.
  • The number of students in a public school classroom provides opportunities that don’t exist in most homeschools, from large-cale projects to team sports.
  • The number of students and funding allows public schools to have facilities (such as a skating rink or pool) and/or purchase equipment, such as laboratory equipment and technology that would be prohibitive for most homesechool families.
  • The number of students and funding often allows public schools, particularly at the high school level, to offer an array of advanced classes in the arts, technology studies, and the sciences, any and all of which might be difficult to conduct for homeschooling parents who do not happen to have specialized training.
  • Public schools expose students to a variety of teachers: even in situations with one main classroom teacher, students may have additional instructors for foreign language, home economics, shop, physical education, drama, music, art, etc. This gives them an opportunity to learn with diverse pedagogies.
  • Public schools often offer a wide variety of extracurricular activities, ranging from intramural sports to a range of clubs and other opportunities.

And now the arguments for public school education being superior to private schooling …

Advantages of Public Schools Compared to Private Schools

  • Public schools don’t charge tuition, while private schools do. Even scholarships an other aid may not cover the difference.
  • Public schools usually provide transportation for students who live more than a few blocks away, whereas private schools usually do not.
  • With ninety percent of all American children in public school, public education is a uniting element and can be seen as an important factor in our democratic way of life.
  • Because public school education now includes magnet schools and charter schools, as well as traditional public schools, there are – right within the public education system – choices that have many of the features of education that used only to be attainable in private schools.
  • As a result of receiving Federal funds, public schools must follow strict teacher certification rules, which do not apply in many private schools. As a result, public school teachers may, in some cases, be better qualified than private school teachers.
  • Researchers at the University of Illinois at Champaign-Urbana found, when examining data from a standardized math exam taken by fourth and eighth graders, that if they excluded the influence of family background and socioeconomic factors, public school students did slightly better than private school students.
  • Public schools often have more robust services than generalist private schools (i.e., those that are not focused on a specialty population with a particular disability) for assisting students with disabilities, both in terms of staff and funding.
  • Pay for public school teachers is overall better than pay for private school teachers, though this differs by school.




Okay my conclusion in the comparison between public schools and private and/or homeschooling … public schools are great for those who want to “rub elbows” with kids of differing personalities; those who are interested in  team sports, skating rinks and swimming pools and/or extracurricular activities.  As far as actually getting educated, as far as having an environment supportive of learning something besides “how to express your sexual feelings“, The public school system has been reduced into a social club and a place where the innocence of our kids is stolen from them by “empowering young adolescents” to explore their sexual fantasies. The vast majority of public school kids can’t hold a candle to your typical homeschooled kid for an opportunity of success.

Next to even suggest that public schools compare at all to private schools in the quality of the education is ludicrous. If that’s true why the above facts regarding politicians and even teachers preferring a private education for their children?


Now lets do an actual comparison of the success of Homeschooling vs.  public schooling …



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More Examples of Teachers Abusing Students: Why no National Outrage?


Robert Stacy McCain has been covering the seemingly unprecedented rise in public school teachers being arrested for having sexual relationships with students.  Here is an excerpt from his latest collection of stories…

Megan Garland molested two teenage boys.


A former teacher at Messmer High School was sentenced [Jan. 3] to four years in prison for having sexual contact with two students.
Megan Garland, 29, of Waukesha pleaded no contest in October to charges of child enticement and sexual assault by school staff, both felonies. She had been set for trial on two counts of second-degree sexual assault, involving boys ages 14 and 15. She will spend six years under supervision after her release from prison.
Her father and attorney said Garland has long suffered from depression and anxiety, and has been in treatment and on medication since the arrest that ended her teaching career in its first year. . . .
Milwaukee County Circuit Judge Jeffrey Wagner adopted the high end of the sentencing range recommended by Assistant District Attorney Erin Karshen, who said Garland groomed her victims with rides, snacks, flirting and sexualized banter . . .
Karshen said Garland was also jealous and vindictive, once touching one of the boys in a hallway to interrupt his conversation with a girl. Another time, when the boys were resisting or ignoring her, Garland lied to a basketball coach about the boys’ behavior to get them suspended from the team, Karshen said.
In a lengthy prepared statement to Wagner, the older boy’s mother . . . said Garland “meticulously planned” the acts to “indulge her sick fantasy.”
Garland was arrested after she was caught performing a sex act on a 14-year-old male student May 23 in the parking lot of Destiny Church and School in Milwaukee. Prosecutors later added a second charge, that she groped a 15-year-old male Messmer student while giving him a ride in her car earlier that month and had him touch her sexually.

Obviously, these mentally disturbed freaks are in need of therapy. Perhaps the school psychologist could help them?

Megan Snipes is accused of sex with a 16-year-old boy.


A high school psychologist is accused of engaging in sexual acts with a 16-year-old pupil.
Authorities in South Carolina charged Megan Michelle Snipes, 29, with sexual battery of a student, according to WCBD.
Police say that Snipes, who works as psychologist for the Beaufort County School District, was discovered to have shared lewd text messages with a male student under her treatment. . . .
Investigators say that after interviewing the suspect and alleged victim, they found that that Snipes allegedly engaged in a sexual act with the victim on Oct. 18.
Police arrested Snipes [Dec. 20].
Snipes has been placed on administrative leave pending a full investigation, according to the Beaufort Gazette.

So, get over to The Other McCain to read more.  There are a total of seven examples in his post.

What jumps out for me is that all of these perps are women.  It leads me to question their emotional maturity.  Why do 20 or 30-something teachers, with  secure careers decide to throw it all away on relationship(s) with teenaged boys?  Think about that for a moment.  We all were teens once, and have encountered many since.  How many of you wanted any kind of romantic relationship or such with one?  If you are well adjusted, the answer would be “never.”  There has to be something damaged with these women.  Either abuse, or some other factor has stunted their emotional or social development to the point that they desired teen boys.  And then, they decided to become teachers.

Also, I must ask, where is the “moral” outrage from the left?  When the crimes of Catholic Priests were being revealed, it was a national story.  That was a drop in the bucket compared to the public school story, but there’s not outrage? I’m going to theorize that the public schools are a function of the left, so they gain some protection from the media on those grounds.  I’m also going go a bit further and say that since there are no Christians involved, there isn’t a whole lot of motivation to cover it.

Another, more chilling aspect is that these people are only the ones that have been caught.  How many more are out there and getting away with it?


Jesus Isn’t Allowed in School, but Islam is …


In my previous post, “Jesus is not allowed in school“, we saw the perfect example of how Christians and in particular Christian children are being bullied by the benevolent American education system. Time and again we get the “separation of church and state” line of crap. However it’s obvious that only applies to the Christian church or any mention of Jesus Christ. It doesn’t matter if it’s Christmas or Easter … Christian kids are not allowed to mention the name of Christ. (for the sake of ignorant liberals: Christmas is the celebration of Christ’s birth. Easter is the celebration of Christ’s resurrection without which there is no salvation …)

Moving along here, my friend and frequent visitor Muse 1876, left a link for me. I decided to post something about it.

Via: The Christian Science Monitor
Public schools grapple with Muslim prayer
A San Diego school adjusts its schedule to accommodate Muslim worship.

When afternoon recess comes at an elementary school on the outskirts of San Diego, some students rush out for a quick game of hopscotch, while others gather in a room for Muslim worship. Like a growing number of school districts around the country, San Diego’s is changing its ways to meet the needs of its Islamic students. Here, a controversy with constitutional overtones erupted: In accommodating Muslim students, is the school unfairly promoting religion?

The school’s policy “presumes that Christians are less religious and less inspired to worship and praise the Lord and come together,” says Brad Dacus, president of the Pacific Justice Institute. He is asking the school district to set up special rooms where Christians can pray, too.

This outcry, and others like it from conservative commentators and attorneys, suggest that the whole matter may land in court. Potentially at issue is to what extent actions taken by a public school to accommodate special religious needs of some students might require similar allowances for other students.

For now, about 100 students in the Arabic language program at Carver Elementary School are finishing their first year under a daily schedule that gives them a 15-minute recess period in the afternoon, about an hour after lunch. Many of the students are Muslim and transferred from an Arabic-language charter school that folded. Carver Elementary revised its schedule so the students would have the option to pray at the specific times ordained by their religion, says attorney Brent North, who represents the school district. A teacher is present to watch the praying children but cannot lead or take part in the observance.

A question of faith?

Five daily prayers are “part of our fundamental faith,” explains Akram Shami, a retired bank security manager who volunteers at the Islamic Center of Southern California in Los Angeles. “We pray to God, we worship God, and we recite verses from the Koran.” One prayer is typically performed at specific times around noon or 1 p.m., depending on the time of year, although Muslims differ on the mandated prayer times.

At some public schools, students leave class momentarily or wait to pray until they get home. Mr. Shami says his faith allows prayers to be combined at a later time if necessary.

The San Diego district took special action regarding the timing of recess because “the Muslim faith requires specificity of prayer obligations … that most other religions do not,” Mr. North says. He denies reports that a new recess was added specifically to address the religious needs of the Muslim students.

“As a constitutional law attorney, I don’t care whether kids do or don’t pray in schools. I don’t care to whom or how they pray,” North says. But he adds that he does have to make sure that religious requests are treated in a neutral way.


So, the school’s policy  ”presumes that Christians are less religious and less inspired to worship and praise the Lord and come together.”  Can you believe this line of certified b.s.? In my previous post, some Christian kid couldn’t even hand out Christmas candy cane with a benign little religious saying on it, but schools will set up rooms and special times during the day to accommodate Muslims and their prayer times.

I’m sick of liberals and these perverts in schools bullying Christian children … along with the ACLU and/or some parent who gets offended at a cross or some “Christian” symbol displayed in public schools but won’t say one word about the above piece.

I think it’s about time Christians get off their dead, complacent rear-ends and get involved. Make as much, if not more noise than the godless, the atheists and the Muslims and let the left-wing liberal freaks know we’re tired of it. I mean come on folks. What’s it going to take? There are so many Christians who are content to go to their little churches on Sunday and maybe a mid-week service and that’s it. I suppose that’s okay, but Christians need to get involved in politics to a certain extent. “Oh, I’m not interested in politics” you’ll hear them say. Well, they’d better get interested because politics and who we elect to make laws, has a direct effect on our freedom to worship as we choose. One doesn’t have to be into politics to a fault, but geez folks, get involved enough so that after Sunday service and IHop and the football game you can make a difference by getting informed and making wise choices. Until Christians do, collectively, the “Jesus isn’t allowed in school” bunch will continue and will get much worse. Stop being bullied by little weasels, because that’s all they are. Limp-wristed, panty-waist little freaks.

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