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Kristallnacht 2.0 in Paris: Mob Vandalizes Jewish Businesses

H/T: Instapundit

I wrote a series of posts a few years back comparing our present day issues with the 1930′s. I see that this is coming to pass, at least in Paris, where an Anti-Semitic mob (read Muslims or leftists), vandalized Jewish owned businesses in Paris suburb…

Code Pink Kommisar Gets Photobombed by Pro-Israel Supporter!

The Code Pink(o) dear leader and apparent anti-semite, got photobombed in epic fashion at a recent rally, likely while calling for the death of all Jews.   H/T goes to Weasel Zippers… Gadsden, and Hebrew?  That’s a combination that will make liberal heads explode with twice the ordinary yield.

What is Happening in Israel, in a Little Over Five Minutes Updated!

Really want to know what’s happening in Israel?

The Reality of European Antisemitism

The truth is that anti-Semitism in Europe never went away, just went underground.  It has surfaced with vengeance.  Europe is not safe for any Jew to live in or visit. The NYTimes reported that Jews in Europe are reporting an increase in antisemitism. BRUSSELS — Fear of rising anti-Semitism in Europe has prompted nearly a third of European Jews to consider emigration because they do not feel safe in their home country, according to a detailed survey of Jewish perceptions released Friday by a European Union agency that monitors discrimination and other violations of basic rights. The survey, by the […]

Racial Violence: Rabbi in Brooklyn Describes New Game, ‘Knock out the Jew’

In our latest example of racial violence, we gain go to Brooklyn, where black youths have a new game, “knock out the Jew.”   CBS 2 Has more…   NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD is looking into a series of attacks on Jews in Brooklyn. At least one attack was caught on surveillance tape. Some of the assaults may be part of a disturbing game, CBS 2’s John Slattery reported on Tuesday. Police have yet to connect all the incidents, but released surveillance video that shows one group attacking a Jewish man. The video shows from a few different angles […]

Notorious AntiSemite Helen Thomas Dead at Age 92

Unattractive on the inside as well as out,  long time journalist Helen Thomas has died.  She was a fixture in the White House Press Corps for decades, she was forced to resign after making antisemitic statements in 2010.  Jammie Wearing Fools has a post, as well as a most appropriate title… She won’t be missed.            … She was a fixture at White House news conferences — sitting front and center late in her career — where she frequently exasperated government spokesmen with her pointed questions. Thomas began covering the White House for United Press International when John F. Kennedy […]

Public School Teacher Gives Assignment: Explain why “Jews are Evil

Yes, you read that correctly.  A public school teacher gave an assignment to children to explain why Jews are evil.”  Mr. Conservative has more… It’s amazing what we learn when we start paying attention to what’s been going on in our children’s public schools now that the Progressives have almost completely taken over those institutions. Outrage has been growing since it was revealed that a high school English teacher in New York decided to give her 10th grade students a peculiar “creative writing” exercise: They were supposed to pretend that they were low-level Nazi functionaries who, in order to convince […]

Time Warp: What Would the MSM Have Looked Like in 1943?

What would our MSM have looked like in 1943?  Something like this, via Free North Carolina… Come to think of it, didn’t the regressives of the 30′s really like the fascist dictators? Why yes, yes they did.

Anti-Semitism Alert: Obama Supporters Call for Israel’s Destruction

Just in case you have forgotten, the left and the Democratic Party are the current home for Anti-Semitism in the US.  And, in the event you had forgotten that here is a video from Rebel Pundit… I’m sure that more and more of this will come out, and I’ll be reminding the Jews that voted for Obama that they have legitimized the voices of those that wish them dead. Also, it is tragic to see some of the complete naivete of these followers of the POTUS.  And, of course, it will be someone else’s fault when their beautiful messiah fails miserably. NOTE: […]

Occupy Commemorates Holocaust Day by Posting Anti-Semitic Cartoon

We’ve documented numerous examples of Anti-Semitism at occupy protests.  And, staying true to that, they found their own special way to commemorate Holocaust Day. Via Big Government: Of course, the occupods will say that they didn’t do it, that it was someone else’s fault, and the like. In the end, how many times do they have to be caught before people get the link?

Story Update: Occupy Oakland’s Anti-Semitic Pledge, and MSM Ignores Flag Burning


We keep pointing out the there seems to be a lot of anti-Semitism at Occupy sites-we are repeatedly told that is isn’t so.  However, it seems that folks at Occupy Oakland haven’t gotten the message to tone down the Jew-hate.  For the latest on the anti-Semitism that is most definately not happening, here is a video, via Big Government… As an American flag burns at Occupy Oakland, the man capturing the videos recites the following: “I pledge allegiance to a flag of the imperialistic, capitalistic dictatorship. And to the plutocracy for which it stands, privately owned central bank, under the […]

Known by the Company you Keep…

Remember that old saying about the “company you keep?”  The occupods probably want you to ignore it, for the Iranians are, once again, citing their support for the occupods.  Here is the coverage, straight from the source… Despite the attempts made by the US media and statesmen to portray it as an unimportant development, the Anti-Capitalism Occupy Wall Street Movement has gradually grown so wide that it cannot be harnessed by the US administration any more. Now the US administration can suppress people by the help of its security forces, but it no doubt will be unable to root out this movement, and one […]

Anti-Semitism Alert: Increasing on College Campuses

SE Cupp, for GBTV has a report on the growth of Anti-Semitism on college campuses… You have to give the Conservative college students some credit, they are in the belly of the beast, and they may be jeopardizing their safety by questioning their would-be statist overlords.

Anti-Semitism Alert: More from Occupy Wall Street


For those of you still uncertain about the Anti-Semitism from the Occupods, here are more examples.  The first is from OWS Exposed, via Urban Infidel. Here’s the Transcript, from OWS Exposed… Jewish man wearing a yarmulke: I work 65 hours a week. Protester: You probably live in the Hamptons ‘n’ some shit. Jewish man: I live in the Hamptons? I live in Brooklyn…I work 62 hours a week. Do you work 62 hours? Protester: You know what’s funny? Your people own schools and fuckin’ government buildings, but your wives are on welfare. I don’t understand that. I don’t understand that. […]

Anti-Semitism Alert: Occupy Boston Occupies Israeli Consulate


Following the fine Occupod tradition of anti-Semitism, Occupy Boston occupied the Israeli consulate.  Future of Capitalism has the coverage, and video… According to the Twitter feed of @kade_ellis, chants included, “hey hey, Ho ho! Israeli apartheid’s got to go!,” “long live the intifada! Intifada intifada!,” “not another nickel! Not another dime! No more money for Israel’s crimes!,” and “Viva viva Palestina!” History shows us that the “palestinians” could have had their own state back in 1948.  However, instead of having their own state, they decided to kill the Jews instead.  And, they’ve been promising, and trying, to finish the job ever since. According […]

Even More Anti-Semetic Comments from #OccupyWallSt


And the Jew hatred just keeps on coming….   How many more of these will have to come out before the occupy crowd addresses it, or the public figures out that hate is the glue that holds the occupy movement together? H/T: Big Government I think it bears noting the incredible work that Big Government, and the other Breitbart sites, are doing to expose this. At the same time, Labor Union Report, and scores of others have been instrumental in exposing this movement as the Communist astroturf operation that it is.

Anti-Semitism Alert: Occupy Wall Street Protester Let's it Fly


Over the last year or so, we’ve shown quite a bit of evidence that there is a growing anti-Semitism in the Regressive movement.  This has, apparently, not escaped the Occupy Wall Street Crowd.  For an example, here is a video, via The Blaze. “My heart tells me what to say.” Well, at least we can confirm that he isn’t using his brain.

I Stand with Pamela Geller

As many of you already know, Pamela Geller is the admin of Atlas Shrugs.  Ms. Geller has been at the forefront of the fight against Islamic extremism for a long time, and has taken some lumps in the process. Now, the lumps are coming from some unexpected sources. Ms. Geller has been a supporter of the EDL (English Defense League).  However, she wrote about some Anti-Semitic content appearing from that organization. However, it has become increasingly clear that the EDL has morphed and diverged from its original course. They now have clearly been infiltrated by the worst kind of influences, […]

Some Thoughts on the “Palestinian” State, and the Right of Return

As I’ve watched the “Arab Spring” unfold, and have monitored words and deeds of the “palestinians,” some ideas come to mind.  The entire region is claimed as holy by three religions, and one in particular, has been inflamed into what seems to be a genocidal rage.  With the “new anti-Semitism” out in the open, and spreading, I fear that the next great international conflict will involve Israel. To adequately look at the current situation, a look at history is required.  In 1947, the UN proposed a “two state solution” for the region.  The Jews agreed, the Arabs did not.  For […]

"Palestinians" Attack Israeli Border: Assad's Distraction, or Part of Something Larger?

Yesterday, “Palestinian” protesters rushed the Israeli border in the Golan Heights, resulting in a predictable use of force from the Israelis.  Bloomberg has the coverage. Palestinian refugees and supporters attempted to breach the Israeli border of the Golan Heightsfrom Syria, prompting Israeli troops to fire. Twenty-three people were killed and 350 injured, according to Syrian state-run television. Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Avital Leibovich told CNN that Syria allowed the protest to reach the border in order to divert attention from its own unrest. “Allowing the Palestinians to reach the fence with Israel is a useful distraction for Assad, who can’t stop the demonstrations against his regime,” Mordechai […]

Obama's Hypocritical Middle East Policy

Who bows to foreign dictators, and wants to weaken the only stable democracy in the Middle East?  President Obama, so it would seem. The president has been pursuing what I see to be an inconsistent and hypocritical foreign policy, especially where the Middle East in concerned. First, we had what was commonly referred to as the “World Apology Tour.”  As you recall, the POTUS traveled far and wide, apologizing for the US’s actions in the world.  Of course, we have made mistakes, like any other nation, but by in large, our actions have typically been done with the intent of […]

Antisemitism Alert: Jews Protest Israel???

I caught this over at Redstate yesterday, and thought I’d share it here… (Alert:  There is some vulgar language here) I have to say, that if I was filming this, I would have played “dumb” and asked kind questions, working my way up to the “Jewish Question.”  I’m sure that if they thought that they had a sympathetic ear, that they might have exposed more of their actual agenda.  But that’s me. Once I saw that, I decided to look at Jewish Voice for Peace.  Their site looks like so many other lefty sites ( I won’t link to it-you […]

Blog Focus: The Sermon

I saw this at Maggie’s Notebook. I was struck by it’s clarity and courage. Kindly give it a read. This is a sermon delivered by Rabbi Schlomo Lewis of Atlanta. It was e-mailed to me by a friend. I am cross-posting it here. Rabbi Lewis does not accuse all Muslims, yet he states that peaceful Muslims must speak out. Posted at Monkey in the Middle by Gary Fouse of Fousesquawk ————————————————————————– EHR KUMT First Day of Rosh Hashanah 2010 “I thought long and I thought hard on whether to deliver the sermon I am about to share. We all wish […]

Anti-Semitism Alert: Organized Labor Chooses Sides?

Over the last few months, I’ve been covering the (assumed) increase in Anti-Semitism from the left.  Big Government has pointed out yet another source; organized labor. Members of the American Federation of Teachers, along with AFSCME, SEIU and several other national labor unions, are showing their true political stripes by joining the “Labor for Palestine” movement. These groups are not just calling for a Palestinian homeland in the Middle East and a peaceful resolution to the Palestinian/Israeli standoff. They’re suggesting that the creation of Israel has been a disaster for the Palestinian people. Here is a quote from the founding statement […]

Anti-Semitism Alert: Avoid the Jew Money

I know that this story is a few days old, but I can’t let it go without taking a look at it.  In case you weren’t watching, here is the background from the Observer, via Hot Air & Redstate. But in an effort to show that Grimm lacks support among voters in the district, which covers Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn, the McMahon campaign compiled a list of Jewish donors to Grimm and provided it to The Politicker. The file, labeled “Grimm Jewish Money Q2,” for the second quarter fundraising period, shows a list of over 80 names, a […]