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Social Security

Will The Government Steal Your Savings? It’s More Likely Than You Think?

This has been a recurrent theme for several years.  It’s been simmering on the back burner, so to speak, but it continues to get some attention from time to time.  The issue is savings.  Whether it be your 401k, or your IRA, or even a savings account; the democrats has been eying them like a crackhead views their pipe.  Big government has wasted trillions on making more poor people, creating dependency, paying off contributors, punishing enemies, arming those that kill Christians, and trying to prop up their union buddies.  Now, after building up an unsustainable debt, they need another fix, […]

They Said if I Voted for Romney, They’d Come After my 401(k), and They Were Right!

That’s right kids, they government is eyeing your 401(k), IRA, or 403(b) with great envy.  And, as for the title, since Stacey is talking blog shtick, I thought I’d borrow from his well, which is deep with all sorts of goodness.   But, back to the seriousness.  There has been rumblings about the government taking over all private retirement accounts for some time.  Apparently, the democrats just can’t let a big pool of money sit there in private hands-it must be controlled, and redistributed, bythe kind hands of government.  Bob Belvedere at  TCOTS has more… The Editors at Investor’s Business Daily published an excellent […]

Oh how the Narrative Changes: Social Security in Great Shape a few Weeks ago, Now on it's Deathbed

liberal lies

Back in the day, when there were only three broadcast networks, and when newspapers were throw in the trash at the end of the day, it would have been easy to get away with a 180 degree narrative change.  Just pretend that the old narrative never happened, and move on wit the new one.  People might have noticed, but without the evidence easy to see, it would eventually work. Can a party get away with that in the age of alternative media?  Not so much. With the internet being forever (unless you’re the Daily Kos purging posts to seem slightly less hypocritical when criticizing Sarah Palin), stories are […]

Baby Boomers Bombed

Many of you have probably figured out by now that Jon Hayward (formerly  Doctor Zero  and now writing full-time for Human Events) is one of my favorite conservative writers. He has written another thought-provoking article titled “The Boomer Bust” or “Boomers reap what they didn’t bother to sew”.  It’s well worth reading the entire article, which isn’t very long. Although I am arguably John’s biggest fan, I’m compelled to differ with his depiction of the Baby Boomers in some aspects. But, before I get into that, let me share the initial part of his essay. Then I will add my comments. The Associated […]