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Sustainable Development

Pizza Shop Worker Loves Seattle’s New $15 Minimum Wage, Until He Finds Out That It Cost Him His Job

Hat/Tip to Ashley Dobson at RedAlertPolitics. Fifteen bucks an hour? Score!!!! Then reality sets in… Pizza shop worker Devin Jeran was excited about the raise that was coming his way thanks to Seattle’s new $15 an hour minimum wage law. Or at least he was until he found out that it would cost him his job. Jeran will only see a bigger paycheck until August when his boss has to shut down her Z Pizza location, putting him and his 11 co-workers out of work, Q13 Fox reported. He said that while the law was being discussed all he heard about […]

One Chart Disproves Obama’s Claims That He Is A “Deficit Cutter” – Who Made The Chart? Obama’s Federal Reserve…

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal. Just a few short days ago, President Obama uttered these words in his 2015 State of the Union speech: At every step, we were told our goals were misguided or too ambitious; that we would crush jobs and explode deficits. Instead, we’ve seen the fastest economic growth in over a decade, our deficits cut by two-thirds, a stock market that has doubled, and health care inflation at its lowest rate in fifty years. Now I won’t spend time debunking the four lies he told in that short excerpt, instead let’s look at just his […]

Rutgers Pollsters “Stunned” American Workers Don’t Believe The Recession Is Over

Obamabot shibboleths meet Reality. Reality wins. This weekend, American workers will take part in a time-honored tradition, gathering around picnic tables and barbecue grills to talk shop. A new Rutgers University report on the American workforce in the aftermath of the Great Recession gives them plenty to discuss. American workers are “insecure, underpaid, highly stressed, and generally unhappy at work,” researchers found. The report, “Unhappy, Worried, and Pessimistic: Americans in the Aftermath of the Great Recession,” details the results of a national survey conducted by the school’s John J. Heldrich Center for Workforce Development. Researchers at the university have been […]

The Golden Years Of Retirement Are Becoming More Illusive In This Regulatory Nation

The evidence is piling up that pre-baby boomers and the older baby boomers lived through the best time in America’s history if measured by the success rate in living the American dream and being able to comfortably retire while they still enjoyed good health ( often at ages 58 to 60). This article at Zero Hedge reports on a recent Gallop poll showing the average retirement age has hit a record high. Take a look at this graph. It shows in grey the increase in the workforce of people over 54 starting in 1999 to 2013 and in red the […]

Resource Post: Agenda 21 Explained

What is Agenda 21?  How does it affect you?  All that and more is in the following video… Agenda 21 is perhaps the most stealthy threat to freedom, if not life itself.  So, while the video is on the long side, it is rather important to watch. H/T: The Right Scoop

Glenn Beck on Agenda 21

Glenn Beck has some rather well made, and very creepy, commercials on Agenda 21.  Take a look for your self… There are a number of links on the site regarding Agenda 21, I’ll be posting a compilation later.  Let’s just say that you ought to know what Agenda 21 is, and how it will one day affect you.

Equalizing Outcomes “Obama Style” Think Sustainable Living ala Agenda 21

The closest thing to work Barack Obama has ever done was when he was a “Community Organizer” in Chicago. If he is reelected, he plans to capitalize on that experience. I came across a very scary National Review  article that was reblogged at John Malcolm’s place. And, I thank him. The NR article is by Stanley Kurtz and is an adaption from his book  Spreading the Wealth: How Obama is Robbing the Suburbs to Pay for the Cities. Have you ever heard of the concept of “regionalism”? I vaguely recall reading that term in some research I did a while back on Agenda 21. […]

Remember When Commies Were Called Reds? Now Their Favorite Color Is Green


To me the words communist and socialist and liberals and progressives are interchangeable. Most progressives/liberals are offended when referred to as socialist and even more so when referred to as communist. I don’t do it to offend those on the left. I do it because there is no other end for their agenda than extreme socialism or communism. In this day and age, their agenda is not for the state to take over all means of production via expropriations, ala Chavez, but to gain effective control of the means of production through regulatory law and crony socialism. Yes “crony socialism” and not […]

When It Comes To Energy Policy, The Lunatics Are Running The Asylum

There is no end to the number of hot topics buzzing around the blogosphere lately, Included among those hot topics is the issue of our “Energy Policy” or lack there of. I too have written on this subject numerous times. And, I feel compelled to do so again. First, with your indulgence, allow me to do a little ranting and raving and then I’ll get to the point of today’s second post. Ever since the oil embargo of the 70?s, it seems to have been impossible for the United States to come-up with a coherent energy policy. Some say that Big Oil didn’t […]

End All Energy Production?

On Wednesday, August 6, 2008 I wrote: As I listened to Obama talk about his energy visions for the future, I imagined what it would be like to live in a world that is cured of it’s oil addiction- a world where there is no power generated by fossil fuels, and instead water and wind power the world. Ahh, indeed- the change we need… windmill from ancient Rhodes, waterwheel from Roman Spain… After two years of an Obama Presidency and Democrats in Congress, it appears that the world’s chief sources of large-scale energy production — coal, oil and nuclear power — […]

Covert Operations of the UN’s Agenda 21 and Their Agents for Sustainable Development

What is Agenda 21 and what is Sustainable Development? If you don’t know, then welcome to the club. I was only recently made aware of what they are by Cheryl Pass of the My Tea Party Chronicle blog. Cheryl has written three recent articles on this subject that are, in my opinion, must reading.  One was written on March 5, 2011, one on March 6, 2011 and. the most recent article was written on March 8, 2011. Apart from being typically well written, there are numerous useful links, which give the reader a chance to  take a mind opening journey […]

Transportation Policy: Coercion From Multiple Directions

Well, it’s a new week, and time for a new series.  I had been planning a few related posts, but as I read up on the topics, I realized that they are closely related to a common theme.  First up, let’s take a look at transportation policy. It has long been my assertion that the left has been waging a war on the automobile for decades now.   Escalating, and often conflicting regulations regarding mileage, emissions, and safety, have made it increasingly expensive to own and operate a car.  Given that this has been going on for decades, it is safe […]

De-Development: Coming to a “Sustainable Community” Near You?

John Holdren, director of the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy, caused a stir in late July when it was discovered that he supported “de-development” in the 1970’s.  Since this was a claim made about the 70’s, I decided not to discuss it.  After all, thirty plus years is a long time, and there is no current evidence that he currently supports this idea.  Though, curiously, requests for clarification on this have been ignored. Then, I decided to revisit the idea of “de-development,” because even if Holdren has moved on philosophically, what about the idea itself?  There would […]

Calling it Something Else: Sustainable Development

When Dr. Dave mentioned bulldozing cities, a light bulb went off.  Sustainable Development! You know, that plan that herds us all into government managed utopias with vastly reduced standards of living?  Won’t it be great?  I mean the government will tell you where to live, where to work, how much you’ll be paid, if you can drive, (if you’re lucky enough) what you can drive, what you can eat, you’re heating and cooling settings, your medical care, in other words… THE COMPLETE CONTROL OF ALL HUMAN LIFE! Now, the libtards would never admit to this, and, as usual, they are […]