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Another Bypass on the Keystone XL Pipeline, but this time it’s Congress’ turn

Despite the empty rhetoric of President Obama about the Keystone XL Pipeline, it looks like he is never going to green light it. Oh he may have “fast-tracked” portions that had already been approved, but in totality, he will never sign its approval. The Rolling Stone Magazine recently reported, “…the president is likely to announce his decision on the northern leg of the Keystone XL, the hugely controversial 1,179-mile-long pipeline that would bring tar-sands oil down from Alberta to Gulf Coast refineries. Although no final decision has been made, two high-level sources in the Obama administration told me recently that […]

The Navy Can Make Their Own Fuel Using Sea Water!

In a recent announcement, the Navy disclosed that they now have the means to create it’s own fuel, using seawater.  Yahoo News has more… The US Navy believes it has finally worked out the solution to a problem that has intrigued scientists for decades: how to take seawater and use it as fuel. The development of a liquid hydrocarbon fuel is being hailed as “a game-changer” because it would signficantly shorten the supply chain, a weak link that makes any force easier to attack. The US has a fleet of 15 military oil tankers, and only aircraft carriers and some […]

Crises Response by Two Presidents: A Look Back

As we head into the new year, with an eye on the upcoming, all-important mid-term elections, let’s take a look back at how two different presidents handled a crisis, shall we? These events are separate; each having their own hurdles and problems, but both tied to the same geographic area. On one hand, we have President George W. Bush and one of the major crises of his administration – that would be Hurricane Katrina. And on the other, we have President Barack H. Obama and his response to the Gulf Oil Spill. On April 20, 2010 the deep water oil […]

Oil Production In America Setting Records In Spite of Obama and His Green Marxist Friends

It’s not easy finding good news to report on these days. But, I did manage to find some that you may have missed. In spite of President Obama bowing to every wish of his environmental extremist supporters to kill oil and gas production in America and to force Americans to pay ever-increasing costs for energy, the private sector has been going gang busters on private lands. The Energy Information Administration (EIA) reports that America is the world’s largest producer of petroleum liquids for the eight straight month. This EIA graph comparing US production to that od Saudi Arabia was lifted […]

Obama Tells Africans to Live in Thatch Huts

In the name of fighting Global Cooling Global Warming Climate Change The Big Lie, US President Barak Obama informed an audience in Africa that they can n0t be allowed to develop, lest the “planet will boil over.”   CNS News reported: President Barack Obama said at a town hall event in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Saturday that unless we find new way of producing energy “the planet will boil over” if people in Africa are allowed to attain air conditioning, automobiles and big houses. “Ultimately, if you think about all the youth that everybody has mentioned here in Africa, if everybody […]

Is Obama Going to End Coal?

Is Obama going to end the use of coal?  It’s very possible, if you take a look at the following, from the Independent Sentinel… Obama is at war with fossil fuels and his first key battle is against coal, which provides 45% of the electricity in the United States. Obama has succeeded at making it impossible to build new coal plants and he is about to close existing plants. Last year the EPA passed stringent carbon emissions standards on coal plants that prevented the building of any new coal-fired facilities in the United States. Some of the worst rules, delayed until […]

Al-Qaeda’s Favorite Pressure Cooker Recipes

Food for your soul. And it kills Jews too! Greetings fellow militants in the struggle against imperialism, Zionism and the Great Satan!  We hope you had a great year.  You know, being a member of Al-Qaeda is more than shootings, bombings and suicide attacks.  There are cookouts and family events too.  We like to think of ourselves as a social club.  Without Jews, of course. In response to our question in last month’s newsletter asking what your favorite pressure cooker recipes are, many of our operatives throughout the world have sent in many tasty and easy to make food dishes.  […]

North Dakota Floating on Oil, How will Obama Stop it?

We know there is a oil boom going on under the northern plains.  In fact, it appears that North Dakota is virtually floating on oil.  However, the scope of it is only now being realized.  The Lid has the facts… It isn’t new news that there is oil and natural gas under the ground in North Dakota. The news is the latest estimate of the U.S. Geological Survey which reports that reservoir of fossil fuel is double the oil and triple the natural gas originally projected. The new find makes the North Dakota oil field the largest ever on the […]

Explaining the Opposition to Drilling and Fracking: A Michigan Teacher’s Perspective

 Michigan apparently is sitting on valuable oil and gas reserves and is quickly becoming a battleground between those people who want to environmentally extract these valuable resources to power America and those who worship the Green God. Those who worship the Green God believe that no drilling should occur in their backyard, although they will repeatedly state that they have no problem with it being done in a much more environmentally destructive manner in other areas and then being shipped at great damage to the environment to them to power their cars and homes. These people believe that those who […]

Are “Supercapacitor” Batteries Coming Our Way? And Why the Left Will be Sad

Imagine a cell phone that will charge in minutes, or even seconds?  What if an electric car will charge in a fraction of the current time?  A Supercapacitor Battery would be a game changer!  Andrew Riley at All American Blogger posted the following video. OK, here’s my thinking. If this type of battery could be massed produced, electric cars could be a real alternative. Off the grid solar and wind, with these supercapcitors storing the juice, would be a more attractive option. People could be energy independent. The global warming alarmists (at least on the basis of their own rhetoric) […]

Gasoline Costs $900 More a Year Under Obama

I guess people voted for higher gas prices, because gasoline costs $900 more a year since Obama took office.  Breitbart has the graphical evidence… Remember, elections have consequences.

Obama’s Second Term EPA to Destroy Coal Industry

Apparently, the Obama Administration is holding back on announcing new regulations, especially from the EPA.  It would seem that the Administration does not want prospective voters knowing what the EPA will be up to.  However, Freedom Works has some relevant information… First, an October report from Republican Sen. James Inhofe indicated that the EPA specifically “punted” on numerous regulations in an attempt to “earn votes” for a second term.   … Then, the administration illegally failed to meet a deadline for releasing regulatory plans for the coming year, a move which prompted Inhofe to release the following statement: “President Obama is refusing to comply with the law that requires him to publish forthcoming regulations because he doesn’t […]

Attention Ohio Voters: President Obama Killed 200,000 Jobs in Your State

While the President wants Ohioans to vote for him,  Obama killed 200,000 jobs for those same citizens… First, it was 20,000 jobs the Obama Administration delayed by punting a decision to approve the Keystone XL pipeline, which would bring 700,000 barrels of oil per day from Canada into the United States. Multiply that number by 10 and you have the amount of jobs the President is putting on hold by delaying a mineral lease sale in Ohio’s Wayne National Forest for oil and gas drilling. This decision kills jobs and denies Americans access to affordable energy. The Washington Examiner reports that Wayne National Forest already has […]

It’s Not Easy Being Green: Green Cars Cause More Pollution!

When it comes to green cars, I feel obligated to invoke Quinn’s First Law… “Liberalism always generates the exact opposite of it’s stated intent.” You can’t argue it.  The “war on poverty” caused more poverty.  Since the onset of the Department of Education, education has gotten worse.  I could go on all day, but you get the point.  Liberals state that they are going to make something better, and instead make it worse.  Then, they blame us for their failure.  Here is the latest; green cars cause more pollution!  The Lonely Conservative has more… The Daily Caller reported that a new study by […]

Obama’s War on Coal Kills More Jobs: Alpha Natural Resources to lay off 1200

Apparently, Obama is making good on his promise to put coal out of business, as Alpha Natural Resources announced plans to lay off a total of 1200 workers in Virginia, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.  The WAPO has more… Alpha Natural Resources will cut its coal production by 15 percent and immediately lay off about 160 mineworkers while idling eight mines in Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Alpha Natural Resources becomes the latest in a series of coal mining companies to trim output and jobs this year as domestic coal-fired power plants shut down in the face of cheap new U.S. natural gas […]

Obama Administration Suppress News that It Killed 7000 Jobs in Coal Industry

From The Washington Free Beacon: Obama administration officials may have pressured government contractors to change job loss estimates associated with coal regulations, audio recordings reveal. The tapes show that unnamed officials with the Office of Surface Mining Reclamation and Enforcement (OSM) asked government contractors to change their calculations of job losses associated with the Stream Protection Rule. A preliminary draft of an environmental impact statement estimated that up to 7,000 coalminers could lose their jobs under the administration’s “preferred” regulation. After a leaked copy of the report went public, officials asked the contractors to compare job estimates to a model in […]

Mine Union Boss Suddenly Realizes that Obama Wants to Kill Coal: Amazement Ensues

Conservatives have known that Obama has it in for all things coal.  We know this because he’s said so-no prophesy or divination required! However, it seems that quite a few people didn’t pay attention to what candidate Obama was saying.  Case in point, Cecil Roberts, boss of bosses of the United Mine Workers.  Apparently, Cecil just now realized that Obama is going to put a lot of his “constituents” out of work… The coal industry will suffer the same fate as Osama bin Laden under new climate regulations proposed by the Environmental Protection Agency, the head of the United Mine […]

Obama Succeeds! Gas Prices Have Almost Doubled Since Taking Office!

You read the title correctly folks.  For the second week in a row, I have had to admit that the Obama administration has achieved one of it’s stated objectives-to cause gas priced to rise.  Kindly consult the graphic below, courtesy of Redstate… Now, some critics may rain on this hollow praise by saying that our high and mighty POTUS really doesn’t want to hurt people with higher fuel prices.  After all, not only does it make it more expensive to get to work (if Obama hasn’t killed their job), it raises the price of everything.  Well, let’s take a look at recent […]

Solyndra down the tubes?


While Barack Obama hones his class warfare rhetoric in anticipation of a presidential election against that evil rich guy, Romney, Solyndra, the company who scammed American taxpayers for a half billion dollars is taking hypocrisy to another level. Even though they are in bankruptcy proceedings and attempting to sell lock, stock and barrel to try and meet creditors’ demands, Solyndra is literally shattering millions and millions of glass tubes, rather than try to find a buyer.   So it would seem that the old axiom about profit being a driver of inspiration is true. Were it private money that Solyndra […]

President Obama Puts 20-Year Ban on Prosperous and Safe Uranium Mining in Arizona

Until 1980, the United States was the world’s leading producer of uranium, but today there are only three operating uranium mines left. This may have been due to the fall in uranium prices, which hit a low of $7.92 per pound in 2001. But with the price climbing to over $50 today, there is renewed interest in mining uranium, which is essential to powering nuclear power plants and important for national security- and it gets even better, because there are still considerable deposits of uranium in the United States, including fairly large deposits that were discovered in northern Arizona over recent years. Uranium […]

Obama Kills Keystone XL Pipeline, Tens of Thousands of Jobs, and Throws Unions Under the Bus

Talk about a trifecta!  The President, once again, has taken the opportunity to deny the permit for the Keystone XL Pipeline.  For those of you that are unaware, the pipeline would go from Canada, to US refineries, giving us an influx of affordable source of energy.  That, and we’d be buying it from an good, decent people that make pretty decent beer, and, as a plus, have no desire to kill us.  Estimates vary, but the uppermost guesses indicate that hundreds of thousands of jobs could be eventually be created.  These would be private sector jobs, that would impact many […]

Green Energy Is Burning Up Your Green $$$

Obama’s insane energy policy is burning a hole through the American’s family budget. At the same time, our government is burning through our tax dollars while putting our future generations deeper and deeper in debt. How are Americans reacting to this insanity? That I can tell, there is almost no reaction from Main Street America. The reason, I think, is obvious.  The average American is being battered about like a ball in a pin ball machine by the multitude of negative impacts their government’s policies are having on them. It is almost impossible for anyone to focus on one bad policy long enough […]

Modern Democratic Party Betrays Progress By Promoting Policies of the Past

Modern day Democrats talk often about ‘progress’. If you listen to your Democratic Congressman or Senator or President talk, they’ll mention how they want to move society forward, advance the ball, create or grow jobs through government spending, or in some way improve humanity by using the power of the state to hammer the backward among us into the future. Liberal blogs support Democrats by arguing and mocking conservatives and Republicans as ‘backwards’ and falling behind an advancing liberal society. But the truth of the matter is that the modern day Democratic Party has betrayed the ideal of ‘progress’ by […]

Democrats Energy Policies Continue their Assault on Wealth and Jobs

From Powerlineblog: The Obama administration’s energy policies have been a disaster, assuming that American decline is not your objective. We have written many times about the administration’s efforts to suppress development of our oil resources, but coal is equally important. The United States is blessed with extraordinary deposits of coal, but Obama is determined to prevent us from using it to generate cheap and plentiful electricity. Obama wasn’t kidding when he said, as a candidate, that his policies would cause electricity prices to “skyrocket.” U.S. News reports that Obama’s EPA is promulgating regulations that will cause hundreds of thousands of […]

End All Energy Production?

On Wednesday, August 6, 2008 I wrote: As I listened to Obama talk about his energy visions for the future, I imagined what it would be like to live in a world that is cured of it’s oil addiction- a world where there is no power generated by fossil fuels, and instead water and wind power the world. Ahh, indeed- the change we need… windmill from ancient Rhodes, waterwheel from Roman Spain… After two years of an Obama Presidency and Democrats in Congress, it appears that the world’s chief sources of large-scale energy production — coal, oil and nuclear power — […]