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Radical Islam

Hillary, Your Radical Marxist Roots are Showing

Hillary is more of an outright Marxist than Obama. Where his socialistic tendencies towards America stem from his hatred of this country’s supposed “colonialism.” We defeated Japan, but never occupied it. We defeated Germany, but never occupied it. The list goes on, but none-the-less America is a colonial power. But I digress, back to Hillary. In 1971, twenty three year old Yale law student, Hillary Diane Rodham served a stint as a clerk for what was at the time, the nation’s most Communistic law firm, Treuhaft, Walker and Burnstein. This law firm made no bones about it’s connection to the […]

Muslim Man Beheads Two Christians in New Jersey: Media Silent

We should always respect the religion of peace, as we are all told.  After all, they got a religious exception from ObamaCare.  When a Christian speaks Biblical truth about homosexuality, it becomes a national controversy.  Muslims KILL homosexuals all over the world, and it isn’t even a blip on the radar.  Even murdering Christians seems acceptable these days, with even President Obama sending funding and weapons to the Syrian Rebels al Qaeda, who massacres Christians at every turn. So, it probably should not be a surprise when a Muslim murders beheads Christians in New Jersey, and there is no mention […]

Obama’s Syrian Allies Continue to Execute Civilians, Including Children

Well, it seems that Barak Obama’s Syrian allies Al Qaeda, are racking up impressive numbers of dead civilians, even if they have to behead them after the fighting is done.  Here is some video… I wonder if they get more aid if they kill more civilians, or does that only count when the civilians are Christians?

Muslim Man Attacks Sister for Coming Out Lesbian: Gay Rights Groups Silent

No one is doubting that this is a “hate crime,” but Gay rights groups have been silent on this attack by a Muslim man, on his own sister. Apparently, she informed her family she was a lesbian. Of course, in Islam, the penalty for homosexuality is death. But, the gay rights crowd seems to only target Christians for believing in God.  As usual, there will be no protest at a mosque, or efforts to silence Muslims.  I wonder why? Linked by Regular Right Guy, and Iowa Dawg.  Thanks gentlemen!

Do All Muslims Agree With Stoning Women for Adultery, or Executing Homosexuals?

Is the idea that stoning women for adultery, and hanging homosexuals of being, well, homosexuals, radical Islam, or is it mainstream?  This video claims to make the point that Muslims like stoning women and hanging homosexuals  just as much as American feminists support killing babies.  Take a look for yourself… You make the call, if the video is legit, the feminists need to start protesting at Mosques. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. H/T: John Hawkins at Right Wing News

DHS Advisor States Egypt’s Coptic Christians “Incited ” Attacks Against Them

In other words, they were “asking for it.”  Pam Geller has the details… For years, I have warned of Obama’s pro-jihadist appointees in his administration. The American people would be outraged if they knew. But the media is part and parcel of the  islamization of the American foreign policy. Blaming the Coptic Christians in Egypt for Muslim oppression, persecution and slaughter is akin to blaming the Jews for the Nazis. The idea that Christians incited Muslims to slaughter in Egypt is manifest in the sharia. Chrstians have incited Muslims by not converting to Islam. DHS adviser to persecuted Christians: “You […]

Is a Deadly Virus, MERS, Striking the Muslim Haj with a 60% Death Rate?

If these following report is accurate, not only are Islamic Pilgrims in danger, but also their friends, neighbors, and co-workers in their nations of origin.  Take a look at the following, via Front Page… If I were a Muslim pondering going into the suicide bomber business in the hopes of an afterlife full of virgins and fresh dates, this is the sort of thing that might make me reconsider a career in air conditioner repair instead. Saudi Arabia is the centre of an outbreak of the deadly new virus, named Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, that is similar to the […]

Kenyan Terrorist Attacks Against “Infidels” Comitted by Americans!

It appears that several of the attackers in the deadly Kenyan mall assault were Americans.  The Other McCain has more… Meanwhile, as Bridget Johnson reports at PJ Tatler, the al-Qaeda-allied Somali terrorist group al-Shabaab claims that Americans are among the gunmen who committed the attack in Kenya. And a notorious British woman may have played a key role in this atrocity: In messages sent via Twitter, the Islamic militant group al-Shabaab named five young Americans, a Canadian and a British man among the terrorists who perpetrated the Westgate massacre. Two of the men — Ahmed Mohamed Isse, 22, and Abdifatah […]

Rumors of War: US and UK Gearing up for Attack on Syria?

Are the Syrian Rebels Al Qaeda not killing children and Christians quickly enough?  Apparently not, as if the rumors are true, we are preparing, with the British, to attack Syria.  Weasel Zippers has more… Via Telegraph: Britain is planning to join forces with America and launch military action against Syria within days in response to the gas attack believed to have been carried out by President Bashar al-Assad’s forces against his own people. Royal Navy vessels are being readied to take part in a possible series of cruise missile strikes, alongside the United States, as military commanders finalise a list of […]

Syrian Rebels Favored by Barak Obama and John McCain Executing Children

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT Barak Obama sent weapons.  John McCain favors the Syrian Rebels Al Qaeda.  And, they execute children! Live leak has a content filter on this, so you may have to go to their site and view it. according to the Islamic state youtube channel, these 2 guys are from the town of nobol and the town of alzaharaa in Aleppo(these 2 towns are known by their support to the regime)..according to them,.they got kidnapped so the regime can release some of their “brothers” but the regime didn’t respond to their they execute them Remember that Barak Obama […]

Muslims Religiously Cleanses Syrian City, Kills Christians-Obama Sends the the Muslims Weapons

When you look at the Obama Administration as a whole, foreign and domestic, you see that they have a tendency to support people or entities that persecute or kill Christians.  For the latest example, let’s go to those “freedom fighters” in Syria.  Atlas Shrugs has the details… This has become a hallmark of the Obama administration. The silence, the sanction of the persecution of religious minorites under the sharia has become the hallmark of this administration. Obama may think his legacy will be “Obamacare” (and it will, for all the wrong reasons) or open border amnesty, but it will be […]

Arab Spring Update: Syrian Rebels Keep Killing Christians, Obama Gives Them Weapons

It seems that Obama picked some interesting friends in the Syrian Rebels Al Qaeda.  They have this strange habit of killing Christians.  At the end of May, they saw the need to slaughter an entire village-because they were Christians.  According to the Assyrian International News Agency (AINA), forces of the Free Syrian Army massacred the village on May 27: “The armed rebels affiliated to the Free Syrian Army (FSA) raided the Christian-populated al-Duvair village in Reef (outskirts of) Homs near the border with Lebanon today and massacred all its civilian residents, including women and children. The Syrian army, however, intervened […]

Video of London Attacker

The perpetrator of the London attack and killing of a British Soldier calmly spoke to a camera after the crime… That seemed pretty calm and goal directed.

Religion of Peace Update: Men Allegedly Scream, “Allah hu Akbar” and Hack British Soldier to Bits

This makes me think of what Dearborn will be like in a few years. In what appears to be a terrorist attack, two Muslim men ran over a British soldier, and proceeded to hack him to bits.  The Commentator has more… Eyewitnesses have reported a beheading with a ‘machete’ or ‘meat cleaver’ and claimed that police armed units responded to a scene in John Wilson Street, Woolwich.  The shots are said to have been fired close to the Royal Artillery Barracks in London after an alleged sword attack, The Sun reports. While the incident has yet to be confirmed, local residents […]

Federal Judge Rules that Stoning Christians is OK

Some people are going to say that stoning Christians cannot happen in this country, but it did, and it has been legitimized by a Federal Judge.  Jihad Watch has the story, and video… A Michigan federal judge today dismissed a civil rights lawsuit brought by several Christian evangelists who were violently assaulted by a hostile Muslim mob while preaching at an Arab festival last year in Dearborn, Michigan, which has the largest Muslim population in the United States. Video of the Muslim assault went viral on YouTube. The American Freedom Law Center (AFLC) filed the lawsuit against Wayne County, the […]

CIA Wanted Tamerlan Tsarnaev on Terrorist Watch List: Media Silent

As the true nature of the Boston Marathon Bombing comes to light, the more incompetence is discovered.  We know that the Russians warned us as to the radicalization of Tamerlan Tsarnaev, but no action was taken. Now we see that the CIA continued to want Tsarnaev on the watch list… The lying is profound, and mirrors the constantly changing narrative on the Saudi national who was first grilled in the Boston bombing. Now this: CIA Wanted Boston Bombing Suspect Placed on Terror Watchlist Breitbart The CIA directly asked the FBI to place Tamerlan Tsarnaev, the elder of the two suspected […]

Janet Napolitano Caught Lying to Congress: Media Silent

One thing that you can always count on is that the mainstream media will cover for the Obama Administration. It occurred again today when Janet Napolitano, the Secretary of Homeland Security, went to Congress, and lied her carcass off.  Conservative Daily News has more… Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA) inquired about Abdul Rahman Ali al Harbi, about whom Napolitano refused to answer questions at a previous hearing. “Before the [Tsarnaev] brothers became the focus of the investigation, authorities questioned a Saudi student who reportedly was on a terror watchlist,” said Grassley, “…if so, how did he obtain a student visa?” Napolitano’s […]

Tamerlan Tsarnaev- 9/11 Denier, Against War on Terror, Ignorant- Product of the Intellectual Left?

From the Detroit News article For Boston bombing suspects, question may be who led whom: …(Alyssa Kilzer) said the mother (of the terrorists) also expressed some rather strident views about the U.S. government. “(When my mother went to their house to get a facial treatment) (the mother of the terrorists) started quoting a conspiracy theory, telling me that she thought 9-11 was purposefully created by the American government to make America hate Muslims. ‘It’s real,’ (the mother of the terrorists) said, ‘My son knows all about it. You can read on the internet.’”… …Tsarni (who is the uncle) told The […]

Boston Marathon Bombers Ignored Gun Laws

Attention all liberals:  Gun laws do not prevent crimes!   It seems that while Massachusetts has some gun laws in place, the Boston Marathon Bombers completely disregarded them!  I know, for liberals out there, it must seem incredible.  Doug Ross has more… A perplexed Associated Depress reluctantly reports: Massachusetts police official say the brothers suspected of bombing the Boston Marathon before having shootouts with authorities didn’t have gun permits. Cambridge Police Commissioner Robert Haas tells The Associated Press in an interview Sunday that neither Tamerlan Tsarnaev (tsahr-NEYE’-ehv) nor his brother Dzhokhar had permission to carry firearms. You see, criminals, or terrorists, […]

MSNBC Talking Head, Melissa Harris-Perry, States Islam Had Nothing to do Muslim Bombers

OK, the lefties wanted the Boston Marathon Bombers to be white, so they could use it as an example of racism and “privilege.”  Then, so they thought, they could use it to push their agenda.  In other words, they wanted to use a crime to smear all white people, and justify a massive federal power grab.  But, when the perpetrators turned out to be Muslims, race and religion are suddenly not relevant?  That’s the case, according the Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC.  The fact that they were Muslims, and that they older, deceased brother reportedly visited a radical imam SIX TIMES […]

Did the Boston Marathon Bombers Act Alone, or Did They Have Help?

It’s a fair question, given their training and choice of weapons.  Did the Boston Marathon Bombers have help?  Pam Geller claims to have sources… FBI hunting 12-strong Islamic ‘sleeper cell’ in Boston: “We have no doubt the brothers were not acting alone” Check it out!

Irony Alert! Muslim Marathon Bombers Car-jacked Vehicle with “Coexist” Sticker!

You’ve seen that “coexist” logo.  It’s on bumper stickers, and I saw it on a co-worker in t-shirt form today.  Well, in a turn of complete irony, it was on a certain car the other night, the one car-jacked by the Muslim Bombers had a “coexist” sticker.  Just a Conservative Girl has the pic… I published a somewhat more realistic version of that logo some time ago… That’s the reality of it, unfortunately.  And, once again, out two bombers proved it.

Religious Guide to Stoning Women: Feminists Silent

From Soopermexican, via Doug Ross, there is a new, handy-dandy guide for stoning that adulterous woman in your life.  Or, that non-adulterous woman that you want to be rid of, or that rape victim that doesn’t have enough male witnesses to prove that she was raped.  Here is the image… Soopermexican has a poll where you can guess the religion that supports this tolerant and peaceful solution to adultery and rape. In related news, the Obama administration has announce that they will be sending tanks, planes, and wads of cash to the makers of this peaceful means to resolve the […]

Two Christians Were Beheaded by Muslim: National Media Silent

If seems that  more and more good people  are being set upon by all sides.   Christians are being persecuted in schools, in universities, in hospitals, and via ObamaCare.  Now, add to the fray the Muslims, for  two Christians were beheaded by a Muslim in New Jersey.  And, as usual, the MSM is taking a pass on covering it.  The Western Center for Journalism has the video… Then again, the Book tells us that this sort of thing is going to happen.  But the MSM is performing its function and not reporting on it.  However, if a Tea Party member were […]

Public School Builds Muslim Prayer Into Curriculum: ACLU Silent

The ACLU will sue a school at the slightest sign of Christian anything.  Ten Commandments?  Tear it down!  Kids bring Bibles to school?  Throw them in the garbage in threaten to have them taken from their parents!  Mention Christmas at Christmas time?  Unthinkable!  After all, the schools are public, and there is that mythical “separation of Church and State.”  I mean, it doesn’t actually appear in the Constitution, but if it’s about Jesus, it simply cannot appear in public.  Yes sir!  That Jesus cannot be mentioned at all, after all, the public schools cannot promote religion, right? Well, if the […]