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This is Your Life if You Dad Does Visual Effects for a Living

Apparently, the child featured in the video below has a father that does visual effects for a living. Post by TrendTing. This of course, makes me jealous.

ObamaCare Emails Can’t Get Past Spam Filters

We’ve been saying, all along, that ObamaCare is a scam.  Apparently, the spam filters of some email providers are thinking the same thing. I’m sure that the government will be right on this, by sending IRS audits to the owners or managers of the email services in question.

Creepy Family Photos

For something just a little bit different, or even disturbingly different, here are some really odd and creepy family photos. There are many more at the link.

News of the Strange Update: Park Service States That Bison Are NOT Fleeing Yellowstone

A few days ago.  we covered claims that the bison in Yellowstone we fleeing.  However, the park service has a different opinion.  Here is more, and the evidence, from The Blaze… This week, a video has been circulating claiming to show a herd of bison “running for their lives” out of Yellowstone National Park. The suggestion has been that the animals are sensing imminent danger associated with a volcano in the area. But there’s just one problem: park officials told Reuters that the video actually shows the bison galloping into the park, not out of it. … In fact, one […]

News of the Strange: Are Animals Fleeing Yellowstone in Anticipation of an Eruption??

In one of the more freaky reports to come out lately is that animals, and particularly bison, are fleeing the vicinity of Yellowstone after the 4.8 earthquake we recently reported. AU reports… DO they know something we don’t? Reports of animals fleeing Yellowstone has sparked concerns that the park’s supervolcano may be set to blow. Yellowstone National Park was hit by a 4.8-magnitude earthquake on March 30, prompting fears it could trigger a cataclysmic eruption that would cover North America in ash. The quake was the largest in the park since 1980, and part of a series of foreshocks […]

8.2 Earthquake Strikes off Chilean Coast: Tsunami Warnings Issued

A strong earthquake, magnitude 8.2 has struck off the coast of Chile.  And Tsunami warnings have been issued.  Fox News has more… Chile’s national emergency office said there were initial reports of landslides partially blocking some roads and highways, and it called for the “preventive evacuation” of the country’s northern coastline, Reuters reported. A tsunami was expected to reach nearby cities throughout the night, and local TV images showed residents evacuating calmly. Chile’s Emergency Office said a large tsunami wave was expected to hit the island of Juan Fernandez just before midnight local time. “We have asked citizens to evacuate […]

4.8 Earthquake in Yellowstone: Volcano Not Expected to Erupt

An earthquake, registering 4.8, occurred at Yellowstone Park, home of a super-volcano caldera.  NBC has more… A 4.8 magnitude earthquake rocked Yellowstone National Park in Montana early Sunday, but there were no immediate reports of damage. Peter Cervelli, a spokesman for the U.S. Geological Survey’s Yellowstone Volcano Observatory said the quake, which hit at 6:34 a.m. local time, was centered almost in the middle of Yellowstone National Park, near the Norris Geyser Basin. He said any damage from the temblor would likely be minor, adding that there are not many visitors in the park at the moment. The quake was […]

The Most Awesome Pregnancy Photo Series

Couples go to great lengths to document a pregnancy these days.  Here is great example…

Is the Yellowstone Super Volcano Showing Signs of an Impending Eruption?

It appears that geological activity at the Yellowstone Super Volcano is increasing, with the ground there rising by as much as ten inches over the last several years.  Here is some video… And, here is some more video, in the form of a documentary on what would happen in a Yellowstone Eruption… So, if Yellowstone goes off, and it might, not only will we lose a great deal of the Western US, the rest will be mostly destroyed.  Food production would cease.  Volcanic ash will ruin internal combustion engines, jet turbines, and communications.  While the eastern US would not be […]

Godzilla is Coming on May 16, 2014!

Godzilla is again being tried by what appears to be an American effort.  Here are the trailers for the newest Godzilla epic… The official Godzilla movie website can be found here.  And the Godzilla Movie Facebook page here. Enjoy!

We Now Know What the Fox Says!

It a controversy worthy of an annoying pop song, the Conservative Hideout is pleased to announce that it’s crack investigative team (I was lurking in Facebook) has actually discovered what the fox actually says… H/T:  Girls Just Wanna Have Guns

When Auto-Correct Attacks!

Anyone with an Android or IOS device will know what the title means-the auto-correct function on your phone will take an otherwise intelligent person, and at the least, make them look idiotic.  At the worst, auto-correct will make you look like a pervert.  A friend on Facebook recently posted a link to a post featuring some classic auto-correct fails.  Here are a couple samples… There are a bunch more auto-correct disasters over at the link, so go check it out.  

83 Year Old Supermodel Breaks all Barriers

An 83 year old supermodel is still professionally active, without surgery or other artificial means.  Airbrushed, she is not.  Here is some video… Thanks to Opus for publishing this.

Bolivian Kickboxer Vs. US Marine UPDATE: Still Awesome, but from a movie!

What happens when a Bolivian kickboxer meets a US Marine?  It looks something like this… I’d say the Marine made quick work of his opponent. UPDATE: A Twitter follower informed me that this was from a movie.  And, it was.  The movie was Never Back Down.  The video above was taken by someone as the scene was being filmed- a “behind the scenes” clip.  Here is the fight scene, as it appeared in the finished film… Since it wasn’t a serious post, I didn’t really dig into it to see it’s source.  You win some, you lose some.  Still pretty […]

Gory PSA Shows That Skipping School Can be Fatal

NOTE:  Content unfit to little ones! The following gory PSA is from Australia, and shows the dire consequences of skipping school.  Take a look for yourself… Just let that be a lesson to you, kids.  If you skip school, mysterious explosions will blow you into small chunks.  The upside might be that you star in a gory PSA!  

Random Pillow Fights!

OK, it sounds stupid, but the following video, featuring a college student starting random pillow fights with complete strangers.  Take a look at the video, and see for yourself. Post by Pretty Ricky.  

Abandonded Cruise Ship, Filled With Cannibalistic Rats, Said to be Drifting Towards UK

In a story only a scifi original movie writer could love, a cruise ship, the Lyubov Orlova, is thought to be adrift in the Atlantic, and possibly headed for the UK.  And, just to make it creepy, the ship is said to be filled with disease ridden, cannibalistic rats.  The Independent has more… The Lyubov Orlova cruise liner has been drifting across the north Atlantic for the better part of a year, and salvage hunters say there is a strong chance it is heading this way. Built in Yugoslavia in 1976, the unlucky vessel was abandoned in a Canadian harbour […]

This Ordinary Looking House is Hiding Something Big!

Take a look at the house in this video.  Looks like a regular old house that fits right into it’s surroundings, right?  Well, this house is hiding something that you aren’t supposed to see.  This video, via Kim Komando, will explain everything… The old saying, never judge a book by its cover applies nicely to this house, does it not?  

Mysterious Rock Appears in Path of Mars Rover

Now this one really fits the category; “News of the Strange.”  The Mars Rover has detected a mysterious rock on it’s vicinity.  And it’s strange in the respect that it was not there one day, and was the next!  Here is a pic… Here are some details, from Space… After a decade of exploring the Martian surface, the scientists overseeing veteran rover Opportunity thought they’d seen it all. That was until a rock mysteriously “appeared” a few feet in front of the six-wheeled rover a few days ago. News of the errant rock was announced by NASA Mars Exploration Rover […]

Student RickRolls His Physics Teacher

Just when you thought the RickRoll meme was dead, a HS Student pulled it off on his physics teacher.  The Blaze has the pic… I shudder to think how long it took to not only write the paper, but to also do the rickroll.

Easy Kitchen Improvements with Common Items

Everyone likes to make things easier, quicker, and more organized; especially the kitchen.  All of our pots and and pans, gadgets, and the like can take up a ton of space, and create a jumbled mess.  Buzzfeed had a recent post with some ways to bring order to the chaos.  Here are the first few… 1. Use empty soda boxes to store soup cans. Find out how to make it all pretty here. 2. Shoe holders become excellent snack holders. Snacks vs. shoes, discuss. 3. Cut off the ends of plastic hangers to DIY chip clips. Never […]

And for the Latest Vagina Gun Holster Story…

You can’t make this stuff up… A woman apparently used her vagina as a holster in an effort to out crazy her boyfriend.  I’d say she won.  The Daily Caller has more… The ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning “The Road” and “No Country for Old Men” novelist Cormac McCarthy was arrested over the weekend for pulling a handgun from her vagina and aiming it at her current boyfriend’s head. The Smoking Gun obtained the statement of probable cause from Santa Fe County Police that says Jennifer McCarthy, 48, was arguing with her unnamed boyfriend about “space aliens” when she became angry […]

Bigfoot Hunter Claims to Have Shot Elusive Beast

Stop the presses!  A long-time Bigfoot hunter is claiming to have shot the legendary creature.   Here is coverage from FOX… Self-proclaimed professional Bigfoot hunter, Rick Dyer, has finally released the photos of the hairy monster he allegedly shot and killed last year. “Bigfoot is 100 percent real – there’s no question about that,” Dyer told Dyer says he shot and killed the mythical monster in a wooded area of California near Loop 1604 and Highway 151 in September 2012. Here is a pic, also from FOX… Of course, we have to ask, if the dude shot Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, […]

New Years Eve in Times Square Live Feed!

Hello all, the site was down for much of the day, due to a data center problem that impacted several web hosts.  The site is back now, and it’s back to what I was going to do in the first place. We have something that I have never tried before; the live feed of the Times Square New Years Eve celebration… I’ll be posting some thoughts on the year that was later, so stay tuned for more! Enjoy!

Start Trek Continues? It’s Not That Bad!

I grew up watching Star Trek, and have at least one reference to it here on the blog… I use it when a liberals stand so completely in defiance of reality, that only a goatee bearing Spock can describe it. Now, with Start Trek only running in movie form, there is still a demand for it, or at least, there are people out there wanting to make their own versions of it.  So, there are several knock off series out there.  Some are positively awful.  One such series, Star Trek Phase II, is passably OK.  However, it is still entertaining, […]

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