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Which Do You Think Is Desecration Of The Flag? Posing Nude With It Or Stomping All Over It?

You Decide Is this desecration? Or is this desecration of our flag?    

Is There A Universe Where The GOP “Leaders” Aren’t Morons? I Want To Live In That One

    Once upon a time I naively thought that electing a Republican congress would put the brakes on Obama’s lawless destruction of our once-great nation. Silly me. Why did these bozos just vote to confirm Loretta Lynch as Attorney General? Do they want more gun control? Do they like seeing unlimited late-term abortions? Do they enjoy it when “law enforcement” seizes private property without due process? I suppose that they do. Which makes Mitch McConnell no better than Dingy Harry. Need more proof of that? OK, Ole Mitch is gonna bail out ObamaCare’s subsidies if SCOTUS strikes them down. […]

Jon Corzine Is Starting A New Hedge Fund! What Could Go Wrong?

      Is there a sucker born every minute? You tell me. Former governor and U.S. Senator John Corzine may soon add another title to his resume — hedge fund owner. According to the Wall Street Journal, the fund would likely be launched with Corzine’s own personal wealth, along with contributions from a handful of outside investors. You remenber Jon Corzine, right? He’s the financial genius who took over MF Global, ran it into the ground, vaporized more than a billion dollars of his clients’ money, and then tried to weasel his way out of any responsibility for the […]

Telling A 5 Year Old They Are ‘Transgender’ Is Child Abuse

  Hat/Tip to Warner Todd Huston at Publius’ Forum. Right on the money on this one, Mr. Huston! Here is his Op-Ed in its entirety: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A school in Maine got in hot water last week for feeding 5,6,and 7 year olds a “lesson” on being transgendered. But can a 5-year-old even be a “transgendered” kid? No. And to impress on them to think so is child abuse. Officials at a grade school in Kittery, Maine instituted a lesson plan for its Kindergartners and its first through third graders meant to train them on the subject of transgendered kids and […]

Wisconsin Democrats Game The System For Revenge On Walker Supporters And Republicans

Hat/Tip to Doug Ross @ Journal and David French at National Review. The corruption and abandonment of the rule of law is jaw dropping. Before we begin, the only other person who needs to be put in the spotlight is the above mentioned, DA John Chisholm’s willing and complicit partner in crime, Judge Barbara Kluka.     Not much that I can add to this article, so here it is in its entirety. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ They came with a battering ram. Cindy Archer, one of the lead architects of Wisconsin’s Act 10 — also called the “Wisconsin Budget Repair Bill,” it […]

The State Uses Its Power To Remove Child From A Medical Marijuana Activist

There certainly isn’t a shortage of things to worry about when it comes to our out-of-control government, and it is becoming abundantly clear that we can add CPS (Child Protective Services) to the list.  In the past many of the complaints have been about them not doing enough to protect children when it is clear that children are living in unsafe environments.  The answer that came from the agency was almost always the lack of funds and staff to handle the case loads.  It seems that has been taken care of. In Kansas, there is a medical marijuana activist by […]

Most Of Obama’s Job Gains Come With The Question, “Do You Want Fries With That?”

  The Obamabots will tell you the economy is “improving,” because their Dear Leader has created millions of new jobs. What they won’t tell you is what kind of jobs he’s managed to create. Lots and lots of low-pay, low-skill, dead-end jobs. As in, “do you want fries with that?” In a post-recession world where many once-familiar occupations continue to automate, move offshore or disappear outright, one of the most basic questions remains: Who’s hiring? It turns out the vast preponderance of job openings these days consists of low-skill, hourly wage work with high turnover. The current slate of “help […]

Hey Millenials, How You Dress For An Interview Does Indeed Matter

Elizabeth Bentivgna, a senior at Oberlin, seems to be completely unaware of the fact that how you dress for a job interview does indeed matter.  She is in the process of interviewing for summer internships before returning to school for her final semester in the fall. She was given a lesson in this after finding out that a company would not be hiring her.  Her recruiter was honest with her about why a company wouldn’t be giving her the internship. “She told me that OnShift would love to hire me based on my technical skills and personality, but that they […]

UPDATE: Grade Schoolers Forced To Write Get Well Cards To Cop Killer: The Teacher’s Punishment? Suspended WITH Pay

UPDATE: Marylin Zuniga: I made my students worship Mumia because white kids were mean to me in high school Cop-killer loving teacher Marylin Zuniga tried to defend herself last night in front of the Orange, NJ Board of Education. And since she had nothing to stand on, she played the Race Card. Zuniga, clutching a written statement in her hands, leaned into a microphone and made her first public remarks about a controversy that has gained international attention. In her remarks at Tuesday’s meeting, Zuniga addressed how she became a teacher, her efforts to help the local community – and […]

Brett Favre’s Wife . . . A Logic Lesson!

In a news conference, Deanna Favre announced she will be the starting Quarterback for the Green Bay Packers football team next season.  Deanna asserts that she is qualified to be the starting QB because she had spent 16 years married to Brett while he played QB for the Packers – even though she has actually never played football at any level from grade school up, never ran the offense of any team, nor ever played the game. During this period of time, she became familiar with the definition of a corner blitz, the nickel package, man-to-man coverage, so she is now completely comfortable with all the other terminology involving the Packers […]

CJ Is At It Again: This Time He Tackles Hillary

Hat/Tip to Steven Ahle at Red Statements. This is a very outspoken young American, and as reported here, he makes no bones on his feelings for President Obama. Known for his Youtube videos and his work in Georgia state politics, young CJ Pearson is fast making quite a name for himself. This time, he tackles the issue of a Hillary Clinton presidency. Twelve year old CJ Pearson, who is known for his classic video on why Obama hates America has now made a new video chastising Hillary Clinton and her lack of accomplishments and her narcissistic attitude.  This kid has a […]

Senator Ted Cruz Is Not A “Natural Born Citizen” And Therefore Not Eligible To Be President

Editor’s Note: We ran a story about Marco Rubio which was written by Ken McIntyre at The Daily Signal. From the feedback of the comments, it would seem that, once again there are those who, armed with Google have their own interpretation of what the term natural born citizen means. Here, reprinted in its entirety, is an article from March of 2013 by Mario Apuzzo on his blog. Conservative Hideout takes no sides on this issue, as we have ‘no dog in the fight’, so to speak. Our job is to present facts and historical data, and even opinions of Constitutional scholars so […]

“I Want A Woman President, Just Not You!”

Hat/Tip to the Conservative Tribune. In one of her famous opening segment monologues, Judge Jeanine Pirro ripped Hillary Clinton to shreds over her credibility, or rather lack of credibility. I wouldn’t want to be on this lady’s bad side. Very few people would ever confuse the Fox News Channel’s Judge Jeanine Pirro with a supporter of Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. However, just to make sure that her views are clear as can be, the fiery judge ripped into the former Secretary of State, Senator, and first lady during her “Opening Statement” on her Saturday evening program. Judge Jeanine began by […]

Must See Courtroom Video: Kentucky Judge Lets Armed Robbers Off, Calls Three-Year-Old White Victim ‘Racist’

Hat/Tip to Warner Todd Huston. A black judge in Kentucky gave a home invader and armed robber a light sentence because he said he feels that the three-year-old white victim was a “racist” because in her victim statement the little girl said she is now afraid of black people after two black men broke into her home and threatened her with a gun. In an outrageous statement from the bench, Louisville Judge Olu Stevens attacked the tiny white toddler and her parents for their “racism” calling the little girl’s statement “disturbing” while at the same time excusing the actions of […]

The Perks Of Getting Older…

  1. Kidnappers are not very interested in you. 2. In a hostage situation you are likely to be released first. 3. No one expects you to run–anywhere. 4. People call at 9 PM and ask, “Did I wake you?” 5. People no longer view you as a hypochondriac. 6. There is nothing left to learn the hard way. 7. Things you buy now won’t wear out. 8. You can eat supper at 5 PM. 9. You can live without sex but not your glasses. 10. You get into heated arguments about pension plans. 11. You no longer think of […]

ALL of Hillary Clinton’s State Department Accomplishments in ONE Graphic!!

Hat/Tip to SooperMexican. If you ever needed to answer the question, “just what accomplishments make Hillary think she should become president?” the investigative team at the SooperMexy blog have compiled hours of research into this one graphic. Enjoy and share:    . . .  

I Told You Guys That Net Neutrality Meant “Tax The Internet,” And I Was Right

  “Fairness” my ass. The FCC’s Net Neutrality power grab was about one thing, and one thing only — taxes. Eleven Billion Dollars in new taxes. Not long after FCC chairman Tom Wheeler swore that the FCC takeover of the Internet wouldn’t result in new taxes or fees, it appears likely that new taxes will show up on Internet bills in the near future. In mid-March, Wheeler told a House panel that he couldn’t, in fact, rule out a new Internet fee to help pay for the government’s “Universal Service Fund” (USF). By shoving the Internet into the agency’s Title […]

Cops, Shootings, and The Usual Knee Jerk Reactions

  One of my big pet peeves is willful blindness.  I can’t stand it.  I mean I really can’t stand it.  I especially hate it when it comes to politics.  I will vote for a democrat if I believe they are best person for the job.  Now, that doesn’t happen often, but in theory it can happen. In fact, I have voted for democrats in my life.  One was a protest vote for governor many years ago.  The republican candidate made this comment about the death penalty that I just couldn’t stomach and I refused to vote for him, since […]