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Victory For Consumers: FCC Rules No More Blocking Wi-Fi In Hotels

Sorry Marriott, you can’t block personal Wi-Fi hotspots. Because, freedom! On Tuesday, the Federal Communications Commission issued an “Enforcement Advisory” stating that blocking W-Fi in hotels is unequivocally “prohibited.” “Persons or businesses causing intentional interference to Wi-Fi hotspots are subject to enforcement action,” the FCC bluntly stated, referencing a dispute between Marriott and its customers who said the hotel chain had blocked their personal hotspots to to force them to pay for Marriott’s Wi-Fi services. “The Enforcement Bureau has seen a disturbing trend in which hotels and other commercial establishments block wireless consumers from using their own personal Wi-Fi hot […]

Rick Springfield’s Actions Threaten to Reopen Buttock Wars

Popular singing star Rick Springfield, best known for his ’80s hit “Jessie’s Girl” is on trial.  The charge? Causing “serious, permanent and disabling injury” to a woman with his buttocks. Springfield states that during the concert in question his buttocks did indeed come into contact with Vicki Calcagno, from Liverpool, New York, but that any injury that his Australian buttcheeks might have done to the woman were incidental and did not warrant a lawsuit against him. “That’s just the way we do things in Australia” said Sprinfield. It’s how we say hello.  Many times in the outback I have greeted neighbors […]

Everywhere You Go, Obama Wants To Know, He’s Tracking Your License Plate To And Fro

  He sees you when you’re driving. He knows where you came from. He’s watching where you’re going. And he’s waiting for you around the bend. I’ll bet you thought Enemy of the State was a work of fiction. Nope. While you were singing along to American Idol, fretting about #DeflateGate, or waiting for the Blizzard That Never Was, the Obama administration built a massive database to track us in real time. Millions of license plate scanners mounted along roads nationwide log our every move, with the data freely available to any law enforcement agency who asks for it. Privacy? […]

Homofascist Tolerance In Action: CA Bars Judges From Belonging To The Boy Scouts

  You’re free to believe whatever you want, so long as you believe in the right things. So the homofascist tolerance warriors will punish the Boy Scouts in California, because “equality.” Or something. California’s Supreme Court voted Friday to prohibit state judges from belonging to the Boy Scouts on grounds that the group discriminates against gays. The court said its seven justices unanimously voted to heed a recommendation by its ethics advisory committee barring judges’ affiliation with the organization. In 1996 the state Supreme Court banned judges from belonging to groups that discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation, but […]

Thousands of Frightened Parisians Flee Scene Of James Taylor Concert……Or This Is Too Good For Just One Post

Yesterday I bravely reported on the James Taylor, Herman Munster John Kerry concert in France.  (Somebody has to. God knows the American press won’t.)  Tomorrow I will write about my undercover experience at the State Department. Today’s post will be devoted to the tragic aftermath in Paris.  The panic. The rioting.  The looting.  The destruction. “Eet was like zee revolution” said one frightened Parisian. Zee people run.  They flee! We set up barricades in the streets. We shoot. We sing patriotic songs.  All to stop zee Hermun Munster from hugging us. If the sight of an aging American recording artist […]

As For Last Night’s SOTU, Pay No Attention To The Lame Duck behind The Podium

  I have absolutely no intention of watching Dear Leader tell us how great he is tonight. Because for the next 2 years he’ll be putting the “lame” in lame duck, and really, will the GOP fall for any of his ridiculously liberal policy prescriptions? Nah. Obama is about to discover the meaning of the word irrelevant. Starting with his blueprint for playing class warfare with the part of America that still gets up and goes to work every morning. No matter what Obama says, his policies have been devasting to the middle class. People are worse off now than […]

In Display of Solidarity President Obama Sends James Taylor to Paris

A week after the tragic terrorist attacks that left 17 Frenchmen dead, and with criticism mounting over his absence at the unity march that attracted world leaders, President Obama proved how serious he is about the transatlantic partnership by having singer/songwriter James Taylor sing for the still-grieving nation. “I want to French people to know that even if none of those killed were black, I still think this was a serious man-caused workplace violence event” said the President from his golf cart. From the moment I first heard the news I have been pondering what I can do to show […]

Why Does “American Sniper” Divide Us Into “Left” And “Right”?

Hat/Tip to Wordsmith at Flopping Aces. One of Flopping Aces’ best, Wordsmith delves into the phenomenon that is American Sniper. Here is his Op-Ed in its entirety: Whatever the truth about Chris Kyle (and I suspect, like most, the real Chris Kyle was a complex person; and lived tall tales while fabricating others), he is an American hero. My understanding of the film is that it’s not meant to make a political statement. But I suppose everything under the sun is political when you bring your politics with you in going to see movies. I’ve not seen the film yet, […]

Now That Same-Sex “Marriage” Is Main-Streamed, Incest Is The Next Taboo To Fall

  Hey, “love” conquers all, right? That’s what the homofascists tell us. They “love.” And they want you to celebrate it. Or else. So, why shouldn’t incest be celebrated too? A young girl who is planning her upcoming wedding may have some trouble getting her mother to attend the ceremony – as she is marrying her father. The unnamed 18-year-old is revealing all the details of her two year relationship with her father in an interview with Science of Us, from how they fell in love and the first time they had sex to what their plans are for the […]

Government Accountability Or The Lack Thereof

Am I the only one around here that bemoans the lack of accountability in our government? That is a rhetorical question because I know it’s not true. Most of the readers on Political Realities cringe at the very thought of how our government operates. As if it is a living entity, the government does what it wants, when it wants, and to whomever it pleases. The motto used by the United States Postal Service, albeit unofficially, suits our government perfectly. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night stops the government bureaucracy from achieving its goals. Never mind […]

The Decline and Fall of Who-ville

  The once friendly and unassuming city of Who-ville lies in ruins, bankrupt. Businesses left, never to return. It has seen its population decrease by 40 percent over the past three decades. How did this happen? It all starts with the Christmas Eve home invasion by the Grinch. Shocked that their town, technically at peace with the Grinch, was subject to such a devastating assault the political leaders of Who-ville enacted policies that would lead to their downfall. The Department of Who-ville Security Vowing never to be caught off guard again, the Department of Who-Ville Security was created by Who-ville’s mayor. […]

Time To Call Out Islam For The Evil It Is

  Some of the biggest debates we have engaged in on Political Realities have been around a handful of issues. Gun control is a sure way to get the hackles raised up on many conservatives. (You can count me in that group.) Mention homosexuality in anything that resembles a disparaging manner and the fur starts to fly. Dare to call Islam out for the evil it really is and the woodwork starts crawling with people who try to tell us how wrong we are. They do their best to explain how we are misreading the Koran, how true Islam has […]

Wait, Did The Pope Just Say It’s OK To Punch Someone Who Insults Your Mother?

  Remember when Jesus said “turn the other cheek?” Pope Francis must’ve been absent from CCD that day. Pope Francis said Thursday there are limits to freedom of expression, especially when it insults or ridicules someone’s faith. Francis spoke about the Paris terror attacks while en route to the Philippines, defending free speech as not only a fundamental human right but a duty to speak one’s mind for the sake of the common good. But he said there were limits. By way of example, he referred to Alberto Gasparri, who organizes papal trips and was standing by his side aboard […]

Yukon Cornelius Investigated for Possible Hate Crimes!

It has been announced that well-known North Pole prospector Yukon Cornelius is under investigation by the Island of Misfit Toys Department of Thought for possible hate crimes. “He’s been on our radar for awhile now” said Charlie-in-the-Box (pictured here), the Department of Thought’s sub-commissar.   His very presence has been an issue with some of our residents.  We live in peace as comrades.  Yukon is a known capitalist and what’s more a known rapist.  He uses his pickaxe of patriarchy to take from Mother Earth her precious natural resources. We here on the Island of Misfit Toys also have outlawed prejudice.  Mr. […]

Allahu Akbar!: Another Case Of Workplace Violence, Mr. President?

  If this report from is correct. and they usually are, the black boxes recovered from the  crashed AirAsia flight QZ8501 revealed the last words of the pilots was “Allahu Akbar!”. The pilot was clearly at work at the time of the mass suicide crash. So, I’m guessing our President will consider this just another case of “work place violence” by some kind “extremist”or “activist.” I wonder if the President could explain to us what it is that these killers are “extreme” about or what it is they are “activist” about; in other words, what is their cause, Mr. President? […]

Obama White House Warns The Press To Stop Publishing Stuff That Offends Muslims

  Perhaps here’s one reason why President Golf Pants didn’t attend that Paris anti-terrorism rally — he doesn’t want the media publishing stuff that offends Muslims. It’s too dangerous. President Barack Obama has a moral responsibility to push back on the nation’s journalism community when it is planning to publish anti-jihadi articles that might cause a jihadi attack against the nation’s defenses forces, the White House’s press secretary said Jan. 12. “The president … will not now be shy about expressing a view or taking the steps that are necessary to try to advocate for the safety and security of […]

2016 Republican Campaign For President

Just for the record, I really despise how early the campaign for the Republican nomination for President is already heating up. It should be rebranded as the campaign of 2014-2016. Even before the new Congress was sworn in, the hopefuls were rattling their swords. It’s no secret that Jeb Bush is going to run. Oh, I know he hasn’t officially announced, but anyone who thinks he will not be in the race is fooling themselves. Mike Huckabee has resigned his show on Fox, signaling that he is also thinking about running. The Huckabee hopefuls, of which I may be one, […]

Obama Proposes Free Community College, Says It Is A Right

First, we had the classification of health care as a right. How many times have we heard that broken mantra from the left, saying it should be guaranteed? Too many to count. To make sure that right was guaranteed, President Obama and his friends on the left shoved ObamaCare down our throats. It was something that most Americans neither wanted or needed, but we have it, regardless. To describe how it is “working”, or not, would take several thousand words. Isn’t that just grand? A new government program that guarantees all Americans receive health care. Or so we are told […]